Here is the introduction chapter of my new story HOW MY LIFE SUCKS.

There will be a few new characters in this story. and one of these characters, EMMA, is the narrator of the story.

I would really appreciate if you guys could let me know what you think. Please tell mw if you're interested, then I will add the new chapter.

Sorry this part is short. But it's only a prologue. This one is just a little thing to see if you guys are interested. Next chapters will be longer.

Forgive me if I make stupid mistakes. This is not my native language ;)

Anyway... enjoy your reading. and DO NOT FORGET TO REVIEW!

xx Nickka


Hello readers –*whoever you are. If ever you're there*

*God, this is so awkward. OK anyway* My name is Emma Benson. Most people call me Em. I am a sophomore in high school. Untill last summer, I had a dream about being an athlete. But I ended up with a laptop, writing this stupid lines on my wheelchair.

Life sucks, you know. Big time!

Well, my therapist wants me to write the story of the most important incident of my life. *My life?! Well, if I ever wrote the story of my life, I think it would be a black comedy!* Anyway, I don't understand how it's going to help me get beter, so I won't bother. I am not a famous person, people won't like to read my unfortunate story. This really is a waste of time. But anyway, I made a promise, to my mom, that I intend to keep. So let's get this over with:

I want to tell you my story of love and friendship… and reuniting my family… and loss… and depression… and oh so many things! *Gosh Em, you're already screwing up!* Sorry, I want to tell you my story..

The story of how I became a total failure instead of a successful athlete...