Clark looked on as the crystal fell and almost as if calling him Clark followed the crystal where it landed. Clark felt the whole place start to shake as an earthquake started as crystals emerged from the ground punching through the surface making an entire structure made of crystals. Clark guesses there is a reason he's brought here as a crystal fortress will stand out in Smallville and even Sunnydale. Clark enters the place and looked around crystals nothing but crystals all around. What the hell is Jor El up to what is this place?

The place starts changing colors as it comes to life with Jor El's voice. "Kal-El, you have come far. One journey has ended. A new journey is about to begin. Welcome home, my son."

Oz's passenger side door is opened as Willow crawls out of the wreck. That was not fun at all. She grabs a cloth and wraps it around her ankle and limps to the front side. She limps over to the driver's side and opens the door. "Come on Giles all those blows to the head they were preparing you for this moment."

Giles muttered a bit as Willow helped free him from the wreck. "Thank you Willow, is Oz ok?"

Willow just shrugged. "He wolfed out I had to tranq him again. We got to leave him for now."

Giles nodded trying to clear his head until he saw Willow's leg. "Willow…your leg"

Willow just sighed and moved the cloth down revealing a gash on the back of her left leg. "Broken glass no biggie."

Giles just followed her out. "So where are we heading?"

"Well the sky isn't falling anymore so I say hospital to see if Buffy and Faith were admitted." Willow offered

Clark looked around wondering where Jor El's voice is coming from. "I thought Krypton was destroyed!"

"It was, but here in your Fortress of Solitude, the geography of our planet has been replicated for your training."

Clark just rolled his eyes three crystals a meteor shower all for kryptonian for dummies. "I know there's a lot I can learn from you, but I have to get home. That's where I'm needed."

"The meteor shower is only the precursor. A dark force from Krypton has been awakened, Kal-El, and its sights have been set on Earth."

Clark just looked forward he has to stop it. "What do you want me to do?"

Flashes of light start playing in Clark's head downloading knowledge. "You must do as I tell you. Study with diligence, for that is the only way to save this planet."

Faith and Buffy both look on as the ship opens. Exiting the ship are two people a man and woman dressed in something Faith hopes is body armor. Buffy is distracted by the sound of cops coming their way. Buffy and Faith watch as the police line up and stand ready for to take their shots.

Buffy sees it and is instantly alarmed. "No stay back you're no match for them."

Faith sees what's happening and pushes Buffy to the ground as the police open fire on the two kryptonians. The police empty all their bullets Faith was hoping they'd at least bruise them considering how little yellow sunlight they were exposed to but sadly they weren't so lucky. The kryptonians eyes light up and they incinerate the cops or hit the gas tanks in the cars killing everything in sight.

Buffy and Faith look at the Kryptonians. Buffy just stared at them even if they thought they were being attacked it was obvious those bullets didn't hurt them. "What was that for? It was more then obvious that they couldn't actually hurt you?"

The male kryptonian just stared at her. "Because they had the audacity to strike their superiors. Now where is Kal El?"

"I don't know any Kal El." Buffy replied.

The male kryptonian listened to her heartbeat speed up. "You're lying."

Buffy just smirked. "Yes I am." She wastes not time and hits him with the war hammer and the male kryptonian is sent into the air and bounces and rolls off the ship to the floor.

The female kryptonian has to act quickly and save herself when Faith tries to put a sword through her brain. She puts her hand ups to catch the blade and to her surprise a red liquid stars pouring down her arm. Blood, her blood, she has been cut open by this human and is now bleeding. She pushes Faith back and the slayer flies through the air and falls to the floor.

Clark is studying the pictures trying to learn all he can but he can't help it he is distracted and concerned about his friends and family. How many apocalypses have they been through just since he has been here.

Clark thinking back to the past causes one of his old memories to blend in the training as a picture of the Outworld tournament comes up with Shao Kahn gasping for breath.

"I am Shao Kahn conqueror of worlds; I will not yield to a child."

Just as quickly the image fades. "You must concentrate on your training my son. It can not be taken lightly." Jor El scolds him.

Clark just nodded with what he has seen he knows this is important. "I'm sorry let's keep going."

Faith got to her feet and lost track of the girl. That wasn't hard considering how fast she can run. Faith held the sword close and looked around then she got another idea and reached into her pocket and pulled out a lead box and opened it revealing Clark's blue kryptonite cross.

