Grim Reaper of Iwa

Chapter 29

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The cry of the feral beast known as Sora got closer to them and Erza was starting to panic. After all, she was still a kid and she was going to face a monster! Sure Naruto was with her, but still, she was just not sure about this. All she had was chakra that she unlocked thanks to her brother, a few seals, and her seal based armor.

Naruto sighed calmly as he waited for Sorato approach, knowing that this was not going to be easy. "Erza, I am sorry."

"For what?" she asked.

"I think we should have trained a bit more seeing as we haven't fought together yet." Naruto replied, making the girl wince at the truth in that. "So I need to you to stay out of the way for now and I promise I will help train you later."

Erza wanted to protest, she really did, but after another roar from Sora, she understood. She stood no chance against the kyuubified teen. She only came so that she could get the Kyuubi's stray energy with Naruto. "Fine, but you better come back!"

"I promise that I will." Naruto replied with a smile as Erza nodded and then ran off to the side. She was close enough that she could watch but was far enough that she could not be in the way and get hurt….hopefully.

"Good kid, that one." Erza heard from behind her. He looked to see two older men. Well, one older guy and a covered up man.

"Who are you two?" Erxa asked as she got on the defensive.

The old man smiled. "I am Roshi and the young man beside me is Han. In a way, we are like your blond friend."

"Oh, so you are jinchuriki then." Erza replied nonchalantly, throwing the two older men for a loop.

"So you know then." Han's muffled voice replied, making the girl nod. "Then you should know we are of the same village."

"So are you here to help then?" Erza asked, relaxing just a bit.

"No." Han replied. "It is his battle, but we did take care of the other idiots….not that we told your friends."

Erza could have sworn she saw Han smiling underneath that armor of his, but it was hard to tell. But she could tell this guy liked being an ass.

"So, kid, what's your name?" Roshi asked.

"Erza." She replied, still not sure if she could trust these men.

"Well Erza, let's watch a great battle." Roshi replied with a grandfatherly smile before he pulled out a jug and too a swig. The smell alone told Erza what it was. "Drink?" Erza shook her head no. "No? Meh, more for me."

Han grunted and then said, "If it makes you feel any better, we'll intervene if things get out of hand.


Sora burst through the trees, destroying everything in his path. He was in a four tailed state and looked to be uncontrollable. So when he locked eyes with Naruto, he charged.

"Fuck!" Naruto growled, wondering if this was what it was like to fight him….if he was an uncontrollable beast. Just as Sora reached him, the beast was blown back by Naruto's sudden took on his usual Ghost Rider form, but there were a few notable changes. One of them was how intense the fire looked and how fluid it was. Next was the wings. The Kyuubi had gone a bit overboard and gave him three tails worth of power and the result were refined wings! They were made of the same bone and material that he possessed now, with an almost draconic look to them. And they were aflame like the rest of him.

"Sweet." Naruto's voice rang out with a raspy demonic edge to it.

Sora felt Naruto's power and growled menacingly. It knew it was in for fight and that was fine. It knew how to fight and it was kill all in its wake! It rushed Naruto again and this time, brought a claw down on the blond.

Naruto used his smoke form to dodge but he was still blown away by the shockwave. When he recovered, he saw Sora in the place had been, but now that spot was blown to pieces. A mere crater of what it once was. "This is not going to be easy." He muttered aloud.

"Of course it won't! That form has four tails, which has access to some pretty destructive abilities. Be careful kit!" Kyuubi's voice warned the blond, who he knew was having a hard time controlling the third tail.

Naruto merely nodded and took out his scythe, the blade giving a shine, attraching the beast form of Sora. In fact, in this form, Sora was no longer. Just a mindless beast powered by the hate filled chakra it was made of. The shine from the blade angered it like so much else that it punched down at the ground. It's hand seemingly buried.

"BELOW!" Kurama shouted, knowing was this beast was doing as it seemed to have some of his memory, which powered how it fought.

Naruto jumped out of the way just as two fists made of the red chakra blasted out of the ground to take a swipe at him. It did seem that it was going to get him, but the scythe did the trick of slicing the glowing red appendage away from him. That made the scythe glow with power as it seemed to absorb some of it for the summon seal on it.

Kyuubi then noted that this creature had more power that he thought. Whoever gathered his stray chakra, they knew what they were doing. After all, there was another tails worth of power sleeping in Sora.

But for what, he only dreaded.

Naruto on the other had knew nothing of this and sliced away more of the arms, absorbing more and more energy. That was when Naruto nodded himself. He needed help. So he preformed the summoning jutsu with it, wondering what Sin would emerge. The result was not what he expected.

It was an old man with blond hair and a beard. His clothing was simple as all he wore was a white robe. However, he was powerful, that much Naruto could tell just by being in the summon's presence.

"So, you managed to summon me….the Father of the Sins. Good, but know that my time is limited. If you require more help, I would suggest you use more chakra next time. Now…what am I fighting?" Father looked to Sora's Kyuubi form and chuckled. He merely tapped his foot as it ran at him and the ground turned to quicksand before hardening, trapping it in place.

