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Chapter 3

…Mage association…

"Elizabeth, Angel what happened to the two of you?" the white haired man asks with concern after the two sealing agents entered the office not looking well.

Elizabeth knew Angel would start crying so before she burst out into tears Elizabeth spoke "Father we have something to report…The mission you made us do have failed"

After that there was a gap of silence as if secretly asking for an explanation. Elizabeth then answered the silent question "We where ambushed while on the mission"

Another silence but was cut off shortly.

"But how'd you ended up like that" he said as he looks up to them from top to bottom "I knew for myself that you are both exceptional fighters"

By this time Angel manage to regain some of her composure and decided to speak up but still having some problems "B-But the numbers where to many even for us…"

"Yes, even though we where able to subdue the enemy when I met with her our comrades where attack. Worst of all the whole squad was missing after that. I don't know if they're alive or not. It was just the two of us left so I decided it would be dangerous for us if they came back. It's at least our job to return and report about the incident"

"I'm sorry father. I have failed you" Angel stated hanging her head low in shame.

"No dear it's not your fault. I'm sorry for the loss of your comrades" the white haired man stated in a sad tone. After a minute he was able to check our condition and deem it ok he then asked as if nothing happened "But did you find the book?"

"Sadly there was no book there" stated Elizabeth. She then realized something was off. She then narrowed her eyes to her father for she was having some doubts on something "Are you sure you didn't give us the wrong information? What is in the book anyway?"

"It's a list and I assure you I didn't give you the wrong information. I'm sorry if it turned out like this" he replied with all the tone of sincerity and sadness he can muster. He paused for a moment and then asked "Did you see the attackers?"

Elizabeth's face softened up a bit but still having some suspicion "At first it was some dead apostles but when I left to find-"

She was cut off when a loud knock came from the door. "Come in"

"Lord Apollo there are dead bodies found in front of the association. You need to come and see this. Officials are being informed about it"

"Why is there something wrong with the bodies?"

"I have not been informed about it. I was just sent to call you"

"Okay I'll go just give me a minute" Apollo then averted his gaze to the two "We'll talk later"

"We'll follow you father" stated Elizabeth.

Shortly after that the three left the room


After we arrived from the scene I can see that many people are being held by the sealing agents. Other families are also present and many other sealing agents are there at the scene. I held my breath for a moment as I saw what lies in front of the association.

"Rick" I muttered under my breath on the first comrade I saw. The whole squad which had gone missing on the mission within the last few hours was now lying in front of us. Some of them were the dead ones already but some are the one who I left and now they are stab by Black keys. Their corpse was not normal. It was so pale as if they had been dead for weeks already.

"H-How horrible" Angel muttered. I know this was too much for her even though we go on missions, never once she became happy even when a success if there was someone killed. I pulled her into a hug and she buried her face into my shoulder crying.

"The church again? What do they want to prove by this kind of action?" Father stated.

I began thinking of what maybe had happened. I can assume that father stated that the cause of this was the church because of the black keys and what the high officials have informed. But it cannot be an enough proof. "But father we're not sure. Black keys are weapon that you can get easily from the church"

Father then narrowed her eyes to me and stated "You know, we are now at a bad blood with the church organization this scenario is not really that impossible to happen besides even the officials told us that it was their actions"

I was taken aback slightly at his attitude towards me. For some reason ever since the spells about 'The Six' was stolen and the bad blood between the church father has became more secretive and much easier to snap. He sends us on random missions which weren't really important and I'm starting to have suspicions.

He has always been kind to us and almost does any request we made. He didn't spoil me or any of my brother and sisters in any way but he raised us well even though his not our biological parent. Despite that he's still secretive. Some of the missions of my other brother and sisters ended up like this also. Don't tell me it's bad to suspect your father. I'm thankful for him yes even though he's not my real father. He took us in when we have no home but despite that his actions still caught my suspicion out of us siblings. I'm the most observant after all. Angel wouldn't probably notice him for she's likely too attached to him while I, even though I'm fond of him his change in attitude was somewhat sudden.

Back to the cause of this action I was thinking of the dead apostle's. I have done some slight research on them since the lost of the book of spells regarding the seis stone which was also lost. It causes a great commotion among the high officials while the low classes are kept at dark. They keep telling it was the church but didn't give further explanation.

Even father who has a reputation as the representative of the Sealing agent's believe it was the church. I keep telling him that I think it's not the church but the dead apostles but he all he keeps on telling me is 'The Dead apostle ancestors aren't the culprit. For hundreds of years that they live, tell me, why act now?'

As I look at the body again the blade vanished and the hilt dropped into the body.

I was then cut off my thoughts when the high officials had arrived. It was the high officials arrive. It includes the director, vice director and five more magi's.

They all give the aura of authority and one look at them even though you don't know a single piece of information about them your senses would surely sharpen for their looks is like piercing into once self. When they look at you it's like they can see through you.

After the seven stop the whole place became silent. Even the people who are being held by the sealing agent for the moment became silent. The auras they give are really intimidating. I inwardly smiled myself for Lord Barthomeloi had always been my idol. Strong, beautiful, elegant lady who can almost make any person at the association go into cower in fear just by staring into the eye. Don't get me wrong I also idolized Lord Black who is our headmaster and director but well many says when in terms of being a magi Lord Barthomeloi is superior to him, I'm not sure in terms of a warrior though. He had been the leader of the association for many years even before I was born. Many even question if he is even a human.

