Ryan was busy in one of the restricted labs in Lemuria. The city had recently landed on a resource rich planet and the process of building a mining outpost was well underway. While the populations from four different cultures settled in and mingled, Ryan had been busy helping the Asgard battle the Wraith.

As part of the agreement, he's been kept in the loop and was recieving reports from the frontlines every hour. The newest log, transmitted by Hel, was very worrying. It seemed as though the Wraith were finally catching on that shield technology was a better defence compared to dense hulls.

If the Wraith began using ships with these shields against the Einherjar, then it would be disasterous to the war effort. Ryan didn't have the resources or the man power to join the fighting. But as the days went on, it looked more likely that he would have to join the Asgard advance.

Already hundreds of humans had been moved to worlds that had Einherjar ships for protection, but the Wraith wouldn't pass up these large pockets of cattle. Ryan suddenly had an idea and he left the ship design lab.

Defiant was on his knees looking up at Lord Trais. The Goa'uld smiled as the beast looked defeated.

"What are you?" Defiant asked, surpressing his pain.

"I am one who is stronger than you." Trais laughed.

"What do you want?" Defiant quirried.

"A new domain." Trais said as his Jaffa carried in some kind of vat.

"What do you mean?" Defiant asked, confused.

"Let me show you." Trais smirked. Two Jaffa grabbed Defiant and pinned him to the wall.

"I demand you release me!" Defiant barked.

"But I'm showing you." Trais laughed as he put his hand into the jar and pulled out a symbiote. Trais places the symbiote onto Defiant' shoulder and smiles at the screams the Wraith releases as the Goa'uld takes over.

"Trais?" Defiant asked, looking confused.

"I am here my Lord. What is it you require?" Trais asked as he bowed.

"Blood." Defiant smiled.

Ryan found Larin in the control room. Her people were being given lessions on how to use the systems by the Replicator instructors.

"Larin, can we talk?" Ryan asked her as he stood by her side.

"If you make it quick, I have to go see how my scientists are getting on in the labs." Larin nodded.

"It's about the war with the Wraith." Ryan admitted.

"What about it?" Larin asked.

"As you know, the Asgard recently began fighting them. Boarder skirmishes, nothing serious, but it will escalate." Ryan predicted.

"Yes I know. They're tactics are aggressive and they've begun pursuing survivors relentlessly. They're spreading their limited forces too thinly." Larin nodded.

"Well I need ships that can help bolster their forces. Right now, they're relying on overwhelming odds and brute tactics to defeat the Wraith. But they're also covering their conquored worlds with one or two cruisers and that takes away from their fleet." Ryan explained.

"So you want our upgraded ships to begin filling in the holes they're leaving behind?" Larin asked.

"More or less. The Asgard have never been good at tactics, they over think every aspect. Instead of eliminating an enemies ability to fight a war, they're focusing on the taking ground. That can't last for ever." Ryan informed.

"I agree, but the sensor and shield upgrades arn't going to do much in the long run. We need weapons." Larin reminded. She watched her people walking from console to console, trying to remember their lessons.

"You already know where I stand on that. You can't have the weapons until you're old enough to use them wisely. If I had the ships available, I wouldn't need the Traveller fleet." Ryan admitted.

"Alright, I'll see what I can do. But don't be surprised if many reject the idea. We've lived for so long by avoiding conflict and this will be putting us on the frontlines." Larin nodded.

Colonel Samantha Carter stood on the bridge of the George Hammond, looking out at the stars. Every ship in Earth's arsenal had been launched for the inevitable attack. The Daedalus, Odyssey, Apollo, barely operational Sun Tzu and two more X-304's that had been rushed off the production line. The Russian Chekov and British Basilisk were only a month away from their launch, but with this threat, the two govenments had agreed to launch them.

It was an impressive sight to see seven X-304's orbiting the planet. Of course Atlantis was on the surface ready to assist, Air Forces around the world were on alert and a handful of Tel'tak cargo ships were hidden on the surface of the moon. These three cargo ships were fitted with missle launchers and were carrying two Mk8 Naquadriah enhansed nuclear missiles each.

If the Lucian Alliance did show up, these cargo ships were a surprise that would greatly decrease their overall invasion force. Sam was snapped out of her thought by a beeping.

"Colonel, They're here." The Major who was monitoring the sensors informed.

"What have we got?" Sam asked as she returned to her seat.

"Five motherships, Lucian Alliance. I'm also detecting seven Al'kesh bombers." The Major replied.

"Is that it?" Sam asked, confused.

"Ma'am?" The Major quirried.

"The Lucian Alliance has over a hundred ships. Even if they were consentrating most of their forces on the Jaffa, we would still see well over twenty ships here." Sam explained.

"Incoming enemy fire." The Major informed.

"Raise shields!" Sam commanded.

"Shields down to 97%." The Major reported after the ship rocked violently.

"Ma'am, General Laundry in Atlantis orders all ships to attack and prevent the Lucian Alliance from reaching orbit. Daedalus, Odyssey, Apollo and Chekov are to assist us while the Basilisk is to maintain orbit to catch anything we miss." The Major informed.

"Power the Asgard weapons! Launch F-302's for intercept duty and set railguns for point defence." Sam ordered. The Hammond was knocked by several impacts from the Plasma fired from the Ha'tak vessels.

The Hammond fired her forward cannons at the lead Ha'tak. Two beams of blue death slam into the golden shields of the Ha'tak. The two ships continue to exchange weapons fire. The blue beams dead accurate at long range while the Ha'tak weapons lack the accuracy needed.

The enemys shield began to buckle under the on slaught of the blue beam weapons. As the fifth blue beam punched through the golden barrier, a hyperspace window opened above the defending Tau'ri fleet. A total of seventeen Ha'tak and twenty Al'kesh exited the window and began firing all their weapons at the Tau'ri ships below.

All of the ships were hit and hit hard. Hundreds of yellow plasma orbs hit the blue shields of the X-304 fleet in seconds.

"Ma'am! Sheilds down to 39%!" The Major shouted.

"Evasive action! Get us back to Earth!" Sam ordered as the Ha'tak they'd been firing at a few seconds ago was hit by another blue lance and erupted into flames. The explosion sent debris flying into the Motherships surrounding the source.

"Shields down to 32%! Ma'am! It's Atlantis!" The Major shouted, as the ship rocked again and sparks shot out of a nearby console. Infront of the Hammond, a hyperspace window opened and spat out the Ancient City/Ship.

As the Lucian Alliance fleet turned their attention towards the giant vessel, the City/Ship launched her drones from all three of her holds. Yellow lights broke into the enemy fleet and caused a huge amount of damage.

"Ma'am, the Lucian Alliance ships have changed course. They're going to ram the city!" The Major informed. Sam reacted immediatly and opened a channel to the city.

"Atlantis, this is the Hammond. Our sensors show the Lucian Alliance fleet is going to ram the city. You need to get out of there!" Sam ordered.

"There's no time Colonel! Get back to Earth!" Hank Laundry ordered over the channel. Sam watched as all twenty-one Mother ships rammed the city. The great shields managed to prevent a few of them making contact with her towers, but that was all they could do. The sheer number of ramming ships overtaxed the shield and the Ha'tak vessels began hitting her hull directly.

Ha'tak after Ha'tak chipped away at her towers, the impacts caused her piers to break off and the power began to build in the conduits. After seconds, the power build up reached critital and the City/Ship went dark just before exploding. The explosion was so great that it caught the Hammond.