Faith was stretching out after coming home from a hard night patrolling. Clark and Buffy were out looking for the commandos as they're called. Well she'll have Thanksgiving with him and then the days after. Besides Clark and Buffy are the ones who saw the commandos it makes sense that they work together to find them before they find Claire again right.

Faith saw her door open and saw Clark carrying someone over his shoulder in black clothes as he came in. "Is that one of the commandos?"

Clark shakes his head as Faith gets off the bed and Clark drops the body down. "Does he look like a commando?"

Faith looks at him and sees a familiar face. "Holy crap what the hell is Angel doing back in town didn't he make this big dramatic exit."

Clark nodded. "Yeah, apparently he didn't even say goodbye."

"Where did you find him?" Faith asked.

Clark shrugged it wasn't exactly rocket science when it came to finding Angel when he is in Sunnydale. "How do you think I found him, he was stalking Buffy."

Faith thought about it and shrugged yeah where else would Angel be. "It was kind of foolish of me to ask huh?"

Clark moved in a blur as Angel was chained up to the bed and Clark had bowl of water ready.

Faith saw it and took the bowl. "No, no let me."

Faith threw the water at Angel's face as the vampire woke up.

Angel looked around trying to regain his composure. One second he's looking at Buffy and the next he lands smack on a concrete wall and passes out. Angel tries to get up but sees he's chained up so he's not going anywhere. He looks around the room and sees Faith and Clark just staring at him.

"Did you guys save me?" Angel asked.

Clark just looked him in the eyes. "That's not the words I'd use."

Angel realized what happened the one person he doesn't really know how to defend himself from. Clark knocked him out. "You attacked me why?"

"You're evil." Clark said simply.

"I'm not evil." Angel defended himself.

Clark studied him. "Then why were you hiding in the shadows stalking Buffy. For the record you're not as stealthy as you think you are."

Angel rolled his eyes Giles was right he should have done this over the phone first. "Look Buffy's in danger. A friend of mine had a vision which usually leads to girls dieing."

Clark and Faith looked to each other and went to the corner of the room. Angel sits there and just decides to let them talk. If they don't know that vampires have a great sense of hearing he isn't going to tell them.

"So what do you think?" Clark asked Faith in a whisper.

Faith shrugged and whispered back. "I don't know stalking Buffy and never doing anything to her is one of Angelus' little tricks. But do you really think he has nothing better to do then stalk the ex."

Angel rolled his eyes. He was not stalking the ex. Clark will stick up for him as he listens to Faith continue.

"Well if it is still Angel he might as well stalk Buffy I mean one perfect moment of happiness and he's evil again so he's pretty much a eunuch."

Angel glared at the two and shouted. "I am not a eunuch Buffy is in trouble... and Faith's messing with me isn't she?"

Clark nodded. "Actually yes she is. I could tell by your eyes. If you're going to help Buffy don't you think she deserves to know that you're here."

"She's already in danger this is for her..."

"Own good" Clark finished.

Angel glared at him. "Well look I have to keep my being here a secret it's to..."

"Protect her" Clark finished remembering himself saying this about 66 times before coming here.

Angel glared at the kryptonian. "Alright you know how I feel and why it can't work either cut me free or stop doing that. Giles already knows I'm here and he called Wes to see that I still have a soul."

"He's still Angel." Faith decided. "Angelus wouldn't whine so much."

Clark took the chains off at Faith's word and looked at Angel. "So Buffy is in danger, from what exactly?"

Angel just shrugged he wishes he knew he'd be on his way home right now. "Doyle said Buffy was just fighting something there was no clear picture."

"I'll stick close to B." Faith replied. "She's going to a digging thing tomorrow to support Xander."

"I'll keep an ear out see what I can find out." Clark decided before leaving the room with Faith.

Angel looked around the now vacant room. No nice to see you again huh just right back to work.

Buffy was jumping around the room getting her pants on she's running late. She was supposed to be out the door five minutes ago. She sees Tara and she's not even packed up a bit. "Don't you have a home to visit?"

Tara shakes her head no and puts up a fake smile nervously. "N-no, my family is halfway around the world. Too far of a trip to make just for some turkey."

"So what are you going to do you don't strike me as one for football." Buffy quipped. "Unless you're watching the Charmed marathon on TNT."

Tara just looked at her with a don't go there expression. She's still shy around other people but Buffy's nice. "You don't actually watch that show do you?"

