Giles stood with Claire and Buffy on each side of him he can't argue with the plan he just wishes they had a better one. If Wesley didn't burn all the bridges last year with Buffy and Faith's resignation this one most certainly would have been plan Z. The three watch as the council's three enter. Claire squeezed a little tighter on Giles' hand then she would have liked to have shown but she has a right to be scared. Lex is going to jail and she didn't want to put one hell behind her to be stuck in a new one. Buffy remained calm she could probably take all three of these guys on her own like she wanted to last year when they pummeled Angel.

Collins looked at the three and approached Giles. "You didn't think you could keep something like this hidden did you?"

"Considering you found out by freak accident I'd say I did rather well hiding this from you."

Collins looked at Giles contrary to most of the council he's not blind he knows full well who the slayer is in front of him. "Where is Alicia Baker?"

"She's not here." Giles replied simply enough. "Nor do I know where she is."

Collins looked at him and shrugged seeing Claire. The slayer was the package one will do just as fine as the other. "One is better then empty handed huh Rupert."

Giles and Buffy both came forward. Buffy might be in college but she knows Giles cares enough about the fire starter to open his home to her.

The council team watched as all the lights in the factory turned on. They looked into the skylights and saw at least ten people up there armed with crossbows, a longbow, guns and someone even had a cannon… sticking out of his arm. All weapons aiming down on them with the brunette slayer leading the charge. They looked back down and saw Claire surrounded in fire as well Buffy and Giles with Crossbows of their own.

Weatherby glared at Giles. "Do the oaths you've sworn to as watcher mean so little to you that you now follow this group of anarchists?"

Giles looked at his group why he was so blinded to the type of people they are now. "It is because of the oaths that I have sworn to that I am standing against you now."

Collins looked up and realized that if they make a move against any of them the rest won't hesitate in cutting them down. "So what would you have us do?"

Buffy glared at him and ordered. "Go back to England and tell Mr. Travers both Claire and Alicia are adapting, accepting their destiny, getting the help they need and are under our protection."

Collins nodded he's not risking his team over this especially considering they were too cheap and wanted Alicia dead so they can run autopsies and experiments on her body to make their own slayers. This is one of the few times he'd agree with the word perversion as Weatherby likes to say. "Then I'd say we're at the end of our time here. Good night Rupert."

Weatherby went to shoot Buffy not wanting these perversions to run it unlike most watchers anymore the Council means something to him. Buffy easily moved his hand away and quickly punched him to the ground. How the hell did his gun have a blank in it?

Collins and Smith dragged him off realizing until Buffy and Faith die the Council has no control over them.

Xander took a sigh of relief seeing that Clark and by extension his plan had worked since he sorted out who went where with the little commando training he has left as they all let their arms rest. "Well that was fun?"

Cordy rolled her eyes. "That's not the word I'd use for it but it was interesting holding weapons to humans for a change. I never want to do it again."

Bart looked to Clark. "Nice speed bro but you'd have to move a lot quicker to catch me."

Clark threw something to Bart and the young speedster instantly threw it out of his hands as it burned him. AC just let out a whistle seeing what it was. The bullet Weatherby shot.

Faith looked down and shouted this has been a long day even for her. "So are we done here? Because I'm hungry, among other things?"

Clark thought on it he had to admit this was a long day even for him. "Yeah I think we can all take the rest of the day off."

Buffy thought about it and came to her decision. "Lex and Walsh's twisted little experiment exposed. The British sent back I think we could use a day for naps, talks things that matter. Meet up at the magic shop say noonish tomorrow."

Everyone just simply scattered after that. Clark and Faith started walking back to their house sans Lois who was likely spending some quality time with Oliver. Faith looked at Clark and decided to waste no time and threw a punch at him that was caught easily enough.

"Something I can help you with?" Clark asked he thought she wanted to get away from violence for the day.

Faith looked at Clark. "How did you do that trick in the one on one with Ian?"

Clark looked at her with a blank face. "The Kimura lock you're the one who taught me that?" One of the greatest afternoons ever after getting kicked out of college Clark had Faith legs wrapped around him all day in the magic shop teaching him all the different ways to break someone's arm.

Faith playfully hit him on the shoulder. "Not the Kimura the fact that for one small moment you went into superspeed without you powers."

Clark nodded now realizing its not that he meant to its just he made a mistake and had to counter Ian's attack. "Oh Torqasm"

"Sounds kinky." Faith quipped.

Clark had a small smile like he didn't know that was coming. "Not Torgasm Torquasm it's like kryptonian kung fu… You know what you're right it does sound kinky."

"Think I can learn it?" Faith asked.

Clark nodded. "I think maybe… if you're interested. Maybe I'll even teach you kryptonian pressure points."

