Martha sat back on the hospital bed Clark gave her a full OK but they all want to make sure she is one hundred percent fine. Clark waited patiently and smiled looking at the results from the waiting room.

Faith looked at Clark it kind of makes having Ben come out redundant considering the smile on his face as their friend appears.

Ben came out with a smile for them happy to have good news. "You know you guys are going to put the doctor's kids here through college."

Faith rolled her eyes ha ha they get sick a lot. "Just tell us if she's alright."

Ben smiled part of him is happy to see Faith back with Clark after how broken up she was and seeing how happy she is now. "She's going to be fine. There's nothing going on in x-rays and her blood labs are back perfectly healthy."

Clark smiled in relief hearing the words this nightmare is finally over no more manipulations from Fine. "Thank you Ben for getting her in so fast."

Ben shrugged. "No problem, though I would like to see her less often."

Jonathan smiled watching his two kids. "Both of you go visit and then go to Buffy's and have some fun with your friends for once. I'm sure that's what Martha would want too."

Martha smiled seeing her son and as far as she's concerned her daughter walk into the room. Not literal daughter but ever since last year she's come to think of Faith as one of her own. They both hug her excited to see her. But Clark looked away guilty when she hugged him. "Clark what's wrong?"

"I would have let you die." Clark answered. "Fine told me to either release Zod or he'd kill you... I refused to free Zod."

Martha took a moment and gently hugged him. "I've never been prouder of you. Clark you have saved me so many times. But I know deep down inside you're not here to save just a family of farmers you are here to save all of us. Now go have fun with your friends, you both earned it."

Clark stayed in the hug but his face was more confused it didn't feel right to him.

Faith smiled as they both hug her and get a kiss goodbye as they leave ready to just take a night off for a much welcome change.

Cordy looked at the top of the steps waiting for Clark and Faith. They all said they wanted to do something fun… but they all fought to the death, they're all too tired to even move, so movie night it is. They watch as Clark comes down and Xander and Clark's eyes widen seeing Faith come down in nothing but a Smallville high jersey.

Chloe rolled her eyes. "You know he only played one game right."

"Hey, when the coach tries to kill you, you earn that jersey." Clark protested. Chloe didn't exactly complain when he saved her from burning to death.

Claire rolled her eyes in frustration. "Alright Faith dresses slutty we should all know this by now. So what are we watching?"

"Says the girl in one of my red leather pants and skin tight shirt." Faith countered upset.

Giles looked in and smiled seeing all the kids together in one place. Buffy, Willow, Faith, Clark, Xander, Cordelia, Claire, Chloe. All his kids under one roof he couldn't tell you the last time that happened. Giles waited for the popcorn to pop and give them a snack for this night of movies. He really needs to get closer to Joyce and the Kents he'll be the only one in that room under twenty.

Joyce watched with interest. "This is how you spend your nights what will the neighborhood patrol think."

Giles smiled happy that she can tease him so easily now after the severe awkwardness of last year. "What a fine man taking in that red headed child… bloody hell even I'd want my head on a pike."

Joyce lightly chuckled. "How about you spend some time with people your own age this weekend?"

Giles looked at her genuinely confused which wasn't easy considering he often talked to Buffy, Faith, and Cordelia. "I feel as if I'm missing some context."

"Well after today I just thought you could use a friend and I think you burned that bridge with Jonathan with what you said earlier." Joyce supplied weakly. "Just I have a showing this weekend and I'd like you to come with me."

Giles smiled. "Oh… um yes…"

Joyce smiled. "OK then, I'll see you Saturday."

"Right… Saturday"

Giles walked in and saw a smirk from Claire and Buffy oh this isn't going to be good.

"It's about time English." Faith teased.

Claire took a breath. "Finally, thought I was going to have to throw you two down a basement and melt the lock."

Giles rolled his eyes. "We're just friends Claire."

Buffy looked at him with her own crooked smile. "So do I call you daddy now?"

"Bloody hell all three of them." Giles finished looking away at his slayers laughing at the English man. "So um what movie is up first?"

Joyce smiled coming down stairs remembering she never told Rupert the time and took in the sight of the entire gang asleep. Buffy, Willow and Chloe out like lights. Xander snuggling Cordelia tight. Faith held tight in Clark's arms and Claire resting her head on Giles' shoulder like a little child. She put blankets on Buffy and Giles before heading upstairs oblivious to the fact that Willow was starting to have trouble breathing.

Chloe started tossing and turning.

