Clark walked in the door with Faith and it's already starting to smell like Thanksgiving around his house. He walks in with Faith and sees his parents sitting on the couch enjoying a moment to themselves. Martha smiled seeing Clark just plain old usual non paranoid Clark.

"Jonathon do you know this boy who Faith brought home?"

Jonathon looked at Clark as his son rolled his eyes like he was looking him over. "He kind of looks like that son we used to have until he went to college."

Clark looked at his parents not happy at all he never sees them anymore and this is what he gets. "Are you kidding me I didn't even want to go and believe me I'm still not getting any comfier with the idea bed sucks I want to punch out well over half the people there, the only people I can stand are my roommate and Buffy's whom by the way is coming for thanksgiving."

Martha nodded and made a note to add another plate. Jonathon just cut in. "Clark I know college life is hard but you got to…"

"Rough it through be normal I get it." Clark shouted and he does it's just that compared to Jor El's teachings spending hours with the smug professor Walsh and anyone else bores him to death.

Faith was shocked seeing Clark go off like that as he went upstairs. She knew college was getting to him but she didn't realize it was this bad. "I'll go talk to him."

Clark went to his room but quickly remembered it was Lois' now and headed up to the attic just to calm down a bit. Clark heard the attic door and opened and heard the heartbeat long enough to know its Faith. "Are they mad at me?"

"I'd be but they're not. You've really gotta learn how to take a joke." Faith teased him.

Clark shrugged he didn't mean to its just so tired of guys flirting endlessly with girls and mindless parties that just frustrate him to no end probably because he can't get drunk. "Well maybe if I was in a better mood huh. It's just I found out this big thing was happening to you and I was oblivious the whole time because I was stuck in a place I have no interest in. The big concern in that place is when is the next power puking contest."

Faith looked at him and took his hand. "Hey, I'm five by five and stronger then ever alright, also it caused you to boost up your strength to match mine again."

"Which left you covered in marks." Clark pointed out.

Faith shrugged not seeing the problem. "I liked having hickeys again slayer skin usually heals too fast. So what are you going to do about college?" Faith asked. "If it's making you this unhappy I think you should just quit."

Clark rolled his eyes his honest answer would to be to just drop out but you need degrees to get anywhere anymore not that he even know shat he's going to be. "I guess I'm roughing it for another couple years. But I'm also seeing about moving out after this year. Campus life just isn't for me."

Faith smiled seeing Clark take control but he still yelled at the wrong people.. "You realize you owe your parents an apology."

"I know" Clark conceded. "I didn't mean to lash out at them it's just."

"Being an alien on the hellmouth made you mature so fast you hate people your own age." Faith quipped.

Clark shrugged well yeah there's that. "Well... yes but I was hoping I could word it better then that."

"I think I'm just relieved it came out now instead of during a red K bender." Faith quipped.

Clark rolled his eyes see this is one the things he has missed just talking with Faith they kiss they spar but they barely have time for each other and Clark hates that it's another thing he has to give up to protect his secret. "Well I'm going to go make that apology."

Buffy was getting set some dishes for thanksgiving and giving Giles a rundown of her day. "I thought I was going to have to use slayer moves on this one woman who was completely hoarding the pumpkin pie filling."

Giles rolled his eyes in frustration he thought people only got excited for Christmas. "And at some point, you are going to tell me about the murder?"

Buffy nodded. "Oh, right. The knife was some sort of Indian artifact. Chumash, I think. That's all we got."

Giles heard that name before. "Oh, Chumash Indians. They were indigenous to this whole area."

"That's interesting." Buffy said keeping attention off her as she looks around his kitchen.

Giles kept going. "Then, of course, the murder weapon might have just been a convenient choice."

Buffy shakes her head no. "Uh-uh. There was a big ol' scissors lying right there. That knife was picked for a reason. Do you even own a pan?"

Giles rolled her eyes Joyce is out of town and he enjoys the company of someone that does not constantly call him Marty Poppins. "Tell me again why we're not doing this at your house."

Buffy saw Giles putting it together and put the focus back to where it needed to be. "How about that ceremonial knife, huh? Pretty juicy piece of clueage, don't you think?"

Giles nodded in agreement. "Yes, all right, I'll look into the Chumash connection and see if there's any ritual significance to the ear removal. I'll call Clark see if he can give me more of a description of this man he was fighting.

"Thank you." Buffy headed for the door but paused looking lost in thought.

"You all right?" Giles asked.

