"Here, take this Deidara." In Pein's outstretched hand rest a scroll wrapped in a fine, white paper. The scroll exchanged ownership from Pein to Deidara; whom was shocked at Pein's gift. "This scroll is one passed down from your village; written by someone who used very similar jutsus to your own. Reading through it, I can confirm that, with practice, your clay creations will become much more accurate and deadly. There is much more on that scroll; use it well." Why Pein had given Deidara this unexpected gift immensely confused the boy, though took it on his stride and forwarded his thoughts to more important regards, such as perfecting every technique on the scroll.

Entering his room with the scroll hidden away, it was no surprise for him to see Sasori still working on his newest puppet. Newest being the body was only recently killed, probably within the last two hours. The room reeked or metallic irons and the generic stench of death. "You could have at least opened a window, yeah." Stated Deidara, closing the door and wandering toward the window. The dead body stared with a malevolent feel and it disturbed Deidara to know Sasori would use the marionette as such. "Keep it closed, I don't want maggots in the flesh." Deidara turned to Sasori, squinting his eyes in mockery. "We have fly-screen on the windows, un." Sasori's head jolted back slightly in response, and with one eyebrow raised, he turned to Deidara. "Doesn't matter, it's cold out anyway. I don't want to catch a cold."

"You can't catch colds." "Just keep the window shut." Bored of Sasori's pointless arguments, Deidara left the room. Even their hide-out, stinking of sweating men, smelled better than Sasori's puppet. 'That boy was beautiful…' Consciously stated Deidara, staring into the distance, not particularly looking at anything. 'The puppets a masterpiece; I'll admit to myself that the beauty of him is timeless now that age won't affect the skin; and Sasori's spent so much effort on perfecting its flaws.' Shaking his head back to reality and setting his thought aside, he decided to focus solely on his scroll, and as such, he left for a clearing he used to practice his jutsu.

"Deidara, you look distracted. A poor quality of the human is emotions; they affect ones abilities regardless of the activity." From the shade of a tree, the red-eyed man approached Deidara. Metres from the open area, Deidara thought it not be too much of a distraction to speak to Itachi. "What's it to ya, un?" Snapped the boy more aggressively than expected. "I don't care for your own personal pleasure, but this situation involving Sasori needs to be resolved. Your skill level has dropped dramatically to the point of Pein intrusting such a valuable scroll to you in hopes you'll improve with inspiration."

"What are you talking about?! There's no situation, yeah!" In fear of exposing the truth the Itachi, Deidara stopped his speech. Itachi awaited motionless and silently for Deidara to say something, though he soon became convinced otherwise. "Trepidation is one's fear of what the future may bring; an exact description of you in one word. Toughen up or be beaten down; life's that simple. If you care about Sasori, show him how strong you are and admit it. That's all I have to say to you."

As Itachi turned to leave, Deidara could do not but shake. Everything Itachi had said was a lie, wasn't it? Absolutely everything…was a lie? No, it was all the truth. Even so, Deidara knew admitting to Sasori would mean the scorpion would hate him and their mutual respect would be shattered. That's why he ignored his emotions and feelings for so long; though even he must admit, he's skills have dropped.

A strong sense or vertigo overcame the blonde-haired boy and everything became monochrome. "Welcome to the Tsukuyomi; though fear not, I'm not here to torture you. Rather, I'm here to force you to accept your feelings for Sasori. There's an undoubtable confusion within your mind. I'm here to clear that. Don't think badly of me for over-watching this or even creating this, but its buried within your mind. I can see it."

Before Deidara stood Sasori and in the far distance, Itachi was stationed; though too far to see which way he was facing. The fallen Deidara had nothing to look into besides Sasori's eyes, inverse to what was usually displayed. The sadness and regret in Sasori's eyes had disappeared, and rather than an emotionless face, a smile rested upon Sasori's lips. Petulantly, Deidara slapped Sasori's had away as it came down to rest on his own. Another Sasori appeared within the Tsukuyomi, meaning two of the same man whom Deidara had fallen for were before him. Blinking in one instant, the duo of Sasori's loomed over Deidara; though when he opened his eyes, he was strapped to a bed; blindfolded.

