Come on skinny love, just last the year
Pour a little salt, we were never here
My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my
Staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer

I was thinking about Thayer, again. I was thinking about how left him without any explanation, and how he was never going to meet his daughter, Abby. It's been two years since i left Phoenix and went to live in a little city in Wisconsin, far away from Sutton and Ethant, far away from everything. When i left i didn't know i was pregnant, i found out a month later and decided that i was going to keep the baby but it wasn't easy, cause i was a waitress and a nanny was pretty expensive but I couldn't go back to Phoenix, not after how I left everyone. No one knew I was going to leave and I left in the night to make sure no one would follow me. I still remember when I looked at Thayer one last time, he was asleep and looked so peacefull. I kissed his forehead and left without looking back.

" Mommy, mommy !" said my two years old daughter.

" Hey, you ! Did you sleep well ?" I said before taking her in my arms.

" Yes" she answered with a bright smile " the mail mister gave me dis"

I took the paper that thought gave to me and I shivered when I saw that It was the same as the one I got when I was at the Mercer's house. I opened it and my eyes widened as I read the paper " Maybe you should go back to Phoenix or little Abby could get some troubles". Oh my god, I thought, the letters are back and Abby could be in danger. Without thinking I putted down my daughter and took my phone and called Sutton.

" Hello who is this ?" Sutton said once she picked up the phone.

" It's Emma. Listen, the creepy letters are back and I might be in danger"

" Damn!" she said angrily " Well come back to Phoenix and we will figure out something once you get here."

"Okay, bye." I said before I hung up.

I took all Abby's stuff and mines and puted them in bags and suitcases. I took my child in my arms and took all of our stuff before going to the bus station, I bought two tickets to Phoenix and went inside the bus. Then, I started to get worried about what will happen once I get back to Phoenix, where Abby and I are going to sleep? Is Thayer is gonna know ? Did Sutton told him that I was coming back ? Is Ethan still there ? All those thought rushed in my mind, but I knew at least that Abby was going to be fine. Or well, at least that's what I hoped.

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