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Chapter I

The angels sang beautiful hymns in the mornings to celebrate another day to live. The soft crashes of the waves hit the bottom of the castle soothingly. The realm of the water tribes was the most beautiful there was. But the most beautiful thing throughout the whole realm was Princess Katara. She was pure and showed magnificent beauty, she always earned the call of suitors, but refused to give them the time of day. She usually walked down the pebbly path to speak to her maids and servants, but decided to avoid them and go into the gardens. The gardens; a large fountain of her parents stood high as water poured from the spouts it had. Koi fish swam in the pond that encircled it, while flowers swirled in the wind, letting its aroma fill the garden. After taking in the garden's beauty she sat on the lush green grass. She missed this, sitting down, enjoying the beauty around her, but there was one thing she couldn't get quite right. She had observed mortal ways and the lives of human beings and yet, it confused her deeply. There was one human she observed thoroughly, his name was Zuko. She had watched him through his twenty-four years, and took a liking to him. She frowned deeply as she thought of his pale and sickly looking girlfriend, maybe that's just how all mortals looked. Sickly. Angels and immortals were well shaped and endowed, that was the only pleasure she had of being immortal and also spending an eternity with her family, and her people.

"Katara?" a melodic voice called. She was hoping it was her mother, but only turned to see Yue, the moon spirit. She looked heavenly as always. Her crème colored dress swirled through the wind. Her legs transparent, her white hair in its usual elegant style, Katara looked at the spirit with confusion. It must have been one of her early visits; she usually never comes around at this time, during the winter solstice.

"Yue!" Katara whispered joyfully. She hugged her companion and they both sat down. Katara enjoyed hearing Yue's travels. How the spirit would look over the Earth in her moon like form. The two enjoyed their conversation. But apparently Yue had not forgotten Katara's angelic dilemma.

"You seem to be highly fixed on this mortal. Zuko is it not?"

"I am fixed with him. I enjoy their earthly cultures. I wish to learn them. The winter solstice is coming soon." Katara said as she touched Yue's hand with her own. Yue looked at her urging her to go on.

"My father grants one wish to his royal blood children, Sokka and I. I want to make the wish to go to Earth… and meet this Zuko!" she proclaimed. She turned to Yue and saw the spirit's usual soft expression turn, to a look of rage. It did not look well on her. She looked away from Katara and placed her transparent hands on her lap, before speaking knowledge.

"Katara, you are princess over your people. You cannot just leave them as I did, because you wish to gallivant on Earth." Said the irritated moon spirit. Katara looked at her bewildered, it was what she wanted. She needed to learn of the mortals, their ways. She snorted at Yue and looked at the statue of her parents. They loved her they shall give her what she desired most. Morality.

"I want this. The winter solstice is tomorrow. We've been preparing for this, this is what I want."

"Damn." Yue growled. Katara gasped dramatically as she placed her small hands over her mouth, looking at her friend in awe.

"Yue, what does this mean? Damn does not sound like a worthy word we would use here." The princess explained.

"Honestly," the moon spirit began; she looked at Katara playfully before explaining. "I am not sure what it means, I've heard the mortals say it before. I think we should start the trend of saying it." The two had a giggle fit before Yue placed her hand to her head, and groaned.

"Well I must take my leave. I hope you earn your wish my friend. Tell your brother I'm disappointed that, he has forgotten me already over that… that… Kyoshi Angel." And with that Yue's whole form turned transparent, turning into a small sparked orb, and disappeared. Katara finally stood and unfolded her beautiful white wings, and flew into the palace. She earned small bows from previous suitors, and friends. She finally found the room she was looking for, her own. She opened the door quickly and ran inside, closing the large blue doors behind her. She sat in a chair, and grabbed a beautiful sculpted, miniature paton, like staff. Her father had given it to her for her fifth birthday, a long time ago. She always used it for her personal purposes; checking on her mortal intrigue.

"Show me the life of the mortal, Zuko." She commanded. The staff swirled in her hand and, turned a pastel blue color and finally, a clear picture of what this Zuko was doing appeared. She had a smile on her perfect smooth and pink lips.

"I will find out more about you. I swear it." She promised.


Zuko scratched himself uncomfortably that morning, as he put on his apron. He always felt as if someone was watching him. Maybe his sister, or his complaining dull girlfriend, it was starting to get to him. After his father had kicked him out of his home, Zuko stayed with his uncle Iroh; who lives above the Jasmine Dragon tea shop.

"Ah, Zuko. I see you're up early this time." His uncle joked as he sipped a cup of jasmine tea. Zuko let a small smile come upon his lips. He nodded and rolled his eyes, at his uncle's joke, then turned to go and work. As he made his way to the first floor, he was hit immediately with the sweet aroma of chocolate treats, and tea. He walked through the large kitchen and into the purchasing room. He saw tons of customers already inside. He began to take orders as fast he could and delivered them also. Things got worse as he saw his demanding girlfriend Mai, and cuddly annoying Ty Lee come inside.

