Chapter 12: Oh no, Don't Do That. Don't Do That. If You Shoot Him, You'll just Make Him Mad.

Jared and Jensen's minds are still reeling at the information about Zepar and Sitri, and how thankful they are that Castiel was there to play interference.

"New Harmony, Indiana." Castiel breaks the silence as the two humans try to get their footing and gather their thoughts.

"What?" Jensen looks up and around and determines that they've been taken to an old abandoned church, and one that's seen much better days.

Castiel doesn't wait and immediately begins looking around, "That's where we are. I assumed you would want to know because it's always the first question you ask when we go to a new location."

"Oh, crap." Jared's glancing around the church now with wide eyes when Jensen turns to look at him for the sudden outburst. "This is it, isn't it?"

Jensen turns back and gazes around the room much like Jared and a similar unsettling feeling sits deep in his gut. The large room is tall and the floor is made of white stone that is covered in dirt and leaves. Wooden tables are covered in wax from various candles and candelabras that are currently unlit. In small alcoves that resemble windows on either side of a large wooden door that is rounded at the top with a stone block frame sit old and fragile looking painted statues of the virgin mother Mary. More unlit candelabras sit around the room including the windows to the front. In the front of the room, and probably the most notable feature of the entire room, is a large white, stone coffin with intricate carvings on the side and with on step leading up to it and two more candelabras on top.

Jensen whispers, his lips barely move. "The final seal."

Jared's brow dips as confusion takes over. "Wasn't this place destroyed though?"

"That is true, and that is the biggest clue that tells us our hunches are right that the Shears of Samson are here." Castiel is still examining the room, in what now Jared and Jensen both now know is for the next holy artifact.

"No offense," Jensen steps forward, holding up both hands in what he hopes is a calming manner, "But why the hell would this place be restored let alone hold a holy weapon?"

"And that my dimwitted mud monkey, is the question of the hour." An unfamiliar voice, booms out from behind them as the wooden door dissolves into ash on the floor.

Castiel, Jared, and Jensen all spin around to stare at the newcomer and before Jensen or Jared can respond, Castiel is immediately standing in front of them with his angel blade drawn and an arm held out to his side to block them.

The rebel angel is seething with anger, "Wormwood."

"Wormwood?" Jensen can't help but let out a small laugh, "Man, you must have really gotten gypped when it came down to handing out angel names." His smile drops hesitantly, "Uh, or demon names, or whatever the hell you are."

The new man, a middle aged Caucasian with graying hair in a slate gray suit and dress shirt, points at Jensen. "You, are funny." His hand drops and then brushes the lapel of his suit coat in an already seemingly bored manner. "I'll be sure to kill you last. I could use a good laugh."

The first thought that runs through Jensen's mind is: Not a good guy. The second one is: Chances are if he's last, it's going to be a slow, painful, and highly likely messy death. He wants to help, but he doesn't even know who or what they're dealing with, and he won't be much help if he's dead so he starts to back away and towards the coffin.

Jared, on the other hand, takes a step closer and behind Castiel. "Who is this guy?"

Castiel hasn't moved an inch, "Wormwood. He's-"

"The fallen star of Revelations." Wormwood takes a step closer to Castiel with his arms spread wide. "Number three of seven of the Trumpets that are the judgments of the seventh seal." His arms cross in front of his chest, "A now very broken seal, if I might add thanks to yours truly."

"He's a fallen angel." Castiel finishes what he was going to say before Wormwood interrupted him. "One of the worst."

Wormwood takes an exuberant bow. "Thank you, dear brother."

Castiel rises to Wormwood's words, "You have no right to call me that."

"So angry." Wormwood shakes his head and sighs. "You're just as bad as Raphael."

"You're helping Raphael. I should have guessed you would." Castiel's posture straightens, though he's still poised to attack.

Jared looks between the two angels, "Can't we reason with him?"

"No. There's no reasoning with him. He wants this to happen." Castiel's eyes narrow, "He's part of the reason the Apocalypse started the first time." He takes one more step towards his fallen brother, "What is your goal in this, Wormwood?"

"Quasb nanta."

The words, in what Jared guesses must be in Enochian, is almost enough to make Castiel charge the other angel. Instead his hand twitches on his angel blade, "Uniglag de donasdogamatastos."

"Been there." Wormwood shrugs. "Done that." Then he smirks, "But this is much more fun."

Wormwood starts strutting forward, but his sure, quick steps are cut short when five new angels appear in between him and Castiel. Jared only recognizes the one that introduced himself as Caim. The other four have matching suits, but Jared can't make out much of anything by the back of their heads.

"Well, well." Wormwood looks angry for the first time since walking in the room, "Haven't seen any of you in a while. I would have figured you lot would be standing over here with me. Naberius, Flauros, Vassago, Sariel, Caim." He turns his head to the side and his own posture stiffens. "Can't say I'm surprised, however."

Jared looks over his shoulder, and notices that Jensen is nowhere in sight. When he double takes, he starts to back away from Castiel slowly and look around for where his coworker might have disappeared off to. When he gets to the other side of the coffin he sees that a large, white tile has been shifted to the side revealing a small opening. Jared nearly jumps when he sees Jensen pop his head out quickly from the hole. How he managed to fit down there, Jared has no clue, but if they get out of this mess he's definitely going to tease Jensen about it later.

Jensen slides a small marble box out of the hole and slowly crawls out immediately after. He then opens the box and pulls out a small pair on pristine, gold scissors from the box and gestures his head towards the large group at the front of the room. It takes a moment, but Jared catches on and the two humans crouch and quietly creep back towards the back of the room.