Chloe looked around and she recognizes this place a little too familiar for her taste this is the Smallville graveyard. She can't count how many times she's had to come here during high school. She looks at the sight and what the hell happened here. It looks like the Smallville graveyard but it's a lot fuller then it should be on this sunny day.

"How did I get back to Smallville?" Chloe asked herself. This is giving her the creeps. Still it seems better then the last dream she had before she woke up here. Damn cheese man.

"The better question is how you got to Smallville at this point in time?"

Chloe turned around and saw… herself. "OK what's so important about when?"

The new Chloe wiped off dust from the nearest tombstone and just took a couple steps back.

Chloe looked at it and freaked at the name on the tombstone… Lois Lane. "Lois is going to die."

"Look lower." Other Chloe ordered.

Chloe wiped dust off under Lois' name and saw the number what the hell she lived to be 87. "What year is it?"

"2281" Other Chloe answered. "Your immortal now remember. She started wiping dust off another grave."

"No I'm not… and even if I am it doesn't mean I'm alone!" Chloe shouted.

"No Chloe you are alone." The other Chloe finished dusting off the grave and simply pointed up.

Chloe looked at the grave as her eyes widened in fear seeing it belonged to a Clark Kent who died at 162. "That's not possible, even if he gets hurt Clark's healing factor puts mine to shame." Chloe looked up and saw the sun is a bright shade of red. "What happened?"

"Krypton's red son" The other Chloe answered. "Clark got old and none of the humans could survive the new gravity. No one except you that is. Congratulations, you're the Omega girl."

"No" Chloe said softly. "I won't be like that, I won't be the last."

Other Chloe smiled. "You don't have a choice sweetie I am you in a couple hundred years.

"No!" Chloe shouted. "I said…"

"No!" Chloe shot up awake seeing everyone out cold. She quickly ran for the back door to try to collect herself. If her healing power keeps up like this that could very well happen. She doesn't regret saving Clark but what if her healing power ensures she survives to the end of time. She doesn't want to be the last person ever.

Xander started tossing and turning as sleep catches up to him.

Xander looked around and saw not the brunette he was expecting. What the hell not that long ago he was cursing out Snyder and he was enjoying that. Now he looks up and sees the wrong brunette on him. "Faith, what are you doing here?"

Faith smiled from her spot. "You wanted this as much as I do."

Xander shook his head in denial. "No, maybe when we first met... but the thing with Willow was a mistake and it will never happen again." Xander quietly almost knocked Faith off the bed, oh god he didn't. How could he?

Faith looked over and smiled. "I think it just did."

Xander looked over and saw Cordelia and not again… he couldn't have done it again. "No, Cordy!" He scrambled to his feet and chased after her up the steps only to be greeted by a hand wrapped around his throat belonging to one pissed off kryptonian. Uh oh. "Clark, you gotta believe me I don't know what's going on we all did this combo spell and I think it's going kaplooie one second I was arguing with Snyder who's been dead for a year… yay on that by the way, and now this. I swear I never touched her."

Clark looked at him for a moment before letting him go. "It's alright Xander, we all know."

"Some longer then others." Cordelia quipped.

"Know what?" Xander asked.

Clark looked at him he honestly has to explain this. "You're a pack mule. You carry the things and that's about it. You were bound to destroy everything good you had at some point."

Xander looked at him. Clark can't think that he pulls out the best of everyone. "Why would you say that? Usually you're like a six foot tall Hallmark card." A psycho slayer that nearly killed him, no still worth saving so why wouldn't he. "Cordy I'm different you know that."

Cordy shrugged looking at him. "You're not a soldier you can't be trusted, even with simple Latin why do you think Giles' important errand for you is doughnut guy even after you saved the world multiple times. Face it dweeb you're never going to be anything except what you came from."

Clark hit him in the stomach sending him tumbling back down the steps only Faith is nowhere to be found and he knows this place... it's his basement. No he's living with Cordelia he is free of them. He hears a repeated banging on the door as he's seemingly frozen in his tracks. The door burst open as a burly man starts walking down. "What the hell is wrong with you? You won't come upstairs?"

"I'm sorry…" Xander offered weakly not turning around to look at the man.

"What are you, ashamed of us? You're mother's crying her guts out!" The man replied.

Xander didn't turn he was too afraid to. "You don't understand…"

The figure stomps down the stairs toward him. "No, YOU don't understand! Life ends
here, with us! You're not gonna change that. You haven't got the heart."

