Grim Reaper of Iwa

Chapter 1

This is a story that I have wanted to do for a long time, but other stories were in the way. Depending on the reaction, I will see how my focus goes. Lately I have been slacking because I was not in the writing mood and other shit that I had to deal with. Hopefully that will change.

"You don't know ANYTHING about pain!" Inari cried. He had been watching these ninja that were protecting his family, mostly his grandfather. They were just a bunch of teens and some weird old guy. They could never understand his pain.

"INARI!" yelled at her son. She knew he was hurting ever since his father was killed and he had lost hope, but to yell at their protectors was just rude and she would not stand for it.

"We don't know about pain huh?" Naruto said quietly, but everyone heard him. There was something in his voice that normally wasn't there and it intrigued Sasuke, freaked Sakura out a bit, and scared Kakashi for reasons revolving around the Kyuubi.

"YEAH!" Inari cried defiantly. But he soon felt cold and wondered why.

The room's temperature had gone down because Naruto was very pissed and he just could not take this brat's words anymore. This change in character scared both his teammates and worried his sensei. However, his face is what scared them the most. It was devoid of emotion, but he was unconsciously spreading a chilling killer intent that was putting them all on edge. Inari felt it full force and was almost pissing his pants and he felt that if Naruto smiled at all using that, well…he would be pissing his pants and fainting.

"Let me tell you something Inari." Naruto stated with clear distain in his voice. "Somewhere in this world, people will always have it worse than you. So you lost your dad to some idiot tyrant who is controlling your village, but you know, you still have your loving family and people that care enough to protect you and try and make your life better."

Naruto held up a hand and put up three digits. "Three, that's the number of people in this room who have it worse than you," The room seemed to get colder at this point and it was scaring and confusing Kakashi. This was not the feeling of the Kyuubi…it felt more like…death. "First is my teacher, the Cyclopes over there. Judging from the way he acts and he is always late and from some of the rumors I have heard, he has lost a lot of friends and family in this career." At this Sasuke and Sakura's eyes widened at that and they whipped their heads over to their teacher who did look sad.

"From the rumors, he had lost his father around your age, then his teammates, which one of them must have been an Uchiha if that eye is anything to go by and lastly, a man who he thought as a father figure, his old sensei and the Fourth Hokage." Naruto said seriously, shocking his teammates, none more than Sasuke as he looked at his teacher with more respect.

"Next we have Sasuke." Naruto said before he got right in Inari's face. "Sasuke is the last of his clan. You want to know why? His elder killed off his entire one night!" Surprisingly there was a lot of venom in his voice.

"Now we have me." Naruto said, surprising Sakura a bit. She didn't know what to think of this side of Naruto. He was always so happy go lucky that she thought nothing got to him, even her punching him. Guess she was wrong.

Naruto backed up from Inari, but he had that same blank but scary as hell look on his face. "I was an orphan since birth and you know what? EVERYONE in my village hates me since then. I was kicked out of the orphanage at 4 and lived on the street for a year until the Hokage, the first person to accept me, gave me my own apartment."

Why would everyone hate him at birth? I thought it was just those annoying pranks. Sakura thought.

"At first I thought it was all just because I was born the night the Kyuubi demon attacked and the people of my village needed something to vent on and I was it. No, I recently figured out it is much worse." Naruto replied. All those years of repressed emotions was finally coming out. It was just sad that it was coming out on this boy, his family, and his team. He just could not stand it anymore! "I am one of nine people with the same problem. I am not seen as human, I am seen as lower than that, something that people see as nothing but trash in fear of our power and it is not like we asked for it in the first place. It was force on us to create a weapon for our villages"

Kakashi's eye was a dinner plate at this point. Naruto was literally telling a small boy….and everyone else what he truly was. However, he knew that the Hokage didn't actually see Naruto in that way. That was why he tried giving him a normal life…something that the villagers messed up. He messed up as well it seems. He also could not stop Naruto, this was his choice after all. He just lowered his head in shame. What would his sensei think? I so sorry, Naruto…

Sasuke didn't know what to think. All these things Naruto was speaking off didn't go along with what he sees of Naruto. The blond idiot was like that because the villagers treated him like shit? Now that he thought of it, the academy teachers always had it out for Naruto….except for Iruka who seemed to be trying to repair the damage. Why?

Sakura lowered her head in shame, she followed her mother's word to the letter. And for what? Making someone feel this miserable because of a power that she was afraid of? That was ridiculous!

"I am a Jinchiriki, the power of human sacrifice! Nothing but trash to normal humans who see us as nothing more than a weapon, just like that one eyed old man told me once when I was little, but I was too young to understand and didn't think much of it."

DANZO got to him!? Oh man. This is bad. Kakashi thought nervously.

"But after Mizuki's stunt, I get what I am now. I am the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. The Fourth Hokage could not kill it, so he sealed it in me. I am just a freak no one wants to be around." Naruto growled out before he walked towards the door. He knew his teammates heard that and after this mission they would not want him on their team even more. He was giving them the time they needed.

"Where are you going?" Kakashi asked.