The silence was then broken when one of the family Lord exclaimed "Look Black and Lorelei! Is this what you call watching the scene unfold? The church are killing-"the man was cut off when Lord Barthomeloi pointed her sword-stick to the man and a burst of pressurized wind was released and passed through the side of the head of the man.

"Watch your tongue! That's not how you address the both of us" Lord Barthomeloi stated angrily as the man froze and after a few moments stumble and dropped onto the floor.

"Y-Yes I-I'm sorry but you see they are going too f-far already…killing our men and sending their bodies here"

Another one agreed and exclaimed "Yes have gone far enough already!"

Another one shouted "You also said that it was them. Then why don't we attack them so they would be out of the way already"

"Yes why don't we? If you want us to stay put give us more information regarding this!"

I felt Angel move her head to watch the scene unfold and father just watch in silence. Even father is afraid of messing with the officials.

The bantering continue but stopped when Lord Black spoke "SILENCE!". I cringe slightly with the intensity of the voice and I can tell he is irritated already. No one has ever messed with Lord Black during the start of his reign till now. Lord Barthomeloi was already enough to make any association member cower in fear and for Lord Barthomeloi to take orders from someone means he wields more strength and much stronger than her. She is said to be even stronger than him in terms of a magi for her blue blood was giving her tremendous advantage but despite that she still respect and follow orders from him. Another reason why Lord Black was feared was because of his said 'immortality'. But despite that no one dares to ask a question to him.

The bantering of the aristocrats was silence immediately. He then continued to spoke "We are not sure if the church did this. I knew them well that they wouldn't do such a bold move like this. Heck they don't even have any purpose. We will conduct a meeting regarding our actions this Sunday. But see to it that no one takes an action regarding this at all cost. Any of you who dare to disobey my orders might as well ready your own graveyard!"

"But Lord-" one man stated but was cut off when Lord Barthomeloi shouted "Shut the hell up and just follow orders fools! We are going to conduct the meeting on this coming Sunday"

"Why not now? Why do we need to do it on this Sunday?"

Lord Barthomeloi then narrowed her eyes to the official and asked "Are you questioning our authority?"

"But-" the man tried to talk but one of the high official, a lady, was suddenly at his back knock the man out cold.

After that they left the scene.

I let out a sigh of relief when the seven left the scene. No one dares to speak for if someone rudely talks to them their fates might be sealed.

I was starting to relax but all was replaced with one look at the dead bodies and sadness flow through my mind again. I just hung my head low and hope that all will turn out right.



A few days have passed and it was Sunday right now. During the last few days there have been some few notable events that happened. Well we just continued with the routine of working, exploring the city and training. We didn't go to the association the last few days but I heard there has been some kind of commotion. Well it's not really my business though so I decided not to know more about it.

One event was I just discovered that Bazett-senpai was living at the same dorm with us and on the same floor. We have also started having our meals at our room. Senpai also join us from time to time.

During some free time senpai and I are having some sparring lesions and sometimes Rin is joining us two. We conduct our sparring sessions at the rooftop of the dormitory which is supposed to be closed but because senpai was friends with the owner and some staffs considering she have live here for a long time we were entrusted with a key to the rooftop which let us access it on our own.

The rooftop was wide for the rooftop of the three building is connected into a one huge circle which is surrounded by thick transparent glass walls about 8-9feet high. We deem it okay for a place to practice or some sparring match.

During our last sparring which was Friday Rin didn't come since she's at work and Elizabeth said that she only needed one part timer that day. During our break we talk about some things about the association. I ask mostly some questions about the archives and the sealing agent's office. For the archives she said that as I started studying in the association I should already sent a form if I wanted to get something from them because it would take a lot of time. Well she knows about why I asked the question and she said that she'll help me in filling out the forms and gathering the requirements needed. As for the sealing agent's office before I could ask it seems she already read my mind and ask if I would like to join on some missions. I would've gladly accepted it if not for Rin. I still weigh my options if I should tell her that I would be going on missions or I would do it secretly. Senpai recommended that I should tell her but I should reason out properly because knowing Rin she's likely not going to let me or more likely she would come and I can't shake of the uneasy feeling if she goes on dangerous missions. I can't stand thinking she could get hurt.

Well reasons I wanted to take on missions. One I would be helping someone literally save someone which was my lifelong goal. Two, I would receive payment because of the job. The last or the third is I would not only get to save, help and receive payment it would also be a real life training which is the best for experiencing first hand is the best way to learn. If I could take on a mission it would also improve my skills a lot.

Senpai then told me there were some conditions to take on a mission. I needed to be a member which was another weigh that was placed on me. I don't want to be a member well not yet I guess I mean I'm still adapting to the environment to see if my decision is right. It was a good thing that the membership wasn't meant to be a part already but just a pass or identification so they would know that I would be able to do the mission because they don't randomly give mission to people. When a person is not deeming to be fitted for the job they wouldn't offer it in the first place because for three reasons, the person will surely fail, the person will die in vain and lastly the area affected or the client we'll be in despair because of picking the wrong person for the job. There is little difference for a real member than a temporary or somewhat a part time like what I have. One is more access to resources was given to those who are member. Two more missions can be accessed by those who are members. They also give more priorities to those who are members than to those who are not.

