Faith got out of bed wondering how she got here. Why is she in UC Sunnydale? Sure she was with Clark here before but she's sure not in any mood to right now. She goes into Clark's room and sees a sight she'd rather do without. Clark and Buffy going at it again she can't get it out of her head now she has to look at it. She turns around to leave only to find the door has been cemented over. Faith turned around and saw Buffy and Clark in a much more familiar setting fully dressed in regular clothes they wear inside the magic shop.

Giles saw Buffy and instantly hugged her. "Oh Buffy, I couldn't be happier if you were my own child."

Buffy smiled affectionately. "Thanks Giles and I was thinking since you'll pretty much be his grandfather would you like to be his godfather and stand with Chloe."

"Ok… what's going on?" Faith asked never feeling so confused in her life.

Buffy looked at her confused. "Oh like you don't know me and Clark are having a baby."

Faith glared at Buffy ready to rip her hair out to Buffy's what she is certain of brunette roots. "Alright B you little skank listen here you might have screwed Clark but you won't be having a baby with him you literally can't…"

Buffy turns to Faith in a change of clothes. Full out maternity clothes pink fluffy shirt and jeans with a giant stomach at nine months pregnant. "You can't, I can since I'm the actual slayer."

Faith stood there reserved trying to stop her mouth from hitting the floor. OK that's new. "Geeves this doesn't seem strange to you."

Giles looked at Buffy blankly and then to Clark who just gives an honest shrug not seeing the problem.

Clark simply turned to his ex confused. "Faith what are you talking about. I think the stone made you crazy though you were slipping long before that."

Faith looked at it and rolled her eyes. "B got as big as a house in three seconds that's what?"

At that Xander and Willow came in. Xander turned to Willow and chimed in. "Faith has sort of gone bye, bye these past nine months hasn't she?"

Willow simply nodded. "And very rude Buffy looks beautiful and glowing for someone as far along as she is."

"Thanks guys." Buffy replied as Faith is seconds from completely losing her mind. Buffy looks to the door excitedly and practically squealed. "Momma"

Faith turned around and instead of seeing Buffy hug Joyce she ran up and hugged Martha. "OK… what fresh hell is this?"

Martha looked over still in the hug with Buffy. "Oh I've been having so much fun with Buffy I adopted her."

"What? well why didn't you adopt me?" Faith asked.

Martha looked at her it should have been obvious. "Well you don't exactly adopt the girl you son is dating."

"So you adopt the one he knocks up." Faith countered.

Martha rolled her eyes. "Well the truth is Faith; Buffy is just much more of an interesting person then you. I just didn't want to be mean."

Claire, Cordelia, Chloe and Lois open the doors with a smile as Cordy squealed. "Hey guys we found the perfect crib you have to see this it's like the Calvin Klein of cribs."

Buffy smiled. "Well then we have to see it. Come on mom. Come on everyone."

Faith watched in utter confusion as the magic shop emptied out. There was no one left but her. Faith frowned and just decided to roll with the punches until she could figure out what's going on. She went for the door but found it locked. Faith looked down and saw the lock and the knob gone she slammed herself into the door but it didn't budge and it hurt her shoulder. Faith rolled her eyes she'll punch through it. Faith hit the door once and instantly felt bones break as she cradles her hand and just sits down her head in her knees leaving her all alone.

Faith looks up eyes glazed over she looks down and sees she fell asleep face first into her pillow. It was just a dream of course it was a dream. Faith went into the bathroom and ran some cold water over her face. Faith went back to her room and grabbed a bag with the money she gets from the magic shop she can afford a much nicer place then the rat trap when she first came to Sunnydale.

Martha saw her getting packed. "You're not running away are you?"

Faith frowned she didn't want to get caught. "You guys were nice enough to put a roof over my head when I was with Clark. But we're not together anymore so you don't have to be nice"

Martha couldn't believe what she was hearing was this all Faith thought of them as. "Faith we didn't even know you and Clark were dating when we made you a room here. We gave you the room because we wanted you to stay with us Faith. We knew you are a good person you just had a lot of bad breaks. And I don't want you to move out Faith. I like having you here and I'm not ready to lose you just because you and Clark have some issues."

"Does it really matter I mean you guys put a roof over my head and I'm grateful but why do you care so much about me?" Faith asked.

