The graveyards of Sunnydale were silent and it made an ideal hunting ground until the victim screamed loud enough to lure three slayers and the entity to it. Faith delivered a spin kick knocking the vampire back as he tumbled over the headstone. Claire was fighting a vampire that was likely a vampire want to be when she was still alive considering she's dressed like a lady of the dark. She's guessing the fat one Clark is fighting is wanted to get laid and made her as a joke. Claire side stepped the attack and grabbed her by her black dress throwing her through a nearby bench. Claire creates a fireball in her hand and throws it at the want to be as she goes up in flames and combusts. Clark watches as an at least three hundred pound vampire takes a swing at him but he simply dodges and counters with a right to his stomach followed by a clothesline with his left arm over the back of the vampire's head knocking him down. Clark simply lifted him up over his head and brought him down on his knee in a backbreaker.

The vampire looked up at him unable to stand. "I spent 75 years turning my body into three hundred pounds of muscle what are you and does anything hurt you?"

"An alien, and nothing I'm willing to share." Clark replied hitting the vampire with heat vision combusting him.

Buffy was rolling her eyes she's really sick of this. She throws a jab followed with a spinning backhand and finishing it with a kick knocking the vampire over next to Faith's vampire who simply punched her vampire for the same result. Each slayer took out a stake and killed their vampire.

Faith smiled. "Well this was a fun little family activity."

Buffy rolled her eyes not even wanting the visual of what must be Faith's Christmas. "Maybe in opposite land."

Faith stood back razor tongued Buffy something bad must have happened today. "Problems B?"

Clark looked to Buffy and just said it for her. "She has a date."

Buffy simply shrugged she guessed Victor went to Clark for advice. The innocent farmboy would be the one to come up with this. "Victor asked me to a picnic. It's just different you know first the sun is going to be up which is a whole new thing for me. And he's bringing all the food which means all I have to do is talk, sit, and eat which are all things I'm really good at."

"So Victor's problem is that he's nice?" Claire asked.

Buffy shakes her head no. "He's nice… very nice."

Claire smiled and wrapped her arm around Clark's as smoke started rising off her. "No sparks."

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Oh please you should see his arms."

Now Faith was just confused though she got a laugh out of seeing Clark blush. "So he's not making you miserable or planning to use you for another notch on the bedpost you should flee B this guy sounds like he might be good for you."

Buffy glared at Faith. "I have to get away from that bad boy thing. There's no good there. Seeing Angel last week even for ten minutes… hello to the pain. But I can't help thinking …isn't that where the fire comes from? Can a nice, safe relationship be that intense? I know its nuts, but… part of me believes that real love and passion have to go hand in hand with pain and fighting."

Clark was about to say there was a vampire behind her but Buffy pulled out a stake and effortlessly dusted her and continued. "I wonder where I get that from?" Buffy turns to Clark. "You're the one person who hasn't said anything yet what do you have to say?"

Clark shrugged he doesn't have anything to say Victor's a good guy and Buffy deserves to be happy. His mind is on something or someone else tonight. "Just thinking about Willow."

Buffy thought on it. "I think she's holding together. It's going to be rough but she'll get through it."

Claire rolled her eyes with Buffy being the oldest she thought she was supposed to be the wisest. "Are you people blind? She's dangling by a thread at best. The only reason she got through thanksgiving was by making an obsession with the Indians and then she was even sadder when she turned into Custard I think she called him."

Buffy looked upset but thought better of it. "Well we can all take her to the bronze tomorrow that will make her feel better."

Clark shrugged he hopes so. He hates that one of his friends is hurting especially when he can't do anything to stop it.

The next night the whole gang was at the Bronze except for Lois whom apparently was busy with Oliver and Willow herself who disappeared earlier when Oz had his things mailed to him.

Xander sat there not believing what he was hearing wondering how Oz could be so cruel. "Geez, you mean Oz just sent for his stuff and didn't even call her? That's pretty harsh. God, poor Will. No wonder she's…" Xander sees Willow, dancing up a storm on the dance floor. "Having a wonderful time."

Cordelia watched her it was interesting move but. "Boy it is not going to be pretty when she crashes."

Buffy looked at the scene. "Wow. Way to re-bound."

"I believe that's the dance of a brave little toaster." Xander quipped.