The things which are the same were every member temporary or not have the identification card they had which will keep their information. Despite having ranks at the association such as 'Grand, master, etc' this would also be import. It would be the one to record their results, achievements, abilities and the important part which is the rate of success. There would be test to show this datum and by acquiring and finishing a mission will also change this. I asked senpai's status and I was amazed by it for her results were mostly success and she had many achievements. What piqued was her rate of success for it was only 73.4% which was kind of low. But I was corrected for it was already high enough for once you get pass the success rate in a mission by 55% going up the digit was hard. I then asked if there was higher than her and to my surprised there were still many people. I then asked a joke if there was a person who had a 100% success rate. She chuckled with my question and said no which I expected but she said there was someone close to the three digits or perfect which was a 98.7% and 90.1%. I was amazed when she said those digits and asks who. She told me that it was none other than the director and the vice director of the mage association. She then gave me warning when I met either of the two for they are strict and seriously abiding the rules and ways of a magi so one wrong move may lead me to danger. She also said for me to be aware of how I act in front of them for they punish impolite, rude and rebellious actions. They already had a history for giving a grave punishment for talking back rudely.

We then talked about the requirements and she said that there are two kinds. For the permanent there are three while for the temporary there are two. First is the written exam and the questions are basically about fighting and knowledge of how to act right and proper. The next which is the same for the two is having a field mission. We would be joining a mission of a sealing agent and senpai said she'll be pulling some strings so I would be with her. She also reminded me to never use the reality marble that I have because if rumors spread of me having it, I would surely be designated to be sealed for it is forbidden. There are only few people in the association who have reality marble and they can't really be called like it for their spells just affect the field and not being sealed away from the world. One of those was the director himself. For the last test which is the third and only for the people who wanted to be permanent members would be a sparring match with a sealing agent and the said agent would be the judge if they pass or not. After those tests have been passed one would be given an identification card which is a green card for the temporary and different colors for the permanent. The color of senpai's card was a bronze because her success rate ranges from 70-79% as for the director and the vice they have gold since theirs is ranging from 90-100% as for 80-89% it is silver, for 60-69% it is grey, 50-59% is black 40-49% is white, and as for those below 40 they have a transparent card. Colors are used for easier identification so one would know the superiority of another one.

We had a few more conversation regarding those topics and our last one was about the way I would tell Rin. I hope she would take it properly. It was already two days and I plan on telling her if not today maybe tomorrow.

As for other notable events that happened well I'm not sure if this is a notable event we had just received our schedule and we saw that our classes are Monday and Friday. The Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday slot was empty because we where given one course that we can choose on our own. Rin picked studying about stones since she specialize in jewels. She also said that after some time she will join the department of mineralogy. As for me I chose the course that focus on strengthening since I haven't mastered it all. There were two branches of strengthening which were alteration and projection. I want to further specialize in projection because my projection which is called tracing can only do melee weapons easily. Projecting other things still require much effort. Even though I rarely or haven't use armor I would like to master projection to produce more weapons at ease and have more defensive tactics since my only defensive tactics that can valid as a shield was Rho Aias. I needed to learn projecting defensive things. I'm not sure though but I guess I can since I have a motivation well I can create a shield like Rho Aias what more of a simple armor that would deflect blades and a limited amount of mana.

As for the other one which is the alteration. I only knew few things about it. I think this would surely help me someday. As for the department that I should focus I'm not really sure yet for I haven't really given time to think about it yet.

Our chosen subject have different schedule. Mine was a Wednesday while hers was a Thursday.

Rin also told me more about other things that I should know about the association. She said that it was easy for us to identify the people last time are magi because they put an illusion that the place was closed and only people who have a good amount of mana present is able to see through. Starting the classes tomorrow the illusions would be gone and the museum should be opened again so I should be careful for how I move for normal humans would already start visiting again. The association doesn't want anyone talking about their existence even though many could erase memories.

We then talked about the other branch of magic thaumaturgy that I can take. We only have two classes which are basic knowledge of magi and physical class which covers about real life exercises using magic. As she said we were given a chance to choose another one. If we wanted to study more subjects Rin said that I should well firstly tell her. Then go the reception office and look for the schedule of the said subject I wanted to learn since I would need the permission of the professor assigned before I can enter his/her class.

Well no time to dwell with that yet. Right now my focus is mastering or furthering my knowledge about strengthening and projection. I also want to master the other branch which is close to the two, alteration.

Well the last few days passed normally after that, having sparring or training sessions with senpai and Rin, going to work and familiarizing the city. Our current status of familiarizing with the city is about more than a half. The England was so huge that one can get lost if one does not know his/her ways. We were able to almost familiarize ourselves with the inner part of the city while the outer part is still unknown well not really since we already knew some parts. We noted all the transportation than can be used and where to spot them since walking around a big city while not having your legs reinforced and taking advantage of it would be a big pain.

To sum up the events last few days we go to work during the day and practice during the night time or during day off well technically it's not really a day off since we were not regulars. As for our schedule I have classes during Monday, Wednesday and Friday while Rin has the same except for Wednesday since hers was a Thursday.

Right now it was Sunday which brings us here at the rooftop. I'm having some practice with the two girls. Well not literally since Rin was sitting right now recharging her jewels and watching me and senpai spar from time to time.

Right now senpai and I are both at the opposite edges of the rooftop, her hands glowing and me gripping two falchions and both of us catching our breaths after holding it for so long when we clashed. I recovered first so I rushed up to her and grip at the sword at my right hand and bring it in front while I reverse the hold to the sword at my left ready to defend or slash.

She readied her stance for after a few seconds the distance between us was gone and I use the sword in my right hand to slash her and in an instant I slash her stomach using the sword I'm holding at my left. As to be expected she blocked the sword that is coming for her shoulder by her left hand which is hardened by a rune but to my surprise she also block the left sword effortlessly. She stopped the blade by an open palm which after the blade passed there wasn't even a scratch.

