Giles was walking through his empty house not believing it. He actually misses Claire He misses her obsession with boy bands with songs that show they were hired for their ability to dance blasting from her room. He misses her trying to explain away a picture of Clark. He just misses the noise. Speaking of noise Giles hears something in the kitchen and goes to investigate and to his surprise he saw three men in the kitchen. He recognizes them easy enough it's the council Special Operations team.

Giles didn't say a word except for the three names. If they're here for Claire there's going to be a whole lot of blood. "Smith, Weatherby, Collins."

Collins just nodded despite Rupert's blind obsession with his slayer he used to be one of them. "Do you know why we're here?"

Giles looked at the group not giving an inch and thankful Claire isn't here as it would cause a lot more questions then answers. "Why don't you enlighten me?"

Collins smiled now this was interesting. "The Rogue slayer she's wide awake… I figured you'd like your boy to be notified considering the report said she's obsessed with him. By the way any idea why four slayers show up when last time the count was three."

Giles shrugged innocently. "The hellmouth works mysteriously enough as is. Add the meteor shower who's to say the stress didn't trigger a potential early."

Collins nodded as the three went for the door. Council has been looking into the meteor rocks. "We'll keep you updated maybe we can find her before she finds your boy."

Lois was asleep enjoying the return to her own bed. She's pulled out of her mood by hearing repeated noise of someone pacing the floor of the Kent attic. Lois wipes her eyes and pulls down the ceiling whoever is up there is about to get his ass kicked for disrupting her beauty sleep.

Lois looks up and sees a very unique site as thread rained all around the layout of Sunnydale on the ceiling. This is new she turns to the right and sees Clark putting up a new thread of string for whatever the heck it is he's doing.

"Smallville do I even want to know?" Lois asked.

Clark looked at it and is still trying to figure it out since Faith went to sleep last night. "Oh I'm trying to find Lex's human lab."

Lois looked up and she guesses she can see some kind of logic in it maybe if she was an alien. "So do you have any ideas?"

Clark shrugged. "No, but I know it's not anywhere near the college."

Lois nodded well that was something at least and it's more than Ollie and the boys had. "So any idea where it might actually be?"

Clark shook his head no he'd be there already. "I have a couple ideas but a lot of the town is encased in lead it's hard for me to see anything."

"To be fair maybe they might have buried people in lead to avoid them easily getting out."

Clark sighed because he thought Lois was joking until he realized that yeah this is Sunnydale people actually might do that to keep their loved ones from rising again and eating them.

They both heard a shout from downstairs. "Clark get down here we have a big problem."

Lois looked up and saw Clark actually had a couple leads. She wonders what Clark would do if he pays attention to life outside of the hellmouth. Then again maybe he's actually starting to. She's guessing Clark's motivations are the same as Oliver's find Lex's human labs and see Mr. Clean get thrown in a muddy prison with the rest of society. Maybe it's time for her to actually introduce the two if Clark is up for it. Lois takes out her phone and takes a picture of Clark's work.

"Lois get down here this concerns you too." Clark shouted.

Buffy walked into the mansion. Angel has apparently taken up the fight in LA and demons have come to an agreement that no one gets his place because it might invite him back to Sunnydale. Buffy wishes it was that easy to just leave as she enters the old place and thinks back to happier times before her boyfriends started with daggers to the back. She sees Spike struggling against the chains but a good deal calmer then he was when she first locked him up here. She also sees bruises on his wrists likely caused by him trying to free himself. Whoever gave Spike his soul back was at least charitable. They kept him nourished which meant Buffy only had to use pig's blood to keep him fed and full.

"Spike are you sane enough to talk in there?"

Spike looked to her the slayer he would want to rip her throat out not that long ago but now he doesn't want another scream among the chaos in his head. "Good enough to know who you are slayer. You should have put me to rest a stake in the heart destroy everything out and leave nothing but dust. Blood on my hands won't ever wash."

Buffy looked at him and tried to think of something to say. "You didn't do anything wrong a demon took a joyride in your body this is like blaming the car for a hit and run."

Spike smirked at the slayer's naiveté. "Oh that's rich newsflash blondie just because I have a soul in here now doesn't mean the old me has packed up you're still as tempting as ever."

Buffy rolled her eyes. Yeah a great deal guiltier but still the same old Spike. "You're a pig Spike."

Spike shrugged. "Among a great deal of other things slayer."