The girl appears in front of Faith wondering what just happened "How did you…" She was cut off by Faith catching her with a roundhouse kick and repeatedly punching her in the chest until the Kryptonian coughed up blood and Faith finished with a hook to the face knocking her down.

Buffy ran to the other side of the ship looking for the male kryptonian and found nothing. She started moving out trying to find him which wasn't exactly easy. The male kryptonian appeared in a blur and grabbed her by her shirt and threw her aside as Buffy landed on the floor and did some rolls trying to steady herself but was not enough as she struggles to her feet dropping the hammer.

The male kryptonian was walking after her. "Did you think you could beat me? I have the strength and powers of a god. What do you have?" He picks up Buffy and the slayer punches him in the face and he drops like a ton of bricks to the floor and struggles to get up.

Buffy opens her hand revealing a piece of green kryptonite from the floor and quipped. "I got a rock."

Clark is trying to focus on the training but his thoughts keep going back to Sunnydale and how people are handling the meteor shower he knows his parents got out fine but there's still Buffy and Faith. He thinks back to the sisterhood of jhe and once again images flash by on the screen.

"Kal El you must concentrate. You must complete your training."

Clark just steps down off the platform. "I can't not right now."

"Each time you let human emotions guide your judgment you suffer the consequences." Jor El warned reminding Clark of all the mistakes he's made.

Clark just sighed yes he has made mistakes but if Ship and Cave Jor El were anything like this Jor El he wouldn't have. Cave Jor El said they are flawed race rule them with strength this Jor El said They're a flawed race but can be a great people if they choose to be. "Jor El I know what my destiny is but there's no point if the earth disappears while I'm in here training. You've seen it yourself the past year nearly the world nearly ended twice three if you count the mayor. I can't stay here for long periods of time…but I'm willing to learn."

The fortress went silent and this is where Clark fears another round of Kal El. Instead the fortress came to life. "You are right Kal El given that you are willing to train and do not neglect it I ask that you come here for 24 hours each week one of this planets days."

Clark just nodded. "I give you my word now please send me back to Smallville and I'll see you each Sunday."

Clark was engulfed in white light and transported back to Smallville and he steps outside the cave. Clark gets ready to run but gets a better idea. He bends his knees and jumps into the air as high as he can. Clark comes down in a resounding thud shaking the nearby area. Clark just frowns he guesses he's not ready for that at least not yet anyway as he disappears in a blur.

Willow was on the phone talking with Cordelia whom heard about the meteor shower over the radio. "We're all fine Cordy I mean Giles has a concussion but that much is normal and to be expected at this point. So how's Xander."

"Still twitching from getting tazed by the soldiers at the entrance I don't think he's much of a soldier guy anymore. Call us if you hear from Buffy, Faith, or Clark."

Willow just nodded even though Cordy can't see it. "Of course"

The two kryptonians get up and put some distance between them and Buffy and Faith and take to the sky.

The male kryptonian had to smile. "These human are great warriors considering how feeble their race is."

The female kryptonian nods in agreement. "We have a proposition for you. Serve us and we'll spare you lives."

The two slayers looked at each other and came to a similar decision which Buffy elegantly put. "We're not into metallic S&M games like you two so we're going to pass."

The two kryptonians eyes glowed red in fury and the female shouted. "You dare oppose us. We offered you spots in the new world now we'll bury your ashes beneath it."

The two kryptonians fire their heat vision at the girls and burn all the land nearby turning it into a smoking wasteland when they stop. The two kryptonians wait for the smoke to clear and when the do there are no track of the girls just a pile of ashes.

Buffy turns and looks at Faith for a minute. "Faith what did you do?"

Faith just looked at her. "What do you think I did B I ran?"

Buffy just swallowed deep and started to explain. "Faith you moved us here faster then you should be able to. How did you do that?"

Faith just shrugged realizing the distance she moved. "I don't know. I honestly don't know B."

Buffy just looked to the sky and saw the kryptonians had found them again. Faith just smiled seeing them tackled to the ground by a red and blue jumping blur.

The two kryptonians got up and looked at their attacker. He looks just like his father at that age.

"Kal El" The male Kryptonian responded.

Clark just looked at the two and remembered some of what he learned. "Nam Ek, Aethyr, what do you want?"

Nam Ek just smiled. "We want you to join us Kal El, and help us make this savage land our Utopia."

Clark just looked around and pointed to the vaporized police force. "That's not Utopia that's murder."

