Ryan stood looking at the event horizon of the open Stargate before him. He was on some forrest world on the edge of the Milky Way and was currently on one of his trips. Ryan smiled as a thought flickered through his mind and he stepped through the gate.

The next thing he saw was the rolling dunes of a desert planet. But this was no ordinary desert world, this was inhabited by the Tok'ra race. Crystal towers streched high into the sky and circled the centeral pyrmid. Five Tok'ra guards appeared from behind the cloest dunes with their weapons raised.

The leader holstered his Zat'nik'tel and appraoched Ryan. As he walked down the dune, he inadvertantly kicked sand into the air. He walked close to Ryan and bowed his head.

"Welcome to Egeria. The high council has been expecting you, please follow me." One of the male sentries smiled. Ryan simply nodded and followed the Tok'ra down the sand road towards the city. He followed the Tok'ra down the road and all the way to the enterance of the pyramid. The large pyramid looked out of place among the surrounding crystal towers. It was easily twice as large as the pyramids of Giza.

Another Tok'ra was stood outside the enterance and bowed as the pair walked up the stone steps.

"Welcome, I will take you to the council." A new, female Tok'ra host bowed her head in respect. Ryan, again, nodded. He followed the Tok'ra through the maze of corridors to finally find the Tok'ra high council, sat waiting for him.

"Welcome to Egeria. I am Garshaw of Belote." Garshaw smiled.

"Thank you for your warm welcome. I am Ryan Stevenson of the Alterra." Ryan bowed his head.

"Ryan Stevenson, an Earth name." One of the other council members spat.

"I am no longer a human of Earth." Ryan defended.

"Then you seek sanctuary among us?" A female councillor asked.

"No. I have come seeking an alliance with the Tok'ra on behalf of the Alterra." Ryan replied.

"We are already allies of Earth." Garshaw said in a condisending tone.

"I do not represent Earth. I represent the Alterra." Ryan reinforced.

"We have never heard of Alterra." Garshaw said, unconvinced.

"You know us as Ancients." Ryan replied. Looks of amusment and annoyance filled thr room.

"Prove this." A male councillor laughed.

A Wraith scientist stood looking at his large device that was currently linked to a cruisers power generator. The device has several wires linking the device to the generator and several more cables heading off out of the doorway.

This was the Wraith's first, prototype shield generator. The cables that headed out of the room, fed power from the generator off into the emitters fixed onto the hull. It had taken months to build even the prototype, and weeks to ajust the Cruiser to accept the emitters.

"Knight, the modifications are complete." A new Wraith said, entering the room.

"Good." Knight smiled. He pressed his finger down onto a button and the shield generator lit up.

"Order the Hive to open fire." Knight nodded.

"Yes, Knight." The Wraith bowed.

Outside in the void of space, a Hive drifted serveral hundred miles away from the upgraded Cruiser. Without warning, the Hive let loose a salvo of weapons fire. Five blue bolts headed straight for the Cruiser. Just before impact, a sphere of green energy blocked the attack.

The shield glowed successful for several seconds, before fading from eye sight. Cheers erupted in the minds of the Wraith. They finally had shields and would use them against other alliances to take over the galaxy.

Ryan had just spent the last hour telling his tale to the Tok'ra, while leaving out unnessacary details. The majority of the council had been convinced, but he sensed doubt in several minds.

"It is truely amazing." Garshaw managed.

"Indeed it is. Too amazing." One of the unbelievers nodded.

"You dare, Tok'ra?" Garshaw snapped.

"This tale is ovbiously a fabrication meant to capture the imagination of the listener. I would not be surprised if this was a Tau'ri lie." The Councillor spat.

"You know the Tau'ri have no need for such tales!" Garshaw barked.

Ryan, not really paying attension to the squabling, lowered his head and raised his right hand. At his command, the crystals that linned the walls broke free and began circuling overhead. Water from the nearby fountian glided through the air and danced around Ryan. Ryan lowered his hand causing the crystals and water returned to their previous positions.

"It is true. He is an Ancient!" Garshaw said, amazed.

"As I told you, I am here to rebuild the Alterran Empire and bring peace. But before peace, there needs to be war." Ryan informed.

"Then perhaps you should know of the Tau'ri and their war." Garshaw nodded.

"Please, tell me of this war." Ryan smiled.

"In recent days, the Tau'ri were attacked by a race of humans known as the Aschen. A biological weapons was released into Earth's atmosphere and their people are dying. They need your help." Garshaw explained.

"How do you know this?" Ryan asked, surprised.

"We have agents in the Aschen. Several reports from different agents confirm it to be true." Garshaw answered. Before another word could be said, Ryan disappeared in a burst of air. He used his Alterran speed to race back to the gate in order to return to Lemuria.

Colonel Carter sat on the bridge of the Hammond. She had sat in her chair since it had been confirmed that the Aschen weapon was biological. The ship had sat orbiting the world for days. Atlantis had been moved offworld and the whole planet was under quarintine.

Atlantis had taken with her the aircraft carriers USS Nimitz and USS John C. Stennis. They had been docked at the city for over a month, and were protected by the city's shield when the Bio weapon had hit. It had been decided that, with Earth dying, that Atlantis would begin the colonisation program early. The Daedalus and Odyssey had been reassigned to protect the colonisation effort.

If Earth was doomed, then the personnel aboard Atlantis, assigned offworld bases and crewmen of the X-304 fleet, were going to be the only Tau'ri left alive. They'd have to begin again on Atlantis, with nothing more than a few thousand people. The thought truly frightened her.

"Colonel?" The Major asked, snapping her out of a deep thought.

"Yes." Sam replied, trying to hide her fatigue.

"We're schedualed to check in with Atlantis in five minutes." The Major informed.

"Alright. Any news from the surface?" Sam asked.

"Yes ma'am, casulty reports are in high." The Major replied.

"How high?" Sam questioned.

"Three thousand dead with another million showing signs of contamination." The Major informed.

"Is that world wide?" Sam asked, a little surprised.

"No ma'am, that was the US list." The Major explained.

"My god." Sam said, with a struggle.