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Chapter 8


Earth Realms to Water Realms

Three men on the ship had died already from the harsh and violent crashes of the rowdy waves resting on the sea. The sky was dark and angry and the smell that surrounded them was salt and water. There were two passengers in particular who were onboard. Sokka the Prince of the Water Realms and his wife a Kyoshi Warrior Angel, but made the second Water Tribe Princess by marriage. The young woman had become harshly sea sick due to the churning of the waves, while her husband tried to comfort her, which was doing nothing. He rubbed her eight week baby bump and kissed her cheeks. He was used to this. This wasn't any normal storm; this was his father's wrath and anger. He looked through one of the windows and saw the gates to the mortals open and water poured through it. The mortals would be having rough rain for a while.

"Sokka…" Suki breathed out trying to stay calm, "What made your father so angry?" she questioned taking another deep breath.

"I-I don't know." The older male answered truthfully. Only three hours ago he and his wife were in the Kyoshi Realms restoring some of the village, due to previous fire nation realm attacks. Then Sokka received a letter from a messenger that his father was in pure rage. He expected that from the Fire King, but not his kind father. There must be something really wrong with him. The minute they docked off the ship the two royals walked out hand in hand. They could hear the loud angry booming voice, and the rage that wreaked the usual peaceful and sweet smelling realm. As the neared toward the palace doors some servants and guards bowed before them.

"My Prince," the head commander said with hope in his voice. "My lady." He said to Suki, and finally stood.

"Bato." Sokka said simply taking the man's forearm with his hand. After performing the signature greeting they began to walk in the palace halls. Servants were squabbling and scurrying down the hallways, counseling rooms were filled with people. It was too much to look at.

"What's wrong with father?" Sokka questioned.

Bato kept walking until they turned a corner a look of dread on his face. "He received message on your sister's…mission."

The moment he said that another yell of anger erupted from the meeting room up above. The ground shaking, If it wasn't for Sokka and his reflexes Suki would have fell over. They continued to walk courageously as they finally made it to meeting room. The guards announced the names of the royals, with that said they heard a grunt of approval, and the door opened. Kya looked with pleading eyes as she sat on her small throne, but his father was the opposite. He was standing looking outraged. Suki and Sokka bowed before him and he told them to get up.

"How many times have you visited my daughter Kyoshi Angel?" Hakoda roared.

"Once…I think." Suki answered hurriedly and scared for her life.

"YOU THINK?" Hakoda screamed.

"O-Once…it was once." She said more confident.

Kya frowned at Hakoda's rude demeanor and stood beside him.

"What's wrong with Katara?" Sokka questioned with worry. His father calmed down for a moment and looked at his son and daughter-in-law and sat in his throne and swallowed.

"She has lost her greatest gift to the man named Zuko." Kya explained in dread.

Sokka knew gift was a proper word to say virginity and sadly his sister had now lost that gift. He looked at his parents and frowned slightly.

"What do you want us for?"

"We need you to go to Earth and find your sister, and bring her back home. NOW!" Hakoda screamed.

Sokka and Suki just looked in shock at each other trying to think about the situation.

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