Caught in the Act

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In the 'On My Way' Episode, Kurt seemed pretty determined while dragging Blaine down the corridor when him and Blaine walked past Quinn in her new Cheerio's uniform, where were they going?

Will was vibrating with energy after winning the Regional's cup. They were through to Nationals, and they were more determined that they were going to win this time.

Will was walking through the corridor on his way to his office when he bumped into Emma, his lovely and stunning fiancée.

"Will congratulations!" Emma squealed, as Will lifted her in the air with his hands on her hips, then put her down to give her a kiss.

"We should go and celebrate!" Emma said excitedly. That's when Will got an idea.

"Come with me," he grabbed Emma's hand, and pulled her down the corridor. He was going to go to the choir room, because nobody was in there as all the kids either went home or went out to have their own celebrations.

By the time they reached the choir room door, Will couldn't restrain his urges, and squashed Emma against the door and planted a fierce kiss on her lips. Will attempted to open the door to the choir room, after failing 6 times, he finally managed to get it open.

They entered the dark room, their lips still not parting. Will closed the door quietly, and started taking his jacket off, while Emma started to take her cardigan off. Emma parted first from the kiss.

"Did you hear that," Emma whispered in Will's ear.

"It's just you and me baby," Will whispered back, before continuing with kissing his gorgeous fiancée. This time Will heard a noise. More like a giggle.

Will stopped and froze in place, waiting to hear the noise again; instead he heard a noise that sounded like panting.

Will looked at Emma with a weird expression on his face. Kurt pointed his head towards the lights, and Emma nodded in agreement.

When Will turned the lights on, he was not expecting what he was currently witnessing.

Kurt was lying on top of the piano, with Blaine on top of Kurt, they were making out, in the choir room. Blaine's hands were up Kurt's shirt, feeling his torso. When they realised the lights had been turned on, Kurt squealed and pushed himself and Blaine off the piano, landing on the floor.

They both groaned in pain on the floor, before looking up to see who the perpetrators were who just interrupted their awesome make out session. They were shocked to find Mr Schue and Miss Pillsbury.

"Guys, this isn't really appropriate, is it?" Mr Schue said, giving them a pointed look.

Kurt and Blaine stood up and went to face the music. Kurt was rubbing invisible dust off of his black trousers, while Blaine looked down.

"This isn't the right place to have a make out session, okay?" Will asked.

Both boys shook their heads, muttering their apologies.

"But Will, we were doing the exact same thing," Emma interrupted. Will stared at the boys in embarrassment. They both smirked and had mischievous smiles on their faces.

"Alright guys, what happened in this room, stays in this room. We won't tell if you don't tell, agreed?" Will said, putting his hand out in front of him.

"Agreed," Kurt and Blaine said together, both shaking Mr Schue's hand in agreement to the pact.

"Alright, now off you go boys," they didn't need to be told twice, they practically ran out of the choir room hand in hand.

Will put his hand over his forehead and closed his eyes in shame.

Tomorrow's Glee Club was going to be AWKWARD…

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