Willow sees them and walks over to the table, just as happy as can be.

Willow grabbed Clark by the arm. "Hey, guys! C'mon! This music's great!"

Xander wasn't sure what to say. "It's nice to see you brought your boogie shoes tonight, Will."

Willow shrugged. "Yeah... I-I know I've been sort of a party-poop lately, so I said to myself, 'Self!' I said, 'It's time to shake and shimmy it off'."

Buffy looked at her. "Sounds like a good policy."

Willow nodded excitedly. "Yeah! And it works, too. You know, I figure, in the grand scheme of things, we're all just…"

Willow grabs her jacket and from underneath it falls a bottle of beer, its contents foaming out.

"Drunk..?" Buffy finished.

Willow laughs and picks up the bottle.

Willow tried to worm her way out of the looks. "Drunk... I mean, that's such a-a strong word. Kind of a guttural Anglo-Saxon word. Drunk."

Xander looked at her. "Will, not loving the drowning of the sorrows."

Willow was desperate here she's in pain she deserves the right to drink. "Not drowning… wadding. A-a-and... See?" She points to the beer bottle. "Light. No big."

Buffy looked at her. "No big? Anyone remember when Buffy had the fun beer-fest and went one-million years B.C.?"

"I still want to know more about the Incredible Clark." Chloe added

Xander thought back to cave woman Buffy. "Sadly without the fuzzy bikini"

Cordelia rolled her eyes. "Faith I'm out of range."

"I got ya Cor." Faith simply reached up and smacked Xander atop the back of his head.

Xander held his head regaining his focus. Cordy was well within range she just wanted a slayer to slap him. "Right. Topic now." He gets up and walks to Willow. "Will, how about you give me that beer?"

Willow held on tight. "No! Why should I? I've got pain, here… big-time legitimate pain."

Clark frowned as he got up. "We all have pain, Will."

Willow rolled her eyes. "Oh, like what? Oh, poor me Mr. all alone… I'm immortal and I gave my girlfriend superstrength. Yeah, that's dire."

Clark controlled his eyes as they flared heat for a moment. Clearly offended he just shakes his head and walks out of the Bronze with Faith in pursuit. Buffy stands and takes Willow's arm. "Okay, you know what? That's it… I'm taking you home."

Willow pulled her arm away. "No, I don't want to."

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Well, you'll thank me when you still have a friend in the morning."

Willow frowned realizing all the horrible things she just said. "I just can't stand feeling this way. I want it to be over."

"It will. I promise. But it's gonna take time."

Willow frowned. "Well, that's not good enough."

Buffy sighed how did they put up with her all summer. "I know. It's just how it is. You have to go through the pain."

Willow thought on it she has a better idea.

The next night Willow was talking with Cordelia and Xander. Willow tried a spell to have her will be done but that was a fail. So here it was very easy for Cordelia to notice Willow is in pain and blaming everyone else. "I'm going through something you figured Buffy would make friends a priority."

Xander simply sighed she's wondering how she coped with the fluke. "Come on Will you know it's important. Buffy and Clark are out looking for the commandos while Faith and Clare are patrolling we have to find them before they find Claire again. Clark and Buffy are our best shot at finding them since they know exactly what they look like."

Willow rolled her eyes. "If they work so well with each other why don't they just marry each other?"

Giles looked to Chloe in his apartment and squinted at her laptop. "Any sign of the commandos in that dreaded square box?"

Chloe had a simple smirk. "No, although I did find a lot of good deals on army clothes."

Clark and Buffy entered through the door. With defeated faces wondering why it is so hard to find GI Joes on the hell mouth. Clark and Buffy just sit on the couch downtrodden they got about 12 vampires and not a single lead.

Buffy turned to Giles. "Any word from Faith or Claire?"

Chloe shakes her head. "No, and we're batting zeroes on the digital front."

Buffy and Clark simply nod. Buffy got to her feet. "Alright I'm going to go see how Willow's holding up."

Clark used his superhearing to pick up Faith's heartbeat and heard her and Claire they're checking the sewers. "I'll go too."

As they get up their eyes flash blue and Clark gets a better idea and he turns to Buffy. "Can you wait here for a minute?"

Buffy simply nodded. "For you anything."