There's no telling if Jensen's plan is going to work, but it must be bad if so many angels showed up to help Castiel with one fallen angel. Some even look nervous, and the two humans both wonder if the others are still outmatched even though they outnumber the enemy. Jared and Jensen can see that none of the angels have moved, so it might be hard to sneak up on Wormwood if they're the only ones moving. Their tall statures probably won't help much in those regards either.

Jared goes to the left of their angel allies, and Jensen goes to the right. Both are still just behind and what they think are out of sight of Wormwood and look to each other for a signal to charge.

"I know you're both there." So much for surprise. "I just don't see either of you as a threat. Then again, to me, you're as menacing as the dirt on the bottom of my shoe." Wormwood's lip curls into a sneer. "And about as useful."

Now's a good as time as ever, Jensen nods and Jared spins out from behind the wall of angels proving a large enough distraction to get Wormwood's as well as the other angels, attention. Jensen jumps out from behind and charges towards the fallen angel.

Jared grabs Wormwood from behind, who merely sighs, "What are you doing? You do realize a weak human as yourself can't possibly hold me."

Wormwood's eyebrows furrow at a strange sound and after hearing it a few more times, he pushes Jared away and is surprised when the human doesn't go flying near as far as he intended. Quickly glancing over at the other angels, Wormwood can see a fair amount of confusion and surprise on their faces as well. Castiel, on the other hand, is staring between him and what he assumes is the person responsible for the sound of snipping coming from behind Wormwood again. Wormwood reaches a hand through his vessel's hair and finds that large patches are missing and have been clearly cut. He spins around and finds the other human standing with a pair of golden scissors and an extremely nervous and awkward smile.

His eyes widen when he realizes exactly which pair of scissors Jensen is holding, and immediately reaches out to grab the holy weapon. Panic sets in when the human instinctively grabs his hand and actually prevents Wormwood from taking the Shears of Samson from him. He hears movement from behind him, and he already can tell his brothers are closing in on him. Wormwood even tries to flee, but knows he has no chance of escape when he can't pull enough of his grace to whisk him away.

In a last ditch effort, Wormwood pulls his hand free and flings both hands forward and circles his hands around Jensen's throat. Jensen's eyes go large and the scissors clang to the ground when his own hands reach up to try to pull Wormwood's crushing grip away from his throat.

Jensen's staring directly into Wormwood's eyes when he sees the fallen angel jerk and his hands start to loosen. He has to close his eyes when a bright light starts gushing out of Wormwood's eyes and mouth. His skin is burning hot and when Jensen finally pulls free, he falls to the ground and uses one of his arms to shield his face from the blinding light.

Once the light dies out, both Jensen and Jared have to blink several times before they can see anything. Spots still linger as they look around, but the two can make out the body of Wormwood on the cold floor and two large and black ashen wings covers the white marble. The wings are so large that they spread across the entire length of the floor and the tips start to crawl up the sides of the walls. Where the wings overlap where leaves and dirt once sat on the floor, a dark charcoal like substance sits in its place.

Castiel is looming over what was once Wormwood's vessel with his angel blade still drawn and now covered in blood. The other angels haven't moved and are staring dumbfounded at the fallen and now dead angel. Jensen rubs his neck, and winces when he gulps at the sight of the deceased angel.

Castiel reaches a hand out to Jensen, "Are you alright?"

Jensen accepts the hand and is easily pulled up from his spot on the floor, "Yeah. Better than him at least."

Caim helps Jared up, while Castiel is helping Jensen, "How did you two know that would work?"

Jared laughs lightly, "To be honest, I had no clue. Jen-"

"Thank you both." Castiel cuts Jared off before the name leaves his lips causing Caim to narrow his eyes at Castiel. "Without your quick thinking I fear we didn't stand a chance."

Caim still sends Castiel a suspicious look, but doesn't say anything about it. Instead he decides to focus on the matter at hand. "And now Wormwood is dead. Things might finally be turning around for you."

Castiel doesn't miss the look or the choice of words, and his posture straightens. "If there's something you have to say, brother, please say it."

That seems to be enough to make Caim back down, "No. It's nothing."

Castiel nods, "Then, if we're finished here, we should continue our search."

Caim and the other angels take that as their cue and depart in the soft rustle of feathers as their only goodbye leaving Castiel alone with Jared and Jensen. When Castiel turns to face the two humans who are now standing beside one another, he notices a very similar expression to Caim's on both of their faces.

Castiel tilts his head curiously at the two, but neither Jared nor Jensen say anything. Jensen does look down to where he dropped the scissors, or rather shears, and notices that they're gone. He assumes one of the other angels took it when they disappeared.

Jared's shoulders slump and he tries his best to hold back a yawn, "Okay. Five down. One to go. We just need this Shroud thing and we can finally go home, right?"

Jensen and Jared don't like the long pause Castiel takes before he answers with a simple, "Yes."


A/Ns: "Quasb nanta" according to the Complete Enochian Dictionary by Donald C. Laycock (through the notes and findings and as revealed to Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley is Enochian means "destroy earth/spirit" in very, very chopped words. The approximation of what Castiel says to Wormwood is "Go down to hell fire" again in very choppy Enochian as I'm still learning, so I apologize for that. I would have written it in the proper Enochian, but there really isn't the text option for Enochian…

Caim knows that Jared and Jensen aren't Sam and Dean, but Castiel is trying to tell as few as possible about this. The only reason he and the first group of angels found out was because Simiel was able to figure it out before Castiel could hide their true presence from them.