I saw her smirk which causes me to chuckle for she doesn't know I still have a follow up. I brought my right foot for a kick at her side which connected and sent her a few feet away. She stopped still standing but holding the left side of her body above the waist. I saw this as an opportunity and I rushed up to her and made a jump bringing the two blades overhead ready for slashing her.

I saw her smile again which sent shivers down to my spine. I began to doubt my attack and it was proven for she block the two by her hardened arm and punch me in the stomach while I'm still at the air which cause more pain. It was a good thing my body was always reinforced. The punch sent me flying a few feet away and I stumble from my footing when I land.

"3-3" I stated.

"Really? I thought it was a 4-3" she replied.

I frowned and said "The first point was invalid. You punch me while I was still talking to Rin"

She chuckles and stated "A hit is a hit Shirou"

"But I wasn't looking. I didn't even know it was starting!"

"Oh stop being a whiny kid Shirou it's just a game"

I huffed and let out a sigh. Last thing I needed is to get worked up by senpai's jabs. "Hai hai"

"Good" It was the last word she said before she rushed up to me with her hands glowing again. I rushed up to clash blades with her and not even a second has passed and we were right in front of each other already. The first one who attacks was me.

The clash lasted for some time and after it ended we're both standing a good few feet away from each other catching our breath.

I heard her chuckle and stated "7 4. Ha! Admit defeat Shirou you can't catch up three points. You're even having a hard time getting a single point from me"


"What ever you say" she stated grinning.

I gave her a smirk which causes her to relinquish her own grin and I saw her tensed up immediately. She didn't notice that after a few moments our conversation ended I already threw. I can only see her eyes widened when I quickly projected a bow and two normal sword arrows. She just braced for the impact and after a single second the attack connected which cause a large explosion.

I smirk and stated "Well that's 7-8 for me"

I could hear her cough and suddenly I felt something bad is going to happen. The smoke subsided and revealed an annoyed senpai glaring at me.

"Geez Shirou this is the third coat you ruined for this week" as she said that I can see that her cloth was tattered.

I scratch the back of my head and stated "Uh sorry, must've slipped out of my mind"

She look at me in disbelief "What!? I already reminded you about this for many times"

I frowned and stated "Alright, alright I'll try to remember it next time" I then look at her again and an idea popped into my head. "Can't you just fix that? I can sew it for you"

She shook her head, frowned and stated "It's not that simple this is an arm-"she was cut of when I realized the bad feeling from earlier.

There was a dark aura appearing from behind her. I peered over at her shoulder and saw Rin glaring at the two of us jewels scattered from her side, the box on her head, books opened in different pages which I assumed was supposed to be closed. 'Uh oh' I mentally thought to myself. I gave senpai a look that stated "Run?" which she just returned with a look of confusion.

After a few moments Rin exploded "THAT DOES IT!"

…Mage association…

…Clock tower Main office…

In the main office of the Clock tower where all high officials with some of the families Lords are present are all seated accordingly. Different kinds of people are now gathered in the hall some are alone, some with one or two people. They are seated all facing one another having a huge round table in front of them. The atmosphere was tense despite the silence. If staring intently could kill someone would be dead by now.

Most notable among this gathering was of course the head of the whole association. The seven highest officials seated at one side of the circle. The director at the middle, vice director seated at his right and two more officials following up the vice director and three more officials at his left.

As they all waited for one to speak up the vice director started the meeting "We will now start the meeting regarding the events this past few years, this is now your time to ask questions for after this meeting all unanswered questions would likely be remained unanswered or would be answered after a long time" She then look at her side and stated to his co official "Lorenzo please relay the information"

The man stood up holding papers and inspecting it. After a few moments he began to spoke "It all started almost 2 years ago. An item was stolen from the association which is of high importance. Securities regarding the item was said to be tight so we conclude that someone inside could only have pulled such action. But upon checking the place no clues could be found. We then asked the people assigned to guard the said item and they told us that they were knocked out unconscious. We let the item slide out of our hands for a moment and just try to get it back later. After some time an important item which is the partner of the item lost here at the association was also stolen from the church" Many gasps can be heard when the man stated this. He paused for a moment and continued after the murmuring subsided "We then conclude that this incident was to be given utmost importance. We contacted the church and they explained to us the situation regarding this. Now back to the item lost. The two item lost are the 'Book of Six' which should be in our possession and the 'Seis Stone' which is a holy artifact that should be kept and protected by the church" He then look at the crowd at the round table and asked "Any questions before I continue?"

"Why didn't you tell us that you already contacted the church?"

Another asked "What is the importance of this item?"

"One questions at a time. We all have the time we needed here" he paused and then continued "Regarding the contact with the church; it would all be explained later. As for the importance of this item that would be a good question to answer now" He paused and showed a black and white photo of an undead. "Please turn the copies of your paper to page 31"

After all the people in the meeting have turned their paper murmurings could be heard. After it subsided he then continued "As we all know or most of us know these creatures are called dead apostle"

One man then asked "What about this 'Dead apostle'?"

