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Chapter 12: The Truth

Yugi and Yami both had smiles on their faces as they left Ouranos. After promising to visit the temples more often, Ra and Hathor embraced Yugi again before allowing him to mount Hariq with Yami so they could leave.

"Wait!" Shai called as he elbowed his way through the crowd. "I'm going against my morals by not interfering, but if I don't, no one will."

"What are you rambling about this time?" Bakura groaned, ready to leave.

"I had to pester the Greek Goddess of memory, Moneta, for this." Shai replied a he touched Yami's forehead. "So just keep the prince still."

"Prince?" Yami asked before his eyes slid out of focus for a few seconds.

Shai was chanting softly so no one could hear him. After a few seconds, Shai removed his hand and Yami came back into focus.

"Are you okay?" Yugi asked.

"Yeah." Yami replied with a smile. "Just, remembering."

"Have a safe trip!" Shai called as he skipped back into Ouranos.

"That was…" Ryou paused, trying to find the right word.

"Random?" Malik prompted.

"I was going to say bizarre." Ryou admitted as he made sure to stay next to Bakura.

"That's just Shai for you." Marik shrugged. "He's the god of destiny and fate, so he spouts out random things that can actually be pretty important."

"Like you huh?" Yugi teased as Hariq took flight.

"Shut up!" Marik snapped as Diabound also took to the sky.

"Bye!" Yugi called as he waved over his shoulder.

"Safe travels to you and your friends." Ra called after as they passed through the portal to the mortal realm.

"Now what?" Malik asked after the portal closed and vanished.

"I need to let my grandfather know I'm okay." Yugi replied. "He should be at the palace trying to help keep order in all of the chaos."

"Let's go!" Bakura grinned and set Diabound on course for Heliopolis.

"Mention chaos and they'll do just about anything." Yami mused.

"Pretty much." Yugi chuckled as they followed.

"Yugi, can we talk?" Yami asked with a slight hint of nervousness.

Half an hour later, the group landed outside of the palace. Yami had his hair tied down and a hood pulled over his head. Yugi did as well so Yami would feel more comfortable.

On the way, they had run into Joey, Mako, and Duke, who had insisted on coming with.

"Who goes there?" one of the guards demanded.

"Yugi, Hero of Egypt." Yugi called back and showed his medallion to the man.

"You may enter, but your friends need to stay outside." the guard said after studying the medallion carefully.

"Either all of us enter or none of us enter." Yugi called back.

"Let them in Honda." Sugoroku scolded the brown haired guard.

"Yes sir." Honda nodded.

"Ji-chan!" Yugi squealed and hugged his grandfather. "I missed you!"

"And I missed you." Sugoroku replied as he hugged back. "Been staying out of trouble?"

"Of course." Yugi nodded. "Except for yesterday."

"Oh?" Sugoroku gained a pained look. "Why do I have the feeling I'm going to gain 50 years of life just by listening to your story?"

"Cause you probably will?" Yugi offered weakly, provoking laughter from the group.

"Master Shimon, who is this?" a new voice asked behind them.

Yugi turned to see a group of people. The one with the tall priest hat and blue robes was the one who had spoken. But Yugi was more focused on the man who wore purple robes and a cobra charmed hat.

"Pharaoh." Yugi knelt in respect, keeping his left leg forward. "It is an honor to be in your presence."

Yami knelt next to Yugi, keeping his head down. Behind him, Yugi heard Ryou and Malik threatening Bakura and Marik's make out sessions if they didn't behave. Joey, Duke, and Mako also knelt, but Yugi spotted Joey looking at the one who had talked to his grandfather.

"It is an honor to finally meet you Yugi." Pharaoh Aknankanon replied. "Please stand. What brings you to the palace?"

"Just letting my grandfather know I'm okay." Yugi replied. "He worries about me, and since the ancient dragons and a whole bunch of other stuff got loose yesterday, I thought I'd let him know that I wasn't mutilated."

