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His fingers dug into my flesh, almost painfully, but the feelings that he stirred within were much too delightful to really notice. My hands gripped the top of the refrigerator, nearly slipping and losing my grip as Edward thrust his way closer to complete bliss. Edward held on to my thighs, his open mouth leaving kisses and upon the clammy skin of my neck.

I crossed my ankles behind his back, the soles of my feet dug into the flesh of his ass as I supported my body. Edward's movement were becoming long and ragged. His breathing laboured and hot against my skin. Edward's muscles were tense, a coil tightened within me and I knew the end was near, as exciting as our sex life was, I knew Edward's body better than my own. His hips rotated, moving harder and as if trying to push impossibly deeper inside me.

"Edward, I-" I whimpered.

"No, baby. Not yet," He groaned and withdrew from me, "I need you to hold on for me,"

I'd been so close I was tempted to give him my bitch brow. But I didn't.

I saw Edward sit down on the floor, his long legs stretched out in front of him, his back rested against the kitchen cupboards. He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively making me giggle.

"Get over here, beautiful," He growled.

How could I refuse?

I straddled my man and lowered myself slowly. There was a combination of moans and groans coming from his lips and mine as every inch of Edward's manhood filled me once more. My hands found Edward's shoulders for leverage, his skimmed my sides. The smooth tips of his fingers teasing the swell of my breasts before grabbing them fully in his palms and squeezing. My body shuddered as I rocked my hips.

"You're so beautiful, Bella," Edward whispered as he brushed strands of my long hair behind my ears. It only fell in front of my face again though, so he swept the lot back and tangled his fingers in my locks, pulling my face towards him.

"I love you," He whispered again, using his free hand to flick his thumb over my hardened nipple, a wave of pleasure flooding me. He knew all the right buttons to press, he knew exactly what to do to drive me crazy.

"Oh, Edward!" I panted.

Edward released my hair and dipped his head down, encouraging me to lean back and I did so. His lips found the peak of my left nipple, his talented tongue circling before lightly grazing his teeth over me. His thumb and finger found my right nipple and rolled it between them, my arousal felt almost electrifying. I could feel Edward smirking.

My movements became rough and quick. I could feel my muscles almost squeezing Edward's cock before I came apart and found my long awaited release.

"Fuck, Edward, I -"

Edward's lips crushed to mine, his tongue making an immediate assault on mine as he forced it to part my lips. He tasted as delicious as ever. He grabbed my waist and encouraged my movements, I was barely controlling them as our climax ripped through our bodies. Riding together through our ecstasy until our clammy bodies collapsed against each other, trying to catch our breath.

I closed my eyes and clung onto the other half of me, Edward Cullen. His fingers made patterns over my bare back, a quiet chuckle escaping him.

"That makes for a very good end to the day,"

"Understatement," I mumbled, sleepily.

Edward held my shoulders and pulled my tired body backwards, my hair was sticking to my hot face.

"Aww, does Princess Bella need some sleep? A long day at work then sex with your boyfriend worn you out?" He teased.

"Not just any sex, banging hot sex," I nudged his chest playfully and grinned, "I am a little tired,"

"Miss Swan has lost her touch," Edward smirked and I feigned shock.

"I'm inclined to remind you who I am! I never lose my touch," I told him with my pretending stern tone before caressing Edward's cheek, "I save every touch for you, Edward,"

We remained silent, looking into each others eyes until Edward's cheeks inflated and burst out with laughter.

"You come out with some cheesy lines sometimes, baby,"

I pouted and was rewarded with an apologetic kiss. Edward lifted my lazy body from his and swept me up bridal style into his arms. I didn't bother to look in front of me for our destination, my eyes felt too heavy.

Moment's later I found myself tucked up under the duvet in bed and Edward's arm sliding around me to keep us both warm.

"I never asked you how your day was," I murmured as I snuggled in closer.

