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Chapter 18 – The Embrace

Bright and early, on a warm Monday morning, Havoc sighed deeply and angrily as he marched into the same old office. Since the orgy weeks ago, the four amigos had been swamped with work, thanks to the Colonel, giving them no time whatsoever to brainstorm for new dates.

Hoping this week would start off with a good bang (no alternate meaning there since Havoc really wasn't getting laid), he hoped onto his chair, stretching his arms up above his head. He whipped out a cigarette, placing it gently between his lips, as if too chew it and not actually light it. It helped relieve the stress that the Colonel and Lieutenant had been placing on all of them.

Lacking was the general word for it.

Besides the general thoughtful plan to one day get Roy to the top status, they've been leaving all the paperwork to the four workers left behind.

If that wasn't enough to fuel Havoc into a pit of bitter 'I'm going to give you two the worst dates of your life for making me do so much work' spin, well then…nothing would.

As it was Havoc's turn to plot a new date, he was planning on making it a very good one. Very memorable. Lots of chaos. Making it almost impossible for the both of them to get their dates home.

Not that any of the dates had been easy on them to begin with. But where would the fun be in that? Havoc smirked to himself.

All four of them knew it was only a matter of time before the Colonel and the Lieutenant realized their love for each other, and it would be all thanks to them.



The blonde glared at her colonel, standing in her doorway, bright and early on a Monday morning.

"Can I help you with something, sir?"

He cleared his throat, his face going pink and his eyes trailed to the floor, not confident enough to look Riza in the eyes.

"I-I just thought we could go to work together…or something."

A smirk appeared on Riza's face and she was careful enough to not start laughing. She didn't want to think she was laughing at him for any other reason than his absolute adorable behavior.

"You want to go to work together, sir? Don't you think that will be a tad bit suspicious?"

His coal eyes met hers, as if he just realized what he had proposed. Snapping into colonel mode, he nodded quietly.

"No, you are right Lieutenant. I don't want to risk anything. It would look odd if we were to come to work at the same time, seeing as I'm usually the last one in the office anyways. We definitely don't need people talking."

Riza nodded, biting her bottom lip to try and hide her ongoing smile. "Right, sir. May I ask why you wanted to go to work together? It's not like we weren't going to see each other there."

Roy turned a cheeky pink color again, but kept his eyes on hers. "It's kind of agonizing not seeing you all the time. It's barely dating if you can't talk to the person you are infatuated with like you are in a relationship…and I just thought I'd come here and see you….and stuff…"

Riza liked putting him on the spot and liked even more when he rambled. He paused briefly and she took this opportunity of silence to quickly kiss him on the cheek.

"I wanted to see you too. So thanks for coming by, but I'm going to have to kindly ask you to get to work."

He chuckled. "Work? I've never heard of such a thing."

Riza rolled her eyes and fastened the hawk clip in her hair a little bit tighter. "Just wait until I win this bet, sir. You are going to wish you'd never heard of work again."

Roy muttered something under his breath about Riza wishing she could win the bet and she gasped. "What was that, sir? Because I'll have you know that I am up 4 to 3 right now."

Roy rolled his eyes. "Oh Riza. Darling Riza…I'm going to kick your lovely ass back to the beginning of this whole bet."

"That didn't make any sense, but I get where you are coming from. Don't think just because you and I have something going here that means that I'm going easy on you."

Roy raised an eyebrow and took a step closer to her. His face brushed against hers and he grabbed her waist, roughly pulling her body into his. She could feel every inch of his body as she melted into him. His nose trailed along her cheek bones, moving directly in front of her face. They were inches apart; she could pout her lips and touch his if she wanted to. She opened her mouth slightly, giving him complete control. And just as he was about to push his lips onto hers to make her morning brighter, he smirked, kissed the edge of her nose and trailed his lips to her right ear.

"Good luck," he whispered seductively and turned and strode out of her apartment, leaving a very angry hawk to fume about in the mess of Roy Mustang.

I'm going to destroy that man. She thought. She strode to her window and saw him look up at her from inside his car. He blew her a kiss, which she responded to with a rather obscene gesture. He chuckled and called out, "See you in 20."

Riza rolled her eyes, knowing very well that even though he left before her, she would get into work first.

"Holy titties on a stick Havoc. You're here rather early." Breda's booming voice rang out, scaring Havoc half to death.

"Every heard of inside voices dick weed? I'm here for a reason."

"Enlighten me."

Havoc smiled, about to begin his explanation when the other two bozos marched into the office.

"Perfect! The whole's gangs here. Frick and frack, sit down. Breda, you two."

Fuery rolled his tiny eyes. "Well, Good Morning to you too, Havoc! It's nice to see you. How was your weekend? Good? Great."

Havoc flung a pencil directly at Fuery, hitting him in the right lens.

"So, I was here pondering bright and early this morning and I have come up with the best date EVER."

Breda laughed. "So, what you are saying is somebody is going to end up with a broken limb, drunk or pregnant?"

Havoc just smiled eerily at the boys.

And thus, began the explanation from Havoc, reeling the gang in to prepare for tonight's date.

Just twenty minutes later, Riza walked into the office to find the boys all huddled over Havoc's desk. Upon hearing the Lieutenants footsteps on the floor, the boys all jumped back, big smiles on their faces.


"We haven't even said anything!"

"But I can tell by your stupid faces that you guys are setting me and R-The Colonel up for disaster." Riza mentally slapped herself for the slip up.