"Thank you for the lovely image." Sugoroku shook his head, provoking chuckles.

"Come inside." Aknankanon told the group. "You can talk in one of the council rooms."

"Ji-chan, why did that man call you 'Shimon'?" Yugi asked, walking down the hall.

"Because the Egyptians here seem to have a hard time pronouncing Sugoroku." Sugoroku chuckled. "And that man is High Priest Seto, one of the pharaoh's sacred court members."

"Oh." Yugi nodded.

"Aren't you hot in that cloak?" Sugoroku asked.

"I have my reasons for wearing this." Yugi replied, making sure his hood was still up.

"Alright then." Sugoroku didn't push the subject as they entered a conference room and took their seats.

"Pharaoh, you might want to stay." Yugi said as the man prepared to leave. "There are some things you're probably going to want to hear."

"Very well then." Aknankanon nodded and sat down. "As long as my sacred court can remain as well."

"That is fine." Yugi nodded as the five men and one woman sat down. "The first thing you will know is that I'm returning something that was lost to you ten years ago."

"What item did we lose ten years ago?" High Priest Shada asked.

"It's not an item it's- Bakura get your hands off!" Yugi whirled around and threw a ball of light at the Thief King's head.

"Ow!" Bakura rubbed his noggin. "Sorry. Old habit. And that hurt shrimp."

"Good, now put the statue of the God of Chaos back." Yugi sighed and threw another ball of light into the laughing Marik's face. "And you, shut up."

"Owie." Marik whined as he held his injured nose.

"The Thief King and Thief Prince are here?" High Priest Seto shouted as he jumped to his feet with the rest of the sacred court.

"How did you miss the fact they're my trainers?" Yugi asked. "I've been saying that for the past six months, and I know that Ji-chan knew."

"I did tell them." Sugoroku replied. "They didn't believe me."

"Figures." Bakura rolled his eyes.

"Your reputation precedes you, you know." Ryou giggled.

"We know." Joey rolled his eyes. "I got the scar to prove it."

"He gave you a scar?" Yugi gasped.

"Just a minor one when we first met." Joey lifted his hair to show a small line. "Nothing I didn't deserve, really. My comment about the guards and him was uncalled for."

"He admits it?" Bakura blinked. "Looks like there's hope for you yet."

"Yeah, yeah." Joey waved his hand. "Hey, where did Mako and Duke go?"

"Mako became interested in the fish pond and Duke became interested in the guard who let us in." Malik snickered. "Not surprising really."

"Back on topic." Yugi sighed. "As I was saying, what was stolen was not an item, but a person. A human being."

"What?" High Priest Karim asked. "No one went missing."

"That's where you're wrong." Yugi replied as he stood up and walked over to Yami. "Pharaoh, here is you son. Prince Atemu."

Yugi pulled down the hood as Yami pulled his hair tie loose. When he locked his crimson eyes with the grey eyes of the pharaoh, Aknankanon gasped and ran over.

"My son." Aknankanon cried as he hugged Yami. "You're alive."

"Father." Yami whispered as he hugged back.

"Prince Atemu." High Priest Mahad whispered as he stepped forward. "My friend."

"Mahad." Yami held out his hand and accepted the hug from the man.

"How did you figure that out?" Bakura demanded.

"Shai revoked the memory block Pegasus placed on Yami, er- Atemu." Yugi stumbled. "Which do you want to be called?"

"For official occasions I'll be called Atemu." Yami smiled. "But in private, I think I'll go with Yami."

"Okay then." Marik nodded.

"What happened?" Aknankanon asked. "You just disappeared."

"This happened when you fell extremely ill." Yugi explained. "Your council men became desperate to keep you on the throne for some reason, so they sold Yami's soul to the demi-god Pegasus. Pegasus placed a mind block on him so he wouldn't remember who he was and planted false memoires instead."

"Like the one where I willing sold my soul to save my fiancé's life." Yami rolled his eyes with a snort.

