Faith came into the now essentially silent Kent house with Lois staying with Oliver and Jonathon refusing to leave Martha's side. Faith just sat quietly on the couch taking in the complete isolation. This place was usually full of life Martha baking dinner Clark blurring in to steal some food for himself because nothing that college cafeteria made had even come close to Martha's cooking. She misses everything she misses the noise she misses the cooking… she misses her family and her boyfriend what she wouldn't give to turn back the clock.

Faith watches as Krypto comes in and jumps on the couch and sits on her lap with the same miserable face.

Faith smiled and petted the dog well at least one member of the family is still here. "Hey boy, you have a bad day too?"

Faith made a motion and the dog got up as she went to the stairs and Krypto followed her up. Faith saw a yellow puddle at the steps and it made sense since no one was here no one let the dog out. "Your secret is safe with me."

Faith went up to her room there isn't much she can do here besides clean up a puddle of dog pee so she goes to her room and gathers up her weapons crossbows swords and she' smiles pulling out some goodies from last year she's missed one of her wrist stakes and Clark's gauntlet he got from Wes and Giles last year. "I'm going to go look for Clark don't wait up.

Faith observed Sunnydale while traveling from cemetery to cemetery. Clark has been very busy and one thing is for certain. Not even as much as a vampire is going to look at a neck for at least a week. Clark has declared war on demons and the ones that weren't violent were knocked senseless and the ones that were well Faith is thankful no one will miss a bunch of dead demons.

Faith sees a trio of vampires glaring at her already in game face. "So what's your deal?"

"We had two prime kills lined up only to lose ten of our kind to your boyfriend. Someone has to pay for that." One of them said.

Faith turned away and flicked her wrists as two stakes come out. "Do what you have to do."

Two vampires ran at her and Faith just held her arms out forcing them to stake themselves as they turn into dust. The last vampire backed up as one Faith's stakes receded only to be replaced with a steel sword. "We didn't mean you any harm."

The vampire tried to run but Faith cut the back of his foot insuring he'll never walk again as he fell onto the rocky path.

Faith kneeled down and grabbed the vampire and slammed his head onto the rocks three times. "A red headed woman was attacked today tell me what you know or you'll be the first immortal quadriplegic."

"What the hell are you talking about?" The vampire asked.

Faith actually growled in anger before smashing his head two more times. "Tell me!"

"I don't know anything about a redhead I swear. Please let me go."

Faith held him by the neck. "Let you go. You talked about how you missed out on killing two people and tried to kill me. Now you expect me to let you go? Go to hell." Faith moved her hands in one quick motion breaking the vampire's neck as he fell to the floor limp.

"Hey you can't leave me like this you know what this place is like at night." The vampire pleaded.

Faith put on a sadistic smile. "Oh don't worry the sun will be up in about ten minutes."

"GET BACK HERE" The vampire shouted as Faith quietly walked away and locked up the graveyard for the night.

Buffy sat in Clark's UC Sunnydale room still trying to figure out what to say. She doesn't know how to feel or how to react. Honestly she's hoping that the trauma of what happened to Martha caused a splinter of Silver k that was left in Clark to come loose. Victor opened the door he wonders if Faith and Clark ever found each other or did he once again screw over a friend.

Buffy looked at him coldly. "You act like you don't know why I'm here and might just make you wear your rib cage as a hat."

Buffy frowned seeing Victor frown. She wanted it to be a lie. She wanted it to be a piece of Clark's damaged mind not the truth. Buffy just laughed wryly 0 for 2. "Boy do I know how to pick them."

"It's not what you think." Victor insisted.

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Lex gave you a chance to walk again you said yes and have been regretting it ever since?"

"Well not like that exactly." Victor replied astonished how much Buffy really knew. It's interesting to him how she lets the world see what they want another blond bimbo cheerleader when she's so much more.

Buffy laughed emptily before spitting out. "D. I. D."

"Did?" Victor asked wondering why she spelled that.

"Dissociative identity disorder" Buffy clarified from research with Willow they had to tell Joyce something when Angel dropped the S bomb. "My last boyfriend had it. And when I accidentally triggered it he couldn't control what his alter personality did to me… What was your excuse?"

Victor looked at her Lex has no reason to control him now the window with Clark has been obliterated. "Lex was controlling me."

"Oh please" Buffy said heading for the door.

"It's the truth there's a chip in my head." Victor replied. "You have no idea what it's like under being under someone else's thumb."

