Deadly Dreams


Life had for entity had entwined with fantasy. Non-reality things have been there yet behind our very backs. One time in the living word, we sat and accepted the fantasy side of the world, it was somehow part of boring and annoying reality we live now, however through the years we gave up. We stopped believing that world of non-reality things. We had lines of the "possible" and "Impossible" to cut that world off however it clings on, the only time we have fantasy is when we dream or when being creative.

That world clings onto everyone one, yet it clings even more to the more creative and lonely people who live in reality and hate it. They pushed everything around them away and only let in things that no one else can see nor hear. Most people call these types of situations that the person has graved into "insanity" or "lost sanity" however there more closely know to Mother Nature then us normal people.

Wait, how would you feel living around these people your whole child-hood? However you have to try to keep your "sanity". It's almost impossible and can be horrible for the mind of a young child. It can crawl and make them want to speak the same as them, to understand them and the way people do it is through children who are more sink in this craziness, more insane with creativity or so they say.

There are children at teenage who are between both of these worlds, some can go straight to what we called "sanity" however some get lost in-between them and sometimes keep to their childish ways yet still have some short of "sanity" level left to live a normal life of a human without confusing people that much with their nonsense. And lastly there ones who go right into the "insanity" and can go "insane" over little things and talk so much random nonsense people can get lost, most the time the even the people in the middle of it can sometimes can't understand them.

However if a "sanity" person met a Angel they go and run for life thinking they lost their "sanity" yet they already have, the truth in this world is "sanity" is "insanity". No one notices, they think that having lines between fantasy means you're in the right because you've lost your childhood, you've lost the fun of reality and those wishing for it don't look close enough to the world around them.

What I'm saying is that "sanity" is a whole lot of lies. Because the most "insane" people are the ones who are more connected to the others world, the dead and living. They even connected to heaven, the only reason they speak rubbished is because they speak angel or ghost, they have so many people to talk too that they forget about the living and families.

But the worse is being in the middle. Because anything could happen to you and make you fear quicker, while others see perfectly, a mid way "Insane" person will see outlines of things and fear them or they dream things and can get trapped inside them.

The stuff I just told you is the reason why I'm trapped here in amnesia after watching a random episode of it from PewDiePie again. I regret my mind since I was 8 years old; I spoke half nonsense and half sane words. However with a mind like mine anything could happen in it or outside it.

Who am I? You ask. Well I'll be Pewdie or Felix new companion in this weird and horrifying world, my name is Axlisa or you can call me Lisa for short. I'm your average 14 year old teenager that terrified of playing horror games and would more likely watch other play the game instead however unluckily I being forced to be here yet I'm going to stuck playing it for real. Shit.

And this is the story of how I met the gang and help Pewdie and others escape.

I hope we all get away.

This is my first fanfic for amnesia/PewDiePie; I do not own Amnesia nor Pewdie or his gang. Only my half sane character Axlisa, this is not chapter one put a little prologue of the start, a tiny taster, but more understanding "Insanity" and "sanity" since that be Important in later chapters however the real chapter be the next, And guys this will not be a broromance nor a Pewdie/oc since I respect that he has a girlfriend, however this will be a Stephano/OC. Hope you enjoyed and that you follow and Favourite this, and if you want you can review. Thank you.