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Forbidden Love

Chapter One

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Ashlynne Hawke made her way slowly along the Wounded Coast. The sun was high in the sky, making the day a warm one. Varric, their resident storyteller followed close behind her, going over in his mind how he could make this current adventure into an interesting tale. Carver, Ashlynne's younger brother, and Aveline, a friend they had met while they had been fleeing Lothering, was behind Varric talking quietly about Aveline's recent promotion to guard captain.

"Ash, do you even know where we are going or what we are looking for?" Carver asked his sister as he suddenly fell into step beside her. Ashlynne looked at her younger brother. Sometimes it was hard to believe he was just over nineteen years of age. He had seen seen so much his young life. But then again so had she in her twenty three years.

"I know what we are looking for. We are looking for the Templar and the recruit he went after. Wilmod or something like that. I just don't know exactly where they are." Ashlynne replied. Carver rolled his eyes in disgust.

"Yay, another Templar, oh goody."

"All right, then, Carver, we can leave all this Templar recruits to the mercy of some unknown force or we can help them, it's your choice. What is going to be?" Ashlynne asked bitterly, already knowing what his answer would be. As much as she had to hide from the Templars because of her magic, Carver did not like seeing helpless hurt when he could step in and do something any more than she did.

"All right, but if your ass lands in the Gallows, don't expect me to come rescue you." Carver bit out.

"Of course not. I mean, it wasn't you who came to rescue me from the Circle of Magi four years ago, it was our father and sister." At the mention of Bethany, Carver's eyes went dark for a moment. They both still had trouble getting over the loss of their younger sister. She had been Carver's twin and a mage so both siblings had shared a special bond with her.

"Are you ever going to get over that? You were freed and have been so ever since. I am surprised we stayed in Lothering for as long as we did." Carver snapped. They had lived in Lothering for just under three years before Carver had joined the army to fight the darkspawn. Then they had suddenly had to flee for their lives as Lothering was destroyed by the darkspawn who had not been defeated at Osagar.

"All right, Carver, I think that is enough of rehashing old issues. Let's find this Templar and get this over with." Aveline put a hand on the younger man's shoulder.

"She started it." Carver mumbled under his breath, but Ashlynne heard him and had been tempted to burn his ass when they heard yelling further up the coast. Varric groaned and sighed.

"And when it was just getting interesting." He grumbled as he followed the rest of them up the path. But he stopped his grumbling when he came upon the scene of a seasoned Templar shaking who had to be the recruit named Wilmod and Ashlynne just stopped dead in her tracks staring at the sight in front of her. There was a look of shock covering her face for a few seconds until the battle started and she was forced to pay attention to what was going on around her.

Soon the abominations were all dead and Ashlynne again quickly concealed a look of shear shock and panic again before anyone saw or so she thought. Varric had seen the second look too and this time he noticed that she was looking at the man that now has been identified as Knight Captain Cullen.

"Well, I bet you werent expecting this when you woke up this morning." Varric joked, breaking the slience. Carver walked up the knight captain while Ashlynne tried her best to stay hidden behind Aveline and Varric while trying not to look like she was hiding.

"Are you all right, ser?" Carver questioned. Cullen looked at Carver for a moment before answering him.

"Yes. I knew Wilmod was into something evil. I think you and your friends for your timely intervention. I wouldn't have survived otherwise, I don't think."

"You are most welcome, Knight Captain." Carver said, trying to be polite. He was glad that his sister had decided, for once, to back off and let him take the lead, especially since they were dealing with Templars. "I am Carver Hawke and we are looking for information on a missing recruit named Karen. Would you happen to know anything about that?" Cullen's eyes widened when he heard the lad say his name was Hawke. Surely he couldn't be related to...to her.

"Karen, you say?" Cullen repeated. At Carver's nod, he continued, trying to focus on the conversation at hand. "Yes, he and several others went missing recently. I traced them to the Blooming Rose in Hightown, but none of the ladies would speak to me. Seemed to be afraid we would shut them down for serving Templars. Maybe you could talk to them and get more information."

"Thank you, Ser Cullen." Carver inclined his head in respect and turned to start back up the Wounded Coast. Ashlynne quickly followed him, not daring to look back at Cullen.

Varric watched her psychically relax once they were out of the knight captain's sight. He wanted to question her about what she knew about the knight captain, for he was sure it would make an excellent story. Carver had acted like he had never met the man before in his life, which made it all the more strange. And if Ashlynne knew Cullen, why had she hid from him?

Cullen watched the small group go. Meeting Carver Hawke here of all places had been a shock to say the least. Did that mean that his sister was in Kirkwall as well? He decided that once he arrived back in town, he would find out all he could about Carver Hawke and any family he might have. It could all be just a coincidence, but he had a feeling that it wasnt.

Unfortunely, he was able to find out much. He learned that the Hawke family had come from Lothering during the blight the year before. They currently lived somewhere in Lowtown and Carver Hawke lived with his mother and sister, but he knew that was more than one Hawke sister. It made him wonder what had happened to the other one. It made him sick to think that his beloved Ashlynne could have died during the Blight.

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