Buffy got to the door and was almost out until she slammed it shut. "No… I do know what it's like to be under someone else's thumb… yours."

"You know I'd never do that." Victor replied. "I was trying to..."

"You already have. I can't trust you. why would I believe you now?" Buffy shouted at him. "You used me to get to Clark and worst part was you weren't sick you weren't damaged. You chose to go out with me. You chose to get close to me to get to Clark. I've lost battles before but no one else has ever… made me a victim."

Victor frowned. "No it's not like that at all you don't understand."

Buffy chose the lesser of two evils and just decided not to give him another chance to hurt her and simply left.

Victor frowned watching her leave as the door shuts. "I'm sorry..."

Willow was in her room getting the story from Chloe. Here she was so wrapped up in her own little drama she was oblivious to the fact that a good friend's mother nearly killed died and is currently sleeping in a coma or catatonic state if you ask her.

They both heard a knock on the door and Chloe gets up to open it praying that it is Clark he still hasn't showed up since last night. Chloe opens the door and to her surprise she had saw Tara at the door.

"Tara hi if you're looking for Buffy it was a rough night but she's OK." Chloe told her thinking that was the reason she came to visit.

Tara nodded it's good to know but she was so far distracted she didn't even think about Buffy last night. "Oh umm… I-I'm not here to see Buffy i-is Willow here?'

Willow rolled her eyes speaking of her own drama. "Chloe can you give us the room?"

Chloe nodded. "Um yeah sure I have class anyway maybe it will take my mind off things."

Tara looked at Willow nervously she's not exactly sure there's a way to say sorry I ran my tongue down your neck.

Willow waited for Tara and is wondering if this is actually just as awkward for Tara as it is from her. "So is this just."

"Bizarre" Tara filled in. "I-I am so sorry I made things so awkward between us I shouldn't have kissed you."

"It was the lipstick." Willow insisted. "You wouldn't have kissed me other wards."

Tara nodded definitely not she would have been too shy to. "O-oh yeah of course"

Willow realized how bad that sounded and instantly regretted it. God this is awkward and this was just kissing no wonder Clark and Buffy were so pissed at her. She walked right up to Tara to make sure the other witch could see her face. "No, not the kiss I mean… Look the kisses were nice and… and you seem like a wonderful person… but I'm still trying to figure out Willow right now."

Willow didn't realize just how close she actually got to Tara. She is truly beautiful she wonders what happened to her that made her so shy. The two witches looked at each other. And to Willow's surprise she finds herself gently kissing Tara and quickly backed away. "I'm sorry just… confusing."

Tara watched as Willow bolted for the door. She knew she'd be a great kisser but wow.

Clark was in the underground lab he tracked AC to. He fought a whole lot of demons last night and an underground lab kept popping up. Clark went to the mansion and couldn't find anything useful especially since Lex wasn't there. Clark groaned and moved in a blur until he was stopped by another blur.

"Professor Fine, I searched all night and couldn't find anything."

Fine nodded he knew he wouldn't he'd be too distracted by the confrontation with Victor Lex that he set up with superhearing. "I think I might have. I keep hearing talk about this underground lab right under the college."

Clark looked at him confused. "I scanned the school everyday… there isn't much to do during classes... besides yours."

"What put you on the trail?" Fine asked.

"I have a friend that was in the labs I promised her I'd find the people responsible and make sure they face the actual charges." Clark replied.

Fine nodded. "It would explain what happened to the mutants of this meteor shower whoever runs these labs gathered them up."

"My friend said it was Lex Luthor. But she never really got a clear visual." Clark said finishing what Claire knew.

Fine looked the place over. "Men of wealth often bury their skeletons maybe he took a more literal meaning. So what are you doing here?"

"While I know Lex is obsessed with me I'd like to think he's not the devil incarnate quite yet." Clark finished. "Lex took someone else here as for now this is my only lead."

"What about under this building? Could lead to some underground lead lined tunnels."

"One way to find out." Clark replied as he started punching the floor to the ground below and started punching through. "You coming or not?"

Fine nodded and followed him down. "I want to know why out of all the people in Sunnydale that thing only attacked your mother."

Clark stopped for a moment but kept on punching through.

Lex was walking deep below the initiative at the end of his nerves with Professor Walsh. "We invested over a hundred million dollars into 3-14 you want to tell me how that thing managed to wake up and take a stroll out of here on its own."