"Nothing overexciting," He replied, "I passed my exam,"

"The hand washing one?" I asked.


"Wow," I smiled and blinked, "You'll have to teach me your wondrous ways, Oh Doctor," I laughed as Edward's fingers jabbed my sides, tickling me.

"Although, something else did happen," He began, while running his hands through my hair making me fall even closer to sleep.


"I start shifts in the hospital next week,"

"That's nice," I yawned.

"Mainly night shifts,"

I sat up quickly, taken by surprise.

"Night shifts? Like at night?" I tried to clarify.

"I do believe that is the definition, Isabella," Edward laughed.

I slid down the bed, feeling a little deflated. I knew doctor's worked long hours but I still wasn't used to being in our apartment alone. I would work all day, then come home to an Edward-less apartment because he'd be working at the hospital.

"Oh," I muttered.

"It's just for two weeks. Then I'll be on day shifts," He reassured and pulled me tight into his chest.

"I don't like being alone here," I said sadly.

"You'll be so tired after work that you'll hardly realise I'm gone. You can hang out with Alice and Rosalie too. The time will fly and as soon as I'm home, I'll be right here in bed beside you," He soothed.

"For an hour until I get up," I added with a frown.

"Just two weeks, Bella. I promise,"

"Okay... but no fucking the nurses,"

He laughed.

"The only nurse I would screw, is you, if turned up fully clad in a kinky uniform,"

Tempting. I made a mental note.

I nodded and kissed his cheek before resting my head back upon his chest, allowing the gently thumps of his heartbeat and his palm massaging my back to lull me to sleep.


The next morning was full of me taking numerous telephone calls and forwarding them to the relevant people while James was sitting lazily across the room, no doubt doing nothing but scratching his balls. I was starting to become very bored of the same lines over and over...

Isabella Swan, how may I help you?

Isabella Swan. No I'm afraid Mr Cullen isn't available right now.

Isabella Swan.

Isabella Swan

Isabella Swan

I was ready to change my name by midday. I threw my jacket over the telephone to muffle the sound and kicked off my shoes. I just wanted to snooze for ten minutes on my desk but James was slipping his cellphone into his pocket to keep his now lonely testicles company and striding over to me.

"Coming for lunch?"

"With you?" I scoffed, "No way,"

"C'mon, new girl. Let me just show you where everything is. Cullen has a whole kitchen here with staff making lunch for the building,"

My stomach growled, loud enough for James to hear. He tightened his ponytail like a girl and smirked.

"So, have we got a date or not?"

I shivered and stood up, straightening out my v-neck sweater.

"Lunch. Not a date. I'm Cullen's..." I cut myself off quickly.

"Cullen's what?"

"Cullen's assistant, remember. I'll need to be back in time for his one o'clock meeting... I'm taking notes,"

James nodded and motioned towards the elevator to go up to the next floor. I sighed with relief.

Good cover, Swan.

The firm's cafeteria smelled amazing. In my mind, I always had the image of the stereotypical cafeteria you had in high school, the kind where you had no idea what was really in the food. This was the opposite. There were all kinds of meals and treats prepared. I looked over the choices and reached for my purse. I was about to order when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"This one is on me," A low voice offered.

My shoulders jumped, a little startled and I and looked over my shoulder.

"Carlisle!" I coughed, "I mean, Mr Cullen,"

"Bella," He smiled warmly and nodded while calling over to the middle aged lady behind the counter.

"Mrs Smith, Miss Swan here is my newest employee. Please give her anything she wants for lunch today,"

I let out a surprised laugh and lowered my voice.

"Please, Carlisle. No special treatment,"

Carlisle shook his head and waved his hand.

"Think nothing of it, Bella. Just a goodwill gesture to someone who is working hard. I trust you'll enjoy your lunch, I believe James is awaiting you in the corner,"

I glanced around the room and found James in the corner. He was pouring milk into his coffee from one of those tiny, foil covered containers. To check it was empty, he peered into it before shoving his tongue into the plastic. I cringed visibly. Carlisle frowned.