"Yep." Yugi nodded.

"Guards!" Aknankanon called, and the guards entered the room. "Find the men who were on my council 10 years ago. I don't care if they still have the job or if they moved to Greece, bring them here. Under the charge of high treason against the royal family."

"Yes Pharaoh!" the guards proclaimed and left the room.

"What other things did you want the pharaoh to know?" Joey asked after he managed to wrap his mind around what had happened.

"Probably this, for one thing." Yami smirked and pulled Yugi into a heart stopping kiss.

"Tease." Yugi panted when they pulled away due to lack of air.

"And you love it." Yami smirked, ignoring the jaw dropped expressions on the faces of the sacred court.

"Yep." Yugi agreed, letting Yami kiss him again.

"This cannot be allowed!" High Priest Aknadin shouted. "Prince Atemu must provide an heir, and this boy cannot do so."

"Says who?" Marik snapped back.

"Says the fact he's a male." Aknadin growled.

"And we come to the third topic." Yugi said. "My true name is not Yugi, but Heba. I am the child of the Sun God, Ra, and the Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Motherhood, Hathor."

"Impossible." High Priest Karim whispered.

"Nope." Yugi shook his head. "And because I am a son of the gods, I have the ability to conceive and carry a child."

"Really?" Yami asked in shock.

"Yes." Yugi giggled at the look on Yami's face. "That expression makes you look cute, which I know you hate."

"Indeed." Yami growled.

"This can't be allowed." Aknadin hissed. "Who has ever heard of a member of the royal family being with a man? It is undignified."

"Be silent Master Aknadin." High Priest Seto snapped. "Many pharaohs have had male lovers before and after heirs had been provided for the throne. But not one of them ever got married though."

"I wonder why?" Joey rolled his eyes. "With an attitude like that, it's no wonder."

"Who asked your opinion, mutt?" Seto glared at Joey.

"Shut it Mr. Fancy Clothes." Joey snapped back.

"Joey!" Yugi slapped the teen upside the head. "Don't forget you are a guest here and can be easily thrown out."

"Seto, how could you possibly side with them?" Aknadin asked. "You are next in line for the throne."

"You may be my father and the pharaoh's younger brother, but went I became a member of the sacred court I swore an oath." Seto yelled back. "I promised to serve the pharaoh and his descendants, not dethrone him!"

"Then you leave me no choice." Aknadin growled as his Millennium Eye flashed, freezing everyone in the room and taking all of the Millennium Items. "I will go to the power that is able to defeat everyone. Even the Egyptian Gods. And my son will sit on the throne. Farewell, Yugi-boy."

Once he left, Yugi managed to manipulate his light magic to break the spell.

"That was Pegasus!" Yugi gasped. "Only he would call me that!"

"But if that was Pegasus, where is Aknadin?" Mahad asked.

"Hey!" Duke called as he pounded on the door. "Can we get some help?"

Joey opened the door to reveal Duke, Mako, and Tristan supporting an injured Aknadin. His Millennium Eye was missing.

"Ew." Yugi buried his face in Yami's shoulder while summoning Mystical Elf to stop the bleeding and heal the damage.

"We found him shut up in a storage room." Mako explained. "What happened?"

"Pegasus is back and is trying to summon something that he claims can destroy the Egyptian Gods." Yugi explained.

"But where is he going?" Yami asked.

"We know." Bakura said grimly.

"He's going to Kul Elna." Marik replied, just as serious.

"We used to live there before moving to our island." Bakura explained. "It was a peaceful place, until the inhabitants were slaughtered to create the Millennium Items which are now used to keep peace in Egypt. I'm guessing Pegasus lead the charge in disguise as someone else."

"What?" High Priestess Isis gasped.

"So that is why I sensed angry spirits when I first put on the Millennium Ring." Mahad said as he looked at where the item had once been on his chest.

"We have to stop him." Yami growled. "Before he gets his hands on this 'power'."