Giles was in the kitchen with Chloe when he heard a door close assuming Clark and Buffy left. He's surprised when he hears the door open again and struggle to make it to the door with Chloe too busy working to see him struggling. He gets in and from the little he can see Buffy is standing in surprise and Clark is on his knees slipping a diamond ring on Buffy's finger.

"It's so sudden I don't know what to say." Buffy said.

"Just say yes." Clark pleaded. "And make me the happiest man in the 28 galaxies."

"Of course yes" They embrace and kiss and it's sickeningly sweet. Giles looks at them both baffled.

Buffy sees Giles and quickly shows off her ring finger. "Giles you'll never believe what's happened."

Chloe came in hearing Buffy squeal. "What's going on?"

Giles looked at the two in utter confusion. "Buffy is marrying Clark."

Chloe turned to the two in shock. "Oh… well… that's um… congratulations?"

Giles simply nodded too in shock to understand it something has to be going on here. He walks over to the phone and concentrates his eyes long enough to see the numbers for Willow. "Willow, it's-it's me. Something's happened. I need your help. I can't see very well. Everything's blurred." He grabs the scotch. "I'm certain it's a spell of some kind, because… well… it seems something else is going wrong." He looks over and sees Buffy and Clark kissing to Chloe's very obvious discomfort. "Horribly wrong"

Buffy turned to Giles. "Giles did you see my ring? Clark made it himself."

Giles took a bigger drink. "Thankfully not very well"

Buffy gets up from Clark's lap and walks next to Giles and Clark takes Chloe into the kitchen as Buffy talks to her watcher. "I'm not crazy, and I know that you probably don't approve, and my father's not that far away, I mean, he could… but this day is about family… my real family… and I would like you to be the one to give me away."

Giles looked at his slayer genuinely touched. "Oh Buffy that's… that's so." Reality comes striking back and he quickly remembers. "Oh! For God's sake! This is nonsense. Something is making you act this way. Don't you realize what you're doing?"

Buffy smiled looking into the kitchen. "Living the dream."

Chloe sat up on the counter. "OK Clark what do you want to talk to me about? And please tell me it involves a new kind of one of our favorite little rocks."

Clark looked at her confused. "Chloe! This has nothing to do with kryptonite. I just needed to ask you something kind of personal."

Chloe stood there good maybe he found a new meteor freak and he and Buffy got hit with the whammy. "I'm listening."

Clark was nervous which caused Chloe to chuckle as he started. "I-I know Xander will do it if I ask him to and if not I could always superspeed to Wichita and ask Pete to do it but… you were the one who always stood by me. You gave me your heart and I trampled it time and time again which I'm so sorry for but you were still here you always stood by my side. You're my best friend Chloe. You kept my secret in Metropolis and last year you saved my life despite not knowing what could happen to you. You've stood by me on the worst days of my life. Now I'm asking you to stand beside me on my best. Will you be my best woman when I marry Buffy?"

Chloe had a hand over her mouth genuinely touched. Clark admitted he was in the wrong and that whole speech was beautiful to her. "Oh Clark..." Just like Giles reality set in and she answered. "No, Clark do you realize what you're doing?"

"Marrying Buffy." Clark replied. "And I never judged you for dating Brain dead even after you called him a lesbian so how about..."

"You missed some context on that speech." Chloe replied in reference to her earlier encounter with Riley. "Clark why are you marrying Buffy?" Maybe she can get through to him with logic.

"I fell in love with her." Clark replied.

Chloe rolled her eyes. "I don't think you fell. I think you were pushed… off a cliff… and landed in a kryptonite gorge."

Clark looked at her somewhere between hurt and angry. "I just wanted your support all you had to do was say no." Clark walked into the living room and Buffy sat back down on his lap.

Buffy wasted no time and kissed Clark again to Giles disgust as he knocks over his drink. Buffy saw it and was concerned. "Giles are you OK?"

Giles simply shakes his head. "I rather think not. I seem to be rather… rather… blind. Completely, in fact."

Buffy walked over to him concerned. "How could this happen?"

Giles heard that and had a bit of relief maybe the job can keep them focused. "A spell I believe."

"Well we'll fix it don't worry." Buffy assured him.

Clark nodded in agreement getting to his feet. "We'll need a reversal spell there's one at the magic box but I'm not sure where it won't take me long to find it."

