It all came crashing back; her memories of attending Hogwarts with her beloved sister… And of Dumbledore's manipulation of them all. With almost twenty year's worth of suppressed powers, she sets out to save the only thing that was true in her life: Harry. Powerful!Witch!Mentor!Petunia

In this story, Petunia will have a slight sister-complex, though it's basically just her being overprotective with an overload of love and care towards Lily. Nothing incestuous though, I assure you all. This idea was inspired from several Severitus stories I've read, and I've decided to take up Petunia on that role instead of Severus Snape.

Also, spoilers for all books. I haven't read them in years though, so please tell me if you find any significant inconsistencies in this story, thank you.

Petunia could never fathom why, despite her undying hatred towards all things 'freakish', she could never see eye-to-eye with Vernon's true intentions on how to deal with Harry.

From the first day Harry Potter was found on her doorstep, she and Vernon wanted nothing to do with the child and were intent on leaving him outside until they're ready to take him into the car and leave him in an orphanage, regardless of what the letter said. Yet Petunia took him inside, and nursed him from the cold with Dudley (while explaining to Vernon that she's worried about what the neighbors would think, if they left him outside) and before they knew it they had raised Harry all these years.

Then, when Harry got his letter, Vernon wanted to beat the 'freakishness' out of him, and Petunia would've approved wholeheartedly and even encourage Dudley to do it as well. However, she ended up chiding Vernon that people would notice the marks on him if they beat him, and they will start gaining unwanted attention. Those were probably the most significant examples of her disapproval of Vernon's proposals on how to treat Harry, but Petunia started to think back on the little moments as well.

On Dudley's 11th birthday, where they took him and Piers to the zoo, why didn't they just leave Harry to play in the park alone with some lunch money like they usually let him do when they don't want him in the house? Or when Harry has a fever, Petunia should have just left the medicine in his cupboard with instructions, screw it if he follows them or not, yet she finds herself attending him until he's better, much to Dudley's envy.

She justifies most, if not all, of the reason behind her disapproval of Vernon's propositions with 'how the neighbors would think of them', and was accepted without question. When she saw Harry off to his 4th year in Hogwarts this year, something strange was bubbling inside her, a feeling she couldn't understand. It was neither a good or bad feeling, and it made her restless. It made her into the paranoid woman thinking about her behavior towards her nephew that she currently is.

Moreover since then, she started taking up a clerical job. Vernon opposed it, but later relented when she said it was for Dudley's college. She suddenly felt restless, felt like something was repressed all these years, and was only starting to leak through now. She no longer felt content with just being a housewife, and she started having dreams she couldn't remember but still made her uneasy.

Looking over at the table full of her take-home work, Petunia started to tidy it up for dinner; Vernon is coming home soon with Dudley, and she needs everything to be perfect for a lovely evening with her family.


Harry was horrified at his current situation. Cedric was dead, Peter Pettigrew is alive, and Voldemort has come back, having summoned his Death Eaters and expressing his fury at their incompetence in seeking and finding him. His mind was thinking too fast in panic when Voldemort turned his attention to him. Harry was released and strangely enough, Voldemort initiated a duel with him, forcing Harry to bow as tradition through a Cruciatus.

The duel commenced. Harry doing all he could to dodge Voldemort's attacks, when finally he confronted him and—

"Avada Kedavra!"


The two spells collided, flash of green aggressing towards Harry from Voldemort's wand. Criss-crossing beams of golden light surrounded them, when those that fell by Voldemort's wand appeared, his latest five victims appearing ghostly but determined; and Harry saw his mother, father and Cedric.


"We can hold him off for sometime, Harry. When you're ready to let go, bring my body back to my father, ok? Bring me back home…"

"Mum…? Dad…?"

Lily and James had a serene smile at the sight of her son, and it grew into a determined look.

"Harry… You're so brave." His father started.

"But you can't do this alone. You need help, you need someone to truly guide you and protect you…" His mother continued. "Please forgive her. She was meant to love you as much as your father and I did."

"You are nearly there. So close. We are… So proud of you." His father added, beginning to disappear.

"Sweetheart, you're ready. Let go! Let go!"

At his mother's command, Harry did. A large, golden explosion erupted, knocking back all of the people in the graveyard, including Harry, who as soon as he could scrambled to find Cedric and the portkey.


A golden light exploded in the kitchen where Petunia was cooking, startling her as the room glowed bright gold in effect.


She exclaimed, shocked at her sister's appearance. Behind the golden, transparent form of her late sister was her brother-in-law, alongside three other people she does not recognize.

Petunia trembled, scared and horrified at this freakish occurrence. Did the neighbors notice? What will happen if Vernon and her Dudders were to walk in on this?

