Chloe was in a SUV with Riley gunning it down the street she also noticed long enough to know a black SUV was following them. Chloe looked to Riley and for the first time she saw the eyes of a complete stranger. She didn't know this man and she can honestly say she didn't like it. "Riley… what's going on?"

"What are you talking about?" Riley asked in a show of innocence.

Chloe rolled her eyes. "Well for starters the restaurant was six blocks ago and the other SUV has been following us for ten. Come on Riley I'm an investigative reporter… don't tell me you thought I wouldn't figure it out?"

Riley looked at her. "You tell me? They hunt down meteor infected. Why are these people after you?"

Chloe looked at him and saw how calm he was almost like he knew what they would do next. "You tell me how you're so good at avoiding them."

Both look at each other in awkward silence. And Riley sees it Chloe is putting it together in her head from the SUVs. Damn he knew she was smart but not this smart. The two looked at each other angrily and pointed.

"When were you going to tell me you were infected?"

"When were you going to tell me you were one of Lex's goons?"

Riley rolled his eyes yeah see this… this is not how he wanted to start this conversation. "I'm a soldier they told me to come here I came here. What's your story?"

Chloe looked at him with evil eyes maybe she can get Clark to throw him through another door or at least punch him in the face again. "Lying jerk"

"I wasn't lying." Riley said to a withering glare. "I just omitted some things and for the record you're not exactly innocent in this Chloe."

Chloe looked at him. "Yeah how foolish of me not to tell. So tell me Iowa boy if that's even where you're from what is the estimated time you tell someone you're a mutant... third date. It was my secret and I'm guessing the only reason you know is because someone scanned me with something probably focusing on meteor rock concentration right."

Riley just nodded in silence. "For the record born and raised."

Chloe glared at him. "I told the people I could trust… and right now that seems like the best choice I have ever made."

Riley slammed on the brakes and the other SUV hit his bumper completely destroying its engine as the two drove off shaken. "Yet out of all your friends here I am fighting to keep you free."

Chloe had a simple smile to her if Riley only knew.

Clark was in the magic box. Faith looked at him empty handed. "How did Alicia shake you."

"She had help... a guy faster then I am?" Clark answered. "A lot faster actually."

Buffy rolled her eyes. What are they fighting now? "Anyone else miss the old fashioned times of vampires yay?"

"I prefer the mayor." Xander quipped. "He just wanted to be a big old snake."

Cordy rolled her eyes because their lives just don't have enough as is. "I prefer to get away from the craziness so does that mean there's something stronger then Clark too?"

Clark shrugged. "It's a great big galaxy out there so who knows?"

"Exactly how big?" Giles asked.

"28 galaxies according to the fortress and no you can not learn anything from it the last person who tried had a psychotic break just learning the kryptonian language." Clark finished.

Giles sat down he made his view on kryptonian knowledge clear a long time ago he'll help but he has no further interest he views it as the knowledge of the gods something mankind just isn't ready for. "I have no interest in it."

Claire looked at him. "Then explain that far off look in your eye."

Buffy smiled seeing Giles walk away. "To be fair Claire he's not exactly drooling yet so it might be fifty, fifty."

Giles turned to Faith. "So glad I stayed stateside to endure this."

Faith turned to Clark. "So who's the new fastest man in the universe?"

Clark frowned he's still having a hard time wrapping his head around it. "It's Bart."

Faith thought the name over for a moment then it hits her. "Wait you mean that little leprechaun that was always in Alicia's room."

Clark just nodded. "He's a lot faster then me and to top off my fun little day I think Alicia is on the loose again."

Faith rolled her eyes. "We really got to do something about her mainly because she keeps coming after me."

Clark looked at her. "I don't think Alicia is going to cause any more trouble at least not any time soon. It looked like she was just desperate looking for a way out of her life now she has to live with what she has done."

Faith looked at him damn optimism. She doesn't thin she'll eve be half the person he is. "You still want her to get help don't you?"

Clark nodded. "She wasn't all that bad she saved Lois and Chloe from vampire me."

"We're going to agree to disagree on that one." Faith replied.

Alicia stood on top of the roof of her loft. Her thirty pieces of silver. As usual Clark doesn't give up on her even after she nearly kills him. Alicia looks at the green gem glove thingy the mayor gave her and just throws it off the roof. She made her life a mess and now she has to deal with it. Maybe she can just teleport into a cargo ship or plane that is China bound. Alicia hears a blur come up behind and sees the shadow too small to be Clark. "How did you find me?"