"Out to train and let off some steam. Destroy a tree or something." Naruto growled out before he slammed the door.

"Poor kid." Tazuna said, finally speaking up.

"No one should treat children like that." Tsunami replied sadly.

"No one should and I was not there for him when it meant something." Kakashi said deadly as his head hit the wall behind him, a tear going down one eye. "I owe his father after all."

Inari looked shell shocked and Naruto's words gave him something to think about. He did not hate Naruto. He was just a goofy older kid in his eyes. Just because he held something as powerful as the Kyuubi didn't mean that people had to hate him. Life was cruel. He learned that the hard way.

Sasuke sat in his usual brooding position, but his mind was racing. What he went through was something like Naruto, they both knew great pain. How could he have no seen it? On the other hand, the Kyuubi was a different matter at all. He'd bet if an Uchiha had it in them, they wouldn't be treated as badly. To him, Naruto was a good person for enduring all these years and a powerful ally. He just needed to be trained better to be on par with him after all. Nodding to himself, he decided he would be a better friend to the blond. He then blinked. "You knew his father, who was that?"

Kakashi eyed the boy and saw what was going through boy and inwardly smiled at the boy, It seemed that he had already accepted Naruto…in his own way. He then held the bridge of his nose and said, "Ugh…the Hokage might kill me if I tell you since Naruto is not supposed to know because of the man's enemies." All he got was a glared from the boy. Of course, why would Sasuke care about that? "Fine, just don't let him know you know or the Hokage for that matter. His father is Minato Namikaze…the Fourth Hokage…and my teacher."

Tazuna's family widened their eyes at that. Hell even they knew who that man was and Tazuna slapped his forehead. "Yeah, you people fucked up big time."

Sasuke's eyes were twitching by this point. So Naruto was a Jinchuriki and the Hokage's heir. Fuck, Tazuna was right.

Suddenly there was a thud and they all saw that Sakuras' head was against the wall and she was crying. Mother…you are such an idiot…and so am I for believing you. "So he is the real hero. The Fourth Hokage…made his own son into the true hero of Konoha." She said aloud, making Kakashi blink. He thought she would be against Naruto because of her mother.

"You two don't hate Naruto either?" Kakashi asked cautiously.

"No. My father often talked about him and he had full belief in the man and his seals." Sasuke said, bit nostalgic. "I see Naruto as a powerful ally…if he was trained properly, and a worthy adversary."

"The Fourth Hokage was trained by Jiraiya of the Sennin after all. A seal master." Sakura replied. "I read enough about them that if that man used them, he did well with Naruto because he is not unstable like the other Jinchuriki I read about…mostly the jinchuriki of Suna. He is just sad." Sakura looked really sad. "I need to apologize to him later." Then a smile came to her face. "Hinata is going to love this."

"I see." Kakashi replied. "Then I guess things go as normal then." Kakashi replied happily that his students accepted Naruto.


"AARGH!" Naruto yelled as he destroyed his current training ground with his clones. He had been doing that for hours with loads of clones. Suddenly, he fell on his face and passed out. He had tired himself out. However, something wanted to speak with him.


Naruto awoke in what looked to be a sewer. He was also in a very large room. Looked around closer, he guessed this was the Kyuubi's cage judging by all the bars at the end and the tag for 'seal' on one of them.

"So…This must be Kyuubi's seal huh?"

"You would be correct…brat." The fox's booming voice said as he lazily opened one eye to look at the blond from his lying position.

"You don't seem that threatening to me." Naruto commented.

"Feh…what would you know about threatening. Besides, there is a reason I called you down here."

"And that is?" Naruto asked, slightly put off.

"Since you told those other humans about me, life is going to be harder for you in Konoha. I will give you a reason to not go back there." At Naruto's questioning look, the old fox continued. "I know who your parents were."

"Really? How?" Naruto asked while narrowing his eyes, looking for trickery.

The Kyuubi lazily looked at the blond and said, "How could I not? I was in your mother as well. Her name was Kushina Uzumaki."

Naruto's eyes widened at that. His mother was a Jinchuriki and she managed to have him? Maybe there was hope for him. And it was nice to finally hear the name of his mother. "So…I am your second Jinchuriki?"

"Try third brat. The First Hokage's wife was the first after he beat Madara, who was controlling me. Now, as for your father, you already know who he is, after all he sealed me into you."

Naruto fell to his knees at that. "Somehow….I always knew. But this makes the pain worse. Not just for me, but for the villagers as well." He said, making the Kyuubi eye the boy. It would seem the blond was going through a change. "I am the reminder of lost loved ones and I look just like him, making it worse for them. How can they ever accept that?"

"Now do you see why you need to leave that place?"

"But…where would I go?" Naruto asked.

The Kyuubi seems to ponder this for a while. "Since you know nothing of your heritage as an Uzumaki, I think it could be safe to recreate a powerful Uzuamki I used to run with before he was killed by Madara. The Grim Reaper as he was called." The giant fox then told Naruto all of his old adventures with the Grim Reaper, their fight with Madara Uchiha, the fight with the Hokage, and finally that night when Naruto was born.