Faith looked at him with a devilish grin. She know enough about to get by but she certainly won't mind him manhandling her while teaching her a new way to fight. "Sounds like fun."

Clark opened the door and held it for Faith as she walked in. "Not worth the twenty four hours of blistering cold to learn it."

Faith nodded a little bit in understanding Giles could be very annoying when teaching her how to use a new weapon. "So what's it like? Those training sessions between you and your pops."

Clark shrugged that's a bit more complicated. "It's not bad sometimes it's him teaching me math science, languages, culture, all different things. Sometimes he trains me in my powers and shows me what I need to work on and sometimes he can be an unbelievable douche and make me watch my friends die a hundred times powerless to stop it. Why are you asking now?"

Faith looked at him. "You've been changing and not telling anyone I get that you're the last son but you need to talk to someone more then a dismembered head in the fortress."

"I do." Clark pointed out and turning Faith around. "When something really bothers me I turn to you. I don't keep anything from you so just ask."

Faith smiled and went in for a kiss as Clark lifted her up bringing her closer. Faith looked around. "Ma and Pa are at work and Lois is nowhere nearby."

Clark smiled and lifted her up over his shoulder. Faith smiled from where she was as Clark carried her upstairs. They saved the day and god knows they earned it.

Riley walked into his fraternity house after Willow, Xander, and Cordy kept Chloe company. He walked upstairs all he wanted to do was protect her and instead he gave her right to him. He walks into his room and sees Forrest and Graham sitting on his bed as he just groans not only did Walsh make him kidnap his girlfriend he beat up his best friends this is just the cap off to a wonderful day.

Riley looked to the two. "Look about earlier"

"XL 375" Forrest replied.

Riley looked at him in confusion. "What's that?"

Graham held out a folder. "Microchip embedded in the best of the best we know you had no control when you knocked us out so no hard feelings."

Riley shrugged. "No hard feelings so now that the big bomb has gone off what do we do now?"

Forrest held out a piece of paper. "We've been reassigned after we get debriefed. Major Biggs requested our transfer we're going to work for the OIA whatever the hell that is. On the bright side though we just kill the demons now." That was the main reason Forrest was taking the job no conflicts no mutants just demons.

Riley looked at it all things considered it wasn't too bad. "I have to see Chloe one last time see if we have a chance."

Graham looked at him. "So you're going from mission to mission's girlfriend?"

Riley frowned he knows it doesn't stand a chance but he has to try.

Buffy came into her home it's been too long and she's too tired. Joyce saw her daughter come in and smiled. "Buffy I wish I knew you were coming I would have had tea or food?"

Buffy frowned realizing how much she's been away. She probably doesn't know she was actually married for a few hours… and she never will. "I've been away too long I'm sorry."

"Well are you OK?" Joyce asked.

"I'm fine." Buffy assured her best she could. "A whole plate of fine for Buffy."

Joyce looked at her daughter wondering when she thought she could lie to her. "So what's really bothering you?"

"I know these great two guys." Buffy started.

Joyce looked at her and listened. "They're both good men but they both lied to me for months. I just don't know if I can trust them…"

"As opposed to you who's been a paragon of honesty this whole time with your slaying." Joyce quipped.

Buffy frowned and looked at her mother. "You know you're supposed to be my mother. You're supposed to be all supporty of me. 100% pro Buffy"

Joyce smiled. "Yes but being part of supporting is coming down on you when necessary. Buffy you know what you want the answer's always been up here." She points to her head. "Whatever is up there powers or not. They gave you a sharp mind to go with all that slayer strength. Deep down inside you know what you want."

Buffy frowned not what she wanted to hear. "I was hoping for another piece of advice like Buffy choose A or B."

Joyce can tell Buffy had made her choice and she'll have everything ready.

Chloe hears a knock on the door and got to her feet with Willow and Tara sitting at the foot of her bed. She gets to her feet and opens the door seeing Riley. "Riley, I can't look at you right now."

Riley nodded in understanding and he wanted to give her more time but he's kind of on the clock. "I know and I kind of don't want to drop this on you at the last minute."

"But" Chloe replied waiting for the rest.

Riley looked at her with the best puppy dog face he could muster. "I really like you Chloe." Chloe just stood there indifferent. "But I got another offer from the military far away from Sunnydale and I might take it… but I want to make it up to you if I can and…"

Chloe just raises a hand up and stopped him. "I discovered a friend's secret long before he knew I knew and you know what I did with it…" She waited for Riley to answer but she did when he couldn't. "I didn't say a word so I get keeping secrets for good reason. But you... you've kidnapped people you sent them to that place."

"I thought I was getting them help?" Riley replied.