"Clark did but he stopped watching when the one girl died." Buffy replied. "So what are you really doing for thanksgiving?"

"Just hang around here." Tara offered she wasn't going home to her family their response would be why wait a year and have her locked up immediately.

Buffy glared at her. "Not anymore the Kents are having a big thanksgiving dinner for everyone not going to their families and now you are welcome. Just note that if you say no you will be breaking the heart of the sweetest woman you will ever meet in your entire life."

"S-so no pressure." Tara replied nervously.

Clark stood out in an open lot as the omega man. It's not that the world is surrounded by vampires it's just since Xander is working he's stuck in the land of women. He's surrounded by Buffy, Faith, Willow, Cordelia, and Chloe. He watches as the dean comes up and starts his speech.

"Of all the duties of a dean, one of the most pleasant is to see a colleague realize a dream. Ladies, gentlemen, students, I present to you professor Gerhardt of the anthropology department."

Prof Gerhardt replaces the dean at the podium. "When I first realized we were outgrowing our current cultural center, I was concerned. Then I realized It was like seeing one's child grow up and move on to better things. In this case, a spacious new facility to be built on this site..."

Cordelia smiled looking at Xander she has to thank Mr. Kent. "Look at him. Have you ever seen anything so masculine?"

"The dean or his wife?" Clark asked.

Willow chuckled a little. "I think she means..." Referring to Xander who's waiting to begin digging.

Buffy had a laugh as well. "Oh. Very manly. Not at all village people." She said lying through her teeth. "So much sexier than the outfit from his last job."

Willow shakes her head he looks better but. "Oh, I miss the free hot dogs on sticks."

Chloe looks at Cordelia and just had a smirk. It's pretty obvious what Cordy is thinking.

Cordy rolls her eyes. "What I'm his girlfriend I'm allowed to think of him as a piece of meat."

Clark just turns his attention back to the professor or the birds in the tree anything at this point.

"And that's why it's appropriate that the ground-breaking for the UC Sunnydale cultural partnership center is taking place so soon before thanksgiving. Because that's what the melting pot is about… Contributions from all cultures, making our culture stronger..."

Clark has no reaction. Chloe, Faith Cordy, and Buffy begin to clap but stop as Willow interjects. "What a load of horse hooey."

Buffy looked at it Willow is on the warpath. "We have a counterpoint?"

Willow began her story of the true essence of thanksgiving. "Yeah, thanksgiving isn't about blending of 2 cultures. It's about one culture wiping out another. And then they make animated specials about the part where, with the maize and the big, big belt buckles. They don't show you the next scene, where all the bison die and Squanto takes a musket ball in the stomach."

"OK. Now, for some of that, you were channeling your mother?" Buffy asked cautious and ready to take a step back.

Willow looked at Buffy and rolled her eyes realizing that well… she was right. "Well, yeah, sort of. That's why she doesn't celebrate thanksgiving or Columbus day- You know, the destruction of the indigenous peoples. I know it sounds a little overwrought, but really, she's...She's right."

Buffy had to admit mad rant aside Willow made a good point. "Yeah. I guess I never really thought about it that way. With mom at aunt Darlene's this year, I'm not getting a thanksgiving. Maybe it's just as well."

Clark shakes his head. "You're both invited my house and you know that."

Willow rolled her eyes. "Were you even listening to me?"

Clark smirked the only holidays that was big to him was Thanksgiving and Christmas he loves those two. Halloween is his least favorite because he has enough masks in his life and doesn't need one more. "Yes but in our house we don't decorate for thanksgiving because we don't believe in the culture part we just think it's nice to have a turkey dinner with our friends and family to share what we've been grateful for this year."

Buffy smiled. "I can make some dishes."

"Will we survive it?" Cordy asked. Cordelia saw a look Buffy usually has for slaying people. "And she slowly backed away."

Clark switched his focus back to the professor. He's especially grateful for thanksgiving this year since last year he had to spend it on a leaky boat with a sea sick Faith, It's not that he regrets saving the world he just missed the holiday.

"...And thus, a symbolic beginning." The professor goes over and commences with the ground breaking ceremony.

Cordelia rolled her eyes. "Oh please just move on already you old hag." She saw the amused look of the others. "What? I want to see Xander dig." She sees the rest of the workers start digging. "Oh. Look, there he goes." Xander begins digging in earnest. She sighs. "Look at him."

"Very... Diggy." Willow said for lack of a better word.