Chloe heard that. "Bad idea me and Buffy will go."

Clark shakes his head. "Chloe its fine I'll find it."

"There's kryptonite near most of the books." Chloe flat out lied desperate for time stalling. "Buy some magic, get a cool rock. We don't need you bent over the floor all night. So you watch Giles while me and Buffy will go and get the book."

Clark shrugged seeing the logic there and with Giles blind who better to watch him. "Okay"

Buffy got up and followed Chloe out the door.

Buffy was outside the magic shop Chloe insisted she knew exactly where the book was and told her to cool off for the time being. Buffy looked across the street as something took hold of her gaze. She stops in the middle of the street, staring at a window display of a beautiful wedding gown. She walks over to it, mesmorized. Victor was walking back from helping the initiative capture a demon and saw her so he walked up to her.

"Buffy what are you doing?" Victor asked.

Buffy was just looking at the dresses. "They're beautiful."

Victor simply nodded. "Yeah that might be a little too much for college though."

Buffy turned to him. "Victor"

"Buffy" Victor replied wondering if she's on something.

Buffy frowned Victor is a really nice guy but he's no Clark. "I really like you. I hope you know that you mean a lot to me, and if things were different…"

Victor smiled internally if Buffy breaks up with him there isn't much Lex can do to her. "Different then what?"

Buffy takes his hand gently Victor had to smile seeing Buffy doesn't even care about what's in him as Buffy talked. "I want you to promise me that we can always be friends, and I'd really like you to be there on 'The Day'."

"What day?" Victor asked.

"My wedding day" Buffy answered like it should have been obvious.

"OK…Who's the lucky…guy?" Victor asked not sure how to phrase it.

"Clark" Buffy answered with a smile.

Victor looked at her what the hell is going on here. Victor did all he could think of which was laugh. "Kent huh." He keeps laughing. "I have to admit you had me going."

Buffy kicked him in the shin hard. "Ruin my happy day."

Victor watched as she went into the magic shop. Victor rubbed his leg and realized she dented something. How did she do that? Victor just went to the nearest fire hydrant and kicked it with the same shin hiding Buffy's dent. Last thing he needs is to get the girl he likes into 33.1.

Giles laid back on the couch not sure how much more of the madness he can take Chloe is at her laptop with headphones on to tune out the madness. "So the plan is to cure my total incapacitating blindness Tuesday days from now."

Buffy nodded upset all she could find were blond grooms for the cake. "Faith sold the last of it we won't have anymore until the next shipment is in." Buffy turned to Clark back to the real concern. "So do you want to be known as Clark Kent for the invitations or Kal El of Krypton because either way it's going to be weird?"

"Because every woman names their kid Buffy?" Clark countered.

Buffy looked at him appalled. "What's wrong with Buffy?"

"Huh… such a good question." Giles wondered

Clark ignored Giles and simply replied. "Well, what's wrong with Clark? My mother gave me that name."

Buffy realized her blunder and bit down. "Sorry about that I shouldn't have said it just two first names. It was just Buffy quippage going too far." Buffy kissed him on top of the forehead with a glowing smile. "Any way I can make it up to you?"

"I'll think of something." Clark replied as the door broke open to a flustered Xander and Cordelia who were beat red from running.

Xander looked to everyone. "Board up the windows barricade the doors."

Giles looked at him. "Is something the matter?"

"Demons they keep coming and coming." Cordy answered.

"I think we lost them but we couldn't see." Xander answered as he turned to the sight of Buffy kissing Clark. "...Kind of sad that it's not the weirdest part of the day anymore."

Buffy looked up not leaving Clark's lap. "Xander, calm down, okay? If you lost them, that'll give us some time to figure this out." She turned to Clark. "Maybe the demons have something to do with Giles being blind."

"Giles is blind?" Cordelia asked.

Xander walks over to Giles and starts waving his fingers in front of Giles' face and the watcher replied. "Please stop whatever you're doing. You smell like fruit roll-ups."

Clark got up and stood there kind of amused he wondered what that smell was.

Buffy stood up and hung on Clark's arm. "Well we can go deal with them they won't know what hit them."

Xander and Cordy just stare blankly at Clark and Buffy.

Cordy is trying to figure this out before Faith gets here. "OK what is with the hand holding thing?"