"It's programmed to have complete blueprints of the initiative so he can come home when it's damaged getting out would be just as easy for it." Walsh informed him.

"Then program him to come home." Lex ordered.

"We've been trying he's not responding and we sent our best men to look for him." Walsh answered.

Lex nodded in understanding. "Then for your sake they better succeed professor I want results."

Claire sat at the beach. The ocean air is always intoxicating and thanks to her screwed up life she never got to see it until Giles took her in. Claire sees a girl yelling at a guy who she caught red handed with another woman in the ocean yelling at them catching them skinny dipping. Claire hates the guy doesn't even realize how good he has it especially in Sunnydale with all the crap out there. She wants to do more for Clark and Faith but she can't mostly because she's relieved that it was Martha and not Giles. She wonders if that makes her a bad person.

Claire watches the girl throw their clothes in and storm off. Claire rolled her eyes at the spectacle but quickly gets an idea as she points her finger out like a gun and burns the water as a stream of fire comes out of her finger. Claire watches and laughs as the boy and girl quickly get out sans clothes to their embarrassment as everyone at the beach has a good laugh herself included.

Riley walks to the beach with Forrest and Graham thinking 3-14 could be anywhere as they're just one of many sent to look for the creature. Getting the details on 3-14 was stomach turning to Riley he didn't sign on for this crap but it did restore the patient's brain activity.

They watch as two naked people run by.

Forrest watched the girl run. "Man first the day of love and now this. This town is getting weirder by the day… not that I'm complaining."

Graham had an infrared scanner running it along the beach it will register any temperature above one hundred and 3-14 comes in at 150 thanks to its power source. To Graham's surprise it goes off at 115. Graham swings back around and sees it's a brown haired girl. "Guys 3-01"

Forrest saw her he barely recognized her in brown hair and different eyes but her laugh gave her away. Forest took aim from the shadows and open fired hitting Claire in the shoulder.

Riley saw that and instantly grabbed him. "What do you think you're doing?"

"We can't have her running off again. It's just a flesh wound with a tracer it's harmless." Forrest assured him.

Graham watched as Claire screamed and was surrounded by fire as her hair burned into its traditional red as fire surrounded her with the realization that they're her target. "For her maybe"

"I'm never going back." Claire shouted as fire shot out off her hands as she made a wall of flame cutting the grunts off from her. Claire dove through the wall tumbling when she hit the sand as she got up and hit Graham with one well placed kick to the head knocking him out. Claire saw Forrest about to shoot her with a tazer and she swiftly shoved Riley into the path knocking him out with friendly fire. Claire quickly elbowed Forrest knocking him to his hands and knees and swiftly kicked him in the head knocking him out. She has to get to Giles right now.

Clark punched through a wall of lead and found himself in an underground tunnel. "You know I was always afraid of someplace like this."

Fine looked at him and nodded. "It makes sense being raised among humans despite the fact that you're for all extensive purposes a god."

Clark rolled his eyes he actually knows a god not that he's answering so as usual when he needs him he's no where to be found and he's on his own again. "I'm no god. Gods can protect the people they care about they don't make mistakes."

"You did what you could at the time Kal El and that's all anyone can expect of you." Fine replied.

Clark walked with him to the end of the tunnel as Fine punches in the 10 digit numeric code at superspeed as the door opens and Clark stares in awe at what he is standing in. "It's like there's a whole city under here." Clark looks at the power grid with X-ray vision and sees that's not far from the truth either with how much power is going into this facility.

Fine opened a door and Clark followed him in. They see demons trapped by a layer of glass and electricity. "Well these are things the world isn't going to miss."

Clark uses his super hearing and hears a very weak cry for help in one of the cages. Clark effortlessly runs through the steel burns the vampires in it and pulls out a middle aged English man. Clark sighed in relief until he saw who it was he actually pulled out. "You… You're the guy that made the band candy."

Ethan smiled happy to be out of there. "Guilty as charged."

Clark looked at him and hoisted him up. "You also trapped me in a binding spell for any demon to find."

Ethan shrugged. "To be fair you actually won that little skirmish at the end and I had the migraine to prove it."

Clark just dropped him. "You can tell me what you're doing here or you can tell Giles."

"Take it easy boy no reason to involve Ripper in this." Ethan insisted.

"Then tell us what you know." Clark finished making it clear what would happen if he didn't.