"I can move pretty fast when I need to." Bart pointed out.

Alicia looked out at the town. "You should leave me alone Bart."

Bart shakes his head no. "I can't do that."

Alicia turned to Bart. "I'm not worth saving."

"I don't believe that." Bart answered.

Alicia simply chuckled and looked at him. Who would have thought that if you wanted a stalker of your very own all you had to do was go to prom. "That's because you're an idiot."

Bart looked at her. "Then why are you wallowing here… I can see it in your eyes their full of genuine regret. If you're such a cold hearted monster then why are you up here instead of hurting people?"

"I killed people." Alicia shouted. "I killed people just so the one person who accepts me would continue to. I was wrong… and I knew it but I didn't care, bet you didn't know that huh?"

Bart frowned but looked her in the eyes. "Now are we talking about Robin Wood or the volcano guy?"

Alicia took a step back. "You knew?"

"I knew." Bart replied. "I stayed with you because you're at the same screwed up spot I was."

Alicia stood there listening and thinking sarcastically they're exactly the same. "What happened?"

Bart took his hood down and collected himself he's not exactly proud of his past. "I wasn't exactly a rogue scholar I spent most of my life as a roaming pickpocket clawing out a miserable existence for myself. One day I stole from the wrong people and I'm just as fast as everyone else when I'm asleep."

Alicia had a bad feeling about what was next. She had a fight with her boyfriend and went to her parents for help and instead woke up in a lead lined room. Nobody won from that. "How bad did they hurt you?"

"If I didn't have the speedy metabolism I do today I'd be dead right now." Bart answered honestly. "And then to add to the cruelty I had to live through hospital food for a week which was cruel punishment if you know how many calories I burn through."

Alicia looked at him doing her best not to smile. She guesses if Bart doesn't have Clark's invulnerability he must burn through buffets on a daily basis.

Bart gets ready to tell her the night that changed everything. "Well I recovered, got a gun, and was set to pay them back for everything they did to me. Only problem was when I went there the goons were already getting their asses kicked by a guy in green. He gave me a new lease on life and the kick in the ass I desperately needed."

Alicia teleported away and Bart groaned she can teleport but he can find her and it takes Bart mere moments to find her again. "You can get help too you know."

Alicia looked at him. "No, I can't whoever helped you they stopped you before you crossed the line. Me I'm exactly what everyone in Smallville called me."

Bart looked at her and simply stated with a smile. "No you're not. You were in a bad place and now here you are lost and confused. You're not a monster beautiful." Bart looked into her eyes almost pleading Ali we are trying to help you please let us. It's never too late to make up for your past. There's this creepy guy in LA that's all about it."

Alicia turned around in a roundhouse kick but Bart wasn't taking any chances this time and quickly dodged it in a blur. Alicia went to punch him but Bart quickly dodged again. "See! This is all I am." Alicia went to kick again but Bart ran behind her. "Fight back."

Alicia went for a kick and Bart just quickly kicked her other leg out from under her knocking her to the floor back first. Alicia looked up at Bart. "Do it"

Bart didn't say a word and just turned to leave as Alicia sprung to her feet with tears in her eyes as she ran up and just started punching him in the chest frantically. "Do it, do it, do it. Please Bart kill me please… just kill me I can't keep going like this."

Bart looked at her and saw the pain in her eyes. But he wasn't a killer he didn't take any shots at the thugs that nearly killed him after they were down and he's certainly not going to do anything to Alicia. Bart simply hugged her and whispered softly into her ear as she broke down and fell to the floor. "It's OK, it's all right."

Lois came back into Clark's room she loves Ollie but he is so getting her foot shoved up his ass for this. Apparently Lois' photograph just wasn't enough proof. Lois rolled her eyes and looked around for any trace of Clark. Seeing nothing Lois took out her phone to get a picture of the left side she missed. Lois ignored a breeze of wind that came through the door and got to work taking the picture.

"What are you doing?"

Lois nearly jumped out of her skin. She turned around and saw Clark staring at her. Oh this sucks. "Smallville… what are you doing here?"

Clark looked at her. "Oh I'm just figuring out all the ways I'm going to kill you for spying on me."

