"Konan, have you gotten FAT?" "Don't say that..." Zetsu said, talking to himself more than anyone else. "No, silly! I'm pregnant!" "When's the baby due?" Deidara asked, feeling her belly. "In about three weeks." Deidara walked over to the couch to sit down. But who was there confused him. A man with messsy black hair. "Who is this?" Deidara asked the room, pointing to him. Hidan cringed at his former best friend's question. It was indeed Hidan. In the past five years, he's gotten depressed, dyed his hair and rarely talked. "It's me..." Hidan mumbled, barley audible. Deidara looked closer at the familliar purple eyes of the man who used to be a complete psycho. He had deep gashes on his arms. His Jashinist necklace was tucked into his shirt. His eyes were slightly drooped.

"No way. No way in hell. What did you do to Hidan?!" Kakuzu said. "You are NOT Hidan." "Kakuzu...it's me..." Hidan said, a litttle hurt. "No. It's not you. You're. Not. Hidan." Sasori said, joining in. Hidan looked down at the computer that was in his lap. "Hidan, what HAPPENED?! You're so out of character." "..." "Hidan, you're scaring me." "..." Pein walked into the room, his usual self like five years ago. "Who the hell is the emo?" He asked. "APPERANTLY, It's Hidan." Itachi said. "Imnotgoingforit..." Kakuzu coughed. Pein shugged. Itachi's cell phone started ringing. "Hello? Oh, hi Suzumi. You got the papers filled out? Good. I'll sign it when I get back. Okay. Bye." Kisame had a huge gin on his face. "My insurance agent." Itachi said before he could ask. "Why...?" "My house was broken into last week. What's going on in YOUR life?" "Well," Kisame started. "I got a degree in music, married a girl I met in class, and just last year, we got divorced. And you?" "I'm an assasin for hire." Everyone laughed. "I'm serious." "We know that," Sasori said. "We're humoring you because it's so like you."