"You'll feel better soon Deidara." Spoke one of the Sasori's, or maybe both in perfect sync. "Did you know that when ones sight is blacked, all other senses are increased; especially touch. It's one of the main reasons brail is used; it's also why people use blindfolds in sex." "No! Itachi, stop this! No!" Cried Deidara, though his pleas went unheard.

"You'll feel better…" muttered one of the Sasori's, whom moved his hand to Deidara's pants. Placing his hand over Deidara's penis and over the clothing, Sasori a) begun rubbing. Muffling his grunting, Deidara struggled to free himself. This wasn't Sasori; Sasori wasn't this accepting of anything. For all Deidara cared, it may as well have been Itachi touching him.

Though the feeling of lust was creeping up on Deidara, he remained completely calm. His body was refusing to react to such disgrace. "He's completely…unaffected?" Stated Sasori b), then he continued "Then we'll have to take it up a notch." Sasori b) reached his hand for Deidara's chin, holding it firmly; rubbing his thumb against Deidara's clamped teeth. "Open up Dei…" Beaconed Sasori a), who slipped his hand down the lose pants his hand had once rested upon.

An idea bloomed in Deidara's mind, and he agreed to open his mouth. Immediately, three fingers where inside his mouth, rubbing against his tongue. "So you like me, but the other Sasori is nothing to you?" "Flah ueh"

"The hell does that mean? Ah, don't worry. I'm sure you can service me with your mouth; why don't you get started?" Pulling down his own pants to reveal his erect manhood, he pushed Deidara's confined head to its destination. At first, he ran his tongue down the organ, looking for a pulse; nothing. Giving up on the initial idea, Deidara begun to improvise. He slid the whole length to the back of his throat and begun sucking, licking and bobbing his head in time.

In the mean time, Sasori a) had removed Deidara's pants and was sucking on his own fingers. "Why are you so obedient suddenly?" Questioned the neglected red head, jealous by the fraudulent Sasori before himself. When a tongue touched Deidara's cock, he flinched in surprise. "Are you even human? What kind of person doesn't get excited about sex?"

The tongue was dragged down the length of Deidara, leaving a trail of saliva. Further and further the tongue moved, moving in sync with the curves of Deidara. When Sasori a)'s tongue touched the tense muscles, he begun furiously licking the skin. It was then that Deidara had had enough and put his plan to action. As hard as he could, he bit down viciously on Sasori. The lesion had caused an unbelievable amount of pain for Sasori; screaming in agony as he tried to free himself. Deidara's mouth was filling with blood until he finally let go to spit out the blood. "You know, if you do that to the real Sasori, you're gonna have a bad time." Said Sasori a), piercing his glare through Deidara. The screaming agony of Sasori b) became common background noise.

"This scroll; why's it so precious?" Snickered Sasori a), now holding the scroll wrapped in white paper. "Give it back!" Screamed Deidara; though he was silenced with a back-handed slap. "Shut your mouth brat!" Aggressively remarked Sasori a). Sick of Deidara's nonsense, he gripped the scroll tightly and forced Deidara's mouth open with his free hand and clutched fist. Screaming for help, Deidara begun struggling again. He begun biting down on Sasori's fist; though it didn't seem to bother the puppet master. Slowly, he slid the scroll into the tight gap between his fist and the edge of Deidara's mouth. As soon as it was in enough to keep his mouth open, he removed his fist. Muffled responses escaped Deidara; all of which were in vain. Completely fretful, Sasori slammed down on the scroll with his right hand; forcing it far down Deidara's throat.

Deidara screamed into the scroll that was now drenched in blood. Gasping for air in a panic, Deidara thrashed for freedom. Angrily, Sasori slammed the scroll even further into Deidara's throat; whom was choking on his own blood and the scroll. The blood splattered in the back of Deidara's mouth. Attempting to breathe, he got no air; only blood. The wooden stand of the scroll had punctured a hole though Deidara's flesh and broken a small hole in his skull; a small cavern in which the object became unmovable from. "Idati! Idati! Sop Idati!" Screamed Deidara with what little air he had left; the cycle of having the scroll braking his jaw and puncturing his skin repeating every few minutes, and each time, Deidara refused to cry.

