The party was FANTASTIC! It was a CONGRATULATIONS! party; Dashie got first in racing, Twilight got first in Magical Weight Lifting, Rarity got first in Scavenger Hunt, and Applejack got first in Bucking. Loki helped me plan it along with Shy and I, so it was pretty crazy. We got the town perfectly fixed up soon after thanks to Loki's magic.


Shy painted her cottage a new colour to hide the burnmarks and started up the new Ponyville Zoo and Petting Zoo. The grand opening's tomorrow! She still has our boots and we wear them all the time. She ended up falling in love with Bruce, or the Hulk as some know him. The two of them have a Vet station, a zoo and a lab for making new medicen and new healthier foods for the animals.


Thankfully, the boutique didn't suffer much damage. But soon after, via a hole in the wall, a robber got into the carosel. Thor had seen Rarity before and had fallen deeply in love with her. He had been patrolling her boutique for signs of trouble to prove his worth to her. He had gone through a breakup with Jane 4 months ago and never thought he would fall in love again. But then he heard a crash and a scream from inside. He knocked the door down and hit the robber in the back of the head, just enough to knock him out. The two fell in love and are preparing their wedding!


She kept on working, even though some of the trees were knocked down. Hawkeye and her would hang out and shoot at some apples in the trees. He taught her some tricks and they fell in love slowly. Big Mac and Hawkeye have become good friends.

Rainbow Dash:

She met Tony soon after the party bragging about how fast he could fly, and she challenged him to a race. Dash won, and Tony wanted a rematch. They kept going and- you guessed it- fell in love. Nobody thought Dashie would actually fall in love, but she did.

Twilight Sparkle:

Her life stayed the same, she hung out with the girls and their boyfriends, but didn't fall in love herself. She's perfectly happy and doesn't want a boyfriend.

And me, Pinkie!:

I am in love with Loki, god of Mischief. We are now engaged! He proposed to me with a clone as he held me in a tight hug. The ring is an emerald with small rose quartz around it. We are very happy together!


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