Xander backed to the wall not even looking at the last figure instead looking at the hand in his chest since the last word and staring into the eyes of the first slayer.

Faith slept peacefully in Clark's arms as she started tossing and turning.

Faith looked around and simply sighed in frustration. OK she's in the magic shop… why did she come back here? She looks down and sees the door knob missing from the door no she's not getting stuck in here again. She's not that same insecure child anymore. She took one kick and the door flew off its hinges as she went up and now she's in the Kents house. Well if this isn't weird.

She looks around and sees the Kents in a tender moment. Claire, and Giles yelling at each other over training. A shake from the closet so she looks in the old fashioned keyhole and sees Xander and Cordelia being themselves. She also sees Chloe arguing with an older bald man.

"This is our greatest salvation." The man replied holding two cheese mozzarella sticks.

Chloe rolled her eyes and held her head. This is going insane. "Its cheese it doesn't mean anything its just oddly shaped milk." She left the man there and went to Faith. "IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING!"

Faith nodded. "Yeah, of course."

Faith looked over at Martha with Jonathan and smiled. "Mrs. K they let you out of the hospital already."

"I haven't been in the hospital for years Faith." Martha replied. "Are you feeling OK?"

Faith nodded weakly. "Um yeah, just a weird day."

Jonathan put his hand on Faith's forehead. "You don't feel sick little firecracker."

"I'm fine." Faith assured them as she saw Clark come in with… you've gotta be kidding me.

Faith pointed at her. "What the hell is this?"

Clark and the pregnant Buffy looked at each other. Before turning to Faith and asking simultaneously. "What?"

Faith pointed down. "You knocked her up."

Buffy and Clark look at each other and then just laugh almost bursting into tears and falling on the floor.

Buffy wiped her eyes before continuing. "Oh please being married to him once was enough. Besides I don't think my husband will appreciate that."

Faith looked at it. So whatever this dream is it's trolling her. "So who's the luck…" Her mood stopped looking at Clark's face. Specifically the big glasses covering his baby blues. "Nice look."

Clark rolled his eyes. "Well when I stop a train wreck I kind of have to hide my face. I'm not exactly happy about it. Maybe I should go with a mask."

Faith looked at him she didn't think he did that many hero jobs yet. "Come on upstairs."

Faith dragged Clark upstairs behind her as Buffy went over to Willow and Tara.

Clark looked himself over in a mirror. "I look like a tool."

Faith smiled and looked him over she could get used to it. "No you look good, sophisticated as hell even."

"I look like a watcher." Clark quipped.

"No… you look sexy." Faith assured him as she took the glasses off him. "Just watch."

Faith sat him down and put the glasses on herself. "See… sexy"

Clark weakly nodded. "Wow, you're so hot."

Faith climbed onto his lap and started kissing him and started quietly whispering. "Particles" She nibbles on his ear a bit. "Physics" She started on the buttons on his shirt. "Lithium"

She smiled as Clark wrapped his arms around her and pulled her down.

Back in the real world Faith opened her eyes for a moment. Right at the good part. She quickly fell back asleep hoping to pick up where she left off. No angst and she wasn't part of the spell. What the hell would she have nightmares about?

Clark started moving his head left and right in his sleep.

Clark looked around and saw a pyramid in the distance. OK he doesn't want to know how he got to Egypt. He looks around and sees absolutely nothing so he does a jump with all his strength as he easily clears fifty feet before coming down. He smiles seeing no one around and jumps again. Clark jumps three more times feeling light and ecstatic until he's in the air the third time and sees he's closing in on the pyramid and sees the person he's been looking for, for weeks idly standing at the top. He guesses he's found Raiden.

Clark lands down at the bottom and hears movement coming down the pyramid. He looked up and saw eight people dressed in green and yellow clothes and body paint carrying an old man on their shoulders in a chesse hat.

"I won, I won, I won the cheese." The older man shouted triumphant as they walked by in celebration.

Clark shrugged and started walking up the pyramid. He doesn't remember it being so big before. He gets up to the top of the pyramid as he comes up to his room in Sunnydale. "What?"

Clark is taken back by a flash of light and once it cleared he found himself in bed with a girl on top of him. Clark looked up and saw a head of blond with little clothing. "Buffy?"

Buffy looked up at him with a smile but saw he was confused. "What?"

Clark looked at her. "I still love Faith that's not going to change."

Clark felt an arm wrap around his waist.

"What about me now?" Faith asked.

