Tuesday's episode

Scene 1 – at work

Clare: morning ladies, I think we need to have a little chat.

Carla: if it's about Rodney….

Glenn: He's innocent!

Carla: how do you know that?

Glenn: he was with me that night when that Louise got murdered

Carla: Why was he with you and why didn't you tell me this before? You have made me look like an idiot!

Glenn: no Carla, you did that yourself!

[Carla storms out]

[Glenn follows]

Glenn: why are you being like this?

Carla: Because I am pregnant!

Glenn: what?

Carla: I have been for weeks! But we keep arguing so I couldn't say anything

[Glenn walks out]

Clare: Do you want to take the day off?

Russell: I'll talk to him for you.

Lucy: Clare Where has Chris gone?

Clare: He was here a minute ago


Scene 2 – At Vale Park

Girl: Please just answer your phone!

[Throws her phone onto the floor]

Scene 3 – At work – British Heart Foundation

Clare: Nobody's here today!

Lucy: I know it's so empty

[Russell walks in]

Russell: Glenn has gone now too

Clare: Well we are gonna have to get what we can done

[Thomas walks in]

Thomas: Everything ok?

Clare: Get steaming!

Thomas: ok….

Thomas: There are loads of police cars down the road and an ambulance

Carla: Oh no! I hope Glenn is ok!

[Runs out]

Clare: What about Chris? He vanished didn't he….

[Bites her lip]

Lucy: Today is going to be a long one

Scene 3 – Vale Park

Policeman: So what happened?

Rodney: I don't know, I just found her here

Policeman: And who called the ambulance?

Chris: I did.

Policeman: Ok, I'm going to need to take details from you guys

[Carla and Lucy rush over]

Carla: What's happened?!

Glenn: They just found a girl here, she's been stabbed.

Carla: And Rodney's here…. Again!?


Lucy: Well you have to see where she is coming from Glenn! He's always hanging around when there's a bloody incident!

Glenn: I believe its called coincidence

Lucy: I'll deck you in a minute! I swear to god!

Policeman: Do you want to come to the station with me lads, so that I can take a statement from you both

[Rodney and Chris walk to the police car]

Rodney: I didn't do it Carla, I swear

[Carla frowns at him]

Lucy: It could be Chris?

Carla: It's Rodney I know it is

Ok that's all im writing of this episode until tomorrow where Carla gets strangled to death and the murderer is revealed… but how long will it take for everyone else to discover who he is?

Is it Rodney, Glenn or Chris?