'Everything always works out for me.' He thought sarcastically in his head.


"That stupid no good wretched son of mine, left!" he growled his face intense with insanity. He smoked his cigar and sat in his plush red chair, before turning to his reliable source; Azula. She was his favorite always, she never disappointed him. She stood before him, in a burgundy colored dress suit, and black pointed toe shoes. Her hair hung in a low ponytail.

"Oh father, you knew he would disappoint you later on in life. He used us." Azula encouraged her father's bad mood knowingly; she played with everyone's state of mind and emotions. It was her job and, she did it well. She paced the floor as she drunk fire whiskey, slowly.

"Yes, yes. I know this of course. That's why he must not find out, about who he is. He could ruin everything for us." Ozai snarled. He wanted to take over the four realms of the elements. One thousand years ago, Ozai and his followers, had battled for all realms, but lost, the reason; Zuko. Ozai had a love affair with a human, her name; Ursa. Due to having a half spawn, he had to banish Ursa in his dungeons in the fire realms. He told everyone that Azula was his full blood with another angel in his realms. Azula had never heard of her father's sudden plan until now. She swished the brown liquid in her small glass before asking her father, about the plan.

"And what pray tell, is this plan? Haven't we wallowed in shame enough?" she questioned angrily. She was supposed to be aware of everything that goes on. Her father smiled, knowing exactly what was going on in her mind.

"I only have one more phase. My dear daughter, I have married three women to ensure my power in the realms. In the air realm Ara princess of the air nomadic realm, In the Earth realm Princess Sumi, and in the fire realm Kyari. Do you know what that leaves us with?" he asked sneakily. Azula smiled in triumph.

"The water realm of the angels. Of course! All you need to do is marry the princess of that realm, and you could have all access." Azula exclaimed. She only saw Ozai nod. She nodded as well but, for a different reason. Once her father married the water realm princess, he would gain power, and after gaining access she would ensure her father's demise, and take over as planned. He did not know of his plan, but one thing he knew he raised a monster, a monster that he was proud of. Azula raised her glass and clinked it with his.

"To the future rulers of all realms." She said sweetly. They shared a bloodcurdling cackle before taking a sip of their drinks.


After hours of watching Zuko, the princess was now asleep. Dreaming of the mortal, it's as if she loved him already. She wished Yue could come again tonight, but knew her friend had her duties as the moon spirit. She continued to dream of her handsome mortal.

"Would you have the honor of dancing with me?" the mortal asked the princess. She chuckled softly and placed her hands in his. The two swirled around the dance floor gracefully, all the four realms watching them lovingly and, entranced by the couple.

"I love you my angel princess." He whispered silkily.

"I love you as well, Zuko the mortal." She whispered back. They leaned closer together hoping their lips would meet until a large twenty feet man, appeared. He looked dark and cruel a look of maniacal on his face. He grabbed Zuko in his large hands, and as he did Katara fell through the dance floor and into the air.

"ZUKO!" she cried over and over again.

"Milady?" a voice called. Katara groaned and rolled onto her side facing a woman in servants' clothes. Katara stretched before getting into the sitting position.

"Yes Kina?" Katara asked her servant. Her servant looked at her surprised.

"Milady, you screamed for a whole equal of ten minutes." Kina explained to her princess. Katara looked shocked and only stood. What did that dream mean? Would her life with the mortal be loving or ruined forever? She couldn't wait to find out. Tonight was the festival her time to ask for one wish. She had to prepare.


The woman was like a portrait. It was like a sin to be that beautiful. Her gorgeous brown curls swirled as if it was dancing. Her lips sparkled in the moon light. Her dress was a beautiful woven silk, a light blue. Their surroundings were a large and beautiful garden with a large statue, with two people, male and female holding hands. Zuko did not recognize any of these people. He only walked to the maiden and reached his hand out to her.

"Would you have the honor of dancing with me?" he asked smoothly putting on his best smile. He heard a silky smooth chuckle; music to his ears. She placed her hands in his, as he led them to the dance floor. They began to dance gracefully. He watched different people with large wings, in different colored clothes. Orange and yellow, blue and white, green and crème, and finally red and black.

"I love you my angel princess." He declared.

"I love you as well, Zuko the mortal." She proclaimed. Suddenly a large man in red and black and a wicked smile stood twenty feet tall, grabbing the princess in his hands. He tried to reach for her; he could almost tell who this man was…

"Katara!" he screamed.

"Zuko?" an annoyed voice cooed. Zuko groaned as he opened his golden eyes. He turned to see his girlfriend Mai, who was covered in his sheets look worried.

"What!" he yelled.

"Sheesh, I just wanted to know why you were screaming. It got on my nerves." She complained grabbing her clothes.

"Yeah… I know the feeling." He snarled.


It was time. It was finally time to make her wish. They stood in front of all their people. Sokka and Katara stood below the dais their parents sat on. They got on their knees as the others and showed respects. Their father pointed the staff at his son.