Chloe nodded. "Believe me I get that but Riley there's a lot about you I don't know and honestly… I really don't think I want to. Take the job Riley"

Riley frowned hurting a lot more then he thought. He hated this and felt powerless from it and honestly it's probably for the best god knows what kind of nightmares this has caused for her. "I understand. I hope the next guy treats you better."

Chloe nodded. "Well whoever and especially in this town whatever they might be I'm hoping for something honest."

Riley nodded and walked backwards he didn't think he could pull this one off but he at least had to try. "OK… goodbye Chloe."

Chloe watched Riley leave and didn't say a word she couldn't she doesn't trust him enough seeing as he was one of Lex's little collectors. She watched him disappear behind the door likely never to be seen again. "Goodbye Riley."

Chloe closed the door as the last of her strength left he and she collapsed back on the door and started to cry. Willow heard it and instantly hugged her. Chloe frowned it didn't take the pain away she knew those three little words she was going to say when he came to her apartment today. Instead all hell broke loose.

The next day Clark was walking into the magic shop doing everything he could to tune out the conversation going on between Chloe, Cordy, Claire, and Faith. Willow called him last night so both he and Lois slept at her place.

Cordy looked to Faith. "I don't know why you don't think it's a good idea I mean the two get along pretty well."

Faith rolled her eyes. "Look Cor I'm not saying I absolutely hate the hothead's idea. As a matter of fact it kind of makes sense in its own twisted way considering B."

Xander looked at Clark dear god he was left alone with that many women and only in love with one of them, poor bastard. "What are they arguing about?"

"Something I've spent nearly a year and a half trying to repress." Clark answered as he took a seat.

Claire rolled his eyes. "Look I'm just tired of seeing the old man snuggle up to a book. Last night I went to the bronze as plain old me no dye no contacts. I kissed a boy I torched two vamps all without the fear of being dragged into a lab. I want him to have a life so sew me." Claire countered seeing how little of a life Giles actually had.

Cordy sat down. "Look we all found someone, Claire can now find someone without getting vivisected as I learned Lex is under arrest with Professor Walsh. What's wrong with her looking to get Giles a girl?"

Faith looked at her and answered easy enough. "Because Cor its Geeves and we're supposed to find a girl who likes tweed."

Buffy came into the store with Giles and Willow. Everyone remained quiet for the foreseeable future. Buffy looked at everyone just confused. "OK why do I feel like I'm a teacher who just came into class?"

"It's nothing." Clark assured her.

Willow looked to Chloe as she was her main concern. "How are you feeling?"

Chloe shrugged innocently. "Better then I was yesterday but I am going to miss him." She was thankful Clark and Lois both showed up to keep her company last night.

Bart ran in a blur being the first one there and stood next to Chloe with a smile. "You mean me beautiful."

Chloe shakes her head. "Not even close."

Bart shrugged Chloe was cute when he first came back but he sees more in common with Alicia then her.

Oliver and Lois come in followed by AC, Victor, and at the end of the line Alicia.

Buffy looked at the two boys, well this isn't going to be easy. "We need to talk back room."

Alicia watched AC and Victor follow Buffy like little puppies. Alicia turned to Faith not sure what to say. She's not even sure where to begin an apology for something like this for all the horrible things she did to her. "Faith… I don't even know how to phrase it. It's just I'm sor…"

"Go fuck yourself Ali" Faith replied coldly walking away from her and taking a seat.

Clark looked at Alicia to be honest he's amazed Faith let her talk that long. "You're going to get that a lot you know."

Alicia weakly nodded her head. "Speaking from experience"

"Comes with the territory, Lana told me that once or twice after a little adventure in Metropolis." Clark replied.

Alicia is still not sure how to look at them they're undoubtedly the two people she's wronged most. "You mad at me too?"

Clark shakes his head. "I got everything off my chest last year when you drugged me. Right now I just hope you get the help you need."

Alicia nodded a little but leaned into Bart. "So you and your friends you're not pulling anything illegal right?"

Bart shakes his head. "Suspended sentence as long as you keep up counseling, I'd say thank your lawyer but Oliver said Lilah was a real bitch and terminated the contract about two seconds afterwards."

Buffy looked at Victor and AC and for all extensive purposes they're both good guys. "I don't know how to start."

Victor looked at her and frowned. "You deserve to be happy after how long I held everything over your eyes if AC makes you happy I won't stand in your way."

AC nodded with a smile. "Same here if the tin man makes you happy I'm not going to get in the way."

Buffy looked at both of them. "Wow neither of you is going to make this easy are you?" Buffy looked between the two and makes her decision. "AC we had a great couple hours but you pretty much hid in the ocean all year."

