For Caffrey. Who annoys the life out of me and makes me write All the things.

It started when Stiles entered his senior year of High School. Scott was still going out Allison. Jackson was still a dickhead. Lydia was still oblivious to Stiles's feelings. The Pack were still scary. And Derek was still, well, he was Derek. He was still a mystery. A very sexy mystery. A very sexy scary mystery that could snap Stiles in half if he ever heard half of the things he thought about him. Especially in regards to the arms that would be used to snap him in half.
Stiles was out with Allison and Lydia helping keep watch during the full moon. Stiles wouldn't usually go out with them. He was used to staying in with Erica and keeping her sane during the full moon. Erica was still desperately in love with Stiles and only his voice grounded her. This full moon everything was different, Derek suddenly demanded the pack stick together for the full moon and nothing could change his mind. That's how Stiles found himself sitting outside a rusty old subway car in between Allison and Lydia; twirling a baseball bat and waiting for the full moon to take effect.
There was no cell reception in the tunnel and that caused Stiles to miss out on talking to his Dad one last time.
He didn't know what happened until the morning after when Derek drove him home and all that was left was charred rubble. Stiles was sleeping in the front seat and was shook awake frantically by Derek. He burst out the car and ran towards the still burning rubble; screaming for his Father. It was all a blur of lawyers, moving into Scott's house, burying what remained of his Dad, seeking comfort from anyone and anything.

He didn't take up drinking. He was terrified of it after that was revealed to be the cause of the fire. His Dad was having a celebratory drink and cigar after closing a case and fell asleep. He dropped the cigar to the ground and the fire started. Stiles couldn't even look at a bottle of Jack without feeling the need to hit something. He guess that's what caused him to go running to Derek. To Derek's bed if you want to be more specific. Or the back of Derek's car. Or the walls in Derek's house. Stiles never thought for sure if was gay or not, he just really liked having sex with Derek. He really, really liked Derek. He especially liked having sex with him during the full moon. The job of minding the younger Beta's went to Scott in order to train him as Derek's second.

One day Derek announced that Scott was taking over as leader of the pack whilst he travelled the country. News had been coming in of different creatures attacking people across the country and as the Alpha it was Derek's duty to help catch and destroy the monsters.

Derek took off early in the morning, kissing Stiles one last time goodbye. Scott was an effective Packmaster and managed to reel the Pack in. Stiles eventually moved into a small house with Lydia a couple of months after they started dating. Everything was going well in Beacon Hills; until the disappearances started.

It was a gradual thing. First it was low-lives, scumbags, people no one would really miss. Then Allison's Father was taken. Followed by Coach Finstock. Then Danny Mahealani. That's what caught Derek's eye. He soon kept his eyes constantly peeled on Beacon Hills. It wasn't long before he was packing his bags and setting a course for Beacon Hills. He was getting news updates daily about the disappearances. Isaac and Boyd were soon taken and Derek arrived back in town as news broke that Scott had gone missing. He pulled up at Stiles' house and dragged Stiles with him to find the missing teenagers.

Stiles had his head buried in an old book trying to research what it was. He suspected it was a Trickster, mostly because at every scene when people suddenly went missing there were candy wrappers found and Stiles knew Scott didn't eat candy.

Armed with stakes they went to go hunt down the Trickster. Thanks to Derek's enhanced werewolf skills he was able to find them on the outskirts of town, tied to chairs and being forced to watch terrible videos constantly. Their eyes were literally glued open and forced to watch the show. The Trickster stood and waited for them offering the pair a deal. He'd leave the town and return the stolen people if they burned their stakes and allowed him to go on to the next city. Stiles twirled the stake in his hand before throwing it at the Trickster, it struck just a bit away from his heart and the Trickster mocked Stiles not releasing Derek had ran behind him in the interval and drove the stake through his heart.
After helping the missing men home Stiles went back to Derek's house and had the greatest celebratory sex of his life. He didn't matter to him that Lydia was waiting at home for him, it was all about him and Derek.

Stiles really wished he went home and stayed faithful to his girlfriend. He had been having weird dreams the past few days of Lydia dying in a fire in their house but he disregarded it as stress from his Father's death. Derek drove him home after they got reacquainted with the bed, and the floor, and the wall and really any surface they could use.
He walked into the house and found a batch of cookies waiting for him on the counter. He took the batch into their bedroom and started to eat on the bed. He was patiently waiting for his girlfriend to arrive home when he felt drops of something falling on his face. Stiles wiped it away and looked down at his hand seeing blood. He looked up and saw his girlfriend dead on the ceiling and fire bursting out from her abdomen. Stiles started screaming and Derek came back into the house and dragged Stiles away from his dead girlfriend. It was like his Dad dying all over again. The fire, the police, the lawyers, the funeral, the Derek planning to leave again. But this time, Stiles was going with him.