"Tuney. I'm so glad I get to see you again… Tuney, you were always there for me, protecting me, and I am so sorry for what was done to you. You were the reason I became such a competent student in Hogwarts, always guiding me to the right path." Petunia was confused. That does not sound like the relationship she had with Lily at all, and she was getting convinced that this was some kind of a nasty trick done by those people.

"And I hope… That you could guide Harry this time as well, please. One thing that Dumbledore has always appraised me of to my son was my capacity to love, and how powerful of a magic that is. What he will never see coming, however, is how that love will be used to destroy the very curse he chained you with."

"I wish you and I could've been the best sister-brother in law we should have become then. So just so you know, I admired you, and I hold nothing against you. Just look out for my boy, eh?" James finished off. Petunia could sense a scream about to erupt from her shrill voice.

A light flashed again, and she truly did scream her lungs out.


Harry was clutching Cedric's body, hiding behind a rather large memorial statue, trying to stay out of Voldemort and the Death Eater's view. He couldn't reach the damn portkey without catching their attention, and Harry doesn't know how long he could keep this up. A tear ran down the side of his left cheek, as he thought about the appearance of his parents.

You can't do this alone…

You need someone to truly guide you and protect you…

He thought about their words. Truthfully, his sub-conscious wanted someone to take that role for him too. Though no one could replace his parents, he still longed for that someone whom he could always count on, look up to, feel safe with. He realizes that despite his maturity, he was still a child, a child who needs a steady parenting figure of his own; something Dumbledore could never be, something neither Sirius nor Lupin could offer given their situation and something he can't have with the Weasley parents either.

To his embarrassment, he couldn't stop the onslaught of tears that were pouring out now, and if he wasn't in such a dire situation, he realizes he would've been crying, bawling his heart out like when he was eight and uncle Vernon told him that his parents never wanted him, that they were about to throw him away before that car crash happened.

He's a Gryffindor, and he hated feeling like this. Feeling so helpless and alone, yet being depended on. He wanted power, to grow stronger and to be able to protect himself and those he loved, but right now what he wanted was Sirius. He wanted his Godfather here, right now, to come and save him—he was no savior, damn it! He's the one who needs saving!

Harry's prayer was half-answered.

An explosion erupted in the graveyard, the screams of the Death Eaters drawing Harry out to see what was going on.


A familiar voice called out. It couldn't be.

"Who are you!"

A Death Eater, judging from his voice was Lucius Malfoy, demanded. Voldemort collected himself while Pettigrew cowered behind a tombstone, when another explosion from the ground knocked them off again. A series of these ground explosions kept erupting, causing them all to take cover in confusion, while Harry, dragging Cedric's body, took advantage of this and searched for the portkey.

"There you are."

The familiar voice said, suddenly appearing before Harry. His mouth gaped as he took in his aunt Petunia's presence, looking like every bit the Dursley housewife that she is, and completely out of place in that graveyard where chaos was happening.

"A-aunt Petunia?"

"There they are, get them!" A Death Eater shouted. Panicking, Harry stood up and went in front of his aunt to protect her from the Death Eaters and Voldemort, all the while confused and rushing to think of his next move to get out of here with his aunt and Cedric.

An amused smile shadowed Petunia's lips, and she gently placed a hand on Harry's shoulder. With a strong wave of her hand, the ground explosions erupted again and blew the impending men away from her and Harry.

"We need to get out of here. Hold my hand, and I'll—"

"I can't leave Cedric!" Harry retorted before Petunia could finish. She looked at the dead body behind Harry and recognized him as one of the people in her kitchen with her sister, and frowned. Harry spoke up again.

"There is a trophy—it's a portkey to get out of here, a portkey is a—"

"That over there then? Stay put besides that boy, I'll get it." Petunia commanded, as she strode over to the trophy laying just nearby, only noticed now by Harry.

Suddenly, Goyle jumped out behind them with a curse pointed at Harry, and with quick reflexes, Petunia kicked the portkey towards Harry and Cedric, guiding the trophy with her magic to come in contact with the two boys, thus getting them out of the graveyard.

Petunia herself apparated away, leaving behind confused and bewildered Death Eaters with their infuriated master.


Petunia appeared in the living room, and promptly let herself fall into the couch, sighing.

It all happened in a brief moment, yet it felt like an eternity as Petunia screamed her lungs out in the flash of light. Memories crashed into her mind like an ocean in a storm, filling her mind with images, recordings and feelings long lost that relentlessly made her remember of everything.

She remembered the days she spent with Lily as a child, how close and protective she was of her little sister, and how jealous she became of Severus Snape when they both met and became close.

She remembered how she got her letter to Hogwarts and how proud her parents and Lily were of her, and how she looked at it in disdain when it details how it would take her away from Lily, giving that Severus boy an opportunity to steal her little sister away from her.

Her first year in Hogwarts, sorted into Ravenclaw.

The years that follow, her joy at finally being able to be together with Lily in Hogwarts.

Her rivalry with Severus Snape and James Potter for Lily's attention.


