Welcome to Kaibara boarding and High School. That is a line I have used often, on this street you will find a certain boarding school where a new fresh man year was starting. Bring in with it hopeful, nervous, angry, confused and brand new students.

Like Tohru Honda, who was one of those girls who were always hopeful for new days and regular days of school. As she got out of her grandfather's car she only thought of her parents who had, both, unfortunately passed away. Her father died at her very young age of five, leaving her and her mother alone with their equal set of independence.

"Tohru," Her grandfather said holding her back pack, "Don't forget this." Tohru smiled and took the back pack and sung it over her shoulder.

"Thank you, oh I'm gonna' miss you." She said hugging her grandfather.

"I will too. Do you need help Tohru?"

"Oh no I'm fine."

"Don't start crying."

"Oh, yeah, sorry, I'll be fine. I'll call you tonight and visit in the holidays, bye."

"Goodbye sweet heart. I'll see you soon." With that they parted ways; Tohru was loaded with bags of her clothes and books etc. So obvious to anyone who saw her, she was defiantly carrying too much alone. That was Tohru for you, independent. But it didn't help that she had to drop a bag and the belonging inside it, including a water bottle that rolled all the way to the nearby wall. Where it rolled and tapped the back of the foot of a handsome stranger, who picked it up and walked from his father and to the girl on the floor with bags hanging over and on her while she picked up the things that fell out her bag.

His name was Kyo Sohma and he was the kind of guy who would be nervous on various occasions like the first day of school. As well as meeting new people, he had no idea how nervous he would be when he met the girl he was about to encounter with.

"Is this yours?" Tohru looked up to see an orange haired boy who hand his hand out holding the bottle. She took it from him and smiled, his hand was still out and she took it and stood up in front of the handsome stranger.

"I'm Tohru Honder, freshmen."

"I can see that." He said referring to the bags and small box but Tohru laughed.

"Um, what did you say your name was?"

"I didn't but I'm Kyo Sohma."

"Oh, nice name, is that your family over there?" Tohru said pointing to three men.

"Yeah that purple haired guy is my cousin Yuki and his brother Ayame and my father."

"Wow, your cousin's brother looks just like him." Hearing this Yuki banged his head against the wall.

"Oh! Did I say something wrong?" Tohru said panicking slightly.

"Oh no, it's just brother stuff."

"Do you have a brother?"

"No, I'm an only child."


"Okay, I gotta' go now, find my room."

"Oh, right sorry. I should do the same. Bye."

"Bye," As Kyo walked away he couldn't help but wonder why he would talk to someone so long, all he had to do was give back the bottle and leave, but he didn't. 'Why is that?' He thought.

"Who was that?" Kazuma asked.

"Okay don't give me that look, her name is Tohru."

"Okay then, is she going to be your friend?" Ayame asked.

"Yeah, I guess, and just a friend." Kyo said quickly. "Yuki, who are you looking at?" And the other three men turned to look at a girl being practically dragged through the door by a woman, possibly her mother, and into the hall.

"Who's that?" Yuki asked.

Who is that indeed, she's Machi Kuragi and that woman bragging her in the school, well that was her mother.

You see Machi was the kind of girl who was angry about being dragged into the school and other places, such as weddings and funerals and birthdays and schools.

"Okay here we are." Her mother said releasing Machi from her grip and putting down her suitcase.

"…" Machi said nothing just gave her mother a cold look.

"Don't pull that face at me Machi, be happy. You're at a nice new school and I pulled you out of that apartment of yours."

"You put me there." Machi said blankly to her mother while shrugging the back pack and long shoulder bag around her shoulder again.

"That's the first thing you say to me in how many years?"


"Urrrg, I give up; here is your suitcase and goodbye. I'll be calling you later, and please, try and talk."

"…" Machi said nothing and picked up her suitcase while catching the eye of a certain purple haired boy watching her. She didn't know what to say, so she said nothing, as usual. Without a word Machi did what she always did in these kinds of situations. She took her belongings, gave a glare and walked away, in which she left a stunned, confused and curious Yuki alone with his thoughts.

Yuki was one of those boys was always curious on his first days of school, mostly because of the surprising people that came along with it.

"Hey, do you know who that was?" Yuki asked.

"No, we don't know who anyone is, we're all new here, don't you remember?" Kyo said and Yuki wacked him on the head.

"Okay ow, why do even care?"

Yuki suddenly felt like all eyes were on him, especially his brothers.

"Does my brother have a crush?!"

"Shut up, no yelling on the first day; at least have the kind decency to wait till a week."

"Okay, okay sorry. Well this is goodbye brother. I will miss you!" Ayame said trying to give his brother a hug but Yuki was pushing him away.

"Ayame, all I will say is bye. No hug, no kiss, just bye." And with that Yuki walked away with his bags.

"Will Kyo hug me?"





"Bye dad, see you-" Kyo's father said nothing but just left without Kyo being able to finish his sentence. Kyo sighed and watched his father walk away; he was surprised that his father had even shown up to see him off. He shouldn't be feeling this upset about his father not even saying goodbye to him, right?

Kyo was in so much strain of thought that he didn't notice the strange dark haired girl and a blond girl lurking in the hallway. Their names were Saki and Arisa; they were the two new girls who had actually never been in a school like this before.

"So you were home schooled until now?" Arisa asked Saki.

"Yeah since I was little, how bout' you?"

"Um… Yeah the same thing, home schooled. So why now does your family want you to go to an actual school?"

"I think they were tired of teaching me." Arisa laughed and nodded, "Is it the same with you too?"

"Um, yeah my family wanted me to go here now."

"Good, glad you came cuz' I made a friend on the first day." 'This girl is hiding something.' Saki thought to herself.

"Hey, are you okay? You're spacing out."

"Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I'm fine."

"Okay." 'She's hiddin' something.' Arisa thought.

"Okay now you're spacing out, there must be something in the water." They laughed and walked away to find out what rooms they would have, as well as roommates, classes, and teachers that they would have to have until graduation, which isn't for another three to four years. (A/N: Their all fifteen to sixteen and I'll have them graduate at eighteen or/ and nineteen.)

Well, that's the first chapter up; I can't wait to carry on with this story. I have so many ideas planned for it. I hope you liked it and will carry on reading this story. R&R please, thank you and keep reading :D