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Chapter Summary: Katara talks about her sexual encounter with someone who she thinks will understand, while Sokka and Suki finally made their decision.

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Chapter 8

"Zuko…" Katara whispered to herself. She remembered that fateful night when she and him had become one. It was an amazing experience but she was disappointed in herself for breaking the laws of her people. Was it his fault? Or was it hers? In her point of view she thinks it was Zuko's perverted male mind that caused the intimate bonding but who was she to judge. She was half responsible. Thinking these battling thoughts the young woman paced across the carpeted floor seeking some way out of the situation. It was absolutely impossible for immortals to be intoxicated. So why did this happen to her exactly? She couldn't remember most of it but when she had woken up she had felt refreshed, as if her soul had found its way back to Zuko's. What could that mean? The physical attraction was obvious but the emotional side of it all had been concealed.

She hadn't seen or heard from the hot headed café worker in two days, which added on to her constant and growing anger. With a stiff sigh she turned toward the large window which was hidden behind the large dark curtains.

All-in-all it was new day and she would enjoy it as best she could. The woman placed her feet on the floor and grabbed a comfortable silk dark green kimono that reached down to her calves. The embroidery was a mix of gold intertwined with dark blue. It went around the neck and ended at her stomach. She placed her soft mocha feet in the comfort and warmth of the fuzzy slippers and finally opened the door to her bedroom and stepped out. The very moment she did, she saw another door open, and out emerged a relaxed looking Teo. His pinstripe shirt was buttoned and crinkled and he held his checkered vest in his hands ready to run from the house, that is until he saw a surprised Katara.

"T-Teo…what are you doing here?"

Teo scratched his head, a blush adorning his cheeks. "Toph and I played a game last night and I stayed over." He explained.

Katara could tell he was lying through his spiritual energy. It wasn't all a lie but he was hiding some important facts. Katara didn't push him any further. She knew he had engaged in some kind of sexual act with her blind female friend but pushed that thought aside. She needed someone to talk too right now, and at this moment Teo would be perfect. He was male therefore he would understand male logic and reasoning. Toph was off the list since she had a bad temper in the mornings, so Katara felt no need to interrupt her friend's beauty sleep.

"Come downstairs Teo," the woman's voice said as she walked down the staircase and into the large kitchen. She quickly made some toast and Jasmine tea for Teo only. She only wished to watch him and ask him questions.

She turned around handing him a plate with two pieces of toast and a steaming cup of tea. Just in case she bought a bottle of Nikka to the table, just for precautions if he freaked out. That is what humans called it now days. Teo began to eat his breakfast viciously and grew scared as he felt an icy blue stare study his every move.

"Something wrong?" he swallowed his toast.

"Teo as friends…I believe we should be able to ask questions, as long as they do not leave the boundaries of our friendship…correct?" the female questioned.

Teo could only nod at her mechanical and proper use of grammar. He didn't see the harm in anything with the beautiful and "innocent" Katara, so he gave nod, and a look telling her to ask.

She nodded in appreciation, clasping her hands tightly in her lap. "It's about…sexual intercourse." The moment she said those words Teo's eyes were wide open and he almost choked on his breakfast, his cheeks bright red. Katara did not see how uncomfortable the topic made the younger man so she continued. "I understand how it happens and I've heard the pleasure is the most wonderful experience. I lost my virginity two days ago to a certain male that you may know. Now he's avoiding me. What should I do?"

"W-What the hell!" Teo gasped out scared.

"What do you mean, friend?" her eyes widened with an idiotic realization. She cupped her mouth with her hands and whispered to the younger man. "You do not know what sexual intercourse is, do you?" she gave a reassuring smile and her hushed tone now turned back to her regular tone of voice. "It's alright, I do not judge you. I just find it quite strange that you came from Toph's room and yet you do not know-"

"Stop it!"

"Oh! I did not mean to overstep bounds." The woman quivered thinking she might have lost a friend.

"No it's not that. It's just…that's a personal question…why would you ask me that?"

"You're a male. I figured you would share the same logic and would not what you are talking about." She retorted quickly.

"I say confront the guy. He's an asshole. Tell him that."

Katara had been on the mortal world for weeks now and some of their phrases still sounded vulgar to her. She grimaced at Teo's use of language and gave a low sigh. "He is not the hole of an ass, Teo. I think that it is quite rude for you to refer to anyone like that. The language is vulgar." Katara scolded.

Teo gave a low chuckle and put on his vest and jacket, thanking Katara for the breakfast and left without another word, only wishing her luck on the many discoveries of male logic. Maybe she could go the library. The stress was nibbling at her mind. She poured herself a glass of the Nikka and took a slow sip. Her peace was ruined when she saw Toph smirking in the doorway of the kitchen.

"Sweetness, good morning…I guess." The woman said grumpily. Katara admired Toph when the young lady's ebony locks were down from their restraints. Her black hair reached her waist and she wore an army pajama top, and polka dotted pajama shorts. The things Toph wore were sometimes very diverse, especially in sleepwear. The young women figured as long as she can sleep then who cares what clothes she wore for pajamas. Usually her maids picked her outfits for going out and other occasions, but sleepwear was purely her choice.

"Toph can I talk to you about…male logic?"

"Does it look like I'm a damn male?" the short woman asked bluntly.


"Come on, I'll tell you some stuff. I got it from a book my mom reads to me. She insists that I get a man." Toph chuckled. With those words they left the kitchen and walked into the library ready to discovery every secret on the opposite sex and maybe use it against them. Toying with men could be fun and Katara would get Zuko back for his ignorance. One way or another.

The Jasmine Dragon

"Nephew what do you think about a nice ochre?" sixty-eight year old Iroh asked his nephew, holding the blue prints for his new tea shop. Uncle had been thinking of not only making the shop available for tea but other drinks as well, along with snacks. It was always his dream to make people happy with tea infested drinks. The thought bought a smile to his lips, but the constant silence of his nephew worried him. He sighed and placed the plans on the table and sat in the chair patiently waiting for Zuko to explain his distant behavior.

"Zuko is something wrong?"

"No!" the young man roared but did a backtrack seeing his uncle's hurt expression. Zuko raked his large pale hands through his own ebony hair and groaned. "It's…Katara." He answered truthfully. Iroh was about to ask what the problem was until a bell rang signaling a customer wanted an order.

Now that Zuko mentioned it, Katara hadn't worked for two days. Iroh stroked his beard wondering what had occurred between the two but put it to the side and took the customer's order and Zuko stayed behind in the kitchen cleaning out the tea mugs, which was usually Katara's job.


She was sweet and innocent and he took that away from her. But she wanted it! How was it my fault?

Chibi Zuko: You're really asking that? You dumb ass! You forced yourself on her! *Eats dragonfruit*

Chibi Zuko (2): *Waves hand* Ah, please! The girl wanted it! You have nothing to worry about.

Zuko hated his internal battles. It always confused him. He had always been a confused man but his battles made it worse. His father had been abusive and his mother…he never knew her. He only had pictures of her. He heaved a sigh as he finished the last dish. Without saying a word he grabbed his jacket, exited the kitchen, and left the Jasmine Dragon with no setbacks.

His life sucked. His dad was a freak, his sister was a pyscho, and he took advantage of an intoxicated woman. What else could go wrong? He shoved his hands in his pockets and continued to walk down the streets, enjoying fresh air.

Outside of Town

A large crater was in the dark colored earth. Lying in the ditch was a male and female. In other words, Sokka and Suki had finally arrived.

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