A hand reached out and grabbed him befor he plumeted seven stories. He looked up to see rose and carrie smiling at him. They pulled him up and faced jade. She had a fuming face.
'How dare you go against family' she said and two skul agents came out from the helicopter.
'Get them' she said and they went for rose and carrie. She advanced towards oscar and they started fighting with every trick they knew. Carrie had knocked hers out and went to aid rose. Emerald burst through the door and saw what was happeneing. Jade pushed oscar to the ground and looked over to her.
Emerald dear, come and help me' she said smiling. Emerald walked over and looked at oscar. His eyes pleaded for her not to do this. She lifted a leg to kick and lunged at jade. She toppled over and fell. Emerald helped oscar up and faced jade, smiling. Two against one, the odds were in their favour. She smiled and looked at oscar.
'Well done oscar, if you ever need the job back, i'll forgive you' and she disappered with a puff of red smoke. They knew she was gone so they turned round to see rose knock out the guard and carrie turn the helicopter off. They faced each other and oscar looked down.
'I'm sorry' he said and he was enveloped in a three way hug. They all laughed and looked at him.
'You don't have to say sorry, we know it wasn't you, you were brainwashed' rose said still smiling. He smiled and they all hugged again.

When they got downstairs the fighting was still going on so they helped. Frank looked over and oscar winked at him making him smile and continue. Once most of the skul agents were unconscious and the rest were tied up frank came over to them. Oscar didn't look at him until he hugged him and he smiled. Frank looked at him and smiled.
'Jessica would be proud' he said and oscar smiled.

A month later, oscar was back to normal and they were celibrating at the beach. Emerald was with them and they were rolling about in the sand, chucking buckets of water at each other and burying each other. Oscar looked over to the water and he thought he saw a flash of red hair and a green flourish. He shook his head and helped the others fling rose in the water.