Glowing Girl's POV.

Last nights memories haunt me. Replaying again and again in my now-human mind.

I watch the young male human look confused and dazed. I decided to help him feel more comfortable so I shaped my form into a young female human. I then turned up the corners of my mouth. He suddenly made me feel odd, like I needed to lay down. a wave of human emotions caused me to blow a leaf in his direction. A group of small, delicate winged creatures fly into the mouth of my new form. I wanted him to have some way to know what I was so I sent my kinds name to him on a breeze. My new form had me exhale little, wispy breaths from my mouth. I split the leaf in half, something for me to remember the boy by. I opened the ground beneath him, sensing he was about to awake.

I still have the half of the leaf tucked in one of my ,what humans call 'jean pockets'. I have gone through all the books and most informational computer sites I could find at the library, where I'm currently residing. I have learned that in my human form, I must eat and sleep. I have also learned that the boy is named Martin* Pines but is called Dipper because of an odd birthmark on his forehead. He lives in Piedmont, California but resides in Gravity Falls, Oregon and has a twin sister named Mabel Pines. I have also learned common knowledge for a girl my age. Dressed in a 'trendy' outfit,(a royal purple half shirt that say 'Shine' on it in sequins,a lacy tank top,jean shorts, black boots and silver jewelry) I felt ready to travel to Gravity Falls.