"This image as I said is a dead apostle. The image before you is an image of a fully transformed class. I will give you brief information about this and you can research on the rest"

He paused for a moment and look around the table if everybody was listening. He then continued "This is a human turned into a dead and then into a new creature with a different kind of immortality having a need to suck out blood and having the same intelligence as a normal human being. There are two types of first class one was called 'Dead' and the other was a 'Ghoul', they can't think and they just suck blood out of other living beings. The dead are having full potential of their strength but they don't have any intelligence other than the impulse to suck out blood and to kill. If one has an average life force and was infected he/she will turn into a ghoul which are basically blood thirst creatures same as the dead but capable of growing further. When their intelligence is returned they loose their strength but they will have the same thinking capacity as humans. It is after this stage that they became what we call in some mythical tales namely vampires. Becoming a vampire means having immortality through feeding from humans. They accumulate their strength back and now turn into what this image show namely a 'Dead apostle'. This creature shown is a completed transformation of a human into a dead apostle. There are also high classes who are much smart and strong. They excel among other vampires. They possess strength that can rival to great sealing agents and great magi. Those are the well bred vampire. And this well bred vampire there are groups that our strong enough to rival great magi's. Like us" He gestured to the seven of them "There are said to be called 'Dead apostle ancestor'. As you may know Lord Barthomeloi is a hunter of those kinds of creatures. She became known for doing such big feat. If you are still not familiar with the creatures surely you have known the other Wizard Marshall of our very own clock tower. Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg" Many whispers could be heard again at the room so he paused.

After a few moments he continued "Surely you have heard the incident regarding Crimson Moon. Despite being defeated by Zelretch he has many descendants. And those are the dead apostle ancestors. Now back to the importance of item. The item that was stolen is important for it would revive their strongest ancestor. The Six" Many people gasp at the table but no one said a word.

"We then conclude that it was the actions of the ancestors"

After a few moments one then asked "Then why did you keep telling that it was the church that stole the item? Why didn't you tell us that it was those dead apostle ancestors?"

"We didn't tell you for it would be vital information. If it slipped into your mouths then the dead apostle ancestor would surely be ready for our course of plan. They could just threaten you to spill the information. Even at the church only the high officials knew something regarding this information. Another reason why we chose the church as the group to blame is because we all knew that many of you are mad at the church or don't get along to well with them. Giving slight push you would believe that it was them"

"Are taking us for fools!?" one man asked angrily.

Another stood up and exclaimed "Yeah do you think we would spill such information?"

Lorelei stood up and stated angrily "There are possibilities but we don't classify any of you as fools! But if you continue that kind of attitude after knowing this information then you are a FOOL!"

Lorenzo sighed and stated "I'm sorry if we kept you at dark"

"But why now? Why tell us now of all times?"

"The actions of the ancestor are becoming more bold and bold. We conclude that they already now about us knowing their plan. We conclude that it's better that many of you knew this information for we might need all the man power we can have. Remember they are moving carefully and slowly and right now we can't track their course of actions"

"What do you suggest us to do then?"



"I said we wait. We can't act foolishly and waste our energy and efforts. We move once a sign has shown itself"

"What sign?" another asked

"Like the incident lately"

Then another man stood up and asked "Wait you didn't explain why it wasn't the church that was to blame for the incident lately. Can't you see that the evidence is pointed to them?"

Lorenzo sighed again and stated "Black keys are easy to obtain and manipulate. The sign I'm talking about is their corpse. Did you see the corpse? They look like they had been dead for weeks but in truth they are only dead for hours" Many gasps could be heard after this. He then continued "They are drain of their life force to the limit. If a corpse was found and left like that it just means that it was the dead apostle ancestors doing. The church said that they are taking the life force of magi's to awaken the stone and after awakening they still need to fill it more. I expect that there would be more incidents like this to come. We have no other choice but to use this as a mean to track them for even the church doesn't know their current location"

He then scanned the group and asked "So any more questions?"

"Just one" he then look at a man which is said to be a vampire and asked "Isn't he an ancestor? Why is he here? He may be a traitor"

"You mean Gransurg?"

Gransurg then spoke "Can I?"

After Lorenzo gave nod he then stated "Even though I'm an apostle ancestor I'm also once a magi. I still continued to serve as one and I can't by any means betray you for I signed a geis and I would suffer if I betray you"

"But as I know there are what they called 'Vampire impulses'. Surely you are a vampire and surely you are having a need of blood to suck out into humans like us"

Gransurg sighed and stated "The need of blood is still a yes but it doesn't mean that I need to suck out of humans. Aren't there blood donators? I use those and try to limit it as possible for I try to control myself so the interval of the impulses is much larger"

"I see. Well sorry for suspecting" the man stated before he took a seat again.

"It's okay it's not the first time" he stated as he glanced at Lorelei who glared back at him. He smiled and stated "No harm done"

After that Black stood up and asked "So are we done here?" he look and silence was enough for an answer "Now that you know this information I trust that you won't do anything stupid. We would notify you if something came up so for now the meeting is adjourned"


…Great white bell tower…

A tall well built man having white disheveled hair, gray eyes, wearing white long sleeve polo, white pants, and long white cape at his back and a large shield with a huge cross at his back was walking through the corridors of the tower while having a plate of chicken at his left hand and a chicken lollipop at his right.

He then stops at a large door with the chicken lollipop on his mouth. He pushed the door with his body and upon entering he saw many people at a long rectangular table seated already. Heads of the branches of the military church organization are present.

One then asked "White, what do you think you are doing?"

White then raise one eyebrow and asked "Eating?". He then suck his fingers and returned the chicken bone to the plate and get another one.

The lady just sighed and stated "Well now that we are all here let's start this meeting" she then look at White and stated "Now White please start the meeting"

White smiled and stated "Want some chicken guys?" he waves the chicken lollipop in air.

