First chapter

Four best friends were in the school hallway and they are going to start their third year at the Rosewood High. The smartest one, Spencer was studying her class schedule. The sport girl Emily was looking for her swimming coach, Hanna, the fashion freak was texting and the shortest girl was looking at the door. At that moment blonde guy came through door.

She asked: "Who's that?"

Girls looked and Emily said: "That's Toby Cavanaugh, he moved the house next my few days ago."

Hanna: "He's hot."

Spencer: "Hanna!" Hanna gave Spence 'WHAT?' look. Toby walked next to Spencer and smiled at her.

Hanna saw it and told Spencer: "Looks that Spencer has new fan" and smiled.

Aria: "Why did you say that?"

Spencer answered instead Hanna: "Toby smiled at me so she think it was because he likes me, which is impossible 'cause he saw me just for minute."

Hanna wanted to say something, but bell rang. They were going for their class, when Spencer saw Toby getting into same classroom where she had class. Only Aria and Emily had same class, so they separated. Spencer was thinking about the Toby, when she saw him sitting next to her place. Her heart was beating very strong. When she sat down, teacher came in class.

He said: "Hello, kids. Today we have a new kid. Please, tell as your name."

Toby stood up and started to talk: "I am Toby Cavanaugh and …" Spencer didn't heard anything else, because she was thinking about his voice. For Spence it's the most beautiful, magical and calming voice she has ever heard.

Professor interrupted her thoughts :"Thanks Toby. You are sitting next to our class president, Spencer Hastings. If you need something ask her." Toby sit down and smiled at Spence.

"Today we are doing 'To Kill A Mocking Bird.". "We are doing in pairs, how you sit. Now you are doing chapter 1, 2 and 3. And for homework 4, 5 and 6. Homework you need to do together. Start working."

"Who you do books here?" Toby asked Spencer.

"Aaa…. I aa..always make plan and notes about characters and story."

"We should start like that" said Toby with he's sweetest voice. They started working, but Spencer couldn't concentrate. When bell rang she ran to hallway, but somebody's hand touched hers shoulder. She turned around and saw Toby. He asked when they are going to do homework.

"What about weekend? You can… Come to my house?"

"Sure, here's my number so text me when, ok?" "Ok, thanks." When Spencer met girls, she told them about homework.

Hanna, which was texting again needed to say something:"That's good, know you can be alone with him. Who know what can happen?"

They gone to lunch, but in Spencer's mind was only one thing. Hole week Spence was in her world.