Title- The Iron Child and the Iron Boy

Description- Tony Stark has a ten year old daughter and Son who are exactly like him. But what happens when the Avengers are initiated? Will it spell disaster or success for the children who have no friends? and then they meet Ash Rogers. Steve Roger's daughter? (Steve got with another girl called Tanya Satin)and then meet Loki's son who he kept a secret for years born to a mortal called Emily Talvert?

I am sitting at the table with Alec eating a fry up as of present. And it tastes delicsh. I mean mom's cooking is the best of the best. Unless we're in Mace D (McDonalds) then that wins hands down bitches.

Any who our school report card's just came (me and Alec skipped like loads of years we are in university) and we got A*** in all our lessons. Except sports because we bunk that. we'd rather fly around in my Iron Child suit and his Iron Boy suit. Yeah that's right I am Iron Child Iron Man's mini assistant and Alec is Iron Boy Iron Man's other mini assistant.

"I don't see why you have to flunk sports," mom sighs.

"Mom half the schools flunks sport. Unless your a jock," I replied with my mouth full of bacon and eggs.

"Don't talk with your mouth full," mom sighs. I swallow and me and Alec do a massive belch as dad walks in the room.

"Nice," he says and high fives me and Alec. Me and Alec then looked at the clock.

"Well we'd love to stay and chat about use bunking sports but we gotta go. See's ya," we both said and with that we grab our bags, phones and Skate boards, with built in turbo boosters and a system that can imidiatly put me in my Iron Child suit if needed and Alec into his Iron Boy suit. I glance at my watch and realises we have ten minutes to get to school and we're still twenty minutes away."Shit Alec we aren't gunna make it!" I yell

"Oh well time to try out the turbo boosters and the hover mecanisum," Alec replies and kicks the back of the board and I copy him. Imidiatly we're hovering in the air and our feet are strapped on and the wheels are tucked away.

"Cool," I say. "JARVIS,"

"Yes miss Stark?" JARVIS asked.

"Turn on the Turbo Boosters on my and Alec's skateboards," I reply.

"But Miss Stark they are not yet ready the likely hood you will not die is. . ."

"Yeah yeah yeah I can do the maths just do it," Alec snaps. And soon we are flying through the air at mega top speed. When we arrive at the grassland outside the school we're let down. I flick a switch and my bored turns into a finger flipper thing. You know those skate boards that you use your fingers on to do tricks and shiz. Anyway me and Alec run into the school and clock in. Then we bolt to our class.

Alec's P.O.V

I was compleatly bored to say the least. I knew everything they were talking about and was just about to fall asleep when my alert on my watch went off. I looked down and pressed the button. "What's up JARVIS?" I asked in a whisper.

"Danger Master Stark. At central park." JARVIS said. My jaw dropped and I shot up along with Jace.

"Suit activate!" we yelled and soon I was in my Iron Boy suit.

"Miss and Master Stark sit down!" Mr Peach yelled.

"Sorry boss. But gotta save the world. . . again. . . evil waits for no man. Or in this case child," I said and flew out of the window and towards Central Park with Jace. When we arrived our dad was kicking arse. We started helping him and soon the arse wholes were all unconscious. Dad then turned to us.

"Good job kiddo's," he smiled.

"Thanks dad." we smiled. Just then Fury turned up and took the arse wholes away.

"What are we going to do with you three?" he asked.

"Nothing," my dad said.

"Give us a raise," me and Alec said.

"I don't pay you," Fury reminded.

"Exactly," we said rolling my eyes.

"They are defiantly your kids Stark," Fury muttered. "Fall in at base in three hours," Fury said and dad nodded. me and Jace just whined.

Jace's P.O.V

The first time the avengers assembled I was only seven years old and my mother and father refused to let me and Alec help. But this time we are helping weather they like it or not.

Soon we arrived at the base with mom. She was going to be here just in-case someone tried to go after her while neither me, Alec or dad were around. I was flying down the hall in my Iron Child suit when I flew into a child. she was about my age with gingery like hair and brown eyes. "Argh shit sorry," I said lifting the front of my helmet up. "You OK?" I asked.

"Yeah," the kid said and stood up.

"I'm Jace by the way." I said holding out my hand.

"Ash," she returned eyeing my hand. I then realised my booster was still glowing.

"JARVIS remove my suit if you please," I requested.

"Certainty Miss Stark," JARVIS said in my suit, soon it was removed and I was standing in my normal clothes.

I held out my hand again. This time the girl took it. "Did you say your name was Ash?" I asked.

"I did yes." Ash replied.

"Oh so you must be Steve's daughter?" I asked and he nodded. "Cool!" I yelled.

"Really?" she asked.

"Yeah your dads awesome. Well all the avengers are," I replied.

"True," Ash agreed. "Hay you wanna come and train with me?" she asked.

"Sure. That's where I was heading! I was going to meet up with my brother but I'm sure he wont mind," I replied smiling.