It was another five and a half weeks before a pair of research vessels arrived off their little island. In that time the little community had grown from one married couple, to three, and the living arrangements needed to be adjusted. Being the only single member of the group, the Skipper moved into the supply hut, allowing Gilligan and Mary Ann to take up residence in the hut he once shared with his little buddy. The Professor moved in with his new wife, leaving most of his lab equipment behind. They all expected to be rescued in short order so it seemed pointless to expend the effort in what would prove to be a temporary measure. "Besides," said Ginger, as she wrapped her arms around her new husband, "if I get my way, and I usually do, you're not going to have time to be playing with test tubes and such." Any retort he might have given was whisked away as she drew him in for a long kiss.

The leader of the research team had been delighted to learn that the castaways had spent some time to document locations for some of the larger asteroid fragments. It was decided that one of the vessels would return to Honolulu in a few days, with seven new passengers and the first batch of scientific samples. After an examination, the ship's doctor pronounced them all to be in perfect health. The next few days seemed to fly by as the group prepared to leave their island home. Even the Howell's had expressed a certain bit of sadness about the pending journey.

On the evening of their departure, Mary Ann went to sickbay to consult with the doctor. She had been feeling queasy for the past few days and she at first thought it might have been the anticipation of being rescued, but it soon dawned on her that her sudden bout of illness could be something else; something wonderful.

After the doctor had confirmed her suspicions, Mary Ann rushed topside to find her husband. She could hardly contain her excitement. She found him where she knew he would be, standing on the fantail of the ship, looking back at the island which had been their home for so long. Her exhilaration abated somewhat as she saw the wistful expression carved into the face of her husband.


When he turned to face her, the melancholy look turned to delight, as it did every time he saw her.

"Mary Ann," he said, reaching to her with both arms, "…hi."

Safely in his embrace, she looked up, "William, are you all right?"

"Sure, Mary Ann, it's just…"

He looked back towards the island as it slowly receded from view. His expression once again took on a wistful flavor.

"…I'm going to miss our little island," he finished.

"I know. So am I," she added. "Even if we didn't have hot showers, it was still home."

Mary Ann turned in his arms and followed his gaze, both of them watching their island home recede into the distance. The sun had dipped below the horizon and the brightest of the stars had just begun to show. Mary Ann placed one of her hands on her husband's as his hand rested on her belly. She smiled at the significance which he was still yet unaware. They stayed there until the island was no longer visible.

"I went to see the doctor," she said, offhandedly as she could.

She felt him tense up immediately, an action that only reaffirmed his love for her.

"Mary Ann, are you okay? You're not sick, are you?" he asked, babbling in his concern.

"No William, I'm fine," she assured him. "But I do have something wonderful to tell you." She turned to him, holding one of his hands on her belly.

Perhaps it was something about being married and being responsible for someone else that made Gilligan seem to realize what his wife was trying to tell him. His eyes went wide and his face lit up as he asked, "You mean…you are…we are…I am…"

"Yes, William," she said, her eyes never leaving his. "I'm pregnant. We're going to have a baby."

William Gilligan collected her in his arms, swinging her around with delight. He suddenly stopped, becoming very concerned for her well being.

"Mary Ann…I'm sorry. Did I hurt you…?"

"No, William, I'm fine, you didn't hurt me. Being pregnant is a normal healthy condition."

"You're sure?"

"Trust me, I'm sure."

With that, she reached up and kissed him, and they wrapped in each other's embrace. As she took in all of the affection her husband gave her she knew that no matter what life had in store for them, she would always be safe in the arms of love.


I want arms that know how to rock me, safe in the arms of love,

I want to fall and know that love has caught me, safe in the arms of love,

Safe in the arms of love,

Safe in the arms of love.