AC nodded in understanding it was a quick flash not even enough for a fling. "I understand."

Buffy looked at Victor this one was a little more complicated. "You saved me from well… embarrassing myself and getting hurt again and I just wanted to thank you for stopping me from making a big mistake with Parker you have no idea how much it means."

Victor nodded with a smile. "I was glad to Summers."

Buffy frowned but kept her chin up. "But you lied, and when we started dating you still lied and right now I feel like I can't trust myself let alone another person. There's so much stuff in Buffy's head that there's no room for other things. So I'm sorry but I'm not choosing either of you right now I'm just too much of a mess for a guy right now I hope you understand."

Both nodded in understanding. Well they both got shot down at least they're leaving soon. "You ever change your mind."

Buffy nodded. "I'll get in touch with you guys." They both hug her as all three exit the training room just more miserable when they went in.

Clark leaned against the wall after an afternoon of talking with Oliver's group exchanging numbers if they ever got in over their heads. They're actually good people it's nice to know they're not alone but they can't leave Sunnydale unguarded. Clark saw Oliver looking at him. "Something I can help you with?"

Oliver smirked and got right to it. "Clark, you have abilities I couldn't even dream of. And I admire that you use them to save the people of Sunnydale."

"But" Clark said. He's been around Giles long enough to know that there's a but coming.

"But there's a whole world of people out there, Clark. They need us. With your potential... you can't wait for them to come to you. When you're ready to do something about that on a global level... you let me know."

Clark nodded and headed over to Chloe and Lois. This can't be easy for Chloe loosing Lois and Riley within hours. "Are you really leaving?"

Lois nodded. "There's no place for me in Sunnydale. My little cuz doesn't need me she's doing just fine standing on her own. And I'll be a call away with Bart if she ever does." Lois looked to Clark. "If you hurt her heart I'll be back and I'll kill you."

Clark looked at Lois. "Yeah, that's not really going to be an issue I'd have to be brain damaged to hurt Chloe."

Lois hugged him one last time. "You take care of yourself Smallville."

Lois looked at Chloe this was her idea. "Are you sure you don't want me to stay for another week or two?"

Chloe nodded. "Lois I'm going to be fine. Besides I finally have that great article I can hand in for a job all I have to do now is write it."

Willow looked to Oliver. "So what are you guys going to do now?"

Oliver looked to them. "Well Alicia is going to an asylum in Star City for treatment and the rest of us are going on a world tour."

"What for? And do you get those little bags of peanuts?" Xander quipped.

Oliver started. "We got what we could off Luthorcorp's hard drives before we blew up the facility. Sunnydale was just the beginning. Luthorcorp is starting up divisions of 33.1 all across the globe. Wherever there's evidence of people with abilities, there'll be laboratories to do experiments on them."

"We can't let that happen." Clark said knowing Lex he has entire law firms already working his defense he'll be out by the end of the week.

"We won't." Oliver assured him. "Gentlemen, ladies our first target is a large facility on the island of Corto Maltese. You guys know the drill. Wheels up in 30 minutes. Get your gear."

The league and the scooby gang shake hands as the two teams depart. Clark stays with the scoobies and watches the league depart.

Cordy spoke up first. "You know they might be extremists but it's kind of nice to know that we're not the only ones making a world a better place out there. So are we bronzing it tonight so much mopey news we need a celebration."

"Here here" Xander added.

Willow nodded gratefully wanting a break. "Bronzing it could be fun."

Buffy nodded in agreement. "Why don't you guys go on without us me and Giles need to speak to Clark."

Everyone left leaving the three alone. Clark could tell something was up. "Is the world ending because I don't know how much more I an take in a week?"

Buffy shakes her head. "Not right away but there's something we need to know about?"

"OK… what is it?" Clark asked.

Buffy looked at him and calmly started. "What do you know about Milton Fine?"

Author's Notes

Thanks for the reviews

I wanted to cut down on a lot of the characters for volume 3 this one just had too many going all at once.

I was going to keep Riley around but then I came across a very creepy thing rewatching season 5. He becomes a controlling serial killer. He was upset with Buffy not grieving with him over her mother potentially dying. And luring vampires to kill with a knife. Unlike Faith who was more of a honeytrap sting he killed Sandy after he invited her to bite him just to hide the truth about what he did. It made the brothel look like a step up. Sure he was pretty much a demonic Dexter but that's still a very damaged person. And then he blamed Buffy for not needing him and sending him to the brothel. Finally to add on to the biggest WTF moment Xander gave a speech to Buffy that it was all her fault which just made me want to reach into the screen, grab my favorite character and then smash his head into the wall. Yes Buffy made mistakes but I was glad to see Riley gone after that.