Fine sat in his office deliberating his next plan. Kal El will never free Zod of his own free will. Jor El's sympathy for the humans runs too deep in his own son's veins. He looks over the maps of Smallville formulating a new plan. Despite Kal El's own popular belief, he was not the only kryptonian sent here. His cousin landed somewhere in Smallville and Fine has been spending the past two months trying to find her. If Clark won't free Zod from his fortress. He'll use Kara to kill Kal El and free Zod from her fortress.

Fine looked up hearing a knock on his door. He's supposed to be meeting one of Kal El's friends today as part of his human disguise. The closer he is too danger the further he is from harm. He got to his feet and opened the door to a most unwanted sight. The blonde was expected Kal El's mate was not.

Fine backed away hands up. "You stay the hell away from me."

Buffy looked at him confused wondering what he meant. "Professor Fine, I just wanted to talk to you about history 103. I take it you already know."

Buffy turned around to Faith and jumped back startled. Gone were Faith's eyes replaced with glowing white orbs as she approached Fine.

Fine backed up in fear seeing this as he hit the desk. "DON'T TOUCH ME! DON"T YOU…"

Faith grabbed the side of his face as Fine screamed until he disappeared in white light. Faith turned to Buffy the shock and surprise. "B what the…"

"I was kind of hoping you could tell me." Buffy cut her off. She knew there was a reason that Fine wanted nothing to do with her but that was unexpected.

Faith looked at her hand surprised at what she or whatever is inside of her did. "I can't… I honestly, B what the hell happened to me?"

Buffy looked at her she didn't want this. She figured Faith would be able to ID something bad about Fine, not vaporize him by some mystical touch thingy. "I don't know, let's find Giles and Clark, maybe Willow... screw it everyone."

Faith nodded in agreement running her hands over her head. "We can just set up a magic box meeting and make Spike walk through the sun."

Buffy smiled, now see that idea right there, very appealing to her.

Cordelia was looking at her schedule classes started in a week for her and she's excited. She's Cordelia Chase… college student. She turns and enters the magic box seeing Xander inside and enters as the familiar smells hit her. "I'm going to be one very busy bee this summer."

Xander looked up at her filling out his own paperwork. "Well I know you can do it."

Cordy looked up and saw her boyfriend hard at work almost like he was taking a test. "Xander, what cha doing?"

Xander held up the form with pride. "My time in construction has ended."

Cordy frowned remembering the steady paycheck he had for the past two months. "That house is finally finished… well that blows what are you going to do now."

Xander slipped the paper onto the table to Cordelia as she read it a quiet smile spread across her face.

"Oh my god, these are insurance forms." Cordelia pointed out. Neither has seen anything like this before since Giles covers her's and Faith's. He's a watcher he loves reading and writing.

Xander nodded seeing Cordelia has caught on as she kissed him quickly. "Yep, they hired me full time. Benefits and everything who knew I'd actually be good for something."

Cordy kissed him gently on top of the head. "I did. And while you're filling these out, I need you to think about something."

"About what?" The now construction worker asked.

Cordy sat down next to him and took Xander's hand and ran it down her arm. Xander smiled wondering what she was up to but he was starting to feel it. She is a lot more toned then she used to be.

"Whoa, daddy like" Xander replied.

"Call me your daughter again this relationship is over." Cordy warned.

Xander nodded in understanding but he's still happy. "So, did you hit the gym while I was out of town?"

Cordy shakes her head no and wonders why it took her so long to do this. "No, after getting my hand ginzued by the Amityville Horny while saving your life I asked Faith to teach me how to defend myself since we've been going on four years and Buffy hasn't as much as taught us how to throw a punch. I want you to learn too. Only have Clark train you since you're not exactly an ex cheerleader and be nimble on your legs like I can."

"I think I hold my own against prepubescent ghosts." Xander countered.

Cordy nodded. "Yeah but against other things you usually headbutt their knuckles and thief feet it's quite impressive."

Xander shrugged not seeing any reason why not. "Alright I'll talk to CK. So, why are we gathering here today?"

"You're going to have to ask Buffy she's the one that gathered us on our much needed day off." Cordy replied.

Cordy and Xander watched as Giles and Claire entered the shop. Claire clearly frustrated and Giles with a face to match.

"Claire while I am very… appreciative of what it is you're trying to do. I'm just not interested in dating another woman right now." Giles replied.

Claire rolled her eyes in frustration. "Giles you need a life outside of Buffy, it's kind of sad when I'm almost ready to ask Faith if there's something going on secretly between you two... Not that you couldn't get a girl like Buffy, I just don't think you would."

Cordy dropped her pen in disgust. "Eww, what the hell Claire. It's bad enough with the confusing feelings of Giles singing, I don't need more."

Giles sat down at the table and Claire gave an exhausted sigh. "Right, so what are we fighting here?"

