Embracing the Faithful, Protecting the Heretic.

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Chapter 6: Piltover Fiction Press

Leona was speechless as she stared at the woman. "That cannot be a real title."

Diana covered her face with her hand as she groaned. "Great, we kept our secret all of a tenth of a second. Wonderful at this rate I'm on pace to be banished, or worse, before night fall."

Leona was the first to act, closing the gap between herself and Aerith before placing a hand on the shorter girl's shoulder. "So, you know who I am right?"

"I'm getting to talk to the Chosen of the Sun. Champion of the Sun, The Protector of the Light, The Radiant Dawn." Aerith swallowed as she looked from The Chosen's hand, to the taller woman's stern face. Aerith tightened her arms around the books that she had been returning to the bookshelf. "I do."

"Good." Leona said with a nod. "Then you understand how serious it must be if I am the one asking you to keep everything you just heard between the three of us."

"Chosen of the Sun, I understand." Aerith nodded twice before ducking under Leona's arm in order to move further down the bookshelf.

Leona sighed. "Very well, The first thing we have to do is figure out what those symbols in the sun chamber were. If we are lucky there might be a book somewhere in here that could lend us a clue."

Diana shook her head as she walked towards the center of the room. "I've been through most of the books in here..."

Aerith turned walking toward a desk that held a small pile of books. "I'm only an 'Apprentice Keeper of Books' but, I'm sure we can find something..."

Leona walked towards the center of the dimly light room before stopping and turning to look around. "Other than some tomes on training and scrolls about the powers the Chosen can wield, I've never spent a lot of time in here. Where do we start?"


"He should not even be on the council." Marcus said as he slowly stirred the warm soup that swirled in the bowl he held. He turned his gaze up at the warm noon day sun, letting it warm his face from the cold breeze that blew. "Every year during the pilgrimage low elders are selected to serve on the council but, Ravi has never been selected before... I'm too young to put up with this crap... this is why only the high Elders normally serve on the council."

"Ravi was selected by High Elder Jason to hold his place while he was on pilgrimage." Aurora sipped the soup enjoying the warmth of the broth. "For the record... I'm two years younger than you and I've been called to replace council members in times of illness for at least eight years."

"And you training the Chosen had nothing to do with that." Marcus dipped a small piece of warm bread in his soup before eating it and speaking with a half full mouth. "Back on the subject of Ravi, to go from never serving on the council to sitting in the center chair is next to unheard of..." Marcus said in a gruff tone.

"Almost as unheard of as having a 'Chosen of the Sun' walk among us... or having a High Acolyte who, if I did not know better, I would say worshiped the moon in her spare time." Aurora said with a sigh.

"Your point?" Marcus said as he sipped the now cooler broth.

"We live in strange unheard of times... and until the other elders return, we must simply do what we can to keep Ravi in check." Aurora smiled as she shifted closer to Marcus enjoying the shelter from the cold wind the closeness brought.

"Visiting all of the Rakkor tribes that are scattered on mountain tops across half of Valoran and also lending guidance to our fellow solari that live there is needed." Marcus paused, lifting his bowl to his lips. "Still, they have taken far longer than normal." Marcus said in a low voice.

Aurora smiled over at her fellow Elder. "I can not say that your concern is not admirable but, since we Rakkor refuse to settle anywhere but atop a mountain it takes time to reach the other cities."

"They have been gone to long..." Marcus repeated.

"The Grand Elder is ill..." Aurora said in a muted tone.

Marcus nearly spilled his soup as he jerked his head to look at Aurora.

"Despite his age and illness he would have no talk of him not attending the pilgrimage this year." Aurora took another sip of her soup. "Still precaution for his health were taken without him knowing. The guides were given strict orders to stay longer at each city in order to give him time to rest. Also, Alexis went with them to personally tend to him."

Marcus turned back to his bowl, finishing the broth before he poked at the lean meat that was left in the bowl. "I was unaware of the Grand Elder's condition. Still with the High Elders, Grand Elder, and our best warriors gone... This place feels so empty."

"As it always doe,s during this time of year." Aurora said as she looked at the walls of the complex, which shown bright golden in the sun. "I still enjoy this time of year the most. Serving next to you is pleasant."