"Right, I'll go along with this, but this better not be a trick." Naruto replied. After hearing the fox's story, he felt that the Kyuubi was painted in the wrong light. He just hoped that his new found trust in the Kyuubi didn't back fire. After all fox's were tricksters and he had to be on guard. "Where do we go to find these weapons that the Grim Reaper used?"

"Luckily for you brat, there is a nearby Seaside Cave. It is hidden by a genjutsu that is about to run out of chakra soon. Don't really remember when, but all that you need is in there."

The blond nodded and left the mindscape. The Kyuubi looked at the spot Naruto had been in before he fell back asleep, waiting for the events to come.


When Naruto awoke, he noticed it was very early morning and that someone was inches away from waking him themselves. Looking closer, he noticed it was a 'girl' that looked shocked. She had beautiful raven hair and a pink kimono. "Yo." Was all he said.

The girl quickly composed herself and said, "What are you doing out here. You'll catch a cold sleeping out here."

"Oh don't worry about that. I am a ninja, I can handle a little cold." Naruto said proudly. His mood had improved since last night, so there was no reason not to be civil to the girl.

"Ah, so I was right in assuming that, since you had a ninja headband. I am Haku by the way."

"I am Naruto Uzumaki." The blond replied.

Haku smiled. "Nice to meet you Naruto. Tell me, do you have something to fight for?"

Naruto's smiled dropped as he thought about that. The only person he thought of was Kyuubi, but he could fend for himself….in his mindscape. "I am not sure anymore. I thought I did, but recently….I am just not sure."

"I see." Haku replied and he saw it. Their team didn't really act like one from what he saw. "Well, let me tell you something. When you are fighting for something important to you, that's when you become truly strong."

"I guess that is something to think about." Naruto replied.

Haku nodded as he stood up and started to leave, but he turned back and said, "Oh and just so you know, I am a boy."

Naruto froze in place at that. He could hear Kyuubi laughing in his head. The hell, he is prettier that Sakura! He then composed himself and said aloud as he made his own exit. "That's fine Haku, but I have found a way for both sides to come out of this mission unscathed. I'd get Zabuza out of this place soon if I where you. Don't worry though, you'll get your money"

Haku stood stock still before he whirled around but Naruto was already gone. Oh he had to tell Zabuza about this!


Naruto, following Kyuubi's directions, found the cave with ease because the genjutsu seemed to have run out of chakra to hold it up. Inside, it was dark and cold. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but it felt….unnatural. Like the darkness was alive and the cold felt like it want to pull you further into the darkness that awaited you.

It was…unnerving, to say the least.

Naruto, despite all this, just walked in like it was nothing…that or he didn't care. However, he was surprised that this cave was so small because he found the back pretty quick. In the back, there a small chamber with two pedestals. On them were weapons. One was a fairly large Scythe. It had a plain black handle and the blade was polished chakra metal. The darkness seemed to be pulled in by this strange weapon.

The other weapon was just as strange. It was a chained weapon with hook like claws on the ends that glowed a dull purple. Kyuubi chose that moment to speak through their link. "That Scythe is called the Death Scythe, the main weapon of the Shinigami. That strange chain is called the Claws of Hades, named after ancient Death God. Take them both to revive the legend in you."

Naruto nodded as he placed a hand on each of the weapons and was instantly assaulted by images of the past. A man with spiky red hair and a giant fox by his side as they fought large scale battles. He was part of a large clan with other red haired people and he even had a wife, a beautiful blond woman.

Soon it was over and he felt the power coming off the weapons. He attached the chain hooks to his belt before, suddenly, the staff of the Scythe shortened and he attached that to his waist as well, since it was shorter. Nodding to himself, he walked out of the cave to his next destination, Gato's mansion.

A few hours later, Naruto found a fairly large building that was obviously Gato's since it was not run down like all the other buildings in Wave. Oh yeah, that man had plenty of money to spare…because he was not going to be able to use it by the end of the day.


The remnants of team 7 rushed over to the smoke filled area. A large mansion was on fire…or what was left of it after that huge explosion they saw and heard all throughout Wave. Kakashi was inwardly cheering; thinking whoever did this saved them a lot of trouble. That is until he saw something that made his blood cold.

Near the edge of the fire, was a shredded orange jacket with blood on it. He picked it up and knuckles whitened. When you said you wanted to destroy something, I didn't think it would be this. Did you get in over your head, Naruto?

Sasuke saw it and growled to himself. But stopped when they heard Sakura gasp, they ran over to her to see what she saw. Pinned to a tree by a kunai, was Naruto's headband and it was heavily crack like a spider web.

The big question was…where was Naruto and was he even ok?


AU: I would like to say thank you to Santateresagamuza as he helped make this happen. He not only beta read my story and checked grammar, punctuation, and spelling but he added transition words to make things flow better, added sentences to make things make sense, and helped the flow of the story between conversations and events. Thank you Santateresagamuza you are and have been a great help to me. Santateresagamuza you are awesome and an awesome Beta reader.

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