"The few must be sacrificed for the sake of the many." Nam Ek replied.

Clark just looked at him with disgust. "Then sacrifice me because I won't let you hurt anyone else."

Aethyr just frowned. "So be it Kal El."

Nam Ek just took a bracelet off his wrist. "We can't destroy you, Kal-El, but we can lock you in a place where you can't stop us."

Nam Ek threw the bracelet at Clark and Clark just as easily caught it and deactivated it before he put it in his jacket pocket.

Clark just took a fighting stance and breathed in relief. "Thank you for a moment I though might have had to kill you."

Aethyr just looked at him. "You can not defeat us both."

Nam Ek and Aethyr rushed Clark and Clark rushed right to them jumping off his feet burying one foot in Aethyr's chest and hitting Nam Ek with a kick to the face with his other foot landing on his feet and knocking the two kryptonians down.

Nam Ek quickly got to his feet and rushed Clark throwing a combination of punches that Clark easily blocked and dodged until he used his hand to sweep out Nam Ek's legs and knock him into the air. Clark jumped into the air and punched him in the face sending him tumbling through the woods.

Clark is blasted in the back by Aethyr's heat vision and knocked to the floor. He quickly turns around and rolls out of the way when Aethyr tries to jump on him and gets to his feet. Aethyr throws a punch but Clark gets out of the way taking advantage of the fact that he has absorbed far more sunlight then she has he delivers a punch to her stomach and superspeeds behind her delivering an elbow to her spine along with a knee to her gut knocking her into the air but Clark hits her with a double axe handle knocking her to the ground.

Clark pulled out the bracelet he took off Nam Ek and activated throwing it a couple feet away as it opened a portal.

Clark grabbed Aethyr by her upper and lower armor lifting the kryptonian off the floor effortlessly intending to throw her in like a fast ball.

Name Ek sees it and blurs over to Buffy and Faith. "Throw her in and I'll break your women's necks like twigs."

Buffy just gave Nam Ek a cold stare. "OK Mr. Teutonic first off I am not his and second off we're not in the savage time women can rescue themselves." She takes the cross off Faith and shoves it into Nam Ek's skin with all her strength breaking it in his arm. Nam Ek goes to break her neck but finds his strength is gone as he drops the girls to the floor and they land on their feet.

Clark just smiles and spins Aethyr around twice before chucking her at the portal. Aethyr tries to use flight to slow herself down but Clark threw her too hard as she goes straight into the portal shouting in anger at what's happened.

Nam Ek was punched in the face by Buffy followed by one just as powerful by Faith. Buffy hit him with a spin kick and Faith grabbed him by the shoulders and hit him with a headbutt as Nam Ek stumbles closer to the portal. Faith grabbed him by his shoulders and threw him close to the portal but not into it.

Buffy just smiled wide seeing him stumble to his feet. "And now you're out of here." Buffy jumped up and kicked him hard in the ribs knocking him into the air and through the portal. The three watch as the portal disappears and turns into something resembling a glass cage with them in it that disappears out of sight as it shoots into space.

Faith just turned to Clark. "Ok what the hell did we just do to them?"

Clark just watches it as it leaves even his sight. "For crimes to numerous to mention against the people of Krypton, I banished them to the Phantom Zone, where they should remain for all eternity."

Buffy just looked at him. "Life without parole that's way harsh for you."

"They helped destroy Krypton I wasn't going to give them a chance to do it to Earth especially since they gunned down at least 10 cops just to try out their new powers." Clark replied. "So where's their ship?"

Buffy and Faith led Clark to where the ship was but when they get there it's gone.

"What the…how does something that big disappear without a trace?" Faith asked.

Clark just shrugged. "I don't know maybe someone took it while you guys were fighting. Right now let's just get to the hospital see if there's anyone we know in there."

Willow was in the hospital watching as the nurse taped up her foot. She sees the gash on the back of her leg and sees the claw marks on the front. Oz nearly bit her before she could tranq him. Willow just looks at the wound as it's covered up in tape. She could be a werewolf. Well it shouldn't be that hard to hide it in Sunnydale plenty of abandoned basements she can lock herself in. She wonders if Oz will be able to tell when he becomes a person again. She lets out a smile seeing Buffy and Faith enter the hospital.

Buffy just looks at her with concern running through her eyes making sure she is OK. "Hey Will how are you doing?"

Willow just nodded. "Oh I'm fine. How about Clark any word."

"He's out there burning up vampires he should join us soon." Faith answered.

