Okay, I really love the TV show 'Touch', and since there aren't many Fanfics for Touch on here, I decided to write a little one-shot!

Hope you like!

Jake Bohm lies awake in the dead of night, thinking about his father. Jake really does appreciate everything his father goes through just for him; He just never conveys it.

Jake sometimes wondered what it would've been like if he had talked on a regular basis for his whole life.

He never acted on those thoughts, though. Jake had one job to do, and that was to connect those who needed to be connected.

But what no one really knew was that Jake really does love his Dad. It hurt him to always see his father in so much stress as a result of the lovely combination of struggling to support Jake, and understand how he communicates.

It was times like that when he wanted to just blurt out what the numbers meant, to tell him exactly who needed helping, and why.

But he couldn't, because speaking wasn't a necessary form of communication.

Jake remembered many times where his Dad would tell him about his mother, and he would seemingly sit statue-still on his bed, staring blankly into space, clutching his notebook.

Martin didn't have a clue whether Jake was listening, if he could even hear him or not… But Jake could.

Even though he didn't show any emotion while his Dad told him about his mom, Jake was always listening attentively.

He always wanted to tell his Dad how much he loved him and how much he would've loved his Mom, if he had grown up with her.

But Jake didn't, because it wasn't necessary.

Jake felt bad for his father. All he wanted was a regular, average kid who chattered about sports, video games, and maybe girls.

Instead, he got stuck with him, the strange kid who never spoke a word in his eleven years of life, he couldn't be touched, and had an affinity for numbers.

Jake overheard the talking of Clea Hopkins and his father, he was going to be transferred somewhere else soon, somewhere he could receive 'better treatment'. Martin and Clea were against this, and so was Jake. He's fine right there, in New York, with his father close by.

He knows he's not mental, like Sheri Strepling implies.

But Jake never protested against that, because speaking wasn't necessary.

Now, Jake was leading Martin straight to Amelia Robbins, the girl who was in Room 6. Or he was trying to, at least.

Jake sees the world in numbers and patterns, and he thinks it would be so much easier if his father could read his mind.

Then everything would make much more sense.

He has to bite back tears that threaten to overflow. When Jake's with his father, he's right there, but to his Dad, he's so far away.

Jake liked that he was helping people by giving his father a road map in order to connect those who's lives are destined to touch.

But sometimes, all he wanted was to be normal.

Yet, Jake never told anyone that... Because it wasn't necessary.

How was that? It was my first one-shot, so, constructive criticism accepted :D