"I'm sorry, just..."

"He takes a little getting used to, I know," Carlisle sympathised and left me to choose my food.

Some meals seemed so alien compared to what I was used to. I opted for a toasted cheese sandwich, it was close to what I was used to. I smiled inhaling the strong cheddar smell as I sat down and remembered Eric burning a pile of grilled cheese sandwiches in my apartment.

"Is it that hard to keep an eye on the pan!" I screeched, trying to open every possible window while Eric dropped the pan into the sink.

"I was watching it!"

"Clearly you weren't!"

"Well I'm sorry, Bella Boo! But who made you the Gordon Ramsey of New Yorks Upper West Side,"

The argument was lame. We glared at each other for around two minutes, speechless and smelling like burnt bread until we burst out with laughter at our idiocy.

We ended up ordering Chinese food.

"So, Swan. What brings an American, to London," James spoke with his mouthful, I wanted to hurl.

I wondered which story to spin to him. The truth or the vague truth.

"I met my boyfriend the internet and came to visit him and I suppose I've never left," I smiled and sipped from my bottle of coke.

"Damn, so you're not single,"

"No I'm not, and if I were, I wouldn't go with you, James," My tone was bored.

"I'm not your type? Are you particular about your man candy?"

"Yes. Manners are a good start,"

"So your man must be pretty perfect,"

Never would I talk to this man about Edward.

"He is," I stated and held eye contact with my grilled cheese.

"Wow. So love at first type, huh?"

"Something like that," I agreed and concentrated on my lunch.

I managed to finish eating before James and make my excuses to leave.

I arrived at Carlisle's office for the meeting ten minutes early. He was busy preparing his papers while I got out a notepad and pen.

"Are you sure you'll be able to keep up with this, Bella? Sam is quite the talker,"

I swallowed nervously.

"I'll certainly try,"

My 'try' would have to be better than my best. I considered this to be training if you like. I was used to teaching co-stars how to use whips and chains, that was easy work. This was quite different. I hoped my wrist could handle all the writing.

Carlisle chuckled and reached into his desk. I lifted my head up like a curious meerkat in the zoo trying to see what was going on. He lifted a small recorder from the desk and handed it to me.

"Put it into your handbag, press record and we'll say no more about it,"

I stammered a quick thank-you and nodded.

Mr Cullen was actually kind of cool as far as dad's and Mr Boss Men were.

I surprised myself and actually managed to keep up quite well throughout the meeting. Anything I missed, I could get from the tape recorder later. I would do that at home. From the meeting, I gathered that Samuel Uley would join Carlisle's firm in exactly two weeks from today. With him, he would bring two members from the firm he was currently with, Alec and Jane. They were two rather powerful attorneys and Sam assured Carlisle that they would be an asset to the firm.

"I'm trusting your instinct, Uley. I like that," Carlisle commented while I jotted everything down.

I was starting to get writers cramp. How the fuck did authors do this?

The meeting went on until three o'clock. I stayed behind in the office until Sam was gone and then switched off the recorder. I gathered my bag and notebook and made my way to the open door.

"That was good, Bella. Well done. We'll make a perfect assistant out of you yet,"

I smiled and my stomach felt warm from the praise given to me. I closed the door behind me and saw James looking at me across the room.

"Good job, golden girl," He twirled a pencil in his hand and rose to his feet.

James strutted over to me as I reached my desk, he leant in close and breathed heavily, I could smell the vile stench of tobacco.

"You're an interesting one, Swan. With many..." He looked at me up and then down, "Assets,"

"What is that supposed to mean?"

James let out a low chuckle, his lips barely parting. His tone was absolutely chilling.

"Nothing. Just... observation,"

He walked away and left me rooted to the spot.

He was more than just an ass. Something about this guy really unsettled me.

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