Buffy and Clark look at each other lovingly.

Clark whispered in her ear. "They have to hear it sooner or later."

Buffy nodded excitedly and turned to the others. "Clark and I are getting married!"

Xander looked at the two baffled. "How?... What?... How?"

"Three excellent questions." Giles added.

Chloe got up from her seat. "It's a magic thing."

Clark turned to Buffy trying to control his temper. "They're just going to have to get used to it."

They kiss deep and passionate Cordy and Xander look a bit disgusted and roll their eyes as Xander looked away and quipped. "Can I be blind, too?"

Cordy nods in agreement with Chloe.

Buffy glared at them. "Alright you know what Clark is a good guy he tans he's not a vampire what do you have against us."

Xander as usual blurted out. "You two aren't right for each other Clark you are with Faith and you love her. Come on deep down inside you know you two aren't right for each other this is just some weird magic thing."

Clark simply glared at his 'friends as he turned to Buffy. "OK you know what me and Buffy have been nothing but nice to all of you and help you since we met but all you've done since we announced this is make fun of us or be downright cruel." He turns to Buffy. "My parents aren't going to react any better and Faith won't either."

Buffy simply smiled and wrapped her arms around him. "Neither will my mother so what do you have in mind."

Clark smiled and kissed her deeply. "We were meant to be together. We could be in Vegas tonight wake up Mr. and Mrs. in the morning."

Buffy took a second and jumped into Clark's arms.

Chloe instantly shot up. "Clark don't do this it's a very bad…" Clark and Buffy disappear in a blur. "idea"

Xander frowned him and his big mouth. "I shouldn't have said that. Looks like… oh my god Willow."

"What about her?" Giles asked.

"She said Buffy and Clark should get married and that I was a demon magnet." Xander answered.

Cordy rolled her eyes realizing it. "She used the black arts to make people do what she wants. Did she learn nothing from her time as a crazy axe woman?"

Giles caught on. "She said I didn't see well. She did a spell to have her will done. People Willow is out there without a clue as to what she is doing."

Cordy rolled her eyes and got their jackets on as Giles tripped over the couch as she Xander, and Chloe went for the door. "How could this get any worse?"

Xander opened the door and saw Faith and Claire on the other side. "Well there's that."

Everyone was gathered around in Giles' room sore the next day with Willow handing out cookies. Faith actually took it as humorous she can't imagine the WTF faces Clark and Buffy made as soon as he kissed the bride but she'd love to be there with a camera to take a picture. Faith smiled hearing the door open and saw Buffy and Clark enter both with guilt ridden faces. Faith looked into Clark's eyes and saw the truth she just looked at him frowned and quickly stormed out the door with Clark in pursuit.

Buffy walked in and hugged Giles. "Thanks for trying to get through to us last night." Buffy turned to Xander, Chloe and Cordy. "You guys too."

Xander simply nodded. "Our friends get in trouble it's what we do."

Claire looked up at her while rubbing a scratch. "What took you guys so long to get back anyway? Will broke the spell last night?"

Buffy simply nodded and looked uncomfortable. "Well me and Clark spent all morning arguing with a judge for an annulment. Magic isn't exactly a valid reason to end a marriage."

Willow frowned at that. "Buffy…"

Buffy instantly put a finger up. "Not… one… word"

"I –I just wanted to say I'm sorry." Willow said.

Buffy rolled her eyes she's sorry. "You're sorry… for what? For taking your pain out on your friends, for working a very dangerous spell with reckless abandon when you know how dangerous a simple love spell can get."

Xander got between the two. "Buffy that's enough."

"No I only just started." Buffy replied shouting at her tears in her eyes. "Your spell broke too late. Just stay away from me Will at least for right now."

Willow simply frowned and had her own tears when she realized what too late meant and she walked out the door.

Clark was chasing after Faith keeping up with her at a steady pace. "Faith will you slow down."

"No" Faith answered trying to create as much space as she can between the two.

Clark simply rubbed his hand over his head frustrated and superspeed in front of her. "Will you just talk to me?"

Faith stopped and glared at him. "You want to talk OK let's talk. Was I even in your mind when you married another woman?"

"It wasn't real Faith none of it was." Clark answered.

"Oh really" Faith laughed between funny and hurt. "Then why the hell did you screw her. How could you do this to me?"