Buffy nodded wondering why she suddenly wants a cold shower. "Yeah. Uh... I still need to pick up a few things, so I'll check in. And keep your hands off the food."

Giles nodded in sarcasm. "Oh, I'll try and restrain myself from eating uncooked potatoes and cranberries."

Buffy leaves and Angel walks out from a room in the back of the apartment with Claire.

Giles looked at Angel and Claire. "So, what do you think?"

Angel just remained calm. "She sounds good. Kind of intense about this thanksgiving thing."

"I would have gone with psycho. I keep picturing her shooting a live turkey with a crossbow screaming I got the perfect bird I got the perfect bird." Claire countered.

Giles took off his glasses and started cleaning deep in thought. "I think perhaps she's a little lonely, but I meant about the murder."

"Whatever killed the woman in the museum, that's probably the danger?" Angel said airing his thoughts.

Giles was in agreement with that. "Yeah, well, this danger, your friend has some ominous vision about Buffy. It's all terribly vague. I mean, there are other things happening on this campus."

Angel shrugged not knowing what to think. "Well, maybe I'm wrong, but I gotta try something. I can't just keep watching."

Giles knew that part was right but maybe Angel was just here to warn them. "I'm glad that you're watching out for her, but I feel I should remind you that she's not helpless and it's not your job to keep her safe."

Angel looked at him not to thrilled he went there. "It's not yours anymore, either. Are you going to walk away?"

Giles saw the point technically he wasn't supposed to be here for almost a year now. "All right. But I feel we should tell her. I don't like keeping this secret."

Angel shakes his head no. "No. If she knew I was here, it would distract her. It could get her hurt. I don't want to get in the way."

Giles got back on point not really liking this idea. "Um, I'm assuming that there's some connection to the old mission. Something is angry about being disturbed."

Angel had another idea. "Or maybe it was trapped there, and now it's released. Something that has a fondness for ancient weapons. You know father Gabriel?"

"No." They both responded.

Angel filled them in. "He knows the history of this place pretty well. His family dates back to mission times. He might be able to fill in some blanks."

Claire grabbed the phone and made a call. "We need your help."

Within moments Clark runs into the room seeing Angel again. "I know I know he's back in town."

Claire smirked she wonders what it is about this guy that gets him on Clark's bad side and causes Giles to call him a pillock whatever the hell that is.

Giles simply nodded. "Ok. Well, we need you to talk to a father Gabriel he knows of this town's past and might know of the Chumash Indians." He sees Angel starting to walk away. "Where are you going?"

"To watch her." Angel answered.

"It's not fair." Giles pointed out. "You know that's what she'd say. You can see her, but she can't see you?"

Angel rolled his eyes and turned to the three. "Believe me; I'm not getting the good half of this deal. To be on the outside looking in at what I can't... Well, I'd forgotten how bad it feels."

Clark felt bad it wasn't the immortality or the vampire thing that Clark didn't like between the two. It was how much Buffy had given up to be with him and never enjoying a moment fearing perfect happiness. If there was an honest way to make it work he'd actually support them to Xander's frustration. He watches Angel walk for the door again. "She's been having these strange feelings whenever you're around that's how I knew you were near the tree. You should at least talk to her."

Angel rolled his eyes and started to turn to Clark. "Listen farm…" he turns around and saw Clark had apparently already left to talk to Father Gabriel. "So... that's what that's like."

Clark moved in a blur around the churches of Sunnydale one by one trying to find the priest but having no luck. Clark ran to the right church and saw no one here until he found Father Gabriel. "Can I help you?"

"I need to ask you about the Chumash Indians." Clark replied.

Father Gabriel stood there as his face changed. "Is this about the mission found underground recently?"

Clark nodded his head. "Yes can you tell me what happened to them?"

Father Gabriel sat Clark down on a bench and started to explain. "Mankind has a history for cruelty my boy. If you ever need proof just look into the history of those people. The settlers they'd hurdle them up like cattle and force them onto reservations. The ones who were brave enough to fight were executed immediate…"

Father Gabriel's words are cut off from an arrow piercing his heart. Clark immediately shot up and caught the preacher seeing the Indian demon from earlier had fired the arrow Clark checked for a pulse but he was already gone. Clark got to his feet and found himself running at a very human speed as the Indian demon shot him in the shoulder as Clark fell an arrow sticking out of him.

"Who are you?" Clark asked while trying to get to his feet.