Martha smiled. "That's easy because I've watched you grow into a remarkable young woman since you moved here. A woman that I know is going to do so many great things I just want to be there to see it. No parent could be prouder Faith." She looks at her eyes. "Are you OK?"

Faith quickly nodded and headed downstairs sans bag. "Yeah, I was running cold water down my face."

Martha frowned watching her go. She's not sure how Faith feels about her mother. She looked into her past wondering about adoption but was quickly stopped seeing some outstanding warrants for theft. Nothing major but enough to know adoption would not work and likely bring more trouble then good.

Lois was looking at the floral… well she'll use the word arrangement with Jonathon the flowers cover the table. Good for Clark to over give when he's in the doghouse. "A dozen… dozen roses… How many roses is that?"

"144" Jonathon answered easily.

"Well at least Smallville knows how to plead for forgiveness in style." Lois complimented him Oliver doesn't even go this far when he pisses her off.

Faith came down and saw the flowers. "Whoa, did Oliver kiss Chloe or something?"

Lois smirked. "Oh, it would take a lot more roses if that ever happened. These are yours." She hands her a card. "Don't worry Smallville already knows you're not a roses girl."

Faith reads the card and chuckled. It said Clark is sorry he had ever hurt her and the roses are to give Lois ammunition for teasing him. Faith had a moment but the familiar emotions she's been feeling all week of hurt and betrayed swell back up and she just tosses the card.

Clark sat back on a chair outside of UC Sunnydale blowing off the third girl this week and sending her on her way. Victor watched the girl leave in a huff and took a seat next to Clark.

"You know if I ever need to break up with a girl I'm just going to sic you on her." Victor quipped. "At least this one didn't slap you."

Clark simply ignored him and went back the book he was trying to read at a human speed.

"You know you're barely in the room anymore and you've been running off about 2 hours of sleep a day it can't be good for you man." Victor added.

"I've been busy." Clark replied not taking his eyes off the book.

Victor frowned knowing the truth it isn't rocket science when hasn't been around for a week. "I know break ups are rough…"

Clark instantly put the book down. "Victor if the next words out of your mouth are they get better I will hurt you OK. And don't say maybe you'll find someone new when I can't stand most of the people here. The girls just keep saying let me buy you a drink and then they go on and on about things I could care less about."

"Never realized you hate this place so much" Victor replied he had a feeling from how bored Clark looked when he was going to class but it was just a feeling.

"You learn something new every day, now excuse me."

Clark drifted away in thought as he walked and bumped into a blond haired girl in a red miniskirt and denim jacket a blue medallion wrapped around her neck Clark had to catch her because he was off her game. "Sorry"

The girl looked up at him. Well maybe there is a bright side to being blackmailed she just might take this Clark Kent guy for herself. "No worries big guy." She assured him. "I was just waiting for you to get done talking to your friend and now we're all alone I'm Simone."

Clark counted backwards from ten. "I was just leaving Simone."

Simone smiled and grabbed her pendant. "What's the rush? You're not going anywhere until I tell you to."

Clark stood there fighting his words. "Ok… no."

"Don't fight it Clark it will just do more damage to your mind. You're going to believe everything I tell you to starting now."

Clark tried to fight it but it was no good. "What do you have in mind?"

Buffy walks down the steps to find Clark in a lip lock with a blond girl. She sees Clark and it's almost like he's a split personality. One second he's enjoying it and the next second he's trying to push her off without hurting her. Buffy pulls Simone's arms and yanks her off Clark.

Buffy looked at Simone. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Kissing my boyfriend." Simone replied like it should have been obvious.

"He is not… your boyfriend." Buffy flat out stated as Simone started playing with the medallion but saw it quickly snatched up while her eyes could barely follow.

To keep up appearances Clark threw it at the wall and it shattered to pieces freeing him from Simone's control.

Simone looked at Clark flat out terrified without that stone she can't protect herself from what she did to her father. "How did you break free?"

"I guess not everyone can be hypnotized." Clark replied.

Simone looked at the glare from Buffy and quickly ran off.

Buffy looked to Clark who was wiping the taste out of his mouth. "How'd you say no to magic this time?"