Buffy looked at him well it might not be all that bad maybe if he's like his old self maybe he'll want payback. "So what can you tell me about this guy that made you soulful?"

"That you're not nearly as scared of him as you should be." Spike answered. "He takes you tortures you breaks you down until you're nothing and then puts every bad thing you've done front and centered."

Buffy looked over him and there were a lot of bruises when she found him but they all healed. "It doesn't exactly look like he broke you into pieces."

"He didn't want to kill me he wanted information on you and the rest of your little scooby gang. I didn't tell him because I wanted to kill you first." Spike replied honestly.

Buffy looked at him. "And you don't anymore?"

"Oh no I still want that slayer blood it's like vampire crack the difference is I just don't want the sodding guilt that comes with it." Spike replied in his chains

Buffy rolls her eyes she can't believe this as he hands him a cup of Pig's blood. "Guilt or no guilt you're still a pig you know that. How can you and your soulless self be so similar but Angel and Angelus be so different."

Spike just held up the cup of blood in a toast. "Right here's to jolly old saint poof. Who turned a kid on a submarine in the 1940s?"

Buffy reached her limits and smacked the pig's blood as it went up and covered Spike's face as she broke the chains knowing hes lying. "Do whatever you want just know if you feed I'll kill you."

Spike smiled watching her go it was never particularly hard pushing the slayer's button but he wanted his freedom and now he's free. Now he can get his hands on the thing that stole his face without worrying about having the slayer killed.

Buffy walked outside as her phone rung. Some days the fun just never stops for any of them. "Giles... tell me you have something on Milton Fine… damn I'll be right there."

Alicia walked up to the Kent house she has screwed up her life a lot but nothing worse then what she did to Clark. The one person who never gave up on her and she attempted to roofie him and when that didn't work she killed him or at least she thought she did as she sees Clark come down and quickly wrap his arms around Faith. The happy couple as always. She also sees Chloe, Willow, Xander, a redhead and Cordy come in so the gang is all here. As she listens in seeing Buffy and Giles start everything.

Giles looked to Clark he can't really think of anything to say but this. "Alicia is awake she assaulted security guards with a bedpan and last night there was a theft of clothes from a thrift store but no discernable entry points."

Xander rolled his eyes. That is not what you want to here at the beginning of the day. "Well this qualifies as worst timing ever."

Cordelia rolled her eyes in a match not what she wanted to hear. "I should have went for that lead lined room keep out her and keep Clark from seeing me naked."

"I never…" Clark was cut off by the glare of Cordelia. "Except for that one time I did and that was red kryptonite."

Faith did all she could to control herself Alicia is awake definitely not how she wanted to start off the day considering the flop of their vacation. She smiles seeing Clark take her hand to give her support and strength. "So what are doing about it? We just can't hope she's dumb enough to teleport into a knife again."

Clark frowned he guesses the hunt for Lex's human prisoners is going to have to wait. "I have to find her before she really hurts someone or herself. But the bright side is I have all the time in the world now that I'm officially a college drop out."

Claire looked at everyone and nodded with the plan but she had a problem. "Just one small question… Who the hell is Alicia?"

Cordy and Faith were walking through UC Sunnydale that afternoon with everyone on hiatus now seemed to be the perfect time. Faith looked at Cordy a little weirded out by her major not that she announced it yet.

"You want to explain something to me Cor?" Faith asked because this is easily baffling her.

Cordy nodded while looking through classes for the summer. "Sure what's up?"

Faith had to point this out. It's too weird not too. "Last week you gave up being an actress now here you are about to be Cordy Chase college student and you're going to major in film making."

Cordelia shrugged. "Well I'm going to be a world renowned actress might as get the best director possible. And I can make cowboys in space you tell me how that can fail among any guy."

Faith honestly can't it is every geek's dream. Though maybe. "Put it on that channel that didn't give Married with Children a proper finale."

Cordy looked at Faith she's surprisingly calm when one of the most psychotic people she has ever seen is walking around free. "So are we just ignoring the elephant in the room called Alicia?"

Faith rolled her eyes she got the third degree from Clark too. "Cordy I'm five by five besides last time we fought I would have choked her to death with a lead pipe if B didn't interfere. Bitch would have to be crazy to come near me."

The two approach a welcome board seeing a blond girl that turns around and reveals her to be Alicia. "You're not me." Alicia smiled looking at her the perfect life. "Faith!"

"Ali" Faith replied in calm but not taking her eyes off her.

