"Not a chance," repeated Mike Celluci emphatically. "The vampire is not playing."

"If you're that scared of losing, Detective, maybe you shouldn't be playing with the grown-ups." Henry's smile was distinctly condescending and predatory at the same time.

"We won't have even teams otherwise," Coreen whined, delivering the full impact of the puppy-dogs eyes to the stubborn detective. Mike remained unmoved.

"The vampire is not playing."

"I have a name, you know," Henry reminded the other man. "Anyway, the fact is, Vicki needs a partner. It makes sense that I play."

"Yeah Mike, how bad could it be?" Vicki Nelson purred, a small smile on her face. "Henry's never played before."

Mike snorted. "He doesn't need to have played before. He can run faster than a train and jump a three story building! It will be completely unfair."

Henry approached slowly, eyes black and fangs extended, power resonating in his suddenly ageless voice. "But of course, you think that allowing me to play Ultimate Frisbee with you is a great idea. Right, Detective?" The blackness faded.

"Right," repeated Mike, still slightly dazed.

"Great!" Vicki enthused and spiraled the Frisbee towards Henry, who caught it lazily. "You start it off." Coreen's protest was interrupted by an angry shout from behind her.

"Hey! How dare you use your mind control on me, you undead..."

"I think the kind Detective has finally decided to join us." Henry allowed Vicki to take the Frisbee from him and shot a patronizing look in Mike's direction. "Now maybe we can finally start the game."