Marcus looked down at his fellow Solari before turning his attention back to his meal. "With Ravi's current foolishness, You are the only thing I find to be pleasant." Marcus smiled looking down at Aurora. "It is a shame that we picked such an isolated location to enjoy our meal. What if someone was to believe the rumors about two council members being together..."

Aurora leaned her head on Marcus's shoulder. "Yes... that would be just shameful..."


"Duty of the Solari." Leona mouthed the name of the book as she leaned against a bookshelf, flipping through the small bound book. "How many times have I talked over this book with Aurora..."

Diana sat at a small table flipping through a very old tome. "Why can't I find one line... Please for the sake of everything good why isn't there one line that doesn't paint the moon as the enemy of the sun. Please for the sake of mercy give me just one sentence..."

Leona placed the book down as she again began to walk along the bookshelves, looking for titles that hinted at hope of information.

Diana closed the tome sighing. "It's hopeless... I've been reading the books in here for years. Most of the books that might have been useful I've already read through two or three times."

Aerith smiled as she picked up a few books, before walking around the room placing them on the bookshelves where they belonged. "Wow you must be really smart, what books haven't you read?"

Diana stood up looking around. "Like I said, I've been reading in here for years. There are not many things to do with the sun, or the moon, I have not already read about it. Why do you think it has been forever since anyone has beaten me in debate of scriptures."

Leona raised a hand to her mouth before clearing her throat.

Diana looked at Leona for a moment before dismissively waving her off. "You can call the power of the sun down whenever you need to prove a point, you do not count." Diana rubbed her eyes, the strain from trying to read blurry text giving her a headache. "Honestly, arguing with you isn't debating, it is watching someone change the rules till they win."

"If you say so..." Leona said with a smile as she walked over to another table, picking up a small book. "This is printed not handwritten. Is it from Piltover?" Leona asked as she turned to the back cover to see an image of a snake that was wrapping around a small glowing orb.

"Printed?" Aerith asked as she peeked out from behind a bookshelf where she had placed the last of the books in her arms.

Leona looked to the top to find a block of text, with the title a few fonts larger than the rest of the text. "From the same mysterious author that brought us all 'Illuminating The Blade', Piltover Fiction Press is proud to present 'The Sunlight and The Serpent'." Leona murmured.

Aerith's eyes grew wide as she listened to Leona reading. "Wait..."

"A bright new romance novel and a tale for the ages about the love between the Radiant Da-" Leona mumbled until Aerith dashed past her snatching the book away. "Hey, I was reading that."

"Sorry you can't! It isn't part of the library. We are not allowed to read outside text in here... must keep this place... err holy." Aerith said as she smiled while backing away from Leona. "Looking after the books can be a bit dull so I have been doing a little writing in my spare time. Plus I... it would... would... would just bore you and don't we have other things to think on right now."

Leona blinked as the girl rambled.

Diana looked up from closing another book. "Yes we do have other things to think on. For one, the fact none of the books you brought me have any information that is helpful." Diana rubbed her eyes as she walked over to a bookshelf placing a hand on it. "I've read all of these before... My head hurts, I'm hungry and this is getting us nowhere."

Aerith continued to hold the book behind her back as she looked down. "I'm sorry... wait all of them?"

"Yeah." Diana said not opening her eyes.

"But... Some of those are in the old language." Aerith said looking at the books.

"Your Point?" Diana asked, her voice carrying slight irritated.

"Well... I didn't know any of us could even read the old language and..." Aerith paused pointing too a small wooden door at the back of the room. "High Elder Gyan's personal collection is all in the old language. He said there are handwritten ancient solari scrolls, dating back to the time of the first Chosen. He said he's never made them available to the public for fear of them being damaged and that some of the reading were troubling if misunderstood... and some were just silly myths and fairytales mixed together with fact."

Diana smiled as she opened her eyes. "I've never read them... I didn't even know we had anything like that."

"The scrolls are too fragile for me to bring to you, I'm not suppose to let anyone into the scriptorium ether but... High Elder Gyan was working on copying all the scrolls into a single manuscript. He kept muttering about 'things best left in the past to die' and he hadn't finished it but... I could bring it out if you promise to be careful." Aerith said in a timid voice. "Promise?"

"I promise!" Diana nodded with a grin.

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