"I am vengeance. I am my people's cry. They call for Hus, for the avenging spirit to carve out justice." Hus stands over Clark and pulls out a knife and lunges straight down. Clark gets his hands up and blocks the attack as Hus tries to push the knife in.

Clark looked at a tribal bracelet on Hus' wrist. It has a very particular blue stone on it.

Hus smiled seeing what has Clark's attention. "Passed down from the Chumash people. When given this stone even gods can die in your presence."

"Good to know" Clark quipped and stopped moving the knife up instead he was quickly able to move it to the right slamming Hus' hands on the hard wooden pew forcing him to drop the knife. Clark quickly delivered a headbutt knocking him back as he broke the arrow in his shoulder and shoved the shaft of the arrow into Hus' shoulder before throwing him off.

Clark got to his feet and stood ready. Hus feigned a punch and delivered a kick to Clark's ribs. Clark slipped back but quickly caught Hus's fist and countered with an elbow to the stomach before pulling the spirit's head down for a knee to Hus' face before taking out the vengeance demon's legs with a leg sweep. Clark went to get a good distance to use heat vision but Hun grabbed the knife off the floor while getting to his feet and rushed Clark. Clark caught the striking hand and spun him around giving him a clear shot at his back. He spars with slayers even without his powers it doesn't mean he can't fight. He drives an elbow where Hus' spine would be and then grabbed Hus with one arm by the front of his neck. Clark flipped the spirit over his back as Hus fell stomach first to the floor. Clark hit him with one swift kick to the face and the knife dropped out his hands leaving Clark to pick it up.

Hus looked at him. "Come on Naman. Finish what your people stared."

Clark froze and Hus used the opportunity to turn into a group of bats and fly off in different directions. Clark hears the sirens and perhaps because of instinct from his Kal days takes off at Superspeed.

The next day Clark was running through his night with Giles and Buffy at his apartment. Giles took interest but Buffy was more interested with dinner as she helps Martha in the kitchen.

"Still can't believe I froze like that."

Giles nodded. "Yes, well to be fair it's not every day you get accused of genocide. It's bound to cause some confusion."

Buffy was excited hearing the doorbell as she went for it and opened the door for Willow. "Hey."


"Peas?" Buffy said asking a question.

Willow showed the little box among a mound of books. "Peas."

Buffy takes the small box of peas leaving Willow to struggle with a mound of books until Clark took them off her.

Buffy looked at the peas. "These are frozen."

"What's all that?" Giles asked seeing the pile of books that Clark is reading at superspeed.

"Atrocities." Willow answered from what she found. "I got the full scoop on the Chumash Indians and our fabulous buried mission."

Buffy looked over the box. "You said you were going to get fresh ones."

"Atrocities?" Willow asked.

Buffy rolled her eyes Willow really needs to focus. "Peas. They come in little pods. You were going to shell them."

Willow shrugged she has a cause she believes in that took precedence over peas. "I didn't have time. I was busy reading about the Chumash war."

Giles looked at her confused. "The Chumash were peaceful."

Willow nodded. "Oh, they were peaceful, all right. They were fluffy indigenous kittens, till we came along."

Buffy looked at the peas. "They're gonna be mushy."

"They won't be mushy." Willow assured her.

"I like mushy peas." Giles countered.

Buffy rolled her eyes. "You're the reason we had to have pilgrims in the first place. So what happened to the Chumash?"

Willow started listing the atrocities. "How about imprisonment, forced labor, herded like animals into a mission full of bad European diseases."

"Gets better for me." Clark said reading the books. "The ones that resisted and fled. They were mauled and attacked constantly by wolves. I guess my people really did eat his people."

"Clark, there's no way of knowing the wolves were Kawatche." Giles said trying to comfort him.

Clark just opened the page. "Surviving Chumash claimed the wolves were human before attacking them in the name of Naman."

"Boy. Cultural partnership center really didn't stress any of that stuff." Buffy quipped.

Clark read on. "I might recommend this book to Professor Willowbrook and another guy if Oz ever finds him since I couldn't. Apparently most of the skinwalkers left the tribe believing the god gave them the power to smite their enemies. Readying the world for the god's return when he conquers it."

"You don't believe that do you?" Willow asked.

Clark shakes his head no. "They're meteor mutants with counseling centuries away it's amazing one of them stayed sane long enough to pass the genes off to Kyla. So you want to run down everything else for them."

Willow nods as she continues. "The few Chumash who tried to rebel were hanged. And when a group was accused of stealing cattle, they were killed… Men, women, and children. And for proof to bring back to their accusers..."

