Matchmaking Doctor

It was just another day in the TARDIS as the Doctor pulled on the various knobs and switches on the console.

Amy and Rory were sitting down, waiting for the TARDIS to land in yet another adventure.

However, the TARDIS began to jerk violently, more violently than she ever did before.

"Old girl?" The Doctor asked, stroking the console lovingly. "What's wrong?"

"Oh!" Amy exclaimed, falling into Rory's chest.

"You alright?" He asked.

"Yeah, I think so."

Amy looked up at the Doctor, her face demanding an explanation. He didn't turn to look at her. He continued trying to calm the TARDIS when she suddenly crashed landed. Amy and Rory fell to the floor, while the Doctor held on to a lever to keep himself from falling.

A door in the back of the TARDIS opened suddenly. River emerged from it, looking absolutely livid.

"River!" The Doctor yelled. He let go of the lever and brought himself to his feet.

"Hello, sweetie," she said, glancing over at Amy and Rory, who were still on the ground.

"What are you doing here?"

"Don't you check the TARDIS for stowaways?" She asked, winking at him. "What happened?"

"Crash landed," Amy said at once. "I don't think he's been taking good care of her lately."

"Oi! I take good care of her, Pond!" The Doctor snapped. "Come on; let's go check out where we're are."

Amy jumped to her feet, running to the TARDIS doors before the Doctor could get there. She pulled them open and stepped outside. She looked around, taking in her surroundings.

"We're in London!"

"London?" Rory asked, stepping out behind the Doctor and River. "Then why was it so bumpy? I mean, it's never this bad."

"Well, maybe something's wrong with the engine," Amy enquired. "Can't you just repair her and we'll be off?" She asked the Doctor, who had stayed silent for a few moments, which was surprising to all of them.

"We can't… we can't be here," he finally said. "It is impossible." He walked towards a small newspaper stand.

"I don't follow," Rory said.

"Of course you don't follow, Rory," the Doctor hissed. "River would."

"I would what? Follow what you're saying?" River asked, following the Doctor to the newspaper stand.

"We're not in London."

"What on earth on you talking about?" Amy asked. "This is totally London! Don't you see the Big Ben? I may be from Leadworth, but I know what London looks like, Doctor."

"Shush for a second!" He waved her hand at her. He picked up the newspaper and presented it to River. She eyed it. "Read the cover of this newspaper."

River glanced over at him, and then at the cover. She opened her mouth and read: '"Pete Tyler to release a new product next Saturday.' So? Some businessman is releasing a new product."

The Doctor groaned. "This is parallel London, River."

River's eyes widened. "No. That is impossible. Traveling between parallel dimensions is impossible!"

"Don't you think I know that? I don't understand."

"How can you be sure?" Rory asked.

The Doctor pointed vigorously at the photo of Pete Tyler on the newspaper. Amy and Rory continued to stare at him. His pointing the photo didn't make it any easier to understand.

"Alright! I've got to explain everything! Pete Tyler, in our universe is dead. He's been dead for so many years. Parallel Pete is alive and very well off."

"If this is a parallel world," Amy spoke up, "then there is parallel us!" She squealed to Rory, grabbing his hands and jumping around.

"Let's go find us!" Rory exclaimed, laughing.

"NO! Just settle down. I've got to visit Pete."

"You know him?" River asked.

"Old friend. Come on."

Author's note: On tumblr.