"My son, come forward." He demanded. Sokka obliged walking up the fifteen steps gracefully. He stood before his parents.

"What is your wish my son?" he asked.

"My wish is to marry outside of our tribe. I wish to marry Suki, the Kyoshi Angel." He declared sincerely. Katara was surprised her brother didn't wish for a space sword or eternal life. She chuckled to herself at the last thought. Her parents smiled and bestowed his wish, Sokka making his way down the stairs.

"Daughter what is thine wish?" Kya asked. Katara stood slowly and stood before all her people. She sighed deeply.

"My parents, my brother, my people," she started. "I have been here over one thousand years, secretly studying the culture of… mortals." She admitted. She ignored the gasps of everyone as she continued to go on. "I feel I should vouch for you all. My wish is to go to the Earth, and experience the life of the mortals. I have even chosen a person I wish to help, Zuko." She explained. Her father looked enraged while her mother looked saddened. Her father was about to say no until Sokka spoke up.

"Peoples and rulers of this realm. We do need a voucher, to go to Earth, experience these emotions, and life of the mortals. I say it is a good idea. We can lead her." Sokka smiled. Her father snarled but had to grant her wish due to their laws. He lifted his staff and pointed toward his daughter.

"Princess Katara of the water realm. I present you your wish, you will be mortal!" he proclaimed. Katara felt a tingle go through her veins as wind surrounded her body. The change was pure pain, as her wings started to disappear. The transformation finally stopped as she was fully transformed. Everyone looked at her disgusted. She was still beautiful; her height was now five foot five, her hair shortened to her mid back. She wore a white shirt that showed some cleavage. She wore white pants and blue sneakers. Before she knew it she saw black.

1hour later

"Ugh. Why do I feel pain?" groaned the former princess. She clutched her side and looked at her surroundings. This was not her realm. It was Earth. The large buildings, the cars, the mortals! It was a dream come true for her. She saw she was on a hard black solid with two yellow lines. She stood slowly the pain going to her shoulder. She looked in front of her seeing something with wheels coming her way.

"Hello." She waved. She gasped as the "thing" on wheels grew closer to her. She realized what it was; a car. An actual car, she had studied this in her realm as well. She knew it could cause great damage to a person. She quickly did a back flip over the hood of the car and two more. She gasped as she bumped into something hard. She groaned and turned. She noticed a glass and green writing on it.

"Jasmine Dragon? Dragons still live?" she questioned surprised. She looked around wondering, where the entrance was located. She gasped seeing men and women come out through a transparent door, and she followed. She looked around taking in all of this new sensation. She walked behind the counter earning stares. She ignored them as she placed her hand on a glass pot. She gasped in pain as it burned her fingers.

"What is this?" she cried as she noticed her skin turned red in that spot.

"It's called get in line!" a gruff voice said. She turned and saw Zuko, her mortal standing behind her. A rag on his shoulder. She figured she could use her language lesson from Yue. She took the signature stance; her hands on her curvaceous hips.

"Damn." She said and smiled. He looked confused at her.

"Excuse me?" he questioned.

"Damn." She smiled again. "isn't that what you say around here? It is used when you speak to a… friend?" she questioned confused.

"Um… no. It's actually just a word you use when you're taken by surprise…. Wait a minute, your getting me off track, step behind the counter." He ordered. She looked hurt. This Zuko was different back on her realm.

"Isn't a track something you drive your car on?" she questioned confused once again. Earth customs were confusing. She stopped wondering of the customs as she saw a pale and slender female walk toward her.

"Look my boyfriend said leave!" she ordered. This must be Mai. She is sicklier looking in person.

"Are you sick?" Katara questioned honestly, the woman did look ill. Mai snarled and immediately her pale and bony fist connected with Katara's nose. But, it turned out Mai was the one who let out the scream. Her knuckles bled non-stop. Katara looked confused.

"It's like I just punched a piece of steel, mixed with brick." The woman cried. Katara gasped again. She may be able to feel human emotions and sensations, but her father still covered it up with her immortal power. She realized she hurt the woman and apologized. A well rounded man finally came out hearing the commotion.

"What's going on?" he asked concerned.

"This bitch hurt my hand!" Mai screamed. Katara looked puzzled and scratched her head.

"Bitch?" she questioned. Iroh chuckled and lead Katara to the front doorway.

"I am Iroh. This is my shop. You seem to be confused? Do you come from here?" he asked.

"No I do not… I come from a beautiful place. Where we speak no salty language and everyone is beautiful all the time, and we live in harmony." She explained truthfully. Iroh only raised a brow.

"I wish I could go there." He smiled.

"Mmhmm it's very beautiful but you're just a mortal… I mean we're all mortals." She chuckled. Iroh sighed and walked away. Katara sighed before exiting the shop. There are more things she needed to learn of Earth and fast. She did not wish to lose her precious mortal Zuko. Who was looking at her with familiarity in his eyes? She looked in his golden orbs and they felt electricity.

"Connection?" he questioned himself quietly.

"Connection." She whispered quietly before leaving.

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