Everything, especially how in her 6th year Dumbledore ambushed her and manipulated her memories and the memory of her, erasing her existence of ever attending Hogwarts. He filled her memories with lies, with fake hatred, making her believe all these years she detested the magical world. Making her believe she was rejected by the magic world. Making her believe she rejected Lily.

And damn, he was good at creating the background story too, he created such logical reasons and an elaborate history as to why she hated magic and craved for normalcy. She can't help but wonder how long Dumbledore planned this for her.

And she remembered Lily's death.

She remembered Harry.

Then she saw Harry, in that graveyard, and everything that was happening.

After the flash was gone and her screaming done, she stood dazed in the middle of the kitchen, overwhelmed by new feelings, memories, perception and emotions.

"Harry… HARRY!"

Without wasting another second to think, she apparated to where Harry was to save him.


Petunia cursed. She hasn't cursed in over a decade, but right now she can't help it. The door clicked by the sound of keys unlocking it, and Vernon and Dudley entered the house beaming happily at the father-son time they just spent together.

"Darling! We have so much to tell you about today, is dinner ready yet? We ought to sit down and enjoy the story over your roast beef!" Vernon merrily called out with Dudley excited behind him, until they saw the tired, overwhelmed look on Petunia.

"Mum, what's wrong?"

Petunia looked at them, and smiled sadly. She muttered something and gave a wave of her hand, and the room froze, along with her husband and son.

"Vernon… As much as I am disgusted by your prejudice against Harry and the magical world, it was mostly because of my influence. You were just so eager to please me and see me happy that you went along with whatever I feel. When I hated the magical world, you hated it with me, letting me know that I'll always have you as an ally."

Her face was blank when she walked towards their frozen form.

"If I hadn't hated the magical world, you would have accepted it too. If I remained a witch when we met, I imagine our days would be something like that American show, Bewitched." She gave a light chuckle, but her expression was sad.

She walked over to Dudley, and placed her hand on his chest. His chest where Petunia has her hands on glowed a rich color, and when she slowly retracted it, an orb of rainbow light was in her hand.

"As I thought… Dumbledore locked your magic as well. My son, you would have loved Hogwarts you know, the opportunity was missed to you, and it's tragic. I love you, Dudders, and I don't want you to grieve over the confusion this will bring, so I'll take your magical core away from you. You don't need this knowledge, and I'd rather you find success as a blissful muggle, my baby."

She took a step backwards, and the room began to rise with magical energy.

"This whole life we shared was a charade. It was all a lie. I was a lie. But I have to admit this much; I did care about you both. The world, the reality, the truth I need to get back to, however, is far more important. Lily. She was all that mattered to me, and now, in her place Harry is my priority. He's the only thing true in this illusion, and he needs me. I care enough about you both to not involve you with this."

She knew they weren't going remember anything she said, but she still felt obligated to tell them. The entire house changed. All the pictures on the wall after Dudley's first birthday were absent of Petunia; everything that ever proved Petunia was ever living there before Dudley turned two were gone.

"Farewell, Vernon, Dudley. May you both have a good life ahead you."

With that, Petunia walked out of the house and concentrated on the entire neighborhood, erasing her existence here, as Dumbledore did to her in Hogwarts.

She looked back at the place she used to call home, and with a blank expression walked away, apparating.

Inside, Vernon and Dudley went to the kitchen to cook dinner together, Vernon fondly telling Dudley the woman he loved who gave birth to his pride and joy, Dudley himself, before that unfortunate car crash that took her life. Tonight they were going to commemorate in her memory, before Dudley begins his first day in taking up boxing tomorrow.

In the future, Dudley would be a professional boxer, winning several championships with his father as his coach, manager and best friend.


Harry, appalled at Moody's transformation into Bartemius Crouch Jr and his revelation, backed up against the wall as the Death Eater pointed his wand at him, ready to kill Harry. An invisible burst suddenly blew Barty away from Harry, making him crash into the floor.

"Looks like I made it in time. Harry, you're safe now." Petunia smiled at a bewildered Harry before scooping him into her arms lovingly.

You're safe now…

It was the last thing Harry would ever thought his aunt would say to him, and yet the sincerity in her voice made him melt into her embrace. He awkwardly hugged her back, actually feeling safe with his aunt here, especially after she saved him twice today.

The door burst open, revealing Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall with their wands at the ready, to find Harry with his aunt, Bartemius Crouch Jr moaning in pain on the ground. Despite their initial surprise, Snape quickly went over to the man on the ground and administered the veritaserum, Dumbledore interrogating him under its affects, while McGonagall ran to Harry to make sure he was alright.

Petunia watched Snape and Dumbledore confront the Death Eater, cold fury in her gaze, directed at the headmaster.

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Next Chapter: Petunia recovers Snape's true memories of her, and confronts Dumbledore.