A few monster summons and the group arrived at the ruins of what once was a thriving village. The doors creak and wind blew through the empty streets.

"Creepy." Joey muttered.

At that moment, the ground shook, knocking everyone off their feet.

"What's happening?" Malik yelled over the shaking.

A round circle with a person standing on it rose out of the ground. The person had silver hair and the Millennium Eye where his left eye had once been.

"Pegasus what have you done?" Yugi called to the crazed demi-god.

"I have resurrected the Dark One: Zorc!" Pegasus yelled back. "He will destroy you and usher in a new age of darkness!"

"Not happening." Yami shouted. "And how did you get out of the seventh region of the afterlife? You were bound there."

"You'd be surprised what getting eaten by a demon snake can do." Pegasus laughed. "And you're already too late. I returned the Millennium Items to the stone in which they were made. This summoned the Zorc to this realm. He will crush you all!"

Behind Pegasus, a large dark beast rose up from the ground. It was huge, with great wings on either side and a dragon head and neck sticking out of his stomach.

"Oh crap." Marik muttered. "We're dead."

"Don't count on it." Yugi growled. "We can beat him."

"I'd like to see you try." Pegasus taunted. "You gave up your immortality to stay with such a pathetic mortal. Ha!"

Yugi felt the anger of the Egyptian Gods rise up in him. Aknadin taunting Ra's son was defiantly the wrong thing to do. The demi-god who had resurrected the darkness would pay. Yugi knew he wouldn't be able to summon the three Egyptian Gods at once. He would need some help.

"Yami, pharaoh, I'm going to need your help." Yugi turned to the two.

"Of course." Yami nodded.

"What do we need to do?" Aknankanon asked.

"Summon the Egyptian Gods." Yugi replied.

"Not so fast." Zorc said and attacked with his dark magic, Descending Darkness.

Yugi acted fast and called upon his magic to form the trap Negate Attack. Now Zorc wouldn't be able to attack them. Thinking fast, Yugi also threw out the magic Swords of Revealing Light, keeping Zorc from moving.

"This will not hold me." Zorc growled, reached out, and picked Pegasus off of the Millennium Stone.

"Wait! I resurrected you!" Pegasus squawked.

"And now you will fuel me with the energy I need to escape from these swords." Zorc replied, and swallowed Pegasus, allowing him to banish the magical swords.

But that had given the group the time they had needed to escape.

"How do we summon an Egyptian God?" Aknankanon asked as they rode back to the palace. "It hasn't been done in years!"

"I think I know." Yami said and raised his face to the sky. "Egyptian God of the sky, hear me! I ask thee to help us in our plight. Now come forth, Slifer the Sky Dragon!"

A loud rumble reached everyone's ears as a large red dragon came down from the cloud cover and hovered above the group.

"I call upon Obelisk the Tormentor!" Priest Seto called out, summoning the giant blue god to join Slifer.

"Well he is part of the royal family." Aknankanon mused.

"And now for the final one." Yugi said as he closed his eyes and chanted.

"Almighty protector of the sun and sky,

I beg of thee, please heed my cry.

Transform thyself from orb of light,

And bring me victory in this fight.

Unlock your powers from deep within,

So that together we may win.

I beseech thee, grace our humble game.

But first I shall call out thy name:

Winged Dragon of RA!"

A large glowing, golden ball had appeared in the sky, looking much like the sun. But as Yugi chanted, the sphere unfolded itself and expanded into the powerful form of the Winged Dragon of Ra.

"Those petty gods are powerless against me." Zorc thundered.

"Don't be too sure." Yugi smirked and activated his magic to use Polymerization.

A powerful burst of light shown as the three gods combined together. When the light dimmed, but didn't completely fade, a new monster stood on the battlefield. The Creator God of Light: Horakhty.

"What is this?" Zorc gasped as he shielded his face from the brightness.