"Not spying." Lois replied weakly. "Observing… aren't you supposed to be with Chloe anyway?"

Clark rolled his eyes. "I ran into someone who was actually faster then me and then took another patrol looking for the lab. So why are you here?"

Lois looked away. "Well I just wanted to take a picture that shows Clark Kent has passion about something."

"You don't actually expect me to believe that do you?" Clark asked.

Lois shook her head of course not. Clark is so smart college was literally boring him to insanity. "No, but it's the best I got Smallville."

Clark studied her. He hasn't been back home that long but he knows enough to know that Lois is a horrible liar. "What are you keeping from me?"

Lois looked at him and fidgeted nervously. "I'm just… what I'm doing is important."

Clark cut her off at the door. "You're lying to me and you're spying on me."

Lois put a hand up to him. "OK Smallville… ninety nine percent of my lying is hiding the fact that you are an alien from another planet. So forgive me if I had to keep a new secret to protect someone else for a change."

Clark stared at her. "Lois this has nothing to do with my secret. This has to do with you spying on me."

Lois rolled her eyes. "I'm not spying I didn't even know this thing existed until a couple hours ago."

"Then who are you taking it to?" Clark asked.

Lois glared at him. Well she was going to recruit him but thought better of it knowing he'd never leave Sunnydale with demons constantly drawn to it. "Raise your hand and swear this doesn't leave the room."


"Swear Smallville"

Clark sighed and raised his hand. "I swear. This doesn't leave the room."

Lois looked at him. "Well ever since I came to Sunnydale I've been investigating something about what Lex is really doing with other people."

"The 33.1 initiative" Clark finished.

Lois shook her head. "No something about biogenetic soldier codenamed… yeah that."

Clark kept his arms at his side. "What happened to protecting Chloe?"

"Oh I'm still protecting her not that she needs it." Lois assured him. Chloe is a Lane girl she can take care of herself.

Clark looked at her. "And the people you're working with."

"Aren't my secrets to tell." Lois replied looking at Clark. "By the way for someone who wants his privacy you're very hypocritical."

Clark shrugged he didn't exactly have anything to defend himself with on this ground knowing they couldn't make Lois do something she didn't want to do. "So why are you taking my information to them?"

"Because… I think it's the right thing to do... even if I'm hurting a friend." Lois responded knowing she's probably lost a friend from this. "Everyday Lex is out there collecting more and more bodies. And unlike Smallville… Sunnydale is completely empathetic and just used to people disappearing in the night never to be heard from again. Lex's victims deserve justice they deserve to be heard just as Lex's hostages deserve to walk free. I believe in that and if this little jigsaw puzzle you made can help then I'm going to use it to the best of my ability. I respect what you do to stop demons Clark but not all murderers are monsters."

Clark didn't say a word and just added a new piece of string to the map indicating another lead spot he couldn't see. When he was done he just headed out the door leaving it in Lois' hands.

Lois looked at him Clark wouldn't listen to her if she gave the pitch so she has nothing to feel guilty about… nothing… oh damn it. "Clark if you want to know these guys I can arrange a meeting. But they'll have to at least know you're different."

Clark stopped and turned around he thought it over for a moment and just nodded. "Fine when do we leave?"

Lois walked up in front of him. "Oh we can go right now."

Clark didn't say a word and just followed behind her. On top of Lex now he has to deal with this.

Chloe rested on the bed and saw Forrest and Graham enter the room in their shoddy cheap motel. Forrest looked around he has to give the tiny blond props he doubts anyone would even expect to think of looking for Chloe in here. She points Riley to the bathroom leaving her alone with Forrest and Graham.

Chloe looked at the two. "So are you helping Riley with this little insurrection?"

Forrest just nodded. For the life of him he can't figure out why he's doing this. Riley is his best friend but he never thought he would turn anarchist at that. "Please tell me you can do something useful like Optic beams or telekinesis."

Chloe grabbed the ashtray off the table and smashed it and breaking it. She ran the broken glass over her hand and bit her lips as blood started flowing from her hand and quickly closed.

Graham looked at her hand. "That's neat."

Forrest chose the much more common shrug. "We could use you as a human shield."

Chloe just laughed at the two. "So thank you for everything."

The two just nodded and let her regain her composure seeing how scared she is. They agreed to sign up to help people but putting people through this just because one day out of three hundred and sixty four they had really bad luck. What the hell are they fighting for?