Clark smiled kissing the girl he loved as Buffy covered herself up with sheets as Faith had as she turned to the brunette slayer.

"You think he'll ever wake up." Buffy asked.

Clark looked at the two he figured this was a dream. "Should I pinch myself?"

Buffy smiled. "That's not what we mean."

Clark looked around as he was surrounded by a white light. He looks around and sees himself and the girls fully clothed at the welcome to Sunnydale sign. He also looks up and sees a giant dome locked around the city. "Just when I thought I had seen all there is to see."

Buffy looked outside the dome. "It's a big world out there."

"Goes far beyond this little town." Faith replied leaning in. "World needs a hero Clark and I think you know that."

"Right, I was just doing the laundry this afternoon and realized the world needs a hero." Clark replied.

"And he comes out swinging." Faith quipped as Buffy disappeared. "Not all monsters are demons Clark take a moment on top of the planet and listen to it."

Clark shot up awake. You know just once he'd like a nice dream. It's not too much trouble to ask for is it? He wakes up and sees he's all alone. Where is everybody?

He goes into the kitchen and sees everyone snuggled around their cups of coffee. "Let me guess bad dreams?"

"The first slayer tried to murder us in our sleep." Willow replied almost happily.

Clark rolled his eyes and did head a count. Buffy, Giles, Claire, Cordy, Xander, Willow… wait, they're short one. "Where's Chloe?"

At the sound of her name the door opened revealing the blond. "I'm here, what's going on?"

"Um… long story." Giles supplied. "Why did you go out especially at this hour?"

"I needed some fresh air… bad dream." Chloe replied. What would have happened if a demon had caught her anyway? She'll heal.

Buffy shrugged. "Well everyone's here, I'm going to try to go back to sleep. This time in my own room and not in front of a horror movie. Last thing I need is that creepy cheese man showing up again."

Everyone including Claire gave each other significant stares wondering what was the meaning of that man? Faith just shrugged she could honestly care less.

Clark collected himself and once he got the everyone will be OK assurance from Giles he went for the door.

Faith watched him leave curious he didn't say anything about going out tonight. "Where are you going?"

"To town there's something I've got to do." Clark answered.

Faith nodded in acceptance but had her own idea. "Alright, but if you see a store open see if you can get fake glasses that look real."

Clark raised his head and looked at her. "Sad thing is that's not the weirdest thing you asked me to get this month."

Clark quickly ran out of the hellmouth heading east and exiting California. He runs through Smallville not stopping once it was part of his past and it's over now. He runs out of Smallville and heads for Metropolis.

Clark ran to the building he was looking for and jumped into the air landing open top of the Daily Planet. Somehow this seemed so much bigger sophomore year. Well he's not going to stand on the world but he'll listen next to it all the same. Clark instantly held his head as he hears it all the chaos. It's not Sunnydale level but it's still pretty bad. Clark takes a moment to clear his head. All the screams it was so powerful and as far as he knows there is not a single demon in Metropolis.

Clark got to his feet and looked up as lightning broke the sound taking all his focus away from it. Clark looked to the sky having a pretty good feeling where that came from. "Raiden"

The thunder god showed himself at the top of the planet with him.

"Where the hell have you been?" Clark asked.

Raiden looked at him. "I have just returned from other worlds… I can't go back again."

"Why not?" Clark asked.

"I stole some things to prevent the beginning of Armageddon." Raiden answered easily enough. "I also destroyed them."

Clark shrugged. "So why can't you go back?"

Raiden shook his head no one will miss the dragon egg or Blaze but... "The Kamidogu were sacred to each realm. The elder gods will give me quite a punishment for this one if word reached them."

"I thought we stopped Armageddon when I killed Shao Kahn?" Clark asked.

Raiden looked at his amulet it hasn't deteriorated since Clark killed Shao Kahn but neither has it repaired itself. "More then one person will lay claim to earth there is always more then one apocalypse. Though I doubt I would have to teach you that."

Clark nodded two this year counting Zod, three last year. He really needs to learn the plural of the a word. "No, I get it. Just wish, you were here, I could have used your help earlier."

Raiden frowned but held out something for him. Clark looked at it and was kind of in awe. Also kind of disappointed because it means his birthday is coming up soon.

Clark looked at his hand and saw it to his surprise. "A crystal"

"It's a Moroi Crystal." Raiden explained. "It's magic allows it's wielders and anyone accompanying them to travel through the realms… maybe even alternate universes… keep it safe Kal El. I warned you before it's a big world out there I can't help you all the time and you would not stand strong if I did."