"They cut off their ears?" Giles finished.

Buffy frowned. "So Hus wasn't kidding about the rightful vengeance routine."

Giles shakes his head no. "He's recreating all the wrongs done to his people. And it's up to us to stop him."

Buffy saw she was going to have work to do and panicked. "Yes, but after dinner, right?"

Willow looked at them confused no slaying the guy in the wrong. "Are you sure we shouldn't be helping him?"

Giles looked at Willow, she can't be serious. "No, I think perhaps we won't help the angry spirit with his rape and pillage and murder."

Willow realized how bad that sounded. "Well, ok, no, but we should be helping him redress his wrongs. Bring the atrocities to light."

Giles looked at the books. "If the history books are full of them, I'd say they already are."

"Give him his land back." Willow offered.

Giles rolled his eyes. "It's not exactly ours to give."

Willow rolled her eyes right back can Giles go a day without planning to kill someone. "I don't think you wanna help. I think you just wanna slay the demon, then go- La la la"

"And I think your sympathy for his plight has blinded you to certain urgent facts. We have to stop this thing." Giles replied.

Willow glared at him. "Ok, unfeeling guy."

Giles simply frowned. "Willow, that's not fair."

Clark quietly left the insanity of that scene and joined Claire, Faith, and Jonathon watching football on the couch.

"Is everything OK in there?" Claire asked.

Clark simply nodded. "Yeah, I think Willow is just hurting from a bad breakup. I think she just wants something to focus on so that she doesn't focus on Oz too much during the holiday." At least that's how Clark is justifying her friend glossing over two murders.

"You know I hate when you do that." Faith replied.

"Do what?" Clark asked.

Faith pointed at him. "What you just did with Red how you figure someone out in about six seconds and don't even tell them it makes me remember that despite all the big dumb a… dopted claims Chloe throws your way that you're a lot smarter then you let on."

Claire listened on as the fight continued. "I wonder when Giles is going to make the clucking sound."

Faith looked at her genuinely impressed she really needs to get this girl out on the field. "OK, how do you know about the clucking sound?"

"You live with someone long enough you get a pretty good feel for the guy it seems." Claire replied.

Giles stood outside the door after he was done arguing with Willow and having a side discussion about Angel.

Faith thought on Claire's words she knows Mr. and Mrs. Kent pretty well. "So from one slayer to another why do you keep calling him Marty Poppins?"

Claire laughed watching the quarterback get sacked. "I've been handed off my whole life. Person to person lab to lab never staying in anything for long except for a cage that was covered in this disgusting gunk to stop me from using my powers, the only time I ever caught a break was when some of the scientists were nice enough to leave a TV on for me. I caught Mary Poppins a couple times and now after that mysterious earthquake some British guy took me in and I'm waiting for the other boot to drop."

Faith groaned she honestly does think Giles is an OK guy but after the Cruciamentum she also learned he's not always trustworthy. She tells him nothing but general stuff on slaying alone. "Claire, at the end of the day it's your choice on whether or not to trust him. And while I'm not exactly coming from your position it's hard to find people you can trust but they are out there."

Claire nodded well Giles has treated her better then anyone else he's even trying to teach her some schoolwork until she gets a proper ID so she can attend Sunnydale High or catch up school as is likely in her case.

Faith turned to Clark. "So does Mr. Kent know about our guests coming today?"

Clark had a simple smirk. "Yeah I told him last night when he was a lot more concerned about my shoulder then Lois' boyfriend."

Jonathon just stared at the three kids. "I'm just showing concern for who Lois is dating."

Faith rolls her eyes it's the same concern he had last year when Clark lost his abilities because of Giles. They wall watch as the receiver makes it to the end zone and all scream in joy.

Buffy came rushing in with a butcher knife and suddenly felt like an idiot stupid slayer instincts. "Good you guys watch the game and me and Martha will make dinner, enjoy the game, right there, on the couch, that's perfect."

They all laugh as they hear a knock on the door. Clark gets up let the invulnerable guy get it with the psycho spirit out there. He opens the door and saw a very pale looking Xander with Cordelia. Clark x-rayed Xander weird thing is he can't find anything wrong with him at least in a physical sense but he's still sick.

"Happy Thanksgiving" Xander quipped.

"Xander, what happened to you?" Clark asked

Giles walked over and saw Xander. "You look like death."

Buffy ran up excited and frowned. "You didn't bring rolls?"

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