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Okay, so I wrote a one-shot a really long while ago and I had an idea. If you read my one-shot, Toguro's Hell, then you'll understand that this is going to take place a ton of generations from the actual series. There will be one familiar character, but I'll let everyone be surprised. This will take place 10,000 years after Toguro is let out of Limbo and now he has a better understanding of what he gave up.

"Sir, it's time."

"Yes, Ogre, I know," Koenma said massaging his temples. "Have they been alerted?"

"Yes, sir. They already have a room ready for him."

"Good," Koenma replied. "Bring him in."

Toguro opened his eyes and found that the screen he had been forced to watch for 10,000 years was blank. He forced himself to sit up using his elbows as leverage. It couldn't be time, could it?

He watched as his cell door was opened and stared in confusion at the nervous ogre that came to get him. No, he didn't want to leave. He wanted to stay here and wallow for the rest of his existence. He didn't want to go out and live a life…a life without them, a life without her. Maybe he could convince the Reikai ruler to give him more time. That was what he wanted. Maybe this time he could request physical pain for another 10,000 years. He had wanted that to begin with.

"Um, Toguro sir," the ogre said hesitantly. Good, they were still afraid of him. Perhaps he could get his request after all. "It's time. Koenma needs to give you your new assignment."

"Assignment?" Toguro asked, his voice hoarse from millennia of no speaking and no water. The ogre nodded and Toguro sighed. He couldn't wait to see what the Reikai king had in store for him.

"It's been a long time," Koenma said as he stared at the broken demon in front of him. "You would be surprised all that's happened in 10,000 years, although I'm sure you've already seen." Koenma flashed Toguro a look, but he was still staring down at the floor. Koenma sighed, "But just to recap: Yusuke was a demon, heir to the demon king, Raizen. He proposed a tournament that joined the two worlds together. Since then, demons and humans have pretty much lived together in peace, although it took a couple thousand years before demons were completely accepted by humans.

"Now, there are always going to be extremists on either side," Koenma continued. "However, the last two members of the original Reikai Tantei are still living at Genkai's temple, protecting demons and training the next generation of spirit detectives, as they do every century. Your assignment is simple. You know how things were done back then, and you know the challenges humans and demons faced in becoming companions. Today's generation takes it for granted, especially now that the laws favor both humans and demons. I want you to go share your experiences with them, explain to them why they cannot grow lax in training."

"Don't you already have those two demons for that?" Toguro asked stoically. "Why does my experience matter?"

"Because you also knew Yusuke," Koenma said, "and you two were his enemy at one time. They cannot see Kurama or Hiei as the spirit detective's enemies. They do not take the stories seriously coming from them. Now they just train them to fight, because it's the easiest to do, but the fighting does not make the spirit detective. You get it?"

Toguro nodded. Koenma wanted him to help train the generation in the politics that used to exist between the two worlds. They would take him seriously because he had been an enemy, someone that hated the spirit detectives, a human who chose the other side. They would listen to him. But to live in the home of his dead lover, the woman he gave up for power…he didn't know if he could live in a reminder of the mistakes he made.

"Good, then I will have Botan escort you to Ningenkai," Koenma stated as he pressed a button.

Botan was there in an instant. "Hello, sir, you called?" she said in a happy voice. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw Toguro. "Oh dear," she muttered. "I didn't know it was time yet. Do you want me to take him to Genkai's?"

"Yes, Botan," Koenma replied. "Ogre said he alerted Kurama and Hiei. They should be ready for him."

"Alrighty then, sir. I'll take him." She lowered down closer to the ground and patted her oar. Toguro reluctantly stood up and went to sit in the spot. Botan saw the hopeless look in his eyes and didn't really know if Koenma should be letting someone so unstable into the Ningenkai, especially a demon from "Those Days," as they were now termed by the demons who remained from that time.

"Hang on tight, Toguro," she said trying to sound chipper. "It's going to be a bumpy ride to Ningenkai, but we'll be there shortly."

"Wonderful," Toguro muttered as he crossed his arms and watched Reikai disappear from his sight. What hell had he gotten himself into now?