Buffy just turned to Faith. "Can you check in on Giles? I don't want to leave her right now."

Faith just nodded and left. "Yeah no problem B"

Clark entered the hospital and decided before meeting up with everyone to pay a visit to someone else. He went down to Alicia's room to see how she was doing and to his surprise he sees someone already there reading to her a short kid with blond hair in a red shirt and khakis.

The kid turned around and saw Clark. The kid just smiled this guy could crush him no problem…if he could ever get his hands on him. "Hey stretch is there something I can do for you."

"I was just checking in and seeing how she's doing." Clark answered.

The kid just nodded. "Scar tissue and her body is healing up nicely and quicker then they expected. But they're not sure if she'll ever regain conscience. I read reading helps so here I am."

Clark just looks at him curious. "What do you get out of it Mr.?"

"Allen, Bart Allen" he says offering his hand. "And I get to spend the day with a beautiful girl."

"Clark Kent I'll let you get back to your story." Clark says leaving the two alone wanting to check on the others.

Clark walks up to Willow's room and hugs the redhead. "So where's Faith and Giles?"

Faith walks into the room with a smile. "I'm right here and Giles is sleeping from painkillers."

Faith looked to Clark out of curiosity. "So what did the stones lead you to?"

"The arctic" Clark answered. "It's a place where I can learn how to be a kryptonian along with the knowledge of the 28 galaxies."

Willow just smiled she could have a lot of fun up there if Clark let's her. "So did you learn anything good?"

Clark just nodded. "Yes for starters my dad is the only person I know that can be a rocket scientist and moron all at the same time."

Willow was confused about that how hard was the truck hit. "How can that be its two big old unmixy things."

Clark just looked at her. "I don't I think I've ever told anyone but Giles this but Jor El's original message said that I was sent here to rule this planet with strength. It's why I was constantly butting heads with him. Ends up my destiny is to prevent mankind from its own self destruction. Like I sad moron."

Willow just shrugged. "Well your ship had a lot of kryptonite following behind you. Maybe it messed up Jor El's robo buddy version of him."

"It did blow up when I put kryptonite into it." Clark admitted.

Buffy heard her cell phone ring and picked it up. "Hello…OK Chloe calm down…Alright now what channel do you want us to watch…Clark's here we're fine…we're all fine…we'll call you back afterwards OK."

Buffy grabbed the remote.

"You're turning off Snoopy." Willow said upset its bad enough Xander is not here to do the dance.

Buffy looked at her with a sad face. "Sorry Will but Chloe said it's an emergency."

Buffy turned the TV to the channel Chloe told her about and they see Lex on the TV with Toby Raines as they all watch the TV. "Today was a tragic day as the city of Sunnydale, California as a meteor shower reigned down in town today. In a bit of bright news when the town rebuilds itself the local economy will receive a boost as Luthorcorp will set up a new regional headquarters run by Lex Luthor himself."

Buffy just turns off the TV and turns to Clark. "OK so do you have anything to say about this you know him better then anyone?"

Clark just shrugged. "I was around him for 3 years and I don't think I'll ever really know Lex. Though on the other hand what I saw when I snooped on him looking for the air stone kind of troubled me. Not to mention his psycho double that shot me."

Faith just watched the screen. "So do we have anything to worry about?"

Clark just shrugged realizing how little he actually knew Lex now. "I don't know anymore Faith, I just don't know."

The spaceship from the meteor shower teleports itself into a spot in South America to stay hidden. The situation is worse then it thought. Kal El has already started his training so he can't play the Jor El is a monster card like it had originally intended. Now to add to the fun Kal El is also not alone. His female companions that was able to subdue Nam Ek and Aethyr until his arrival. Who are they? The ship realizes that it is going to have to play the part of a mentor a bit longer then it would like but it can deal with that it is immortal after all. The scientist Zor El was a fool to reprogram him. Soon a new age will reign on earth. An age of power and strength the fall of the house of El and mankind, Zod is coming and with him the glorious rebirth of the planet Krypton as it should be.

Author's Notes

Thanks to everyone who read volume 1 and is still putting up with me.

I figured Clark would be so paranoid about what's happening to everyone from the Apocalypses he's lived through that he'd just be too nervous to concentrate on his training and be able to point those out to show that yes he wants his destiny but can't be away from the world as often as Jor El likes.

Up Next: Some more fallout from the meteor shower and maybe the start of the freshmen.