Every body sweat-dropped and some chuckles and some laugh well they are already used to the attitude of their leader but still found it somewhat 'Amusing',

The lady face palmed, adjusted her eyeglasses and stated "White please be serious we might be at a crisis right now"

He then set down the plate and wipes the napkin at his face as he stated "Alright alright"

After the commotion subsided he then turned at them with a serious look on his face "This gathering has officially started…"

…Broadway Dormitory…


"So senpai you said something about training while we fight earlier" I stated as I swallowed down my food.

Right now we are having lunch here at the rooftop after the messy event that results senpai and I an injury at our forehead. It was a good thing Rin calmed down quickly or it would have turn out to be bad. The grumbling of our stomachs saves the day.

"Yeah as I was saying we aren't training anymore we are just like playing"

"Why? I mean aren't that kind of exercise a training?"

I heard Rin sigh "Can I?" ask Rin as she looks at senpai who gave her a nod of approval. She then averted her gaze back to me and stated "It is a training Shirou in a way that you are remembering all your skills but if you are going to improve your skills to a whole new level you are going to need you need a different approach. Am I right senpai?"

"Yes, as Rin said our sparring sessions only maintain your skills at tip top shape but it's not progressing. That is why I have a proposal to you"


"I have a friend who is much more appropriate teacher for you"

"What do you mean?"

"Well my fighting style can be a good match with you but it is certainly not the type you need to learn. You're a dual blade wielder and I'm a fist fighter that is why the friend I'm going to introduce to you will also be a dual blade wielder"

"I see…well that can help. But are you sure you're friend won't mind?"

"Of course my friend would gladly help a comrade in battle"

"Wait what do you mean comrade in battle?" Rin interjected.

'Crap! I haven't told her about a thing regarding taking mission as a sealing agent' I thought to myself.

"Shirou haven't you still told her?"

Rin then narrowed her eyes at me and asked "What is it that you're supposed to tell me Shirou?"

I became nervous and stutter saying "U-Uh I can explain"

"What are you going to explain to me Shirou?" She rephrased the question and having much seriousness and anger in her voice.

"U-Uh I'm thinking a-about joining senpai in some missions"

"What kind of missions?"

I smiled nervously while scratching the back of my head and stated "Missions of sealing agents"

After that there was silence.

"I see" Another gap of silence like a ghost has passed among us.

I blink my eyes for a few moments and look at her in disbelief for I thought she would kill me for the second time of the day. "You're okay with it?"

"I can't stop you when you already make up his mind, can I?" she stated as she took a drink. "But…there would be one condition"


"I'm coming with you"

This was the line I wouldn't wanted to hear. "But i-it's dangerous. Are you sure?"

"Are you telling me that I can't take care of myself?"

"N-No it's not that-"

"Then I could come right?"

"No I mean about coming thing…I mean you came here to study right?"

"You also came here to study right Shirou?"

"Uh yeah but I never thought fighting is actually your thing"

Senpai then interjected and waved her hand to get our attention "Alright, alright I'll be the one to explain Shirou" her expression then change into a serious one and averted her gaze to Rin "Like Shirou said are you sure you want to come? This is something not to be taken lightly. Missions of us agents are dangerous you can see it for yourself already like me being sent to join the grail war. There are more missions who have more danger. So I'm asking you this again. Are you really sure about this? Shirou have thought about it already and I can already approve of his abilities for I know it firsthand"

Rin then look at senpai seriously and said "Do you doubt my abilities?"

Senpai sighed and I can feel the tension rising between the two. I know Rin almost more than anyone and she doesn't like for her abilities to be taken likely. "It's not that I doubt your abilities Rin. I know you're a great magi but I'm not sure if you're fit for battling"

"Do you have any proof?" Rin asked. By this time we were all finished eating. Well I think it became rushed because of the change in atmosphere.

Senpai sighed again, stood up and said "You want proof?" she then stood up and move to the side of the rooftop and by that gesture I know what will happen next. I hope it would turn out alright. "Stand up and let's spar"

Rin stood up and stated "What do you want to prove at this thing?"

"Everything" senpai stated before she rushes up towards Rin with her hands glowing already. I saw Rin tense clearly she's not really one for combat. I saw her fight once but it was versus caster who doesn't even know any self defense. I cringed at the thought of her getting beat up for the memory when she struggled against Kuzuki. I hope senpai won't be to rough.

Now I'm torn on who to support. I want Rin to win but at the same time there is also a part of me that wanted her to loose for I know it would be risky.

Rin brought up her reinforced arms and crossed them to block senpai's barrage of attacks with the use of her fist. I can see that with every second passing Rin was slowly moving back due to the strength senpai is showing. After senpai continued her barrage of punches I can see Rin's arm weakening. I'm starting to feel worry and anger.

After a few seconds has passed Rin's arm was exhausted while senpai was nowhere near exhaustion and after Rin let her arms down senpai kick Rin in the stomach so hard it send her colliding into one of the rooftop's walls.

"Rin!" I look at senpai with anger on which she returned with a cold and determined look. I can see Rin's eyes also filled with determination which cause me to stop.

"So can you see the difference Rin?"

Rin just stayed quiet and reach for her pocket. Once done she produced two jewels one ruby and one sapphire which she holds in between her fingers.

Then senpai spoke again "No jewels Rin"

"Why not?" Rin asked angrily

"Look and think about it. If you have a large quantity of enemies and you only have one jewel left. Could you rely on them?"