Cordelia looked him over and mutters. "Soon he'll be sweating."

Faith chuckled and whispered to Clark. "You know this imaginary Xander in Cordy's head is starting to make you look bad."

Clark rolled his eyes as his face went red. "Yeah thanks for the attention Faith."

Clark turns his attention to where Xander is… was the ground broke away beneath him. Clark runs up with the others trying to make sure he's OK. Xander had plummeted to an underground chamber. "Xander are you alright down there?"

Xander got to his feet waving his arms around. "Uhh! Ow. I'm ok! I'm, uh... I'm ok!" He looks around. "Where am I okay?" He wonders as a green mist goes by him.

Clark waited around that night for Chloe. If there's a story here Chloe will find it by sunrise he's just here to keep her safe.

Chloe came over with that smug expression on her face after talking to the dean the professor and everybody else. "So do you know what they found?"

"Considering that smug smile of yours something important." Clark replied.

Chloe chuckled that sounded about right. "Yeah they found the old Sunnydale mission."

Clark shrugged. "I'm guessing that means something?"

Chloe nodded it means something but up until 15 minutes ago that didn't mean anything to her either. "There was a huge earthquake in 1812 it swallowed the mission whole and big business just built right over it."

Clark sat down. "That's not surprising Buffy once told me the same thing happened to a church leaving a vampire trapped in it for years."

"Well there's a human interest piece but nothing Supernatural." Chloe decided knowing the signs from Buffy as she leaves Clark alone.

Clark heard something that sounded like a very weak scream as someone died and ran from the crowd going into superspeed. Clark ran into the professor's office and as he feared when he first heard it he was already too late before he even started moving. Clark looked over and saw an Indian man holding a really mean looking knife.

The man had a cruel smile seeing Clark. "Naman"

The man threw a knife at Clark's heart and Clark stuck his hand up to block it but to his surprise it went through his hand as the blood poured through the wound. Clark ripped out the knife and froze his hand last thing he needs is alien blood at a crime scene. The Indian man jumped on his back and tried to bring the knife down but Clark had a lot more control now and flipped him over to the floor. The Indian man tried to stab him but Clark twisted his arm as the knife went in the other direction getting closer to the Indian man's throat then Clark's.

The Indian smiled seeing his imminent death. "A great day for you Naman, first your wolves exterminate my people and then their god kills their spirit."

Clark grabs the Indian man and throws him. To his surprise he goes straight through the wall in a green mist.

Faith and Claire were sparring in the back of the magic shop in the training room the next day. Faith has to admit she's kind of impressed with the young fire starter. Save for the plethora of profanities that come out of her mouth when Faith knocks her on her ass. And a couple singed hairs when she gets mad.

Claire got to her feet gently. "So how come I don't get to patrol like you and Clark. I mean I've slain before a girl needs a roof over her head."

Faith shrugged. "Me and Giles just want to make sure you're combat ready hothead."

"Thanks mom, I'm glad to know you care." Clare quipped to the older slayer.

Faith went for a kick but Claire ducked under it. "You know you should be grateful you have people looking out for you. If you had a traditional watcher they'd throw you a stake and leave you alone with a vampire and wish you the best of luck before they even start preparing you."

Claire stopped in her tracks that was so messed up. "Yeesh they actually did that to Buffy and you?"

Faith nodded. "Why bother training a slayer with no good instincts just snatch up the next girl turned."

"Almost makes me nostalgic for the lab. Well almost." Claire quipped.

Faith grabbed a pair of Bo staffs and threw one at Claire. "So are you coming to the Kents for thanksgiving?"

Claire nodded and blocked one of Faith's shots. "What are you kidding me all you can eat who would pass that up? Also Giles is dragging me. Can I ask you something?"

"Sure" Faith said easily blocking Claire's strike.

"Well ever since you've been a slayer. Have you been hungrier then you were before?" Claire asked.

Faith just had a crooked smile among other things. "You think its bad now wait till you start slaying. So how is living with Giles going?"

Claire shrugged. "I have no room to complain although considering his taste in music I think the pompous Englishman needs to get in touch with his younger self."

"For the sake of everyone it would be better if he didn't." Faith replied.

Claire's eyes lit up happily oh she knew it. "Marty Poppins has a dark side. OK one day soon you and me are having a talk about this."

They're conversation is brought to an abrupt halt when Clark enters the room and saw the two.

Claire waved hello weakly. "Clark… hi."