Alicia looked at her. "So how has your year been?"

"Went through a rough patch recently but other then that five by five you?"

Alicia looked at her. "I caught up on my sleep along with hearing this one voice over and over again not a bad way to spend a coma."

Cordy sneaked over to the side and was going to hit her with the tazer she hides in her purse. Grabby directors and a hellmouth made it seem like a natural purchase.

Alicia rolled her eyes and kept them focused on Faith. "Try it Valley Girl Barbie and I'll see if I really can teleport people limb by limb." She turns back to Faith. "So I don't take it you want to hear a peaceful resolution."

Faith shakes her head and looked at her coldly. "Last time you blew into our lives you nearly killed Clark and gutted me blondie it's not exactly something you forgive and forget."

Alicia nodded. "So I guess we have to agree to disagree."

"Looks like." Faith replied as each slayer took their own fighting stance. "Well come on Ali give us a kiss."

Alicia throws a fist connecting with Faith's jaw and Faith counters back with an even stronger backhand and kick to the gut knocking Alicia down to the floor.

Faith walked towards her. "I'm not showing you mercy this time."

Alicia disappears in a green haze and Faith stands ready to fight. Alicia appears behind her and kicks her in the back of the head and what follows is a barrage of Alicia hazing in front of and behind Faith continually punching her.

Cordy is watching the fight Faith is the stronger of the two but it won't matter if she can't touch her. Cordy watches Alicia's hazing and gets it. "Faith hit behind you."

Faith throws a backwards kick and knocks Alicia to the floor as she materializes. The brunette slayer grabs her by her shirt and lifts her up throwing the blonde into a bench as it shatters into pieces. Faith walked over as Alicia stumbled back to her feet. Has Faith been taking steroids for the past year?

Alicia got up and held her back for a moment feels like she just got hit by a truck. She rolls her eyes seeing Faith walking towards her here we go again. Faith hit her with a double punch of a left followed by a right and repeated switching left and right leaving Alicia wobbly as Faith finished it with one quick spin kick knocking her down.

Faith walked over to Alicia and held her up by her shirt and smiled seeing the cops coming. Faith looks and sees Alicia has put something on her hand that looks like a glove as Alicia grabs her bare wrist.

Faith feels very groggy and a lot more sore then when this fight started to her surprise she looks up and sees herself. As her body winds up and delivers one decisive punch to the face knocking her out.

Alicia looks at Faith unconcious in her body and smiled. "Evil bitch"

Cordy smiled seeing the police coming. "Let's get out of here. She's their problem now."

Alicia smiled. "That sounds like a good idea."

"Good idea… are you feeling OK?" Cordy asked.

Alicia nodded. "I'm fine."

Cordy didn't say a word and just followed Faith as she took the glove thingy off Alicia. She must be taking it to Giles.

Riley and Chloe were walking through the park it was a nice quiet day for a picnic.

Chloe smiled seeing the spread. It's nice when the guy you like actually notices you for a change. "So a bit different then what I'm used to but I'm not complaining."

Riley smiled seeing her eat an apple slice. "So I thought you said you were going away for spring break."

Chloe smirked remembering that bit. "We tried to but we just got back."

"That wasn't a long break what happened?" Riley asked genuinely curious.

Chloe smiled she'll always have this memory and the fact next time she and Clark are in California she can meet Johnny Cage. "We went to LA to support a friend that finally got a film role. The director pretty much treated her like crap in front of Clark and…"

Riley put up a hand to stop her being one of Clark's first beatings. "I can draw a picture from here."

Chloe smiled remembering Riley's past. "Oh yeah I forgot… you were one of the first people to ever cross Clark. So how did it feel getting thrown through a door anyway its not like it's something you can ask everyday."

Riley looks at Forrest and sees he's scanning the park and turns back to Chloe. "Well it taught me not to pick on anyone. So at the very least getting thrown through a door at a young age taught me respect." Riley smiled seeing Chloe laugh. "Seriously though to this day I wish I hadn't my back still hurts."

Chloe smiled and gently kissed him as he wrapped an arm around her as they both fell back on the blanket.

Forrest looked at the scanner and was genuinely confused not knowing what to do. There was one meteor freak that was identified and sadly the results are automatically forwarded to Lex and Professor Walsh. He wonders if there is a card for sorry I exposed your girl as a meteor freak.

Author's Notes

It's very short I know but it seemed like a good spot to end it with everything going to hell.

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