My Uncle George just died so I'm using KJ Rolling's characters to help ease the ache.

Hope you enjoy it. If you don't... too bad.

George was laughing, Voldemort was dead, the war was over and Peeves was zooming around singing a victory song:

We did it, we bashed them, wee Potter's the One,

And Voldy's gone mouldy, so now let's have some fun!

He was worried though, he hadn't seen his twin for a while and as he went through the castle he looked for the red-headed boy that looked identical to him, as he past the Great Hall he could hear crying. Peering in, he saw many people standing or sitting around bodies lying in the hall. The most vivid group was the group of red-heads. Terrified now, George ran over to his family only to stop dead when he saw the body of his twin lying still, with a laugh still on his face.

No, no, no, "No…" George whispered as he sank down beside his twin. He bent his head crying hysterically, "No, no, NO! Not you, not you Fred. Please." The seven other Weasleys stood crying just as desperately for their brother and son but none of them could really understand the pain of losing a twin.


George had been feeling off since the end of the Final Battle, which had been over a month ago. At first he had stayed to help rebuild Hogwarts, but as the pain became worse, he'd moved back to his flat and finally home with his parents as the pain became unbearable and caused even the most simple task to be a chore.

Today though, he forced himself to get up and out of the house, once he was out of the wards he threw out his wand hand and quickly stepped back to avoid the knight bus.

"Welcome to the Knight Bus, emerg-"

"That's great, I just need to get to the Leaky Cauldron." George interrupted Stan, handing his 11 sickles and climbing aboard. It was a short time after that that he reached the Leaky Cauldron and he walked quickly through it, through the archway and past the stores to Gringotts. Walking to the first goblin he saw he asked to see his account manager.

"Follow me Mr. Weasley." Gripshire motioned for George to follow him to the goblin's office. Once they were there the goblin asked, "What can I do for you to day?"

"As you would know my brother died over a month ago and his will was read. I'm here to make some changes to my will."

"What would you like to change?"

"Well first, My joke shop. I want Harry James Potter to have 2/3 of the shares and Lee Brandon Jordan to have the final 3rd. The money I was going to give to Remus John Lupin I want given to Hermione Jean Granger under the condition she uses it to help Werewolves and finally, I want 100,000 Galleons set aside for my brother Ronald Bilius Weasley's wedding and another 100,000 for my sister Geneva Molly Weasley wedding."

"It will be done then. Everything else is to stay the same?"


"Very good sir. Have a good day."

"Yea." George left the bank and went back home and walked into the backyard to the tree beside the pond he and Fred would sit under. Sitting down, he looked up at the sky, "I'm coming." He said quietly closing his eyes and smiling as his breath stilled.

Mrs. Weasley cried when she found his body but was glad his suffering had ended.


"Hey Georgie! What kept you?" Fred hugged his brother tightly.

"Just had some last minute this to patch up."

Fred nodded.

They walked in silence before George spoke again, "Ya know, it hurts dyeing of a broken heart. But it was worth it." He hugged his brother again unwilling to let him go.

There you go, my therapy story.