Xander shrugged innocently. "We don't know Buff just called everyone together."

Giles nodded happy to change the subject. "So, what is everyone doing?"

"Financial aid packet due in two days." Cordy replied.

Xander held up his stack. "Insurance application"

Claire pointed out the two. "See they have lives and date at the same time." Claire saw Giles do the veiny thing and knew it was a lost cause for now. "Look English I just want you have a life. I want you to have someone before your tombstone says Rupert Giles: um... book guy."

Willow walked through the door catching that last part. "Who's being buried as book guy? Is Wesley dead?"

They all smile and shake their heads.

"No, not that we know of." Giles replied cleaning his glasses. He'll be known as more then that.

A short while later Chloe and Tara came in with someone carrying a blanket over their head desperately trying to get inside. Xander, Willow, Giles, and Cordy froze in their tracks as the blanket lowered itself revealing Spike.

Xander looked at the two. "Girls get away from him, big danger."

Chloe shakes her head. "No, he's harmless."

"Hey, I'm not harmless. Still have my reputation to look after." Spike replied.

Xander looked at Spike he can't believe this Deadboy 2.0 who up there hates him so much did he mess up the grand design or something. "So according to Buff you have your soul."

Spike looked blankly at him. "And what of it droopy boy."

"You can't hurt me." Xander teased in a childish way thinking back to the days of Angel.

Spike looked quietly at him for a moment before smacking him on the back of the head.

"Ow" Xander whined holding the back of his head.

Spike smiled at the new construction worker. "There's a lot of ways to hurt a bloke without killing them, Cordelia, Red, Rupert... other red... good old..."

"We don't know each other." Claire assured him.

Giles looked at Spike he doesn't exactly seem all that different but he could have killed or kidnapped Chloe last night and condemn her to a potentially limitless blood bank so maybe he is just like Angel and Spike is hanging to the demon so he doesn't revert back to pathetic William. "So, what brings us all here?"

Cordy shrugged. "Well, apparently her loyal slayerness needs to tell us something important. Until then we're playing the waiting game."

Buffy entered the door with Faith and Giles could tell the brunette girl was concerned. "Well we have to figure out what just happened at college."

"I thought you were just going to see Professor Fine?" Tara asked confused.

Buffy nodded not sure what to say even for her she's kind of wigged. Faith didn't throw a punch she didn't have a weapon she just touched him. "Yeah, um Faith kind of killed him."

Spike smirked as there were wide open gasps across the table. "Hey good on you."

Cordy was the first person to regain her composure. "OK, how did you kill a guy, I mean I know the three of you can well… very easily kill things but that was a history professor not a big bad."

"And Maggie Walsh was just a psychology teacher remember." Buffy countered.

Spike rolled his eyes and looked at the group. "Look not one in the lot has done a bad thing. Fine was a messed up demon that crossed the wrong slayer. More power to you for killing him lady."

Faith looked at Spike. "I did not mean to kill him! He saved my life!"

Spike looked at her coming face to face with one of the new slayers. "If he did it was only to further his own goals. Fine is cold, ruthless, and methodical, I don't think, I know he deserved to die and I hope the ponce burns in hell."

The scoobies took a collective gulp at the door seeing Clark standing at it.

Xander looked at the room well uncomfortable silence is a go. "Well, how long have you been there CK?"

"He saved my life." Clark answered dryly. "Maybe you should start from the beginning."

Buffy got up this was her idea and this was all on her. "I still didn't trust Fine. So I arranged a get together without you." Well as far as she can see Clark's eyes aren't burning so she continues. "I decided to surprise Fine by bringing Faith because from the sounds of it he only met her once and it didn't seem right considering how important she is to you. Well when they met Faith's eyes turned white, she touched him and it killed him. He just sort of exploded into light.

Clark remained silent for a moment before all the heard was loud slam was heard as his hand disappeared into the wall. "How could I have been so stupid? He's been hiding right under my nose this whole time."

Faith walked up and pulled his hand out of the wall. "Well, he can't hurt anyone now."

Clark shook his head forever thankful Jor El turned her into an oracle. "It's not that easy Faith. If what Buffy said did actually happen, I very much doubt Fine is dead."

Spike's head turned in shock. "You mean to tell a fellow the guy who has spent months ripping me apart is still alive after being vaporized. What is he?"

Clark looked at everyone. "He's the brain interactive construct. And I've been playing into his hands for months."

Faith patted him on the shoulder. "Clark you couldn't have."

"I left him alone Faith." Clark countered looking back on all his mistakes. "I didn't X-ray him, I didn't question how he conveniently had an extractor for the silver kryptonite let alone know that I was infected, I didn't question all the leads he had on Lex, I believed him over Buffy. He played me and I let him."

Giles looked at Clark wondering about the new name. "What the Brain entering construct."