This seemed to anger it even more and it roared and shattered its bindings.

"Interesting, but futile, beast." Father stated as he tapped the ground again and the beast was taken into the air by metal tubes formed from dirt. Whoever, this 'father' was, he was powerful, no doubt there. Soon, the beast was trapped in a complicated series of metal tubes that it was struggling to get out of. "There, it is trapped and my time is up. Goodbye." With that, Father left in a poof of smoke.

"Uhh, thanks?" Naruto replied dumbly. He needed to finish this quickly because the third tail really was too much for him and he was losing his self to the power…not that he did much but still.

So Naruto flew up to the beast to apply the seal, but it was having none of that and roar so loud that it threw Naruto away and cracked the tubes. With that, it shattered them and dropped to the ground.

That was when the Kyuubi inside Naruto felt the release of the hidden tail within Sora, but not as an extra tail, no. it was released into the air! "KIT, STOP HIM NOW!"

Naruto nodded as the air based chakra formed a ball and Sora was about to swallow it of all things! So he rushed to the beast and axe killed it so that its face hit the ground. However, he should have known that all that pent up power had to go somewhere!

Just as it was explode on him, he was grabbed from behind and rushed way to where Erza and Han were. Naruto just looked from Roshi to the now large ball of energy that was now blasting Sora to the other side of the earth.

"What the hell? What was that?" Naruto asked in shock.

"The Tailed Beast Bomb, one of their most powerful attack that we can use." Roshi said in a dead serious voice. Then he saw the blast was dying down. "Come on, let's finish this."

Erza watched as all two of the Jinchuriki, with Naruto now in his normal state, descend on Sora's downed beast form as it struggled to get up. Han used his power of steam to create spears that pinned Sora to the ground. One in each limb and on in the back that came out of his chest.

Naruto calmly walked up to Sora and said, "I am sorry it had to end this way." He then placed Jiriaya's seal on Sora just as Jiriaya and the others returned to see what had happened.

The seal glowed as it spread over Sora's body and it screamed as the power left it and formed a ball of red energy above the beast, which quickly reverted to Sora, who now had a look of peace on his face as he took his last breath.

Jiriaya looked at Naruto's sad face and said, "It needed to be done."

"I know, I just wish this could have ended differently. We could have gotten to him sooner."

Jiriaya just nodded, himself wanting things to have ended differently.

"You guys should get to Onoki soon, I am sure he is in a tizzy over all that's happened. With the village almost destroyed….twice." Roshi replied, his goofy drunk nature back in place as he took of swig from his jug.

"I agree." Han replied.

"You guys aren't coming?" Naruto asked his jinchuriki senseis.

"No, were on our way out to do missions of our own." Han replied. "Keep the place safe while we are gone."

"Done." Naruto replied with a smile, making them smile in return as they left.


"I can't believe this shit!" Onoki raged. "You people mean to tell me that we would have be screwed if we had decided NOT to do this mission? That they were coming for us away?"

"Yes." Jiriaya stated.

"Well that's just great!" Onoki shouted. "Then either way, Kakashi and Sakura would be in the hospital and the village would be partially destroyed! Thankfully, just the first happened but the land around the village is fucked! Please tell me the mission was a success at least!"

"Oh it was!" Naruto said as he help up the ball of energy, making Onoki look at it oddly.

"And how the hell is that supposed to fit inside Itachi's eye." Onoki asked.

"Simple, I already thought ahead and added that into the seal." Jiriaya stated. "Alright fine, get the kid to Tsunade so that she can have another eye and then report back here, I have some disturbing news about Wave that you should know before leaving in a few weeks.

"Well, if that's all, I am going to go take a nap somewhere." Tayuya stated as she walked out, followed by Shikamaru who said he knew a good spot.

"Come one Erza, let's go see Tsunade." Naruto replied.

"Ok, Renji, you come too!" Erza ordered her brother, who just nodded tiredly.

When they left, Jiriaya stared at the short Kage in front of him and said. "How bad?"

"Wave is worse than we thought and it seems to be getting worse." Onoki replied tiredly. "Hope those kids can handle that Tournament."

"They are going to have too." Jiriaya replied as he walked out, presumably to do his 'research'.


It took some preparation, but Tsunade was ready this time. After making sure Sakura and Kakashi were stable, she began preparations for Erza's eye transplant.

The girl lay on an operating table, ready for the Kyuubified Sharingan Eye of Itachi to be implanted. Naruto and Renji behind the viewing glass in support of the girl.

Tsunade took a steadying breath before implanting the eye, fully correcting to the girl. That is when things went wild, almost like it did with Sakura. Erza's new Sharingan Eye made both eyes snap open. The Sharingan eye then shift from it normnal form to that of Itachi's Mangekyo Sharingan and then to two other forms. That of the three pronged shuriken with a uzumaki swirl background and then to the Rinnegan…but it didn't stay there as it shifted back to a normal eye like her other Hazel eye. That is when her pupils dilated.


Erza found herself in an odd landscape. Every color was either black or red. However, on the black waters, she saw a man with a red moon illuminating him. "Who are you?"

"My name is….Itachi."


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