"This is really improtant," Pein had said. "But I think it's time to move on." Nine eyes stared at their leader in confusion. "We need to get jobs, get lives, move on." Suddenly, Deidara realized what he was saying. The blonde broke out in tears. "Leader! Why!" Deidara sobbed. "For the best," Pein replied. "He hereby announce Orginization Akatsuki..." Everyone's eyes started to tear up. "DISBANDED!" And with that, everyone suffocated Pein with a group hug.

Five years later

"Hey, Sasori." Sasori looked up at his blonde husband. "I was just on facebook, and I saw something about a reunion. Come check this out." Sasori put down his book and looked over Deidara's shoulder at their computer. "The Akatsuki..." Sasori mumbled. "What...? The Akatsuki? It's been three years since I even had a thought on them!" Deidara said. "Pein is hosting a reunion for the Akatsuki...tomorrow." Sasori said, shocked.

The next day

The former evil masterminds went to their former hideout. Konan answered the door. "Oh! Hello! Sasori! Deidara! How has everything been?" The two hugged the blue-haired woman. "Just fine, and you?" Deidara had a haircut, a short bob that barley went down to his neck. He decided he liked it that way. "Oh, you know Pein," She chuckled. "He hasn't changed." The three of them started lauging. All of a sudden, a tall man with a duffle bag walked up to the entrance. Tanned skin. Stitches. Crazy weird eyes. Kakuzu. "Oh! Hi, Kakuzu." Sasori said. "Why don't we all come inside?" Konan insisted. They sat down at the coffe table in the living room. "Tea, anyone?" She asked. "I'll take some." Kakuzu said. "Me, too." Sasori also said. Konan left the room. "I can't stay for very long," Kakuzu said, yawning. "I have night-shift at the hospital."

Kisame let himself in, with a big grin on his face. "So, we're getting the family back together?" He said as a joke. "Hey, Kisame." Kakuzu said. All of a sudden, Kisame had a pocket knife pressed against his neck. "One wrong move and you're DEAD." A familliar voice said. Kisame turned around and unexpectedly hugged the raven-haired Uchiha. "Hi Itachi! I missed you!" Kisame yelled, squeezing him tighter. "Ack! Too tight! Too tight!" Itachi yelled, struggling to get loose. Kisame dropped his former partner. "Sorry, I got exited." "OBVIOUSLY." Followed by the raven-hair was a venus flytrap. "We heard about the reunion, I didn't wanna come, but he did." Zetsu said, Pointing at the masked-man who was also his roommate now. "SSSSEEEENNNNPPPAAAIIII!" Tobi yelled, jumping on Deidara. "Get off asshole!" Deidara yelled.