Ethan caught his breath and started. "I made sure the whole town was distracted before I came down here."

Clark turned around and saw Fine was gone but he can deal with that later as Ethan continued. "I supplied the red lipstick with the help of a Genevieve Teague. I got her to get all of Lex's goons away from this place with the lipstick while I tried to destroy 3-14."

"What's 3-14?" Clark asked.

"A living bio weapon takes most of the chaos magic in Sunnydale to run it so naturally everyone who is a follower of chaos like yours truly has been thrown through a loop with this mess."

Clark looked at him. "Living bioweapon?"

Ethan nodded. "Demons man and machine. It was a bit fyaryl, I saw some mohra bits as well when they make Frankenstein's monster they make him right."

"Is that everything?" Clark asked.

Ethan nodded weakly. "That's all I know now I'd like to get out of here if you don't mind."

Clark turns around and runs right into Jax with new metal arms to replace the ones Ermac destroyed. He's guessing that's his thirty pieces of silver. "TRAITOR!"

Jax looked at Clark he was wondering when he would show. "I know how this looks."

"You know how this looks." Clark responded angrily. "You are working with the bad guys Jax. What happened to you?"

"I am keeping a situation quarantined until you were ready to deal with it." Jax replied he wasn't going to go up against Luthor alone he just kept the damage to a minimum until Clark was ready to take over.

Clark looked at Jax. "Why didn't you come talk to me then you knew I would be here?"

"Because I was busy protecting your secret and doing some good when I could." Jax answered. "Who do you think stopped your secret coming out when you hulked out? Why do you think I gave up so easily on finding Claire. Why do you think they haven't tried to catch you Faith, Claire, or the blond barbie yet. Clark I've been protecting you from inside the belly of the beast until you were ready to fight."

"So how do we tear this place down?" Clark asked.

"Not your way." Jax answered seeing Clark was just going to Hulk smash the place. "Walls can be rebuilt however if the meteor infected got out and were able to finger the people who experimented on them or even worse if the facility suffered heavy casualties the government would have no choice they'd have to mothball the facility."

"Jax you know I won't kill anyone." Clark pointed out though he's seriously considering Lex at the moment.

"Then you're going to have to find where Lex keeps the meteor infected." Jax pointed out.

"They're not here?" Clark asked.

Jax shakes his head no. "The only meteor freaks kept here were members of the 3 project. 3-01, 3-02, and as of now 3-14 since 3 through 13 were failures."

"What about you?" Clark asked with a pained face no way Lex would sign up for something as disgusting or unstable as what Ethan described maybe he was in the dark like with the fear toxin he inherited from Lionel. Right now he just wants to cling on to some form of hope that his friend is still there.

Jax smirked he had this planned out ahead of time hunt the black dragon and getting out of service is a breeze. "You know it's the most amazing thing I think Sonya is going to call some generals soon with a sighting of rebuilding the Black Dragon and they'll do whatever it takes to stop that nightmare again."

"Guess I owe you a bit of thanks then." Clark responded offering his hand. "Take care of yourself Jax no offense but I hope I don't see you again."

"Likewise Clark now get out of here because the security cameras are going to turn back on in about five minutes." Jax replied shaking his old friend's hand.

Clark took Ethan and headed for the tunnel. "By the way I like your new arms."

Clark moved in a blur and threw Ethan at the edge of Sunnydale. He didn't want to get Jax in any more trouble then he already might have and he knows for sure that Lex is running it. "By the way before I throw you out of town what did you mean by man?"

Ethan shrugged might as well tell him he'll tell the slayer and so on so forth. "There were parts of a man in him. Genevieve's boy Jason."

Clark felt drained far more then anything kryptonite could have done to him. He glared at Ethan and warned. "Don't ever let me catch you in Sunnydale again."

Ethan simply nodded leaving his sight and Sunnydale.

Faith came back to the empty home again but the dog is in the backyard so at least someone is home. "Mr. Kent… Lo? So who's here?"

Faith entered the living room and to her surprise she finds Clark clearly upset sitting on the couch. "Clark…what is it?"

Clark just sat there feeling numb. "This is all my fault."

Author's Notes

Confession time Ethan was supposed to be a vampire with a much more bigger fight with him vs. Clark, Fine, and Jax but after finding out Robin Sachs actually died I wasn't sure if that was in good taste so I changed it. Besides it also means I might get to use Ethan again.

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