Clark frowned he knew how much this would hurt Faith which was why the thought never even entered his head. "Faith it was the spell I only feel that way about you, you know that."

Faith simply turned around and kept walking. "Yeah you can tell how much you cared last night."

Clark followed right behind her trying to get her to talk and stopped her right outside their house. "Faith you are the only woman I have ever loved."

Faith turned around pushed him down the steps. Clark got to his feet and saw tears in her eyes "Love, you screwed Buffy of all the women in the world why did it have to be her."

"It was just the spell I don't love Buffy she's just a friend it's all she'll ever be Faith." Clark assured her.

"Really all Red did was make you get married you screwed B all on your own." Faith countered.

Clark did all he could to control his temper. "Yes Willow cast that spell and it didn't wear off until after we fell asleep. And I hate that it did and I hate that I hurt you far worse then anyone has ever done. Faith I love you and I want to be with you not Buffy, not Chloe not Lois, not Cordy. You are the one that I want."

Faith watched Clark try to touch her and pulled away. "No! You don't get to touch me… not anymore." Faith slammed the door on his face and Clark saw she was too hurt to go after her.

Buffy was at a table outside UC Sunnydale feeling numb and confused. Up until the spell wore off last night was great and likely the best night of her life. She felt safe and protected she wants that. She doesn't want Clark though. It's too much like saying I love me. She always viewed herself as the only slayer even with Faith and Claire around. While Clark views himself as the only kryptonian when god knows how many more are actually out there after the meteor shower.

"Trouble in paradise"

Buffy looked up and saw Victor. "You realize I was just screwing with you last night."

"Damn and here I thought love was in the air." Victor quipped.

Buffy thought things through she likes him and there's sparks and he's a good guy. "Victor do you want to go on that picnic sometime this week like Friday maybe?" She needs a couple days to recover.

Victor nodded. "Yeah, I'd like that."

Willow gently knocked on Buffy's door she has to fix this. She thought the fluke was bad but this was so much worse. The fluke was her own mistake this time she really hurt all her friends badly. She smiled seeing the door open now as long as she doesn't get staked its progress. To her disappointment it was Tara that opened the door.

"Willow, B-B-Buffy doesn't want to see you." Tara replied nervously.

Willow solemnly nodded and started to walk away.

"W-why did you do it?" Tara asked nervously.

Willow frowned and started listing off her stupid answers. "Because I was hurting, I hated that Oz left the way he did, I hated being in pain and lashing out at my friends." Willow replied as tears started coming down her eyes. "I just wanted it all to stop. And a million other reasons that don't mean a thing now because I hurt all of the people I care about most."

Tara simply hugged the redhead and held her in her arms. One bright side to this maybe crashing now will stop her from becoming dependent on magic later. "So how's Chloe treating you?"

"She's sleeping in Lois' room at the Kents and Lois is sleeping at Oliver's." Willow informed her.

Tara nodded and started walking with her. "I'll go stay with you tonight Buffy is out tonight anyway."

Willow looked at her. "I mind raped my friends. Why are you being so nice to me?"

"Because no one should be alone after something like this." Tara replied remembering her first backfire. "So what are your plans?"

"Years of groveling to Buffy, Clark and Faith while working to get Faith and Clark back together… sans love spell of course."

Tara simply nodded. "Of course"

That night Faith laid on her bed too drained to patrol. Krypto came into her room and hopped on the bed with her picking up his master's mood he just laid on the bed with her. Faith realized it's been over a year since they got Krypto for Christmas and idly petted the dog at least one guy is still loyal to her. She hates Willow, Buffy, and Clark right now. She finally thought she found a guy she could trust. Boy did she ever get played. You can't trust people she really should have learned that by now.

Clark went into his apartment feeling miserable. He loves Faith and he never would have done that without magic. What he wouldn't give for it to be a Sunday at least with Jor El he could take his mind off it. Clark laid back in bed feeling as bad as he did when he ran off to Metropolis. Clark leaned to the right and opened a bureau and pulled out a small lead circle shaped jewelry box. Clark opened it and pulled out a broken metal chain with a glowing red rock in the middle. After Alicia he didn't want the mayor or anyone else to get their hands on it. Clark silently put the stone away Faith's just upset tonight she has to believe him.

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