Havoc raised his eyebrow, making sure to take note of it. He was smarter than he looked and he knew the Lieutenant wouldn't easily mistake the Colonel's name…unless something had changed in the nature of the relationship. But he let it go, for now anyway.

"Lieutenant, we haven't made a date for you guys in a week. We still had a boat load of dates to go before this bet is done. It's time to get back into things."

Riza felt herself getting a little furious at them; her face began to heat up. "Why is it so important to you four? What do you gain from watching the Colonel and I go on the worst dates ever?"

A layer of the Lieutenants skin was beginning to crack. She was losing her cool and she didn't know why.

"Lieutenant-"Fuery muttered, not liking the Lieutenant getting riled up.

"Maybe because it's the only time we can actually get to have some fun here." Whispered Havoc, not meaning for anybody to actually hear what he was feeling.

"What was that, Havoc?"

Havoc bit his lip, trying to cool himself before he burst out at his Lieutenant. That was not something he wanted to do.

"I just mean that…"

"Mean what! Come on, Second Lieutenant. Say what you want to say."


"All it ever is here is work. And I understand the irony in it because this is our jobs. But…ever since we started doing this bet, I've had the best time hanging out with everybody again. It's like the days before everybody got so serious and angry and work started to pile up and everybody gave a shit about each other. Keeping this bet going means that I have an important job in the military. I have an important job to you and the Colonel and to my coworkers. Even if this bet is making me the joker, at least it's making me be remembered for something."

Stunned silence surrounded the outburst. Riza stood there, not sure what to say to the younger Lieutenant.


Havoc avoided eye contact with everybody in the room, especially the Lieutenant. He hadn't meant to direct all his anger and feelings at her. He would never in his life dream that he would get angry at his Lieutenant. It was hard to imagine somebody like Havoc to feel like this. Sometimes it was too much to bear. He was always the joker and the other Lieutenant and the single guy. He wasn't feeling very important. Until this bet happened.

He genuinely missed hanging out with the gang. Before they moved to Central and everything went out of wacky. And he buttoned his lips because he knew there were more important things in this world than poor Havoc's feelings.

"I have to go buy more cigarettes. Sorry, Lieutenant."

And Havoc briskly waltzed out of the room, just as the Colonel entered. Roy looked around at the somber faces of his comrades as Havoc whipped right by him at full speed. Confusion masked his face as he looked at Havoc walking down the hallway, who then reached his hand into his pocket, took out a full carton of cigarettes and dumped them into the nearest trash can.

Roy looked back into the room, trying to make eye contact with one of them.

"Is somebody going to explain what just happened?"

Riza sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Sorry, sir. I-I'll be right back." And she walked out after Havoc, quickly.

Roy looked at the rest of the boys, still waiting for some kind of explanation.

"Breda?" He prompted. "What is going on?"

Breda ran his hand over his short hair, trying to make sense of the situation himself. "I think Havoc's going through something right now. He kind of snapped."

"What do you mean snapped?"

And Breda proceeded to explain the jest of it to the Colonel.

"Lieutenant Havoc! Havoc! Wait!"

He continued at a fast pace out of the building and down the street, all the while Riza chased after him, trying to get him to talk to her.

"Havoc, just wait for a second!"

He slowed down his pace so she could fall into a gentle step beside her. He kept his head down, still ashamed that he spoke out to his higher authority. Like a puppy who knew he had done something bad.

"I'm sorry Lieutenant. I don't know what was wrong with me."

She was silent for a moment, trying to rack her brain for something to say. "Havoc, its fine."

"No, it's not. I don't even know what I was saying."

"Havoc…hey, stop walking for a minute." He abided and turned slowly to face her. She smiled at him gently, feeling angry at herself for not realizing what was going on in his head.

"We have known each other for a while now. Years. You're like my brother Havoc. Don't ever be ashamed to let me know what is on your mind. I will do everything in my power to help you in any situation that you are in. You have to know that."

Havoc smiled lightly. "I know, Lieutenant. I was just having a rough time lately."

Riza nodded in understanding. "Havoc, you don't have to always have the façade up. You don't always have to be the funny man. It's okay to talk to me about it."

"I am generally a hilarious person, I can't argue with that. But, sometimes the loneliness just takes over. Let's not get into the track record of girlfriends that I can't seem to keep. You and the Colonel and the boys have always seemed to be the one constant thing in my life. I just don't want any of it to stop."

Riza couldn't hold back anymore and right there in the street, she clamped her arms around the second Lieutenant, who gasped in surprise. It took him a couple seconds to really register what was happening before he eventually melted into the Lieutenant's arms. He buried his head in her neck, letting himself enjoy the embrace of somebody who loves him.

"You're going to be okay, Havoc." She whispered into his ear. "We aren't going anywhere. Even if any of us do, you'd be coming right along with us."

Havoc chuckled into his Lieutenant's neck. "I hope you know this doesn't change a thing. We are still going forward with those dates tonight."

She smiled. "Good. I wouldn't want it any other way." She gave him a quick peck on the cheek, after finally remembering that they were in a public place and they were starting to gain an audience. It was very rare for to military soldiers to show such public affection, so she removed herself from Havoc.

As she did, she noticed Roy a couple feet away from them, giving them a quizzical look. They both kind of stared at him and he stared back, making the situation look a lot worse than what it was. So Roy just turned back around, the way he followed them, right back into the building without so much as a word

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