Clark pulled out a little cross from around his neck. "I spent a good part of Sunday trying to replicate metal from a planet called Thanigar still working the kinks out."

Clark threw the napkin down on the table and accidentally broke the table.

Buffy looked at the table and then at Clark. "Problems"

"My equilibrium has been shot to hell this week for obvious reasons." Clark answered. "I'm still trying to regain control."

Buffy frowned she still hasn't talked to Willow about this but at least she can look him in the face again. "So Faith's still not talking to you?"

"I tried but she just walks away." Clark replied not that he could blame her.

Buffy pouted she would have never slept with Clark without magic and she knows Clark wouldn't have slept with her without magic. "She can't stay mad at you forever."

Clark just sort of half smiled if she only knew. "I wouldn't be so sure. Sleeping with another woman was bad enough but…"

"What was so bad about getting mystically roofied with me? It beats a complete stranger." Buffy replied.

Clark just took a breath not believing he did that. "That's between me and her. I gotta go."

Buffy went to catch up to him. "Well wait we can go to psych" She turns around and sees he's pulled his trademark disappearing act. "Together"

Clark sat in Psychology class bored out of his mind in the back avoiding the spot with Chloe and Willow. Buffy chose to sit on the other side.

Professor Walsh looked up at Clark annoyed she can tell he's not there. "Mr. Kent are we boring you?"

Clark looked at her annoyed if he was five foot nothing like Buffy the world wouldn't know he was asleep like she is now. "I'm listening."

"Then please what was I talking about." Walsh asked.

Chloe and Willow stood there open mouthed as Clark not only went over what she taught, the rest of the lecture, and a good bit of the next one before calling psychology a soft science and taking his seat.

Maggie stood shocked where was this Clark on test day? "Well if this class is such a waste of time why did you take it?"

"By the time I realized it I missed the cut off date." Clark answered.

"Please leave my class Mr. Kent come back when you're in a better mood." Walsh ordered.

Clark didn't say a word and simply left.

Chloe waited for the bell to ring and she came down to talk to Professor Walsh. "Clark didn't mean any of that he's just going through a rough time."

"It's not my job to cuddle my students." Maggie informed her.

Chloe rolled her eyes. "Yeah a human being in pain has nothing to do with you or your job." With that she quickly left the room.

Riley stood there impressed no one ever stood up to Walsh like that let alone twice in twenty minutes.

"I like them." Walsh flatly stated.

"Who?" Riley asked.

"Buffy, Chloe, Willow and Clark" Maggie answered like it should have been obvious. "Mark down that Clark did attend he was here after all and he learned the lecture."

Riley simply stood there lost in confusion.

Willow stood by Clark's dorm room he has to come out or go in at some point. Chloe smiled seeing Willow look on. "What are you doing?"

"Clark hasn't been to his room all day." Willow answered. "There could be things here very Clarky things that he needs."

Chloe smirked at least she's trying to make amends here. "Willow Clark is going to come to you when he's ready not before and he definitely won't come here if you're spying the place out. Its how Clark deals and it's not a particularly good way when the world gets to be too much for him he just shuts it out."

Claire hits the floor with a resounding thud from Faith throwing her down. "You know you usually teach me things before you knock me on my ass."

Faith shrugged innocence. "Hothead I'm trying to teach you how to protect yourself because one day you are going to fight something that doesn't burn."

Clare rolled out of the way of Faith's kick. "Everything burns Faith."

Faith took the opportunity to kick Claire in the chest brining her to her knees. "What about Lex's men. You don't think cue ball would send marines in fireproof suits to recruit you. Or maybe you want to go back to that lab.

Claire's hair exploded in flames returning to its bright red melting the dye as she blocked Faith's kick and punched her into the wall. "Don't you ever, ever assume I want to go back to that hellhole ever again!"

Faith got to her feet and grabbed a towel. "Don't worry hothead just making a point. But you have to dye your hair again before you go."

Clare grabbed her own towel not that she needed it her fire cooled her off without a thread of sweat. "So how have you been holding up since Buffy and Clark's nuptials?"

Faith glared at her did she really just go there? "C, I'm dealing with it OK."

Claire laughed and took a drink of water. "Not very well, if you were you would have forgiven Clark by now."

Faith bit the back of her lip. "Look, I know that you have a crush on Clark and think he can walk on water you should really speak to Chloe about that but right now it's complicated."