Rin tried to open her mouth but no words came out which causes her to close again.

"See? You realize it yourself. I approve of Shirou for he has an infinite amount of weapon. He's like a gun with an infinite amount of bullets unlike you. Yes you are stronger we could compare that Shirou is a handgun while you are a shotgun but your bullets are limited"

"But I have my gandr shots senpai. It's strong enough to create damage to someone. Why don't you try it and see for yourself"

Senpai sigh again "Yes you have that but your reflexes and aim are weak"

"You know that's not true!" Rin exclaimed.

"Really? Then hit me with your best shot"


"Really? Then hit me with your best shot"

I can't give up now. I don't know what reason I have to come with them but I feel my stomach turning when the thought of leaving them in the battlefield alone while I just wait for the scene to unfold. How? How can I prove to senpai that I can do it?

I process all the things she said in my mind. 'You have a large quantity of enemies and you only have one jewel left. Could you rely on them?'

'No' was the answer in my mind but I can't say it or else she wouldn't let me. I know I'm risking myself for dying but for some reason there is an urge to do this. I need to trust my instincts. I also need to prove myself that I can fight. Heck I fight at the grail war what is the difference in this.

'You are a shotgun but your bullets are limited'

I have gandr shots right? But why can't she let me?

'Yes you have that but your reflexes and aim are weak'

'This is my last chance to prove myself. I better not screw this up' I thought to myself. Right after that I brought my hands up and pointed my pointer finger to her and a black orb starts materializing in front of it. I then shot her with it quickly.

It went on for seconds and I'm starting to feel frustrated for not even one was connecting.

Before I knew it senpai was at my back and kick the back of my knee which causes me to fall and kneel on the floor.

I don't even know what I'm feeling right now is it Sadness? Hopelessness?

No! I feel angry and irritated. But to who? Senpai? No she just wanted to open my eyes. Shirou? For not doing anything? No I know he just wanted my safety.

I'm angry and irritated at myself for feeling weak. Should I give up? I'm not like that! Am I? What's my reason for pursuing this?

"Do you understand now?" senpai ask who is now in front of me. She offered a hand and I was about to take it when suddenly an image flick in my mind. The image of the dream I had last Monday. The image of Shirou waiting for his death and me left watching the whole scene to unfold not even having a thing to help him.

'I can't give up! I don't know why but it isn't right' I thought to myself.

I manage a small smile at senpai despite the exhaustion I feel and fired a gandr curse which hit her at the shoulders. Too bad the force of the curse wasn't strong enough to even damage her suit. I heard senpai sigh.

"You aren't going to give up aren't you?"


I heard her sigh again and stated "Alright, alright I give up you're as stubborn as Shirou"

The mood lightens up a little and I swear I heard Shirou to protest which causes me to chuckle lightly. I heard saw senpai smile but we both stop and turn back to business. She then stated.

"On one condition"


"I'll ask you this first. Do you have some kind of weapon which isn't disposable? Except for your fists and curse"

I hung my head "None"

"Doesn't families have at list one simple weapon? I'm sure a family like yours has one Rin"

"Well we have one which is passed for every heir. It was just a blueprint though"

"Which one is it?"

"The Zelretch" I suddenly realize this would be a serious feat if I needed to create this "It is our job to create one of this but it wouldn't be an easy task"

"Well I have a friend who is good at creating mystic codes I think she could help you"

"Does that mean I can't come until I have a weapon?"

"No but I would be giving you more serious training from now on. It wouldn't be easy"

I made a small smile and nodded weakly


… Great white bell tower…

"-said to be starting to move. We now conclude that we needed a bigger force for we needed to prevent this. Sorry if I we kept this information to you we needed to monitor their course of action. Now that it's done I'm sure they also explained it to their members about some time today"

White paused and glanced "Any ques-" he was cut off when a man stood up angrily. The leader of 'The Templars', Rudy Willow, a tall well built man, having a bald head with a scar shutting his right eye and having brown-red eyes. One of the eldest leaders well except for White for his age is unknown. "Why do we need the help of those bastards!? Why didn't you even told us from the beginning? Aren't you thinking clearly!? They could betr-"

He stopped when he saw that White gave him a smile but not just a normal smile. A smile full of intent to kill and his warm eyes suddenly became cold "I'm sorry I didn't get what you were saying"

Almost everybody at the table gulp and most froze in fear, some even began to sweat even the gaze wasn't for them, they new their leader 'White' the head of all the military of the church organization was an easy going person. His strength is unknown and his hobbies are loitering around having a plate of chicken. Even he looks somewhat in his 30's no one knew his true age. He became the leader of the church military part once it was built. No one knew his family name or if he even have some relatives.

Even though he smiles it wasn't always a happy and a warm one. It could mean many things and as of now his smile means irritation. It was said that he didn't like baseless insults and only few people can stand up to his character.

Rudy sank back into his seat sweating and stammering when he stated "N-No I mean I'm glad you ask the-them for help"

White grinned and stated "Well that's settled" He look back at the lady lately "Could you please prepare me a plate of chicken?"

The lady sighed. She was one of those who aren't afraid of him. Somehow she can stand up to the atmosphere he was giving even though he is mad. She was his right hand and said to be one of the closest person to him "Fine, I'm still surprise you still haven't grown any wings white"

White chuckles like nothing happened and stated "Humans don't grow wings my dear. Just bring it at the office. Well I'll be going now see you later"

After he left many let out a sigh of relief.