Lex was walking with Maggie down in the human lab. Lex looks at her she knows better then to summon him here. "This better be an important call Ms. Walsh."

Maggie looked up from her spot at the computer she's wondering what the heck got into him. "It is Mr. Luthor we have a new subject she's actually a student here."

"What's her name?" Lex asked.

Maggie looked at the profile and brought it up. "Chloe Sullivan"

Lex looked at the picture and thought back to happier times. Right before Clark left Smallville him and Chloe worked together to put Lionel in jail for the rest of his life for murdering his parents. He always had respect for the irritating blond and now she is actually one of the people she used to write about. Lex guesses this is why her interest in them for journalism has died down since she got here.

"What can she do?" Lex asked.

Maggie looked at it. "According to a sample of her DNA we got at the lab her blood has immense regenerative capabilities. She could be useful for future projects."

Lex looked at the picture. "Could lead to further consequences from Clark Kent and believe me he's not a man you want for an enemy."

"A homegrown farmboy that dropped out of college with a B average. I'm quaking in my boots Mr. Luthor. Also she's already comprimised agent Finn when we first went to retrieve her." Walsh replied wanting this girl brought in and Riley back where he belongs.

Lex simply sighed in exhaustion. "Ms. Walsh do it quietly or there will be hell to pay. And I don't mean from just Clark."

Walsh nodded in agreement as she went to work typing and brought up a screen for implants. She simply types an action command and rests back against the chair all she has to do now is wait.

Clark walked with Lois into an old clock tower and saw it reworked into something that probably resembles a spy lair. Computers each running different screens but mostly missing person reports and things about Lex. Clark looked inside and saw Oliver shooting at bull's eye and piling up arrows it's up to four.

"Lois we're having a serious talk about what you've been up to this year."

Lois just punched him on the arm. "Ah save it Smallville… this has been since before I even came to Sunnydale."

Oliver looked to Clark he still can't believe that this is the mysterious Smallville he was expecting someone a lot shorter with glasses that probably bumbles over every little thing in front of him. "What's with the visitor?"

"He caught me spying on him." Lois replied explaining why Clark's here.

Clark took one of the arrows off the target and looks at it he knows these. They've been showing up all year while he was patrolling. "The billionaire playboy has been the guy shooting demons with arrows all year."

Oliver smirked. "Guilty"

Clark looked at him. "No, stupid don't you realize how dangerous demons are that most of their hearts and brains aren't even in the right place."

Oliver shrugged. "Yes now if only my mother wasn't a watcher. Oh wait she was and left me a whole bunch of things and warned me to stay out of Sunnydale and Cleveland when I was little."

Clark was surprised at that he wonders what's so bad about Cleveland though. "So what are you doing in Sunnydale… vengeful son routine."

"No, I'm trying to stop 33.1." Oliver replied flatly.

Clark looked over as a door opened and saw Victor come out with another person and the surprises keep coming. "AC, what are you doing here?"

AC smirked who would have thought Clark would enlist. "Hey bro you get into any trouble lately?"

"I nearly killed Lex." Clark offered.

AC looked at him stunned well that's one way of getting into trouble. "Huh… and here I was recommending boyscout for a code name… So how's Buffy?"

Clark looked at Victor. "Ask your new friend."

Victor frowned. "Is she still mad at me?"

Clark shrugged and looked at him. "Can you honestly blame her?"

Victor shook his head. "No, but that's between me and her if she takes me back."

Clark looked at Victor he didn't want to say it but most of Buffy's time has been playing nurse to Spike. "Well… that's between the two of you."

Lois looked at Clark and she's guessing Victor and Buffy are already over and he's just clinging on to false hope. She turns around and sees Bart enter the door with Alicia… Oh this is going to get ugly fast.

Alicia's eyes lit up as she just instinctively squeezed down on the speedster's arms. Bart groaned but stayed strong for her. Alicia looked at Clark. "You're not going to hit me again, are you?"

Clark looked at her but shook his head. "No, so what's she doing here?"

Oliver looked at Alicia. "We're going to help her? She'll never get that in Sunnydale not with Lex and not with the watchers."

Clark wishes like hell he could argue that but he couldn't. So he turned to Oliver and asked the only thing he could think of. "How?"

Author's Notes

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