"Jor El nicknamed it Brainiac if that helps." Clark answered.

Claire looked in confusion. "OK, does someone want to catch me up?"

Spike rolled his eyes and turned to her. "Clark here is an alien… of course I'm assuming he's this Cala guy."

Claire turned to the others and saw nothing but silent faces which means she's the only one who didn't know. "Well I always knew it was something about you, I just figured you were a bioweapon."

"I came to earth as a baby in the Smallville meteor shower. For what it's worth I feel more alien then human." Clark replied.

Claire thought on it. Considering the first meteor shower in Smallville pretty much turned her life into a car wreck. Now she has someone who did it. "You were just a baby right? You couldn't control yourself."

Clark went to nod but was hit with a ball of fire as his red jacket was destroyed. "Hey… I loved this jacket."

"I'm sorry Clark but it had to go." Claire quipped it looked like something a little kid would wear to her and he's not exactly little. "So why wasn't I told?"

Faith answered this one. "We all figured you'd be safer Clark's enemies aren't exactly run of the mill." Faith replied considering Brainiac is still alive after what she did and the two kryptonians from the ship.

Claire shrugged and sat down. He's an alien. He's also the hulk when he's drunk and Faith's boyfriend she can deal with it. She's not exactly text book normal either and he has saved her lfie more then he'll ever know considering she was first up for the 3-14 project until that earthquake. "OK, but we're having a much longer talk when this si over."

Clark looked at it knowing that could have gone a whole lot worse but considering Clark helped her out of a cage for the rest of her life she's probably just taking it in stride. "Alright, Willow Tara I need you to put a barrier up around this place no one gets in, no one gets out. Buffy, you and Faith are going to get Joyce and I'm going to get my parents there's no telling what Brainiac will do now that I know who he is."

Buffy and Faith went one way as Clark went the other. Getting their parents out of dodge of an incoming big bad. Deja vu?

Clark moved in a blur to his house like his life depended how long has he been blinded to this evil. He looks around and sees nothing. "Mom, Dad"

Martha came downstairs happy to see their son. "Clark, what's going on?"

Clark looked at the two. "I'll explain later right now I have to get you two to the magic shop."

"You're too late for that one by about twenty minutes Kal El."

Clark turned around and saw Milton Fine looking at him eye to eye. "Brainiac"

Fine smirked seeing he is smarter then he lets on. "So you know me then the last two creations of Jor El."

Clark looked at him. "You blew up our planet. My father would have never made you."

Fine approached him as the two looked each other eye to eye. "You should really look into Krypton's history you learn science, their language, but never their past."

"I know enough." Clark replied. "I know Zod programmed you to destroy our planet when he didn't get his way."

"General Zod was the champion of the people until Jor El corrupted the council and in order to make sure they forget the strong had to survive and the weak had to die." Fine replied looking at him. "Now he will rule earth as a god in his rightful place."

"I've stopped gods before." Clark countered. "I've lost one home because of that animal, he's not getting two."

Jonathon came into the house and saw a cold stare down between his son and his history professor. Jonathon walked to his wife and whispered. "What's going on?"

Martha just shrugged it was her only move.

Clark looked at him. "You can't beat me or you would have already."

Fine nodded. "True especially since you train with vampire slayers. I doubt even the general can beat you. But fortunately neither of us has to. Isn't that right Martha?"

Jonathon looked at Martha as black bruises cover her body and she nearly falls down the steps before he catches her. "Martha!"

Jonathon watches in terror as she convulses involuntarily.

Clark grabbed Brainiac and slammed him into the wall. "What did you do to her?"

"Just activating something I left in her." Brainiac replied.

Clark felt a cold chill go down his spine as he squeezed harder. "Lex's weapon never hurt my mother, you did."

"It was Lex's robot it was just following my orders." Fine assured him throwing Jonathon something.

Jonathon caught it and saw a little green rock. "Kryptonite"

"It will make sure she doesn't bite her tongue off until my job is done." Fine looked at the clock. "It's three o clock Kal El if you're not in the fortress by seven I'll kill her anyway. Meet me at the fortress alone Kal El or she will die. Tick tock Kal El, her life is in your hands."

Fine walked calmly for the door as Clark grabbed it but the machine just held up another meteor rock.

Clark did everything he could to control his anger. "I'll see you in four hours… and then I will kill you."

Clark ignored Fine leaving and ran up with his father to check on his mother. He does know one thing for thing for sure there is going to be one hell of a fight on his hands.

Author's Notes

Thanks for the reviews

Clark knows about Fine and yes I wanted Xander to learn to fight. and with Cordy staying in Sunnydale. And being stuck eight hours a day hearing how bad the world could from at least two slayers it made sense to me that she'd want to learn to fight as she did in LA.

Vacation's done and I'm back lots of fun.