Author's note: I thank you all for reading, and I would like to explain the origins of this story. My sister and I were watching "The Avengers", and she spontaneously said "Wouldn't it be awesome if Loki and Pinkie Pie met?" So they did.

This is a humanized story that still uses "Somepony" but not mare and stallion.

I will not be putting in anymore author's notes until the end.

Well, enjoy! And Rate and Review!

It was a normal day, except for a bit of rain, which I didn't mind. I would actually rather there be MORE rain! There's no good puddles today, so I can wear my fancy new boots I got from, get this, Fluttershy! She's my best friend right now since all the other girls are away in Canterlot to do some sort of Olympic things. Me and Fluttershy, oops, I mean, Fluttershy and I (Shy's been giving me grammar lessons so I can sound smarter) didn't want to go since we couldn't compete in anything and our girls didn't tell us when they would be competing. We're staying home to plan a giant "Welcome Home!" party, and either a "Congratulations!" party or a "You Did Great! Better Luck Next Time!" party. It's going to be the biggest bestest party EVER! Oh sorry, bestest isn't a word. Anyways, my new boots are beautiful! Fluttershy has a matching pair so we can go walking and everyone will know we're BFFs without even asking! They're a light pink like Shy's mane with green, yellow and blue butterflies and balloons. High heels and waterproof! I don't ever want to take them off. Anyways, I'm walking down the street to get my outfit for today out of the cleaners. I'm just wearing PJs right now. I get there and change, and I look GOOD! I walk home again, waving at Everypony who's awake since it's just 6 in the morning. There's no use sleeping in, I have things to do! So I pick up breakfast at Sugarcube Corner and sit in the square, waiting for Shy since we said we would meet there this morning. I open up the breakfasts and she comes running towards me. "Hey, sorry I'm late, Angel wouldn't eat and a baby bird fell out of her nest." I laugh. "It's fine Shy, you're just on time! I was a little behind as well!" She breathes a sigh of relief as she sits down beside me. "Your grammar is getting much better. What's on the menu today?" she says. "We got pancakes, strawberries and extra extra EXTRA whipped cream. They also gave us double maple syrup, on the house! Working there does have its benefits!" I exclaim, handing Shy her breakfast. She nods and eats up. We finish at about 6:47, so we can make it to my house just in time for our favourite show.

"He so shouldn't have left!"

"Oh she is WAY better than him! He should've left 4 episodes ago!"

"Oh really? Name one way Leap of Faith is better for Krystal Castles than Journey Deep!"

Me and Shy are having our ritualistic argument over who is the better boyfriend, Journey Deep or Leap of Faith. I personally like Journey Deep more, but they just got rid of him, which made me VERY upset. We continued our argument until we felt an earthquake. "Quick! Under the table!" I shout to Fluttershy. She joins me under the table as we wait for the aftershocks to smooth down. "Okay, I think it's over."

"It didn't feel right, Pinkie. It felt... magical."

Elsewhere in Ponyville, a meteorite crashes into the rich soil. It gets up and walks away.