…The next day…


I just woke up from the bed when the sunlight washes my faced. I slowly open my eyes and saw Rin's sleeping form cuddling to me. It has been like this for the past few days not that I mind. I look at the clock and saw the time was 8:01am well we need to go to the tower at 12:00 since our classes are at 1:00pm.

I remember the events yesterday. It was a good thing that all ends well. I can see some slight bruises in Rin's hand but other than that nothing was serious.

I slowly remove Rin's hand weighing at my waist deciding to give her more time to sleep since she's not really an early riser and the travel from here to the tower would just be short.

I do some early exercises and open the glass doors of the veranda to allow the cool morning breeze in.

After doing that I started preparing our breakfast by starting with the rice. I leave the timer of the rice cooker and I decided to cook the meals after I woke up because Rin isn't going to likely wake up early which will leave it cold.

I then took a bath and upon going out the bathroom I can see Rin was still snoring and when I look at the clock it shows 9:05. The sunlight of the veranda was slightly becoming hotter so it would just be a short time before Rin wakes up so I got out of the veranda first and do my new routine of scanning the environment. I can see many cars pass by and many people having a morning stroll. After I was finished I started preparing breakfast.

As I was cooking some omelet I felt someone move. Well it could likely be no other than Rin. Senpai comes here during 10:30 and when I turned around it was Rin who stood up stretching herself and stated "Good morning Shirou"

"Good morning Rin" I saw the clock say 9:56 "Well the breakfast isn't ready yet why don't you take a bath first"

"Yeah that's a good idea. Well see you later Shirou" She then entered the bathroom and closed the door.

I then continued to cook the breakfast.

After I was almost done cooking someone knock at the door. I shouted "Come in!"

The door opened and revealed senpai who is also newly bath. Still wearing his pajamas and having a towel at her shoulders. I look at the clock and saw it was 10:24.

I chuckled and stated "Wow, you're early today senpai"

She frowned at first and then it turn into a small smile. She then stated "Well I can't miss breakfast can I?"

Right after that Rin came out of the bathroom still in her neko pajamas and having a towel at her shoulders. Upon seeing senpai the two greeted. I then pulled the small table below our bed and placed the breakfast on it.

As usual before we start our meal we all stated "Itadakimasu"

We finished eating around 11:35. Well we have our usual morning conversations like what to do. The difference than the usual was we can freely talk about stuffs like magi. We asked senpai about her friends which will be the one who will teach us some stuff. She didn't tell that much except that they are fellow sealing agents. They are also exceptional fighters and they're the children of the head of the sealing agents department.

We also talk about what we will do after the class. Senpai said since she didn't have any classes she'll just waste her time at some place of her friend which she will introduce to us later. Rin will check the department of mineralogy while I check the archives. I would get some forms and senpai will help me work on it when we return to the dormitory. After that Rin and I would meet up at the sealing agent's office at the clock tower and also get some form for temporary membership. It was a good thing that all ends well after what happened yesterday.

Our conversation ended thinking about some people in Fuyuki. Well I hope they do well especially Fuji-nee. I wonder how Sakura is handling her. Well she got Shinji to help her so I think she can manage.

Senpai thanked us for the breakfast before she left while I wash the dishes and left Rin cleaning the table. After we were both done. We both left the dormitory to go to the association. I can't help but wonder what would happen for the day.

We left the Broadway dormitory around 11:50 and we arrived at the clock tower at exactly 12:40. It was a 50 minutes walk. The people at the streets are few for well it was supposed to be lunch time and we can see some restaurants we passed through having many customers. I began to wonder how the 'El Grandeur' is managing. Well they told us that they can handle during this kind of hours so no point in worrying.

Upon arriving at the clock tower in disguise as a museum many people are there. I focus myself to detect if there are leak of prana in them. As like Rin said there are none. Well Rin still kept her straight composure and we look at some artworks like a normal citizen.

We stroll while Rin was holding the guidebook. Around 12:35 we found our classroom and upon entering it was the same at what we saw during the last tour. We found that some students our here already. They are of different ages and of different races for they have different appearances.

We took a seat at the middle left of the classroom and waited for the professor to come.

Rin was reading the guidebook while I was left with nothing to do. I just scanned the classroom and analyze all the things I see. I saw different things like some necklaces, earrings, blades and many more. Some are old which are pass down from family members and some our just newly made or newly bought.

I stopped analyzing when I noticed that the number of students where already many and all seats were occupied. Someone then entered the classroom. It was a tall fair skinned man with a long greenish-black hair, and having the same eye color as his hair. He was wearing a black slacks, black leather shoes, black polo and shirt and having a red jacket. When he stopped at the middle and placed his books at the table which caused a loud noise everybody in the classroom stopped on what they are doing and focus on the person.

The man cleared his throat and gaze his eyes at us. He scanned the classroom from right to left and then left to right. After doing this he then stated "Alright. I will be your professor for the basic knowledge for a magus. Well technically it's kind of history and information so bear with me. We will only meet once a week and will continue for I don't know half a year? Well that doesn't matter. I know it's boring but I do not want any of you sleeping at the room"

His voice was loud and clear and it gave a tone of authority. "My name is Waver Velvet but you are all to address me as Lord El-Melloi"

There was silence filled in the classroom again before he spoke again "Any questions before we start?"

No one raised his/her hand and just listen. "Very well, I don't know how to give proper introductions" he shoved his hands to his pocket and walks around the platform at the middle. "We'll start with what we call ourselves. A magus…"