When the seventy-two hours where up, the Tsukuyomi swirled into the black abyss of an empty heart. The blind fold was removed from Deidara as where his constraints. Next, the scroll was pulled from his mouth and all damage was repaired. Finally the due were stripped of the world.

The vertigo Deidara felt before slowly lifted itself from his mind and he found himself back where he'd collapsed. His sharp inhaling continued from the Tsukuyomi; he's body was clearly still in shock. (AN - Just to lighten the mood, I accidentally spelt shock as sock. Lucky I noticed the error before I uploaded) "AAAAAHH!" Screamed Deidara, digging his nails into his skull. "I chose to commit a treason. I don't expect you to accept any form of apology; but recognise that I am, in fact, sorry for what happened in the Tsukuyomi. But, it was for your own good." And with that remark, Itachi left Deidara's sight.

Unable to move due to pure horror and a burning reprimanded vengeance towards Itachi, Deidara did not but scream in panic. The screaming from afar begun to irritate Sasori, whom heard the pleas from the base. 'What the hell's he done?' He thought, reaching for his cloak and then slipping his arms into the sleeves.

The screams got louder and louder with every step Sasori took towards their source. When he finally turned a corner to see the blonde laying on the ground, curled in the fetal position with blood running down his face from the wounds caused by his sharp nails, every bad situation ran through Sasori's mind. '…insides ripped out, rape, torso ripped open forcefully…' "Hey Deidara…Deidara? DEIDARA!" Plead Sasori in an almost emotionless regard, shaking the boy out of his trance.

Though it took quite a bit of time, Deidara's lesion burnt down to nothing but a painful memory. His eyes where blood-shot from the tears that had stained his cheeks red. When Sasori noticed this and the bruise on Deidara's cheek, he began to wonder what had happened in a level-headed thought. He saw a small, what cylinder package poking from Deidara's pocket, which he took hold of.

Deidara begun screaming again when he saw Sasori with the scroll; clawing his way across the ground. Stunned and confused, Sasori dropped the scroll and grabbed Deidara's leg. The action resulted in a boot to the face, though, that would bruise for a few days. "Deidara, calm down!" Exclaimed the scorpion, holding his face to ease the pain. "No more…no more…" Plead Deidara. For seventy-two hours, he'd been trapped in the Tsukuyomi with one Sasori repeatedly breaking his jaw whilst the other raped him over and over again.

The panic in Deidara's eyes where something Sasori had never witnessed before; and intense burning hate and fear combined in the blood shot eyes filled with sin. "I don't know what nameless misery you went through, but I'm not going to hurt you." Stumbling over the scroll, Sasori stood, hands held high above his head; which was bowed in forgiveness, though he was unsure of what he'd done.

As he walked closer to Deidara, the young boy begun panicking again, though couldn't move. Two warm arms where wrapped around Deidara's cold body and a head rested easily on his shoulder. "I don't want to hurt you; and you're clearly panicked." Tightening his grip a reasonable amount, Sasori lifted Deidara clean off the ground. The body suspended suddenly went limp and rested heavily on Sasori. Deidara's head lay neatly on Sasori's shoulder whilst his legs where wrapped around his torso. Not really knowing how to carry Deidara, Sasori but his hands under Deidara to support him from falling. One thing he surly didn't forget to do was pick up the scroll Deidara seemed to hate so much.

Sasori walked back to the hide-out, carrying the unconscious boy as if he was a child. As he stepped inside the dark house, he saw Itachi's eyes gleaming at him. "No need to hide the truth; I put him through necessary training requested by Pein. No doubt it's damaged him mentally, more so then I intended." If Sasori's hands weren't full, no doubt he would've been clenching his fists to the point of breaking his fingers. "Itachi…what the hell did you do to Deidara"

"Nothing of the sort you're thinking; he spent seventy-two hours in the Tsukuyomi. I told him to tough up or he'd be beaten down, though I don't think he took my words seriously. He needs moral support now. And if I were you, I'd keep the scroll away from Deidara. Whilst in the Tsukuyomi, you jammed it down his throat a number of times." Itachi didn't believe telling Sasori that Deidara had also been raped was a good idea at the time. If anything, he'd already said far too much.