Clark looked at him concerned Raiden's never given him anything but cuts and broken bones. Why is he being nice to him? "What's with the present?"

"Safe keeping and a gift." Raiden answered looking to the sky.

Clark pocketed the crystal and looked at the god. Not exactly happy but Raiden is fighting to prevent the end of their world this whole time just like he was. "So what happens now?"

"Go home and get some sleep Kal El. Prepare for the coming dawn."

Clark nodded as he ran off in a blur. Raiden turned to the nothing and just frowned knowing the dark times coming. He can feel it something powerful is coming to his world and it's about to rise.

Laughter was heard from Clark and Faith's bedroom as Faith snuggled in closer. After this night and day dear did they ever earn this. Faith stopped to catch her breath and just positioned her foot to stop Clark as he joined her on top of the bed.

"You keep doing that I'm not going to be able to walk tomorrow." Faith said stupid super hearing.

"Thanks professor Le… Faith." Clark wrapped her up in his arms and gently kissed her. "Sorry about that been a very good day after a very chaotic year."

"Yeah just as long as you ignore the fact that your mom almost died and you were nearly taken over by a psycho you."

Clark shrugged. "We're all here we're all still alive. I have the woman I love wrapped in my arms with very sexy glasses on her, I'll take it."

Faith smiled and gently kissed him. "Good point."


Faith looked up at him and now there's something on his mind. "Sup?"

Clark looked at her not sure how to phrase this. "Do you think I should do more…? I mean outside of Sunnydale maybe. I do have the time for it now being a college drop out."

Faith looked at him and honestly she wondered when it was going to come up and not why. "Clark, Me, B, and the hothead we all do our part and we know we make Sunnydale a better place to live. But Clark we're all little fire crackers standing next to an atom bomb. You have the ability to change things… forever fly higher then any of us. You can be earth's greatest hero… don't run from that. If you want to help more people then do it. Be a hero that I know you can. But for now we've had a long day and even heroes need sleep."

Clark smiled as his eyes started gazing over. "I kind of love you. You know that."

Faith just smiled as sleep started catching up to her. "I love you too. Now let's get some sleep it's almost dawn and I'm not a solar battery."

Author's notes

Thanks to everyone who reviewed it read it, followed it and favorited it.

The end of Volume 2 I liked volume 1 a lot more.

With exception of Xander I couldn't think of anything new for the scoobies dreams and I used half of Faith's earlier for obvious reasons.

And now…

"Clark, five years ago I asked you a question… I think you owe me an answer"- Jonathan

"Don't forget to take your sister"

"MOM!" - Dawn & ?

"OK, what's a czarnian and why does he want to kill me?" – Clark

'Claire is my best friend and we both have a curiosity with magic we said we wanted to be like Willow and Tara… Giles broke his glasses and mom sent us to my room… and then quickly sent Claire to the basement' - Dawn

"Clark make them stop!" – Buffy

"Yeah, I'm sure he'll get right on that." – Xander

"Chloe our powers make us who we are." – Claire

"Not all of us have the cool powers along with superhuman strength. Some of us get crappy ones which means seeing things no one should ever see. If I have to lose a bit of my past to make sure my future will end one day so be it." - Chloe

"Dawn's what?" - ?


"Sunnydale's very own clash of the Titans." - Chloe

"They'll be gorgeous." - Glory

"Tara if you don't get in that car I swear to god I will beat you down!" – Donny

"Go ahead watch what happens!" – Faith

"What! I'm sorry, I meant what! You did what! to me?"- Buffy

"Clark, she killed him." – Faith

"Oh that's bullcrap! I haven't killed a damn one of you since I met you… not from lack of trying mind you." – Glory

"Sister Sunshine"

"Great I got kidnapped by the crazies" – Cordelia

"Holy mother of god it's two Cordelias. – Xander

"It's like four feet ninety five pounds of pure evil." - Willow

"The watchers are coming, the watchers are coming."- Xander

"Power I have it, they don't, this bothers them." - Buffy

"It's good you're embracing your kryptonian side. I'm starting to doubt you have another one." – Faith

"Congratulations…" He took a moment to spit in his face. "Clark, you destroyed the world." – Xander

"Hang on kiddos daddy's putting the hammer down." - Spike

"If Dawn is bled then the worlds will end."- Giles

"The last thing she'll see is all of us defending her." - ?

"You can not alter the wheel of destiny Kal El." Jor El

The story continues Volume 3: Family