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I left. So many thoughts are rushing through my head. That didn't happen did it... no it couldn't have. He wouldn't have kissed me, he CANT have kissed me. Oh god! What if the alchemists find out! I'll be sent to re-education. No, no, no. They can't find out... no one can know. I have to get out of here, now.

As I hurried to latte I heard Adrian's door open and close. I quickened my pace. When I got to her my hands were shaking so hard I fumbled and dropped the keys. Shit! I picked them up quickly and was about to unlock her, when his hand came down onto my shoulder. I jumped still not used to their touch.

"Sydney I am so sorry I didn't mean to ..."

"Don't, just don't. You can't even begin to understand what this may cause" fear filled my eyes.

"Then help me understand" sorrow filling his voice. "Please. I want to help, I'm sorry."

I turned to face him, holding my head high. "You've helped enough." Venom seeping into my tone.

His expression faltered, at my words. It tugged at my heart. He lifted his hand to my face. I stumble back into latte, trapped. His hand drops to his side, sorrow and pain flooded his gorgeous eyes. Then I realise what he was trying to do, when salt water runs down my lips. I turn quickly trying to hide the pain I was feeling.

"I'm so, so sorry sage... I lost control, you're amazing and you're the only person who's ever believed in me. Believed I was worth something." Hurt dominated his voice. I wanted to comfort him. To tell him how I feel. How much he means to me.

"But no matter how much it may hurt me, I will leave you alone, if that's what you want?"

"Yes, that's what I want." The tears came more quickly now. My chest hurt and my breathing speed up. Why did this hurt so much? He wasn't my boyfriend.

I can feel it as Adrian's presence disappears. I get in my car and drive. Try and escape these feelings.

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