"How can it be complicated I've been out in the world enough to see guys screw over girls and just look at my ass and chest like pigs. It took the black arts to get Clark to cheat on you and he still feels bad about it."

Faith rolled her eyes. "No, no the magic caused Buffy to marry him. He screwed her all on his own."

Claire rolled her eyes she imagines this is what yelling at herself feels like. "Oh please Clark is such a boyscout he probably didn't feel married until he consummated it for the first time."

"Oh please I showed him around the curves… and played right into your hand didn't I?"

Claire smiled. "Just saying the timeline matches up as to when Red broke her spell and yeah, you did. You still love him don't you?"

Faith got to her feet and left.

Claire simply sighed in exasperation. "I'll take that as a yes."

That night Clark was at the Sunnydale scrap yard the crushers were a constant grinding and it's actually become soothing to him to have one constant noise in his head outside of screams. Clark simply looks at a blue car it was a piece of scrap and no one else was around Clark just pushed down on it more and more feeling angrier and angrier. Eventually Clark just starts pounding on it with his fists letting off all the anger he's been building up he's been doing this everyday since he broke up with Faith as the four tires were sent flying in separate directions.

"Do I even need to ask what you're anger is about Kal El?"

Clark turned around and looked at Professor Fine. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to warn you." Fine replied keeping a cool demeanor.

Clark looked at him. "Warn me of what?"

Fine looked at him he's overrun with emotion all he had to do was wait out the clock. "A group of demons are coming to town they call themselves the gentlemen. They're on their way here and if we let them use their magic this whole town will be mute by morning. allowing them to collect seven good hearts likely from little kids."

"How do we stop them?" Clark asked.

"We don't you do. The only thing that can kill them is a scream. And right now I think you can blow off some steam. They're at the edge of town right now."

Clark went and defeated the gentlemen easy enough it was very anticlimactic seeing them all die because of one scream. After that Fine took him to a bar.

Clark looked at him and Fine laughed at him and stated. "Come on I have a rather embarrassing tape of you doing your best Lou Ferigno impression that tells me you drank underage before besides if there's one person that needs a drink on this planet it's you."

Clark downed a shot and looked to Fine. "Is there even a point to this…? I mean we can empty the whole bar and still not feel a thing."

Fine downed his drink the vampire is useless to him now seeing he is definitely earning Kal El's trust day by day and he knows exactly what to do to keep it and etch in kryptonian metal. "Well sometimes it's just nice to have a drink with a friend to catch up.

Clark nodded. "Actually I was wondering something Professor?"

"What's that?" Fine asked.

"Well you've been looking into Lex's dirty laundry since the semester started. I was wondering if you found something on a 33.1 initiative."

Fine shakes his head he's not going to say yes and he needs to pay a visit there after all of this. "No, but I'll see what I can find just don't do something foolish like trust Lex."

"I'm still not ready to declare him the devil quite yet." Clark decided.

Fine rested against the back of the chair. "And what about Faith what do you plan to do about her?"

Clark thought on it but could only manage a shrug. "I don't know."

"Do you still want to be with her?" Fine asked.

Clark nodded at the easiest question he was ever asked. "Yes, I want her back, but when Faith is hurt she puts up walls that even I can't knock down."

"Then go get her." Fine answered.

"Were you not listening to me earlier?" Clark asked.

Fine smirked. "Kal El when are you going to accept your godhood. Whether you like it or not we are gods on this planet and there is nothing wrong with fighting for what you want you just have to figure out how to use all those powers to knock those walls down and what you already know you'll figure out a way to make her listen."

Clark smiled actually feeling some form of comfort who would have thought it came from another kryptonian knowing how cold Jor El was.

Fine walked down to where he kept Spike and saw the bloody and battered vampire still standing strong since he keeps pumping blood into him. "You know you were always inconsequential. I would have let you go no strings attached if you had told me about the little group but instead you stood defiant."

Spike looked at him through his swollen eyes when he gets free this thing is dead he stole his face. "So are you going to kill me now you limey bastard or just bore me for another three months."

"Oh no much worse. You see I have a plan all set to go but I need a distraction and you're it vampire. Now I have to get everything ready and wait for just that right moment to strike."

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