"The ultimate nightlight." Yugi smirked, making Bakura and Marik fall over at hearing the same joke twice in one day. "Seriously. The Creator God of Light: Horakhty is the ultimate being of light."

"And is about to be swallowed in Darkness." Zorc screamed and fired a second Descending Darkness at the mortals.

"Horakhty, counterattack with Light Sphere of Promise!" Yugi yelled.

The two attacks collided. Light and Shadows blasted everywhere. And Yugi fell into a deep state of unconsciousness.

"Yugi! Yugi!"

Yugi groaned and opened his eyes. Yami was holding him carefully.

"Are you okay?" Yami asked.

"Yeah." Yugi nodded. "What happened?"

"We kicked butt is what happened." Seth, god of Chaos smirked as he stood looking at where Zorc had once stood. "Too bad you passed out."

The God Creator of Light: Horakhty was gone. Not even Obelisk, Slifer, or the Winged Dragon were there. They had taken mortal forms.

"It's a lot harder to hold fusions went you're not in a place where the Egyptian Gods and magic resides powerfully." Yugi replied as Yami helped him stand up. "Especially one as powerful as Horakhty."

"That is true." Osiris said as he elbowed Seth to make him shut up.

"Job well done, my son." Ra said as he walked up to Yugi and hugged him.

"Thanks." Yugi smiled. "Think I could get some peace and quiet now?"

"We'll see." Ra chuckled. "Though you should decide on what you want your name to be. Half of the god are calling you Heba, and the other half are calling you Yugi."

"I'll be Heba in pubic and Yugi in private." Yugi replied. "Like Yami."

"One day I'll be Pharaoh Atemu." Yami reminded him. "And maybe we could come up with a different title for you. Rather than 'Hero'."

"How about Yu-gi-oh?" Yugi asked. "It means King of Games in Japanese. The locals there started calling me that after I help plug up an exploding volcano."

"Yu-gi-oh Heba." Bakura let it roll off his tongue. "That will work."

"Now let's party in celebration of Pegasus and Zorc being gone for good." Marik grinned. "Hit it ladies!"

Muses: AH!

Going to shout it from the mountaintops

A star is born!

It's the time for pulling out the stops

A star is born!

Returning to the palace was interesting. Joey and Seto kept arguing until Yami told them to shut up and make out, which they surprisingly did. And Aknadin had no issues with it.

Honey, hit us with a hallelu!

That kid came shining through

Girl, sing the song, come blow your horn

A star is born!

Ra had decided to go to the palace with his son, just in case something decided to attack. It really wasn't necessary, but Ra didn't trust Bakura and Marik at the moment. Both were making out with Ryou and Malik.

He's a hero who can please the crowd

A star is born!

Come on, everybody shout out loud

A star is born!

It was also decided that Yami and Yugi would marry as soon as possible. With all the commotion that had happened, it was just better to be safe than sorry. Both agreed for a spring wedding though. It was their favorite time of the year.

Just remember in the darkest hour,

Within your heart's the power

For making' you a hero too

So don't lose hope when you're forlorn

Once night had fallen, Ra led everyone outside and pointed to the sky, where Hathor was busy at work with the constellations. Soon, the image of Yugi appeared in the sky.

"That's Bakura and Marik's boy!" cheers were heard from the city.

"Congrats guys!" Yugi grin as he elbowed Bakura and Marik. "Dreams do come true."

Just keep your eyes

Upon the skies

Yugi and Yami married and lived happily together. They had two kids, one boy, Aamir, and one girl, Haniya.

Bakura and Ryou, and Marik and Malik also got married. They lived in the palace and caused chaos. Bakura and Marik also officially gave up their powers so they would be able to enter the afterlife when their loved ones died.

What had started as a huge mess, had turned into something beautiful. Yugi and Yami were together and happy. And once they had passed on and joined their families, they enjoyed eternity together as well.

Every night,

A star is right in sight,

A star is burning bright,

A star is born

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