"Did I interrupt something?" Clark asked

Faith shakes her head no and saw Claire's face. Does she have a crush on him? "We were discussing the hotness of Giles. If I was chosen before Buffy."

Clark put his hands up unwanted pictures. "OK forget I asked."

Claire went back to work training as Clark and Faith left the training room and sat down at the table.

"So did you find anything on Tonto?" Faith asked concerned since his knife can hurt him.

Clark shakes his head no. "I asked professor Willowbrook but he only comes from one tribe and I doubt Kyla was the only skin walker that attacked people through the tribe's existence."

"B and Red are checking out the professor's office as we speak." Faith replied telling him the situation from her end.

Giles looked up from the book with a smile he's got it. Not what he was looking for but he got it. "I think I've found it."

Clark walked over happy. "Great who was the Indian guy?"

Giles took off his glasses. "Oh I'm afraid I haven't quite started looking into him yet. There was nothing to find."

Clark took the book off him. "The origin of the slayer, what does this have to do with anything?"

Faith was nervous but she knew what this was about. Bad timing to have your Eureka moment. "What's happening to me Geeves?"

Clark stood there kind of hurt she could turn to Giles but not him. "Giles knew how long?"

Faith frowned see this right here exactly what she did not want. "A little after it happened. Clark my powers were playing tricks on me and I got nervous. You know it's in the past can we just leave it there."

Clark nodded it's not like he ever kept a secret before but he can't believe she couldn't turn to him earlier. "Yeah... sure, so what happened to Faith?"

Giles was looking at the book. "According to this the slayer was created when a group of men forced a piece of the essence of a demon into a girl named Sineya, and when Sineya died the piece moved onto another girl bringing forth the legacy of the slayer."

Faith just shrugged. "That's it. That's not exactly telling why I can do this." She gets her hands under Clark and rather easily lifts him up with a gorilla press and leaves him there. "And not break a sweat."

Giles chuckled. "Well, I think the rest has to do with how Clark healed you do you remember when we went to Smallville to confront Isobel and her friends?"



Giles chuckled realizing Faith doesn't remember as a flash goes through the room.

Faith turned around and saw Lois with a camera. "That's going to be my new background on my computer."

Clark sighed this is embarrassing. "Can you put me down now?"

Faith smiled and gently put him down. "Baby"

Clark turned to Lois. "So what can we do for you?"

"I wanted you to tell your parents that Oliver is coming too. Your dad just sees another trust fund kid so I was hoping you could…"

"Take the fall for you?" Clark finished.

Lois rolled her eyes. "It's not like that besides you're invulnerable you can take it."

Clark rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I'll tell him. See you for dinner."

Lois left the store as Clark turned back to Giles. "So what does Isobel have to do with super charging Faith?"

"Very little actually." Giles replied. "But if you recall that fight they took your powers."

"And I recovered them... with the fire stone." Clark said remembering everything. "But it just healed me it didn't give me an upgrade."

Giles nodded at that point. "True but the fire stone is what you used to heal Faith right?"

Clark simply nodded. "I knew it healed and I was desperate."

Giles closed the book and gave his theory. "When you healed Faith with the firestone my guess is you also supercharged the essence like when your powers were restored."

"Does that mean I'm a demon now?" Faith asked nervously? "Because I haven't noticed a tail or anything like that"

Clark smirked. "Faith you're alright you're just stronger then you used to be because the essence got a pick me up."

"It's more then that." Giles started to explain. "Everything is her healing her strength her speed. Although her heart is running with it so you have nothing to worry about there. Clark essentially saved you by giving you steroids."

"Well at least I'm not a guy." Faith replied remembering a juicer back home. "Well what about the writing in kryptonian?"

"Jor El likely made you an oracle." Clark replied not putting it past that damn machine. Just when he thought they were on a middle ground it pulls this crap. "I'll talk to him on Sunday about it."

"Will he listen?" Faith asked.

Clark nodded. "If he knows what's good for him he'll listen I figured out where the Fortress' kill switch is last week."

Faith smiled finally knowing the truth. "I'm not a demon."

Clark cupped the side of her face. "No, and even if you were it wouldn't have changed anything." The two share a kiss as Clark comes up. "So ready to go home."

Faith smiled for the first time in a while she can say this and honestly mean it. "Five by five"

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I wasn't ever making Faith a kryptonian. Just give her a strength boost to make each slayer different since I'm up to 4.

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