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Authors note: *bites nails* Here we go! After some work, reading, re-reading, adjustments and reading, I am ready to start posting my sequel fic to Introducing Bella Swan: Porn Star. I am much happier with my work now and I feel I have put Bella back to her feisty self! For anyone who was reading the last time I uploaded this story, the changes are subtle, not drastic but I am happy with the overall result. Happy reading.

I was sitting at the desk, using Edward's laptop and staring at an empty email. My fingers just needed to type words. Any words...

Dear Mom,

I'm sorry this email is so late, I've pretty much sat down for the first time since this morning.

Today Edward took me to a theme park a short drive away from London. It was awesome, we could never take you and Eric there, I don't think I saw one ride that he would actually go on. I think Dad would be a total daredevil though. I lose count of the amount of times I was upside down and whirling around and around. His brothers and their wives came with us, though Alice threw up after every single ride, though I think she might be pregnant.

Tonight we're all cramped into Edward's university flat (that's the same as an apartment back home.) Jasper's quite the chef so he's cooking for everyone in celebration of Edward going back to school tomorrow. I'm so proud of him. He'll go to university three days a week and then work at a hospital for two. I've no doubt he'll be slicing into peoples bodies in no time and be loving it. Blood and guts everywhere.

I know you're going to be sitting at the computer, wanting to know what my plan is. I'm emailing out my resume to legal companies as soon as I've finished speaking to you, girl scouts honour!

I hope you and Dad are doing good. I miss you both. The last few months has flown by but Edward's doing a real good job of making me feel at home. I feel almost British! You were right in what you told me when I was a teenager, every princess does find her prince, she just has to be patient and wait.

Attached is a photo of a green faced Edward and I after coming off the SAW ride. It was a one hundred foot drop, you would have freaked!

I love you mom, and miss you every day.

Talk soon.

Bella x

I clicked the send button in the corner of the screen and off flew my email to New York! Email amazed me, I was thousands of miles away from my family and yet in just a few minutes, my mother would be opening the message I just wrote to her.

It was the little things in life that made me happy.

I was made even happier upon the little 'ding ding' sound that Edward's computer made. Eric's face flashed up in the corner. Instant messenger was my saviour. I clicked the button and grinned seeing Eric's message.

Eric: Hey bitch! :-)

I laughed audibly and tapped a message back.

Me: Hello fabulous!

You probably remember Eric as my fabulous and very gay best friend. Together we had flown back from New York just as I realized I was in love with Edward Cullen. He sent me on the first flight back to London.

Teaching Eric how to use instant messaging was interesting to say the least. He was now using it to pick up guys as well as keeping in touch with me.

Eric: How's the man candy?

Eric had recently taken to calling Edward any name that reflected his good looks. Man candy was a new change to 'Stud'

Me: He's great. He's in the living room with his brothers, I just emailed mom x

Eric: Ooh! Is the beefy one still gorgeous?

Me: I can't answer that! But he is still married.

Eric: He'll see the light one day, Bella Boo.

I smiled. I could imagine Eric's voice to his words.

Me: I have to go. Love you x

Eric: MWAH!

I shut the lid on the laptop and changed into something more comfortable, just some cotton pants or 'trousers' and Edward's university hoodie - I had now claimed it as my own, and walked down the dark hall into the main living space. The room was filled with near drunken laughter and the amazing smell of Jasper's homemade spaghetti bolognese. I'd never tasted anything quite like it, except a traditional British roast dinner made by Edward's mother.

I grinned at the sight of Edward lounging in an armchair. His body was sunk down into it and he patted his thigh with a tired smile.

Getting to know Edward again after years apart had been incredible, and so easy.

Another little happy thing of mine was the two photo frames that sat on my 'bedside table' as Edward calls it. One held a photo of Edward and I, taking a second official date on the London Eye. The other was my favourite snap of my best friend Eric and I. Stood in front of the Empire State Building at night. Our arms wrapped around each other in the cold and pinching each others cheeks, pulling ridiculous faces to the stranger holding my camera for us.

Yes, I was happy.

Ecstatically happy.

I thought adjusting to my new life would be difficult, but my loving boyfriend Edward made every day easier. He provided me with everything I needed and everything that I didn't have before. Edward was a very attentive tour guide and roommate. He held me in the moments where I missed home and needed a cry, and he showered me with love and affection. He only had to flash my favourite crooked smile and it made the littlest worry fade away instantly. It was as if we'd both started a whole new life and totally forgotten the past one.

"Thorpe Park take it out of you, stud?" I cooed and settled myself comfortably in his lap.

"He's a pussy!" Emmett scoffed, teasing his kid brother. His wife, Rosalie punished him with a slap around the head.

My legs draped over the squashy leather arms of the chair, I combed my fingers through Edward's messy and still slightly damp hair from the water rides. It was no good pushing his hair back, it flopped straight back down in front of his eyes again. I smiled watching the strands of hair fall then gazed into the dazzling green eyes staring at me.

"Are you okay, Bella?"

I nodded.

"Very much so,"

I didn't miss my old life or career at all. I didn't miss the late night parties and pounding hangovers. I didn't miss parading my naked body in front of cameras.

You see, first you knew me as Bella Swan, the porn star.

Now I'm Bella Swan, Edward's girlfriend.

Leave me stuff!

Until next time