With his bowed and covered in darkness, Sasori slowly moved towards his and Deidara's room to but his partner to rest. Re-entering the main room, Sasori clenched his fists and slammed his knuckles into Itachi's cheek. "You think this is a game, Itachi? Deidara was scared of me; begging me to leave him there! I doubt that's all you made me do in the Tsukuyomi, is that right?" Sasori reached down and gripped Itachi's cloak, lifting the Uchiha off the ground until their eyes where level.

"Deidara loves you, Sasori." A glimpse of emotions slipped though Sasori's expression, though he wasn't sure what it was. "Don't fuck with me." He stated, punching Itachi once more. "Clouded eyes are filled with emotion; eyes now tainted with insanity. Deidara's emotions have been his leading cause to failure recently, and it's blatantly obvious that you're the reason. When he's near you, he doesn't talk much though he always seems distracted. When he's not with you, though, he doesn't shut up about you. Pein's decided that, clearly, Deidara has feelings for you, and it's the reason for-"

"You've already said this…And I don't believe you." With one final punch, Sasori dislodged Itachi's jaw with ease. He then left the Uchiha in order to comfort Deidara from his torture. 'Bloody Uchiha…Did Pein really send him to do this? I've noticed Deidara has gotten slack lately, but I didn't think I had anything to do with it…' So many responses and emotions stirred inside Sasori, though none were a reflection of Deidara's feelings. Anger, hate, depression, fear of himself being viewed as reprimanded in Deidara's opinion.

Sasori pushed the brown door slightly ajar to peek into the almost dark room only lit by a red-globed lamp. Deidara sat curled in a ball on his bed, shaking slightly. It appeared as if he's calmed down a reasonable amount to speak to. "Deidara? Are you oka-" "Do I look okay to you? Are you really that blind as to not even notice my unhappiness?" Deidara snapped, staring down Sasori. It wasn't often that Sasori actually showed emotion to anything, though the words of Deidara expressed a sadness in Sasori's face that couldn't be matched by anything. "Deidara, that was the Tsukuyomi; I wouldn't do that to-"

"Just shut up. You've been blinded by selfishness to the point where you don't even notice anybody else's wants or feelings. I've been medicating my madness with what little happiness you brought me when I rarely made you smile, or when you laughed, yeah. You never cared for me the way I do for you, and I can now accept you never will." The tears begun to fill Deidara's eyes once more; tears of pure sadness. In an attempt to hide his face from Sasori, the blonde buried his head into his own knees, praying that Sasori would just leave.

Sasori was taken aback and somewhat hurt by Deidara's words. "You're right, Deidara. I never thought of you the way you think of me. I mean, after all, you only see me as a friend." The blonde opened his mouth in surprise and lifted his head. His knees where damp from tears; tears that made his eyes look of glass. The harness usually displayed in Sasori's eyes wasn't visible. "I can never see you as anything less; I don't like you. I love you." Sasori smiled at Deidara, and turned to leave the room. "Don't leave me…Please don't go, un." Plead Deidara, reaching his arm out in a desperate attempt to keep Sasori stationary.

A happy smile etched itself on Sasori's face, a smile that was almost heartbreaking. He turned to face the blonde and walked to his bed. "Go to bed." He whispered, pecking Deidara's forehead just below his headband. "And take off your pants; they're wet." An awkward silence passed by; Deidara's face was screwed up and Sasori realised how perverted his comment was. "No, not like that! Just, don't catch a cold."

"It's okay Sasori-dana. I'd like you to stay for a bit longer." "Deidara, you're tired. Honestly, I'm surprised you're not completely insane. Sleep." Sasori turned to leave once more, though was stopped by a firm yet gentle hand gripping his wrist. Deidara had managed to position himself to be sitting with on his legs messily with his free hand supporting him. His cloak had begun to slip down and showed his shoulder. "Please don't go. Don't go."

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